Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019

I just got an e-mail notification that something changed regarding the summaries section. I can't figure out what though. Does anyone know a way to compare archives of it?*/

I notice it was archived twice yesterday about 24 hours ago, so somebody knew about 10 hours before it changed that something would be changed and took a snapshot.

Something is developing and we need to figure out what before HOR rushes this through somehow.

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If anyone doesn't know, this is about the 38 billion which Rand stopped from going to Israel for Christmas, they're trying again, along with firing American teachers who boycott Israel.

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But I don't see anything about Rand Paul in the news
It looks like it already passed the senate and is on its way to the house

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I hope you're not under the impression this is anything recent, 02/06/2019 refers to February 6th not June 2nd. It passed the senate over 5 months ago, just like its predecessor did the previous year. What we need to be aware of is when the House of Representatives actually picks it up to vote for. Last time it passed HOR when Republicans controlled the house, so dems controlling it might help kill it, but it's not guaranteed. You can see from the senate vote it still got over half the dem votes.

Looking at the current field of clowns the DNC is running and ZOGnald, Rand really is the only viable American patriot fit to be president.

As usual Bernie's on the right side of the issue. If you're even considering voting republican or anyone other than Bernie you're a fuckin retard and deserve the grinding poverty heading our way.

would this work? I suppose Pence/Paul is probably more likely but I think we need some fresh blood. Assuming Rand in the head seat, who would be an ideal running mate?

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time to finish Shuffle

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Bernie is a Jewish Communist, and like all Jewish Communists, he will put you in a death camp if given power.

Define “viable”.

Paul the manlet will never be President. He hasn’t the balls, the money, the connections, or the blessing of the powers that be.

No President that can be elected will save us.

He's a physician who sees himself as a libertarian, despite never even mentioning the government backed monopoly on physician residencies (needed to practice legally). The monopoly is why Trump is importing h1-B poojeet physicians and giving them a fast track to citizenship.

Rand Paul is a joke until he confronts the residency monopoly.


based. i rather give my tax cut to israel they are our greatest ally and the only democracy i the middle east we must support our judeo-christian brothers to build their economy.

5'11" vs 6'1"

July 12th this was just co-sponsored by this faggot Mike Cloud from Texas' 27th district. I really hope we don't get any last minute rush of democrats sponsoring this, it's all been republicucks so far.

I think we need an official "Republican faggots" club for anyone in the HOR who has supported this shit. The only explanation I could see that might excuse them is they're so sure the dems will shoot it down that supporting it is just a toothless maneuver to make them look "antisemitic" for refusing to do it, with 0% chance of passing.

It scares me though.

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Why? What are you going to do about it? Write a letter?

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*squeaky squeeky*

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Sage for Amerimutt politics

sage negated

careful, (((they))) are moving in sync

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now this white-haired SOB

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Extent idea Petr

Randlet is autistically consistent.