Zionism Explained

Say you have a favorite restaurant, you eat there every weekend and have a favorite table. Then you don't go there for awhile. Say TWO THOUSAND YEARS. Are you entitled to throw a fit when you find someone else in your favorite table?

Well, that's my analogy explaining why Zionism sucks. What's yours?

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Say you're a foreigner (jews) trying to take somebody's table (the population of Judea), and take it by force, but you later get kicked out by the owner of the restaurant (Romans). Then, after a while (two thousand years), the table is still occupied by native Palestinians, but then the jews return and try to repeat this shit again.

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what a dogshit thread, it's almost like they're trying to make people like zionism by portraying anti-zionists as morons like OP


O.P. here. I'm just testing the analogy with Zig Forums. Do you think it's valid and ideologically sound?

So do you have better analogy to explain the situation to the normies?

Please post the way you explain Israel to the uninitiated.

I'm just looking for that first tiny little red pill.

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We should spread this in meme form in places such as faggit, instajew, faceberg, and kosherchat.

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I think so. You also need to mention the bros trying to remove everyone else so the restaurant is theirs only.

Shitposters = jews

it needs some nice artwork behind it, and then turn it into an easily postable image.

But I think it has some potential.

Memes are power.

Could we modify Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be redneck" into a meme against Israel?

If you think a girl hiding from Germans in an attic in Belgium justifies you getting Billions of Dollars from Americans.. You might be a Zionist.

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If you think people being upset about your soldiers beating up children is anti semitism. You might be a Zionist.

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Is there a thing Jews didn't steal?
Even the Hebrew language looks too clever, each letter with much symbolism and value, to be the fruit of their own *cough* creativity *cough*.
I would not be surprised if Mesopotamian Whites had a hand in it, either by being too generous or being thieved.
Also, consider how long the Jews are supposed to have been occupying these lands in the past. We're talking about, what, three centuries tops? Against people who've been living there for two thousand years and more?

All according to plan.

Say you've been kicked out of every restaurant in town because you always make a scene and get nasty with the other customers, so buy all the restaurants and when your I'll get nasty you force the managers to take the blame and anger from customers. Also you put lots of pics in the menus showing happy mixed-race couples something something zionism.

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u are confusing the date of jews killing jesus with Zionism, it has nothing to do with it.

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Then someone else (Brits) acquires the restaurant from the current owners (Turks) and you ask for your old table back, and they promise to give it to you, and you pay them to reserve it and have the contract in writing with their signature on it. But the new owners (Brits) invite new customers in from outside (the Arabs who immigrated to Palestine in 1910-1940) and tell them to sit in that specific table just to spite you. You get your friends (Haganah) to show up first thing in the morning to sit in the table first and hold it for you, but the new owners pay gangsters (Amin al-Husseini's men) to beat up your friends, so you get your own thugs (Irgun) to beat up their men. And when you take the contract to court, they say they don't care what the contract says or what the law is but you should stop doing whatever you are doing that is making Muslims so angry and it turns out the judge is the restaurant owner wearing a wig.

Israel is not innocent but "the Jews have the better case," as a diplomat said back then.

Zionism sucks because they've had years to round up all the kikes yet still they remain at large in great numbers – predominantly in the USA.

Not so much an analogy but when it comes to my interpretation of Zionism I always just imagine pic relateds screeching "ENSLAVE AND KILL ALL THE GOYIM -SATANIC SCREECHING AND VILLAIN LAUGHING-" amongst themselves and then trying to act like humans around, well, humans.

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lol, funny how jews can claim the land in now israel, but they admit that had to murder all of the inhabitants there in order to claim the land.

Wow,, an ignorant fuck who doesn't know he is an ignorant fuck.

The 2,000 years I mentioned has fuck all to do with Jesus. It's when the Romans conquered the Jews and destroyed their temple.

This is the supposed start of the diaspora

I know Zionism is only a century old, but it's whole Shtick is that they still own that land in the Levant that the Romans conquered.

It's the absurdity of that idea that I am trying to mock.

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Meh,, The British promised that lousy strip of land to three different parties as it was expedient to get their support for different things.

Than got tired of administering the dump and left.

The Zionists only took control because it was right after WW2 and most of the world felt sorry for them because of the holocaust.

70 years later, most people don't give a fuck, and the Zionists are still dependent on handouts to keep their boot on the Palestinians' necks.

This whole stupid mess will end soon as the gibs dry up.

Read the Bible. It was always someone else's land.

When people started using oil on a bigger scale. Its like someone used judaist useful idiots to control the region filled with it.

no, u r obviously only reading pop history, watching tv dramas, and learning from textbooks written by academic faggots - who are funded by jewish zionist money, your information is created by colleges which are mostly founded by British royalty, lawyers, or pope worshipping faggots like the Jesuits. read actual history written before 1920, preferably read shit from 1500s- 1600s like scanned books from and newspapers of the time. the jews were always weird, everyone knew it but they didn't give a shit unless they were fucking up ur town. jews are only being given influence as a shield to secure the validity of the current LEGAL CLAIMS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY OF ENGLAND. it's all for legal claims, which Is why they kill the yaziti ppl, because they have a real legal claim to the rule of the area. so pretending ur smart isn't helping anyone, most especially the whites you claim to care about.

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But the Jewish promised land is the one fucking place on the entire Arabian peninsula that doesn't have oil.

Thanks for the steaming load of obscure and boring history. How does that big bucket of "Who gives a fuck?" contribute to this thread about convincing people Israel is shit?


And the pointless babble continues…

How does discussing the genealogy of the British royal family free the United States from the parasite know as Israel?

If you want to be helpful to this cause, wander off this site for bit, find a thread somewhere else of some Jew or Jew lover bragging about an Israeli economic success.

Post on that thread. Politely congratulate them on their success and ask if this means Israel will not longer be needing aid from the United States.

Rage will follow. Normies will be red pilled about Israel being a failed state kept on life support for decades with their tax dollars.

Or you can stay here and make posts about British history that no one reads.

What would Hitler do?

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Stop being such a fucking nigger. It all counts, and you know it. Making kikes jump through their own hoops works, but you have to have a working understanding of the History they stole, and hidden to stake them to a post when they squirm out of your little, kike linguistic trap. They're the ones who invented that shit. You need a full quiver to take down a kvetching yid.
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Zionism = Jewish Supremacy for the normalfags. Don't look at jewish supremacists through a western moral compass. Look at them like a histrionic asshole. Basically, jews do good when everyone else suffers. That's why they will bleed hollywood and overplay their hand. They are not happy by themselves, they need nonjews to be suffering. If nonjews suffer, then nonjews are distracted and cannot rise up against their jewish supremacy.

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you might be jewish

I like this idea

hebrews werent the original natives to the holy land. they just happened to be the most autistic ones, so autistic in fact that even after thousands of years they beleive theyre somehow entitled to a special status without respecting any order of things

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I think the Indians have better land claim. It's not nearly as long ago that they had ownership, and an Indian can actually produce documents proving he is a descendant of the people who were displaced.

Of course,, they ain't going to get shit… but that's my point.

Fuck you; Jews.

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indians definitely deserve an actual respectable plot of land and autonomy. jews are just glorified squatters at this point.

Netanyahaoo.. made some big deal about an archeological dig where got some old supposedly Palestanian bones did some DNA on then and they claimi those people are from Europe…

I would fucking love to see them dig up some ancient hebrew bones and compare their DNA to their own,

Fucking LARPers.


There's a lot of evidence that the jews never liked Zionism and never wanted to return to Israel whatsoever, vastly preferring Vienna to any other place on earth. According to this excellent thesis by Whitney Webb, Zionism is more the product of Anglo American Puritainism and its derivatives; Dispensationalism, The Rapture, and Scofeild's Bible. It's selfish purpose is to get the jews to build the third temple so that their Mosiach will come as an evil AntiChrist who will trigger the Tribulation which will in turn sent all devout Scofield Bible christians rocketing straight to heaven. Thus the real purpose of Zionism is to drive the jews back to Israel; was Hitler merely an instrument to this end?

The gathering of the Jews in Jerusalem heralds the end of the word. HItler tried to exterminate them to save mankind from the wraith of god.

No, they deserve nothing they can’t keep.

I'll bite.

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Kind of hard to make a clever and simple analogy for that.

I feel you. I have trouble convincing people that Jewish political power exists. Even through they force are leaders to make public displays of submission.

Jews are ugly and nobody likes them.