"Shekhinah" at the "Wailing Wall"

"Shekhinah" at the "Wailing Wall"

I don't trust Brother Jew as a reliable source but it's interesting none the less.

He states the swinging in the prayer is copulating with a spirit to give birth to a male god.

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Kushner is the jewish messiah.
kikes are the children of satan.
shekinah is the name of Lucifer, but Christian Zionist churches teach retarded christcuck migatards that its god.
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He's not alone; the jews are fornicating with a female snake demon…

AKHTUALLY lucifer =/= satan
2 seperate archetypes that get switched around by kikes.
LUCIFER= chad who doesn’t listen to YHWH
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This. I'm pleasantly surprised at your post user. Lucifer literally means 'the bringer of light' and is depicted in many European mythologies, for example in Greek mythology there is Prometheus.
It is the one who wonders in darkness (confusion, lies) in search of the light (knowledge, truth). And than brings this light to share it with others.

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That moron doesn't have a clue what he is talking about.

And you do? Why don't you enlighten us?

I think that the pelvis thrusts make it pretty obvious that they're having sex with a demon.

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Did someone say anime girl deathsquads?

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Brother Nat will go in the oven last.

Brother Nathanael. Respect the name considering he's done more over the years than most of everyone here.


Ah, only gonna post and spoonfeed you once:

“Gnosticism” goes way back to aryan history (ancient egypt and any ancient civilization (read white) that was worth it’s shit)
It’s only with the inception of kike-ianity that, in typical jew fashion, they co-opted gnosticism and perverted it and inserted YHWH into the mix.
So yes: fuck off modern gnosticism
And no: actual ancient practices that kikes desperately try to obscure and twist aren’t inherently jewish, otherwise jews wouldn’t obsess so much over it and would’ve left it alone to lead us to ruin. If you can’t see how kike-ianity burned actual pre-kiked “gnostic” books in the course of history under “oy vey heresy against YHWH” you might wanna suck a shotgun barrel and let the confetti pop.

Just because jews gave it a term and you stick ‘nigger’ at the end doesn’t mean you have actual valid criticism.
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He's Orthodox. The real religion if there ever was one.

Those with eyes.

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Lucifer is no longer the bright morning star because God cast him into darkness.The bright morning star fell to earth.
Lucifer was cast out of heavene because he refused to bow to man (you/ humanity) as per Gods orders. In his betrayal he set to trick man into bowing to him instead, and you jackasses fell for it and fall for it all the time.

That's what Islam teaches. It's not found in the Bible and neither is it preached by Christians today.

Read what you wrote. That is the stupidest shit I’ve ever read.
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It doesn't really matter to me either way. Patience is not tolerance.

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TRANSLATION: Jews really, really don't like talking about this stuff. :) Its like a 100% accurate DNA test done instantly over the WWW. lol.

Other things "A Jew Will Not Discuss":

that black strap they wrap around their forearm with such emotion.

that funny little black box they wear on their head

OK, they will give a dumb version of black box, but they NEVER discuss the forearm strap with Goyim.

I trust a jew like you bringing him up out of the blue even less moshe.

Tefillin isn't a secret, nigger. They are phylacteries holding demonic prayers. The seven wraps represent the servant of esther and the 7 attributes/emotions.

You don't have a clue either. Those are no secret, they are called Tefillin.

Fuck off Mason kike.

Wrong. The texts are Exodus 13:1-10, 13:11-16; Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:12-21.

You Masonic shills are the biggest faggots on this board.

The jews have a whole occult system based on enslaving nonjews. There's this website about it:

A quote from the main page :

"The Kabbalah is the pinnacle of the jewish faith, it's innermost knowledge which is the foundation of all Judaism. As with all jewish "culture", there is nothing original in it. All the elements in the Jewish "Culture" are stolen and incorporated from pre-existing Pagan religions all over the world. Judaism is not only filled with stolen concepts and perversions of spiritual truths, but also, it is created in a way to help the jews further their objectives against this world by the use of occult means, against non-jews.

As much as we would like this was not the case, this is the case, and many vocal and highly important Rabbis across the planet admit to this very fact without a shed of conscience or guilt. There are some Rabbis (top leaders of the jewish people) who also talk openly of the genocide of the non-jews being part of a jewish divine plan. Therefore this website is created to awaken people in regards to these facts, which surround us but we rarely hear about."
Article about the tefillin:


And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.
And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.
Luke 10:17-18

Ezekiel 28:12-19 is often considered to be referring to Satan, presumably having possessed the King of Tyre.

The serpent in Genesis is Satan presumably after he had been cast out of heaven.

Kabbalah is not even a widely accepted thing. And of course that hate site misrepresents it anyway

Exposing The Shekinah

"The Shekinah is simply a metaphor for the energy of the 22 Hebrew letters and their arrangements. This is why the Shekinah is symbolized as the bell, light and the Ain Soph. Its the vibration which is light and how this is generated on the astral the Ain Sop. This is why Shekinah generates YHVH in Kabballah the energy of the vibration of the Hebrew letters generates the consciousness of the energy, YHVH. Hence the basic meaning of Shekinahbeing the "Dwelling of YHVH".

This is why the Jews wear the black box on the left arm the left symbolizes where the power comes from in Judaism the Shekinah the power of vibration is considered feminine of the left in the ancient world where this was stolen and corrupted from. The doving the rocking back and forth and pelvic thrusting the Jews do when they wear the black boxes on the head and arm when they pray to unite with the Shekinah is just a yogic technique they stole out of the east it opens up the flow of energy up the spine and thought the soul to put more energy into the Hebrew curses they read off. Its simple the higher energy flow creates a higher level of energy into the mental and spoken aspects of the ritual. The ability to speak mantra's and manifest them with the power of the voice is called the Vak Siddhi in the east this is when the throat chakra is transformed into a much higher level of power its the Siddhi connected to this chakra. The black boxes relate to the Shema prayer which is the energy field they have created with the Hebrew letters its connected to the name Shekinah.

The name Shekinah shows everything. The She is from the Shin letter and Kinah means gold in the ancient languages and still in the eastern ones where the most ancient Jewish communities are. The gold is the description of the light of creation of the letters and the Shin is what the letters create. Shin is the letter that is the symbol of YHVH's destruction of Gentiles and YHVH's power of destruction and conquest of the Gentiles. No mistake the Shekinah's actual meaning is YHVH's destructive power towards Gentiles. This connects to the Mezuzah the Jew's put on their door posts which has the Shin letter on it which relates to when YHVH murdered all the first born Gentile children of Egypt the Jews put the blood on the door post. The deeper meaning of the murder of the first born is the total extermination of all Gentiles in the ancient world the first born inherit and carry on the family establishment thus to kill the first born is symbolic of total destruction of the entire family line total extermination of Gentiles. The Shin letter relates to the events of YHVH's destruction of Gentiles thought out the Torah. That allowed the Jews to gain the upper hand over Gentile Nations. 

The important thing is the image the Rabbi's use to show their YHVH the god form the letters power is shown to be a golden chain which each link being one of the 22 Hebrew letters. This is how they show the Shekinah and this is what they describe over and over how they are binding and cursing the Gentiles the golden chain with the Hebrew letters is the symbol in Judaism of cursing and binding of the Gentiles. The entire purpose of Hebrew is to do this to Gentiles. This is why the ancient Roman and Greek leaders who where adepts in spiritual knowledge banned the Torah and ordered the Torah scrolls destroyed and worked to destroy Judaism as the anti-Gentile criminal organization it always has been. This is also why the Jewish Talmud forbids the Jews to communicate the truth about Judaism to the Gentiles as the Talmud states this would condemn all Jews to death. Why do you think that could be.

If one reads the Bible the Jewish character of Jesus is shown as the Shekinah in the book of Matthew. Which shows the purpose of Christianity and what it gives the Jews. The collective mental and spiritual energy of two billion Gentiles to merge into the energy of the Shekinah and manifest it thought into the material world. The Bible ends with the Jewish character of Jesus returning and bringing total destruction to all Gentiles on this earth and building the Jewish global kingdom in which he rules with the 12 tribes of Israel as their Kingly Messiah."


How so?