Leftypol skullduggery

Since I know leftfags lurk here perhaps they can get a glimpse of what their circlejerk looks like from the outside. I was lurking Zig Forums since I am banned for like the 3rd time now, I came across this discussion:

This thread really shows the hypocrisy and dishonesty of our opponents. Here are a few highlights:

They believe in Biological Determinism when it comes to evil Fascist thugs, but Niggers acting like Niggers is a result of Capitalist oppression or White privilege or some shit

When the dregs of society join up with Antifa to attack normal White people its for a good cause, but we are all sado-masochists who just want to hurt innocent anti-white politicians and invaders out of sheer evil

Forced racial integration? All of those "respect Diversity" posters you saw in school growing up? All those times you were forced to watch the movie "Glory" about Niggers killing White Southerners?

It was real in your mind, Goy

Literally talked about in Mein Kampf, very anti-Egalitarian of them

Those who are most against the values of Liberal-Democracy actually love Liberalism

Don't get me wrong Zig Forums can be some huge faggots at times, but you can atleast share some genuine hatefacts here. Leftypol bans people, left right & center who don't stay within their bubble. Thats probably why they don't understand actual Fascism or National Socialism, and can't recognize that they have adapted many of our talking points

Some "former fash" faggot tries to suck up and gets shit on, pretty lulzy.

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To be fair. Equating neo-liberals with liberals is quite insulting to actual liberals.
And Zig Forums is pretty dam liberal in the classical sense. Free speech, self determination, etc.

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All of this is the reason why for example Horst Mahler abandoned his maoist line of thinking and joined the nationalist camp. After the left-wing in Germany was cucked by Dutschke's followers and the RAF lost its purpose, there were very little options for people like him.

I wouldn't be surprised if most posts in that shithole were made by malicious kikes trying to incite retards into doing violence on their behalf.

And gay used to mean jovial. Untermensch have a tendency to intentionally degrade the meaning of words. Let's not get derailed into semantics.

They are genuinely retarded. They even have their own phrases, like "spook". They copy us at every level and try to put their own shitty spin on everything. It's awful.

Whenever I see a Left-winger turned NatSoc they are usually embraced as a comrade who has seen the light

Whenever it goes the other way around, "former fash" are looked at with suspicion and contempt, if they are even allowed to join at all

Imagine being such a cuck that you would turn away from the light of truth for the opportunity to be belittled by communist trannies

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Niggers led by a jew. Those bold kikes hardly hide it.

Even just a cursory glance at that board is enough to convince even the most non-political pleb of this fact.

What made you choose to post that pic?

Stop D&Cing. OP is a D&C shill.

Accidental sage. Have a bump.

No it's not. They're effectively the same.


at this point in time.

Mahler joined the nationalist NPD in the early 2000s, if I remember correctly. He left a couple of years later, partially due to health reasons and the law suits ZOG threw in his way. I mean, he's 83 now and the government has nothing better to do than keep him in jail. He tried to escape a couple of time, fled to Hungary and so on.

But overall he was quickly accepted and embraced as a member of the movemen (the NPD followed more a Strasserite-approach back then, but still). I mean, the man has a VERY interesting life as the RAF's attorney, communist/maoist terrorist and whatnot. I wish more full blown old school leftists would finally accept the truth and join the fight on our side. Mahler is indeed the exception, unfortunately.

Usually the intellectual basis for that move is there. If you look at what kind of rhetoric leftwing extremists used in the 60s and 70s, there is very little missing for them to convert to national-bolshevism or go further and join whatever national-socialist movement is around.

Damn, even the more radical members of the RAF blamed Israel and the Jews for most of the misery, denounced US imperialism and were basically in favor of ethno-nationalism (e.g. Vietnam, Palestine). And I absolutely can respect and support that, despite of ideological differences in other areas.

You have a containment board, stay there.

In the past NatSocs have murdered Communists, so it can't happen as you imagine. NatSocs have no real societal framework so may as well join communists (moving out the anti-Natsocs from communism)

You already lost your argument.
sweet formatting though

>>>Zig Forums

Being a D&C faggot.

Do you read what people quote. If not did you read your own title?

Did you see op title and the pic he posted? Did you know also that NatSocs have murdered Communists in the past? (hold that, because you can look at the title again and read you comment about hypocrisy, being self-aware and in elation to the pic "good faith").
I don't think you guys do anything but write random words that sound good to you completely ignoring what you do.

Only if you use it in the incorrect modern yankee doodle context.
Which I am not at all surprised you would do because you simply don't know any better. You were never taught any better.

I would argue that allowing our opponents to decide language is a far greater problem than anything else they may do.
How can one argue our point when they can simply change the meaning of every word uttered. How can past knowledge be interpreted properly when language is mangled beyond recognition?

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Well, it is more complicated than that. On the one hand nat-socs killed communists. But on the other hand they organized strikes together and later thousands of communists joined the SA and NSDAP.

It is not all black/white with these two movements, there is a lot of grey, too. You know, common ground related to the inherent flaws of (((capitalism))).

Anyway, I prefer dealing with a stalinist apologist over a cucked social-democrat any time of the day.


The funniest thing is when communists say that National Socialism/fascism is only a last resort of the capitalists to keep capitalism alive, even though the Bolshevik revolution was financed by Jewish capitalists.


get out lol, you are 30 years out of date

I didn't expect any of that, I was simply sharing the thread as an example



I'm so, so sorry my choice of picture offended you Mr. Antifa. Next time I'll post a pic that makes you guys look totally kewl and badass

Also, Communists tried to take over Germany and NatSocs responded to that threat. Looking out for the working class is good and the German Communists turned NS because they realized that you can do that without drinking the delusional Judeo-Bolshevik kool-aid and becoming a Race traitor


No such thing. These people are called either fake news or traitors.


>implying capitalism isn't promoted as the only valid economic system by (((them))) these days

You're delusional, comrade. Go to the infirmary.

2/10 bait. Not very good at all.

I'll do it for you.

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i think we're all victims of capitalism in here

It never goes the other way around, you fucking lunatic. That doesn't even make logical sense.

This must be shitposting.

I agree with leftypol that Communists need changes to get the anti-natsoc out.

what role? don't want to say?

I'm against d&c, to play that game is be a cuck for the capitalists.


Well sure, when you put it that way, I agree. NLP is no joke. Words have power.
That being said that kind of idea deserves to be fleshed out into it's own thread imho.

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There is a whole industry dedicated to "reformed Nazis" selling their stories, atleast some of them have buddied up with Communists. You could say they were never legit to begin with but thats why I put "former fash" in quotes in the op

Simple ass boi

It's all (((manufactured))), you easily led idiot. Do you really think that natsocs, having learned of the very real jewish problem in the world, would ever discard that and join the very jews they hated? That's absolute lunacy. You commies literally have no concept of reality.

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The neo-liberal is the natural evolution of the classical liberal.

I put "former fash" in quotations in the OP for a reason. The one dude in that thread who claimed to be "former fash" was just an alt-right retard who went to a Confederate rally once

I'm not your enemy, and I'm not a Communist

This is Zig Forums general knowledge. There's a thread on it at least once a month.
Lurk moar.

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These communist idiots can not think rationally because they analyze the whole life from the perspective of their (((utopian idiology))).

thats not a "punk" this is a "punk"

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I would call it a perversion.
Ultimately the neo-liberal favours freedom for the few. Freedom from responsibility especially.
But for the majority an ever increasing burden of restriction.

It's slavery where people don't even realise the chains exist.
That's what makes it such a great scam. The plebs are given the illusion of choice when in reality they will spend their whole lives having decisions made for them.

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Lurk more.

Yes I know its common knowledge they are hypocrite fucks, I just thought it was a prime example of that and also thought it was interesting watching them kvetch about "former fash" and some weirdo from their own ranks flipping between ideologies

I was politely telling you to keep it to that general, but if you're going to be a fag about it, then I'll just drop the pretense and tell you to cork your cock socket and stop derailing the thread.

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Did you think they don't realize how much hypocrite they are?
Shillpiro always say that facts don't care about their feelings to his neocuckservatives NPCs, it's true, but he he never says what is more relevant than that, that their feelings also don't care about the facts.

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Always kill leftists. There is no arguing that.

Communism appeals to psychopathic personalities. That's why so many psychopaths become mods online. It gives them an outlet to satisfy a genetic imperative;
a need for control over others.

The point is that it's completely (((manufactured))), you double digit IQ nigger. There are no real, organic stories of actual natsocs becoming commies. It logically cannot happen.


what the best worksafe nationalist board on 8ch?


hes jewish



The "Ivan Drago" was played by Dolph Lundgren, who is Swedish.


Are you literally mentally retarded or are you just some paid jidf shill?

Some nigger killer I think?

Imagine the damage a magnet would do to that face

you're already halfway in the oven kike

ya nice try shlomo

Great idea to deal with anqueafia
Backpack with batteries connected to large metal detector like pool that when turned on becomes super powerful electromagnetic.
Wave near their faces and laugh.

They ban people because they're lazy, ignorant fucks, who can't counter a logical argument or factual data. ALL of their shit falls apart if you simply follow it to it's logical conclusion which is why a kike mod has to shut it down. If you look at the mental defectives attracted to their bullshit, it's faggots raised by single mom's who parked them in front of the electric jew to be raised. All they can do is sperg out slogans and buzzwords. It's queer NPC central over there.

this is probably the most pervasive and most destructive of the myths borne by the USSR – that fascists/NatSoc are actually agents of the bourgeoisie or are somehow carrying out the will of the bourgeoisie. its so preposterous

You guys ever notice the difference between the subjects that /leftypol, and Zig Forums discuss? With Zig Forums discussing things like different books, authors, ideologies, and the history of communism. While Zig Forums mainly focuses on current events, self improvement, and ways to beat the system. What do you think leads to difference in what’s discussed?

You do not belong here. All of your posts are defending commies and you are trying ((really hard)))

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Fuck off faggot

From what I have learned with debating leftists on 4chan's /his/
The thing they usually try to do is to paint their enemies as evil and do not engage in any other sorts of arguments. They state conclusions of factually wrong and controversial information which was cited by scholars even if it is proven wrong afterwards. They will ignore facts and statistics and state exceptions to "prove" their point. They will also never admit defeat, they are very stubborn about leftism and very hateful towards to anything else. They also like to lie a lot.

Could someone give me a picture of the /leftycucks/ board owner sucking off some guy? I need to make something funny out of it

I am a borderline pacifist far right Conservative, that would fall in line with a lot of National Socialist legalism and Nationalist spirit.

Fuck off faggot

most are just retarded skin head or kkk niggers so they don't know anything about natsoc

I remember when I was that!Lurk more please both right and left are of the same coin

I don't give a shit what you think, i think you're trash as well.

You guys don't get it, I came and helped you, i expected help in return. Instead I get framed, set up, and fucking lied to.
I have been robbed, sexually assaulted, deprived of my humanity, my ability to defend myself legally, and basically treated like shit.

What makes you think I value any of you?

There is no hope here.

Don,'t look to me for anything, because it's not happening. I am only out for myself.

Thank you user!

The value of a person is their willpower to do somthing


8pol bans anyone left of Hitler, its not any better if you ban someone for what they think. 4pol converts leftists, 8 just bans them.

What's wrong faggot? Scared to post without Tor?

No they don't, do you have clue how many Jews, niggers, pedos, and whatever else post here?

Those racemixing threads have always been advertising for nigger faggots.

Post a photo of that shitty fucking flag again I'll fucking spear ya cunt.

What's wrong virago? Do you need argumentation training?

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Haven't you got the memeo? Punks must adhear to a strict code of antifashism. All the heretic punks were destroyd. To be a punk today is to follow a set of rules and dress codes firmly established by rich people.

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Never argue with idiots. Deride you, and mock you. There is nothing to be gained by arguing with you, because tomorrow you will pretend like the conversation never happened.

But it never did, comerade. To imply otherwise is to doubt Marx himself.

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Who cares what a dead Rabbi thinks?

The people that will come to you at night.

I don't give a shit.