Ok, here's my plan

Ok, here's my plan.

As an European 23 year old, I will try using the fact that I work for US company to get the Visa, then a green card and as soon as I get that I'll join the US army and protect the modern civilization.

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#MAGAwithDACA my Aryan brother


You will never be White, spicspam.

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Why do you want to become a fucking ZOGbot?

USA represents modern culture like Rome represented old one.

When it falls we'll enter new dark ages and I want to do my part in trying to prevent it.

What you're attempting to do here will never work, IP hopping nigger.
Your subhuman IQ won't allow you to see your own idiocy.

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Why prevent when you can accelerate?




Well you also responded without sage, so, thanks for the contribution I guess.

Nigger you're confused. I hate the "DACAryan" faggot as much as you. The invaders should be purged. The mods have let it shit up the board for a long time.

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You think waving around a gun, dressing in pajamas and sucking nigger and spic cock for Israel is going to prevent that? Jesus christ you're delusional.

one sentence: Home made .50 cal snipers with silencer.

Diversity is already the state religion in the USA.
Just as Christianity took root in Rome.
And abandoning the old ways in both cases is the begining of the end.

Checks out. Apologies, user. This nigger hops IPs like a JackRabbit.
I am glad the 'spicspam' label has stuck though.
This nigger will eventually tire of getting BTFOd.

You can earn citizenship through serving for 4 years. You won't get a MOS that requires a security clearance of any level and you will never be at a duty station where you need to get a security clearance to perform your job. You will probably get Supply, Combat Cook, or Infantry.

Contact a recruitment station via phone in the United States and a recruiter will walk you through it, they need to make quota so if you are serious about it they will do what they can for you.

Have fun dying in Iran. Zog is going down.

The United States needs to fall, this is coming from a burger. Our intelligence agencies are run by organized crime and most of our government is as well. Anyone who tries to do good gets suicided. This goes for Russia and China as well. To be honest most governments around the world need to crash.

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Anyone wearing a uniform at all is an enemy combatant at this point

This must be what it feels like to be a brainlet.

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Any uniformed forces who are run by the government. Go back to leftypol.

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He already said, for citizenship.

Why the fuck is this shit thread still up?

Watcha SlidinĀ“?

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Hey, I don't want to live in US, just join the Army and I only need green card for that, not citizenship.

The only thing the US military protects is Israel.

God, you're a retard