How kikes (and idiots) are actually destroying Zig Forums

I've been silent about this for a while, not sure if the phenomenon is just natural, or caused intentionally by (((certain elements))) on Zig Forums. Have you ever noticed the following trend: There is a moderately relevant or productive thread about some news, or someone asking for help, sharing an idea. Somewhere right at the start, someone makes a completely baseless accusation of OP or another poster being a kike. Then that guy gets called a kike in turn. then the one who called out the guy who called out the OP gets called a kike.

By the 10th post, the thread devolves into people screeching kike at each other. Discussion about the OP is either nonexistent, or buried in heaps of nonsense accusations and flaming.

Now, I wouldn't underestimate the number of genuine retards who infest any given internet froum, Zig Forums included, but seeing how devastating this is to any sort of discussion, I must conclude that this is intentionally induced by some. I've been around for long enough to know that it's also something new, people always called each other out ofc, but not so much that it drowned practically all threads in irrelevant shit flinging. It started happening somewhere around early 2017. I also noticed that an awfully lot of these posts wouldn't pass a Turing test. Regardless, the vast majority of these thread derailing posts are still likely made by our less than genial comrades.




That is all.

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lol kikes don't like when you larp as a kike to ruin their reputation

kike nigger

I know I'm not the only one tired of this shit, but it's good to see others who notice this too.
Things got a lot worse after Tarrant popularized Zig Forums and the dumbasses and edgelords flooded across the border in higher numbers than ever before.
A lot of oldfags just left.
We used to be able to have genuinely intelligent discussions here. Now it's; your a kike! No YOUR a kike. NO your akike! no YOUR a kike! all day.
Fuck all of you low IQ niggers who didn't lurk.

I'm fairly certain at this point that the flame war is usually started by either actual shills or bots, but unlike normal shills who push the agenda, their explicit purpose seems to be drowning out all discussion. Then our resident fucktards continue doing their job for them. All of these flamewar starting posts are very similar. Very few words, baseless, sometimes wouldn't pass a Turing test. the torpedo with the second post in this thread illustrated it, tho I think that was his explicit intention.

That's because there is so much paranoia on Zig Forums that people think the Jews are behind EVERYTHING and so if they disagree the other person must be a kike. It just shows how pathetic those people are

What discussion is there to have with someone that is only trying to twist your words, constantly trying to decieve you and to drown you in an endless ocean of lies? . No, don't waste time trying to reason with the jew. Just outjew the jew and the jew will get neutralized by his own jewry.

I was the user who made the Odinia threads. You're 100% correct. The Rottenchilds spent sixteen billion dollars to shill the internet, and we have no real moderation, and these are the results. Speaking of which, Odinia is about to be yanked, and I am going to have to help them with new hosting to defeat the (actual) kikes. The niggerlovers constantly derailing threads need to be banned.

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*third post
Also, checked.


Let me guess, if you were a mod this would be the greatest forum in the world?
Save it you god damned control freak.

Have you ever heard of Operation Cognitive Dissidence? It was a plan proposed (I think) in the late 90s by (((Chuck Schumer))) to fund a JIDF like program that pays thousands of Americans to post off the walls, insane shit on White Nationalist boards to try to make White Nationalists appear to be insane, unreasoning, historically illiterate buffoons to outsiders and to provoke infighting along religious and ethnic/national grounds within the global White community. Thus sapping away our energies from fighting the jew and redirecting it to non-threatening targets like other White people.

Shitposting: Serious Business.

How about you get more serious about white resistance in the real world. I'm about to meet with some friends and distribute white lives matter stickers.

Edit: Fuck I've failed like 5 reCaptchas trying to post this, saw this thread before it had any replies, and now it's got several

Edit 2: fuck make that 6…

Edit 3: Make that 7…

This is lesss than a week old, here's what the Jews are doing.

Funny you say, I also had to fill out 6 to post the OP. Fuck captchas. There would be even more bots without them, I guess. Now at least their handlers need to fill it out once a day.

Now, Zig Forums does not substitute real life activism, but can help it. WLM for example, was planned here, if I know it right. Internet activism can be seriously beneficial to our cause, or for any other cause, for that matter.

I've been banned for pointing it out. Kampfy encouraged it and it's not gone away since.

IMO that retarded shit should be bannable, but it's not like banning someone means anything any more. If there were decent vols instead of shitty globals who have to spend all their time focused on chasing pedos off /b2/, something might be able to be done about it.

Zig Forums needs to be handed over to someone who gives a shit. This global board setup is just as much a failed experiment as kampfy's disgraceful run.

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There's going to be Jews lurking here it's obvious and it's to be expected, just just your brain, it's kinda obvious when you see one anyway.

This forum is a Jewish psyop to keep whites politically isolated and powerless as they curb free speech and censor the flow of information.

Imagine if Frank Colin ran a message board.

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If I were a mod, I would dutifully perma-ban all trolls, /b/tards, morons, kikes, the DACA-shill, and give 1 month ban for everyone posting a two-sentence thread without archive or sources.
I probably wouldn't have any time to post anymore, but I'd rather the board be clean than contribute my opinions.

Oh, this is certainly intentional. The great thing about pol is that it just takes a click to filter.

You forgot the part where you suddenly received an email offering 10k shekels for reduced moderation.

I would like to dispute the OP's claim that this is an internet forum.
It is in an imageboard.

Like this ?

I put effort into that post and the first reply demoralized me and killed the thread. Thats the point.

If you get "demoralized" by an internet post you should probably kill yourself.

That is exactly what kike would post.

That's the kind of shit I'm talking about. Anything that doesn't contribute to quality discussion needs to start getting nuked ASAP. This board needs an actual führer to lead it.

People have noticed.

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That's a waste of time, they do that to themselves without any help

That's most threads on this board, because the moderation don't do their fucking jobs. Disruptive posting can be extremely effective.

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And here you are, telling people, "Don't engage with it! Self-policing will work!" and one has to wonder if you fundamentally don't understand how this works.
Let me explain: Assuming I have a VPN with variable IP, meaning its possible for me to change my IP on a whim, perhaps even in just a single browser instance, let alone multiple desktops, and repeat this process, I can quickly become many men. I don't have to talk to you at all, and I can still fuck up your shit. Without minimal moderation, requiring minimal expenditure of accessible IP addresses and maximal expression of subversive, inflammatory, acerbic commentary, I can repeat this process for an extended period of time and across multiple threads, as aforementioned, fucking your shit up. Now imagine this coupled with artificial response simulators, aka bots. You see where this is going.
Now, would I personally ever do this? Fuck no, that's horrible… But don't be fooled into thinking its not happening when you see the sort of malicious disruptive shitposts which stream into any thread that gets posted with even the slightest engagement. It is happening. Its happening on behalf of those you might call 'less than genial comrades', and its happening on behalf of those who fucking hate you and everything you stand for on multiple levels and in multiple categories. Any extant Zig Forums will have many enemies, and in an age of technology, subversion and disruption (especially of a Zig Forums) remain powerful avenues of pursuit to those desiring to engage in mischief.
Thus endeth the lesson.

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The entire downward trajectory of the board can be traced to a single origin: trumpniggers.

YES I've noticed it too!
and also every thread devolving into 'violence is the only solution' posts. Blackpilled one-liners with an incitement at the end. Tarrant turned this board to shit by mentioning us.

Reminds me of this post this one JIDF guy once did, he talked about what tactics theyre using, and causing infighting by larping as 2 different factions was one of them.
Pic related but not the post I was talking about.

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I always figured they were the same person arguing with themselves or two or more people working together.
The first comment is almost always a sage and insult twoard OP. Nothing to do with the content. It's like people are sitting by wiating for new threads so they can be disruptive and attempt to slide.
We all know but they still do it so it must be working in their favor.

Hello spicspam

You must enhance your autism, user.
That's spicspam right above you, and you didn't notice.
Take your board back, lads.

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Also I do fuckloads of different messages WLM is just the latest request from a fellow aryan in my area.

Larping as an insane jew for the sake of kek makes the jew upset.


I'm tempted to agree with you. Certainly we have our share of lazy, low IQ, schizos scurrying about doing the jew's bidding for them.
However I at least want to believe that they're being helped along by some (((guiding hand)))

Dubdubs confirm

Pretty much every thread has been like that for years

No it was always this bad, i've been browsing since 2016 and there was a lot of leftist spamming but after late 2017 geniunely productive collective conversations bacame extinct on here. People rarely bother to make constructive arguments and jews may be behind it but idiots definately are a major part.

It's not just idiots. Don't forget the perpetually-angry-at-everything blackpill naysayer. Everything sucks. Everything's stupid. Nobody ever do anything ever, just sit on Zig Forums and shitpost and wait for Hitler. Nevermind that if Hitler 2.0 showed up tomorrow, they'd still talk shit and call him a kike because he's not gassing jews fast enough.

Idiots have to go. Blackpills have to go. But it'll never happen without real mods. The board needs someone who cares. That's all there is to it.

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Zig Forums is an imageboard designed to discuss politics, news, and current events. If you're looking for political cult members to follow some faggy eceleb then go try Gab.

You made this exact same meta spam thread word for word weeks ago.

Kill yourself. Fucking bitch coward or fed, which one are you?

When did I ever say that, le angry internet man?

sage negated


This board is at least 60% kikes.

DemoralizationNiggers = kikes
Fedposters = kikes
D&C faggots = kikes
Stormtards = kikes (not talking legit reasonable NatSocs, relax)
Anyone posting anything negative w/o a possible solution = kike

20-30% of the rest aren't kikes, but are kike stand-ins (Feds, Lefties, idiots, schizos).

So, you're left with 10-20% of the posters being legit Zig Forumsacks (not counting the ones that fled to qresearch).

So, just filter the above posters (and all their replies), and what's left is actually pretty informative/entertaining.

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I too have been browsing since 2016 and I don't remember things being this bad at all. Granted, we've always had a lot of mouth breathing wiggers who scream KIKIKIKIKIKIKIKE at everything and retards who spam every thread proposing we actually do something with desperate naysaying, but it appears undeniably worse today.
I was banned by Imkamfy all the fucking time for criticizing Trump after he won. Yet I almost wish he was back. At least that turk could actually ban someone for more than 6 hours.

This is so goddamn true. Every single thread that proposes an actual idea instantly is swarmed by a dozen or so desperate nay-sayers who hammer down any nail that sticks up without providing any alternative. I like to challenge them to provide another idea and 9 times out of 10 they just vomit forth a list of buzzwords

I am not opposed to constructive criticism. But this incessant screaming is unbecoming to a pro-White image board.


filtered & reported

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OP is a kike. So are you. Everything is a false flag. Everyone is a fed poster. Violence is the only solution. You won't do anything, you nigger. You are cursed by God because you are unwilling to kill the invaders of your nation.
Another more worthy thread would have died for this except it was already deleted by the mods.

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Thread derailment
Yes that is one of the ussual kike tactics

Here and in all boards we need to avoid bait. There shouldnt be need for such a reminder but here we are

Ooh it's da ebil joos oh no who will they pay to shill next??? (Hint hint recruiters)


Name calling makes u look sooooo smart lol not.


Pedos should be chased off /b2/ user. There should be no place on the planet for pedos


Leftist/Islamic bros always proclaim… you can't destroy an idea. Same goes for white people. Sure, the soyboys will comply… but what about the other 64% of us? We're fucking psychos.

We literally can't wait until this escalates. Troll Zig Forums ad infinitum, kike lords, Discord trannies, Shareblue niggers, unemployed Buzzfeed hack journos, et. al. Seen it all. Patiently waiting for you to quit LARPing and shilling. You no longer have the ability to infiltrate, so the DOTR draws nigh.

Make your move already. Quit wasting my time.

Based. Checked.
Peepeepoopoo = 5th horseman of the Apocalypse.

I'm with this guy, faggots.

That wasn't my complaint at all, but maybe I could have worded it better. Globals have to sink so much time into keeping pedos off the site, who now have an inroad via /b2/ because their mod does nothing about pedo threads, that they don't have time to mod this board.

Based federal agent ally.

They just made an “unkiked” version of /SIG/ and deleted the /SIG/ I was having a good discussion in. I was even learning some things and reevaluating my thoughts. All the sudden, a guy tags every body in the thread and redtexts
The thread was taken down by mods and now the “unkiked” one is up. Even mods fall for the bandwagon mob bullshit. People are intentionally fueling suspicion for no reason at all.
This is a HUGE problem with Zig Forums. It is progressing geometrically I swear. It wasn’t even this bad 3 months ago and it was bad then.

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Kike shit stays up while Purple's thread got deleted.

Further proof most of the mods are compromised.

This is true. I have noticed this myself on Zig Forums recently.

Thank God someone deleted that LARP. How many of those do we need per day. We just had one yesterday, a new one today. That man needs HIS OWN BOARD and you need to follow him there.

If not shills derailing, you've usually got some newfags out who feel the need to correct the tiniest detail and nitpick into oblivion even if it was irrelevant to the point of the post. It's usually involving the tiniest mention of opposing religion, sperging over NatSoc vs. Nazi, posting screencaps that feel out of place, etc.

The israeli Moarpheus definitely is part of that operation.

Whatever happens, we must not let them LARP as insane jews. This is intolerable! They must never be allowed to reach a consensus of the jew being an insane caricature through humor and LARP.

Maybe we need a new board with real mods?

I like this guy.

my bone to pick are those 'white woman killed by shitskin' threads
instead of being productive and doing some intel and meme_magic.xcf, it's 300+ replies from the peanut gallery doing the same
and every 4 word line of sarcastic (1) comments in between
the thread dies, a week or two go by, it's forgotten and no memes or infograph to remember any of it by, the next dead white woman makes headlines, the same shitfest all over again, rinse repeat, year after year after year

Maybe you need to focus on IRL community, eh? Forget about the hellhole that is the internet. The best thing that could ever happen to this planet would be a solar flare that destroyed all electronics.

Ah yes such a LARP that must be exactly why it was deleted even though some RP faggot trying to start his own christcuck cult has had his LARP threads up for a month. Or how about the endless anti Russia shill threads. Or the fucking thread claiming Epstein is a Russian not Israeli Spy. Fact is those threads remain while that one thread got deleted with the speed faster than interracial spam threads get pruned which means someone is paying them to do it.

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I do both tbh.

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My problem with those are the deliberate breakdown of in-group preferences for White people. Rather than stregnthen our community (such as it is) the kikes come in an make all sorts of horrific and baseless claims about the women who are murdered. No one wants to be connected to them or defend them when this happens because to be murdered by a subhuman is 'sinful' in our day and age and obviously something must 'be wrong with your' for being tricked or cajoled. They don't even have evidence OR WORSE they have digital evidence which is easily manufactured for anyone with pshop skills.

Nice edit. ;)

I personally don't even go on those threads but you are correct, I never considered the insidious intent behind those threads.

You still don't know why you glow, do you cunt?

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I go on them because I have high in-group preference…in other words, I don't care 'what sins' according to the kikes my people have committed. What is important to me is that we are being bled to death inexorably and no one is doing anything about it but brow beating the fuck out of us, WITH THE INTENT OF BREAKING DOWN OUR SOCIETY, in threads like those. I go on there to fight for our people, but it is a TOTAL SHITSTORM OF HATRED DIRECTED AT WOMEN AND EUROPEANS THAT YOU CAN'T IMAGINE.

Good lord, its all do tiring. You do Gods work… why can't it just start already.


Just wondering if you could give a point of clarification are you suggesting that there is no toll for burning coal? If a woman wants to lay with beasts and dies she had it coming. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. This is an extremely important distinction as there are many victims who are completely innocent that do not deserve to be given the same status as social signal statusing thots who want a wild night with jamal and end up dead.

Woman are borderline retards, potentially beautiful retards to be sure. If their actions are benign surely they deserve pity as much as hatred?

I am suggesting that if White men did their job of protecting their nation, there would be no niggers for White women to lay with.

Spread this. As a newfag i find this helpfull to pick out shills.

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Get lost, avatarfag.

You fucking niggerbrains are useless to the White race.

EVERY incident must be turned into a blazing outrage that puts fear into ANY mother fucker who dares even look in the general direction of our women!
You better wake the fuck up, shitstain, or you go first!

yo, where did all of the smart people go too
I tried some of the other chans but they seem dead

I pity you. Actions have consequence and not only do you cheapen the deaths of the innocent but insult your own people for not holding traitors accountable for their actions. Fucking shitskins is not a benign act it is an act of racial betrayal and any woman who engages in such behavior should be viewed as completely lost to the race and part of a separate one.

What you are doing is making excuses for their behavior and choices which have direct consequences like some caricature of a white knight. Every innocent victim of subhuman crime you completely dishonor by giving sluts the same status.

Read the mystery of the grail.

Found the jew again. You are never far from Zig Forums threads, are you?

Only your own 'crimes' are never examined, now are they?

So everyone knows I have seen these kike faggots malign girls as young as 4 who were attacked raped tortured and murdered by feral niggers with things like, "She would have grown up to be a thot."

Ah yes I'm apparently a nigger. Thank you for providing an example of the garbage killing this board.

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They absolutely do. And any nigger who thinks he can stroll into OUR lands, and rape and eat our women, shall be held accountable for their actions.

You are a more vile traitor to your Blood than any nigger fucker.
Allow that to sink in, you spiritual kike.

All of YOU blinded incels go first, nigger!

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