We now have the technology to enhance the human condition. Transcranial electrical stimulation (TDCS, CES, TMS, ect) , gene doping, nootropics, genetically modified probiotics, and other emerging technologies all have the potential to make us stronger, smarter, and live longer. Why are you not taking advantage of these technologies, Zig Forums? You all talk of supermen. Here is the technology to make the superman into a reality.

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Another (((transhumanism))) shill thread

Where? Inb4 it was real in my mind

Kill yourself.

Implying that I'm not taking advantage of such technologies. I just ordered a TDCS device.

You don't have to take my word for it. There are entire communities of people that are taking advantage of this shit right now. See

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As straightforward is it is, it just werks

Where do you think we are user?
Do you realize (((who))) is in control?

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A lot of this shit is available over the internet. You don't have to ask for the kikes' permission to enhance yourself.

But what you're getting is kike-made, one way or another
And home brew only goes so far, only leading to more problems than solutions
Most shit you also see is quite worthless too, TES can only do so much for you & when not supervised correctly, leads to many problems in hormone balances
If you're really so worried about thinking straight, have a glass of wine & a cigar, don't taze yer fockin noggin

Many of the biotech you see falls under the same problems you get with cloning
And if its not Jews, its some other problem

This also reminds me about Assassin-Viruses, they're a virus specifically coded to just kill whatever is genetically programmed in it's sights
You, family, your race, even those with just 1 gene that is shared between races, all killed
Scary fucking shit

It's only .5 to 2 mA of current.

This is precisely why we need to start looking into enhancements and doing it ourselves. Shlomo and chinks cannot be allowed to control mankind's evolution.

ZOG literally won't let you
Again, its the same issued that are with cloning
If it is beneficial to whiteman, but not made by Jews, it will be regulated by Jews
Look at how ZOG treats guns, they'd do the same with any kind of "anti-jew hemlets" that would hit the market

Its just like how that one guy just made docs to make 3d-printed guns was put in jail, its not illegal to make plans for guns, nor is it illegal to make guns, but he was still booked for nothing & ain't getting out without selling his soul
NewZeland will put you in jail for even talking about Christchurch
What do you think ZOG could do with whatever biotech hits the market; a common tactic in war is to trap ammo to explode when fired, think of what they could do with a TES

Also, you're redditposting

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ZOG cannot regulate this shit. Even if they do there are DIY brain simulators that can be easily made from shit you can find at any electronics hobby website. Genes are easily purchased from places like I'm not going to ask for shlomo's permission. The future of all mankind is at stake here.

How can they """not"""? All ZOG has to do is track you, the second they see you're buying what they don't like, you're jailed for "CP"
Gene editing is also prone to extremely high cancer rates, and "buying" genes from places like (((NEB))) isn't going to get you anywhere
Lest you want to turn into a gay-niggergen'd-cancer patient, its best not to play MyLittleCyberpunk at home

Literally everything you call a "striking problem that must be solved now!" is solved by eating healthy & thinking right

Oh, and by the way
The more you talk, the more you show of yourself
You talk like a Jew, your arguments aren't arguments, all you do is pilpul
You have no directness, when you say "[blank] can't be [blank]" you don't give a reason for such, you have no solidarity
When I give a reason of why something can't be, you blow it off, ignoring it

Your fascination with gene editing is to fill the hole in your imperfect existence
Even with the genetic traits I have that are undesirable, if you were to give me some kike-pill, telling me It fixes everything, I'd strangle you where you stood

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How are they going to regulate this shit when you can build your own crap at home from easily obtained parts? How are they going to regulate designer nootropics without harming (((pharmaceutical))) research? I can see how they can regulate gene editing so I will concede that point.

I'm not a kike just a poor writer.

No I am fascinated with human enhancement because I believe this is the technology that will help us reach the stars. Which do you think is easier? Augmenting humans or changing the environment of barren hellscapes?


Again, everything you're yelling about being beneficial is currently a """NON-PROBLEM"""

>How are they going to regulate designer nootropics without harming (((pharmaceutical))) research?
ZOG doesn't apply to it's own rules, you dumbass
All they have to do is apply a "more for me, not for thee" policy
Just look at what they're doing with cloning right now, we legally cannot clone humans in the US, but ZOG can & does in secret, & very rarely gives access to priority individuals in the public eye

"""Which do you think is easier? Augmenting humans or changing the environment of barren hellscapes?"""
literally just set up a colony in a space station / sealed environment, all the while, terraforming the land; last time I checked, we don't need to be able to survive on venus without a suit

They have to do that shit in secret. If they made it more difficult to obtain research chemicals then this would make it more difficult for public companies and scientist to obtain research chemicals too. Not sure the kikes would risk that.

If your space station / sealed environment had a small asteroid pierces the exterior, if power generation stops, or if the oxygen generation system stops working then you are fucked. If we could create a human that could survive in extreme environments we wouldn't have to worry about something going wrong.

I like some of the basic stuff, like that tiny magnet implant so you can feel magnetic fields, and that one where you can detect electrical fields. That's cool, and potentially very useful. But the more complex stuff is suspicious. I don't want to have my body vulnerable to hacking that could alter not just my actions, but even my mood and thoughts depending on the modification.

The flipside of the coin, human modification through genetic means rather than implanted tech (cyborg vs superman) comes with a whole bunch of philosophical questions. For example, if you splice a bunch of genes into your son, is he really your son anymore?

I'm not down with sticking fucking shit in my brain but I am down with nootropics. What are some good sources on legitimate information regarding them and not whacko pseudo-doctor snake oil salesman bullshit? is a good resource, probability the best I've found.

I looked up nootropics and it's pretty much bullshit scams or research chemicals from some Chink lab.

You're not getting any of that.
It will be used on the third world with the goal of forever ending ”racism”.

I’ve heard modanafil is decent. 1,3d is basically baby adderral.
Most people really overlook diet. Making sure you get a good amount of red meat and hit your micro nutrients is really important and I’d start there first.

You need transsexuals. Your brave biohackers aren’t charismatic enough to secure advanced medical attention and they aren’t interested in scraping out large amounts of cells for replacement. It’s more politically feasible to help trans people than random “strong” men.

If you’d rather support skingrafting, you can make some progress by pioneering cosmetic technologies that slice off skin and replace it with grafts. A sharkskin patch could be hot. Maybe a bit of fur, or some vibrant lines? It all depends on what you can get to “take” in human flesh.

Personhood is based on consciousness, you bizarrely viral thinker. Changing the genes of a virus changes what virus it is. Changing the genes of your son doesn’t remove the lived experience of being your son.

Likewise, changing your own genes won’t change your ‘you’-ness. That’s where the big processes are actually coming in. Gene editing for natalist purposes is semi-stagnant, controversial, slow, and mostly not happening. Meanwhile, there’s an antiretroviral gene therapy being researched right now. Retroviruses insert their DNA into host DNA to replicate - changing their host’s genome. Antiretroviral therapy changes the genes back.

You might find that interesting to think about. I don’t hate you, virus, so consider: if your son secretly injects you with pacifist genes so you stop beating him, and then years later gives you a gene-reversion treatment as a going-away present when he leaves home, were you yourself in the interval?

Modern antiretroviral treatments are mostly not gene therapies, but gene therapies will provide a better tool. That’s being researched. It’s in the broad and infamous category of “works on mice” like a lot of other things. What we can do to mice we can probably find a way to do to any animal, but the particular method that works on mice doesn’t always generalize.

I have a hard time thinking I should be kind to slavewarriors, btw. I’m not really willing to apologize for abusing people on this forum. You people want to be prideless drooling primitives thinking with your fists? Then you shouldn’t be insulated from the truth of how stronger people think about that. The world that torments people so weak as to be violent doesn’t torment people who are stronger than that. Pacifists have enough spine to engage with a world where they can want to live forever.

And pacifists are actually likely to get there. Warriors want to see their enemies suffer, but that makes you vulnerable to ploys like Islamist Tarrant and his false flag murders. Warriors fight against foreign aid programs that have antinatal consequences and then whine about their enemies breeding too much. Your policies suck. Society is on the threshold of immortality because of the suppression of arrogant lying hateslaves.

You have to be willing to be wrong to have hope of learning what’s right. My ideas fluctuated a lot before I learned the strength I’ve achieved today.

We’re all nothing but meat. Your kind can’t handle the implications of that without breaking into primitive violence, but my kind can.

Real biohacking progress is gonna be ugly. The stupid purifiers have been getting purged out of society because they can’t even handle transexuals, who every effort is made to make attractive. What if the all-environment superman needs a second spine with a framework holding up a bunch of novel organs, huh? You think that’s gonna be pretty? Maybe the third gen tech will be attractive, but sculpting flesh is gonna look bad for years before it looks good. Transsexuals are a trial run to see which people value more: life or beauty.

So far a whole lot of humans seem more determined to have pretty corpses than eternal lives.

Meat vats. Organ printing. Rejuvenation therapies. We’ll cut the bullshit scammers hawking anti-aging creams out of this economy forever with REAL anti-aging.


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Holy fuck schizo stop talking to yourself. No one is buying your kike Trans shit.

About .002% are like Steve Mann, the sousveillence guy. A few others know a lot about nootropics. The rest are trannies trying to homebrew hormones or burnout muh DMT faggots.

Think of transhumanism more like ubiquity and time travel rather than kiked soul uploading.

People just expect too much out of them. The one's I've tried work, but they're pretty subtle.

Jesus Christ you really do think life is the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

This is why engineers build redundancies. The same is true of the power grid in any modern country, as well as water/sewer/gas and gasoline/diesel/food distribution. None of this stuff has failed on a major scale outside of war in a very long time. The crumbling infrastructure now is a result of putting shitskins in charge, i.e. Flint Michigan, once one of the most advanced cities in the US, now has reverted to bottled water.

But space is naturally eugenic because the conditions are so difficult. If we get enough people up there, they'll easily be able to maintain orbital cities.

Trannies kill themselves in massive numbers, and of those that don't, many die of diseases or surgical complications, and nearly none of them reproduce. They can only recruit and use up, never grow organically as a demographic. They're not the future, they're a glorified death cult.

Honestly I rather to breed the high quality natural Europeans selectively in the artificial time controlled environment to tranaform their generations into superhuman than to engineer the DNA artificially.

Nootropics thread

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A few Tesla Purple Plates close to some orgonite, 5G protection necklace

Getting a Grounding Mat for bed soon too

Never heard of these things, what are they supposed to do?

The Rothschilds originally put all their wealth into gold for a guaranteed return on their investment, then it was oil and now it's biotechnology
That should tell you all you need to know about the goyim's future access to this technology

it's not real if it's not genetic. I can get bone implants to make me 6'5 but my children won't be

Kikes are probably going to have access to the most sophisticated and advanced biotechnology, but it will be biohacking for the rest of us. Kikes can't ban easy access to this kind of shit without hurting researchers and public companies. We need to start using this technology before the kikes start making advancements of their own.

This transhumanist shit is the single greatest threat to human civilization long-term.

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Epstein uploaded his brain years ago, the meat suit you see in court is a zombie. Meanwhile he's inside a jacked 20 year old nog and he's the one who demands younger and tighter sex slaves.

White Men are the ultimate life forms, nothing less than living gods. What is your point?

I try to ground (feet on ground) and get an hour of sun per day, raises vibration and isn't vegan bullshit (I'm a raw carnivore). Here's a doc explaining it.

Tesla Purple Plates were made and sold by a friend of Tesla. A book about it is in related section

Look up Tesla Purple Plate on Amazon, I can't post link

5G necklaces (not sun discs, they are poison china devices) are sold for about 16$, I stupidly bought one for 38$ from Caravan To Midnight show's website, but bitched about the price comparison and got a nice water filter Sport Berkey bottle for free.

Gonna have to sauce a statement like that, bro

My point is that we could make them even better.

I’m a 20 year old (((college))) student, how should I get started in this?

stop depicting niggers with big phalluses, you’re propagating the lies you so despise
You will have to do some research to find genetically modified probiotics or gene doping equipment.

I hold a doctorate in biotech. I’m not trying to toss around credentials OP, just trying to make the point that I literally swim in this shit for a living
I have no fucking clue what you are talking about. Most of this shit is broscience pushed by “Steve Jobs”-like Silicon Valley types. It’s not real.
White men are already supermen because of superior genetics. We don’t need some (((pharma))) bullshit cooked up by geeks with ayuascha-fried brains and build by slave labor in poo/bugman land
What we need is more dead poos and bugmen and a purge of (((subversive))) mindviruses

Bravo user

Change file extension from pdf to zip, the attached is a compressed archive of the peptide research pdfs.

What's the black out parts in that pic?

Also where are examples of people who've done that?

…and does it really work for anyone or only that specific user (muh biodiversity).

I think you misunderstood. What he's saying is that if you add genes that are not your own, can he really be said your genetic offspring anymore?