How did marijuana become illegal in Europe?

Marijuana is illegal in America, the first nation to criminalize it in 1937, because of Protestant cocksucking assholes anslinger and william Hearst who say marijuana as a threat to corporations and blamed niggers and spics for it and convinced Congress to criminalize it in 1937.

What about europe? How did it get criminalized in those nation's of Europe?

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The Catholic menace controls all the white countries

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Oh so because of papalism? So if we got rid of protestantism and papalism, then perhaps the outrageous prohibition of marijuana may go away?

There’s already multiple dopehead threads in progress, go post your question in one of those, Snoop Dogg.

because it makes you more likely to be schizo and knocks 8-12 points off your IQ permanently.
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Lol you fell for the Jewish memes that marijauana is a nigger jew plant that makes you retarded. If you actually try it, it'll turn you into a gentleman.

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All stoners are infantile morons.

The same goes for any technology or resource that conflicts with the hierarchically arranged, compartmentalized, pervasive, centrally distributed control grid system.

Because yids fear the farmed humans thinking over their mental fences and making (((connections))) which marijuana naturally facilitates. New insight. New perspectives considered.

I cant tell if this is a troll, or pagans now unironically believe catholics have any power.

Because Europe is a vassal of the United States.

Another version

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Why are you americans always have to fk things up with your shitty ideas of liberation and freedom, thanks for killing Europeans and liberating us from the Nazis.

I have experience with weed and I do not recommend it, slows down brain processing and has negative long term effects on your brain. If you want to become a Jamaican nigger then go ahead. Raggy shark am I right? xdddd Snope doooggooo

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another plausible answer

must be a different answer than that, glownig

yes, along with a lot of other outrageous prohibitions. But, then, we're stuck with kikes and homosexuals, who must also be genocided so we don't have to deal with THEIR outrageous prohibitions

Drugs are degenerate, stop that shit.

And yes stop drinking and smoking too. Those are shit, especially beer and smoke.

That isn't enough, you need to demonstrate that it's more efficient than conventional materials because of the societal impact of legalizing cannabis. And this post doesn't. If cannabis was so great, these corps would just expand their range of products, so why haven't they?

Marijuana prohibition was one of the weak half measures the white man (that would be the Protestants you Jews are always bitching about) used to fight degeneracy. The idea was to use "Marihuana" to talk about the crimes and evils of the spics, but without looking racist, which was no more popular in 1931 than it is today.

Eventually, the white man had bigger fish to fry and the herbal Jew became mainstream as a cool act of rebellion reminder the Beatles' producer was a fag named Epstein. After that, it was inevitable that every loser who washed up in a white country would be blasting nigger cabbage.

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getting high should be illegal. stop being hippies and niggers. that shit makes you a passive douch with bitch tits.

weed can be physically addictive, i dont care what hippies have to say. that shit can be like crack.

lol how can nature be illegal


For the past year or so that word is almost exclusively used by shitheels not born below the Mason-Dixon line, usually for clout when addressing their fellow intersectional stronk feminine benis CHUDs.

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Recreational marijuana use leads to a reduction in IQ.

Germanic men are obsessed with productivity. Every form of ideology that Germans have ever adhered to are obsessed with productivity. Literally made their own productive version of Christianity with the 'Protestant work ethic'. Inventors and innovators extraordinaire; essentially all technological advancements come from a region that encompasses Germanic Britain and Scandinavia, Western France and Northern Italy - all the Germanic regions.

Productivity inclined Germanic men realise that alcohol, drugs, prostitution, etc; leads to a decline in productivity. Attempt to outlaw them. High rates of success with stuff that was not culturally popular, as the populace did not really care about not doing something that they rarely or never did anyway; low rate of success with those cultural activities that had been common place for millenia. Thus alcohol is legal pretty much everywhere, drugs are illegal pretty much everywhere, and prostitution varies depending on how common and accepted it was amongst the various Germanic groups in history.

Addendum: Reason for alcohol being common-place historically was that it was NOT un-productive then. Beer was a staple of the working man in many Germanic nations due to it being both nourishing and thirst-quenching, as well as remaining hygienic for long periods of time. Easier to store beer than water. Soldiers and naval personnel were literally supplied with gallons of beer every day as a part of their payment.

Thus, it was not seen as unproductive in the past; hence Germanics not having an issue with it. With increased wealth came increased access to alcohol, especially more intoxifying foreign-imports like wine, as well as the strength of beer increasing over time due to improvements to refining processes.

The increased necessity of the 'mind' in common work also made any intoxifying product a negative; it was far less of an issue when work was more physically and less mentally intensive.

I like doing marijuana pretty sparingly, like once a month, at most. I find it to be an exceptional tool for introspection. It gives me a new perspective on my past decisions. Sometimes it makes me extremely unproductive and lazy, while at times it might make me concerned with cleaning my home and getting some stuff (that doesn't require much cognition) done. It might be a matter of different strains, but I don't get to choose. Keep in mind, THC inhibits the consolidation of new memories and essentially makes you unable to learn new things while on it, so any "realization" you get while on it has to be wrote down. Paradoxically, it might help you to remember some past memories you seemed to have forgotten. Something I hate about it is the day after effects; I end up sleeping too much and I get a "stoneover" consisting of brainfog, slight tiredness and a pinch of lassitude that will last for most of the day. I can't become psychologically addicted because I like to learn. I believe it can be a great ally when used responsibly.

Oh boy here we go again!

To answer your question: America made it illegal first (because Jews) and the American satrapies followed suit.

Hemp can easily be grown as all-male plants. Birdfeed contains male hemp seed.

"I've sown hemp faraway by the seashore I've rooted the hemp out faraway by the seashore I've tied the hemp faraway by the seashore I've soaked the hemp faraway by the seashore I've pulled the hemp out faraway by the seashore I've spread the hemp out faraway by the seashore I've trampled the hemp faraway by the seashore I've combed the hemp faraway by the seashore I've spun the hemp faraway by the seashore I've woven the hemp faraway by the seashore I've worn the hemp faraway by the seashore"

Doesn't say smoke it.

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Weed is fucking trash as a plant
To grow, its extremely resource extensive & needs mass amounts of chemical inhibitors to grow at a beneficial rate, just water usage alone makes it worthless
Contact with the plant causes chance for contact high, and as everyone knows WEED FUCKS YOUR BODY UP, not just your brain, your kidneys, liver, & hormone balances too, weed commonly causes gynecomastia because of the fucked up shit thats crammed in it
All of it's so-called uses are done even better by something else
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Yea, that's why it's called "weed" after all. Or why even shitskin Indians manage to grow it extensively. Or why Americans had huge fucking plantations of it.

Weed isn't hemp, you weed-loving nigger

Haha, exactly. Even their drugs were all about productivity.

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Pot use causes brain damage.

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You niggers need nuance.

When's the last time stoners used weed for something over than getting high?

Sure kike, I'll have what I want cause freedom…

You have no idea how to grow mull… Don't write what you don't know… Fucking over Kikes doing this shit, IT'S YOUR CHOICE TO DO WHATEVER DRUG YOU WANT, just don't expect help from us if you can't handle whatever you use and turn into a retard.

I know blokes who hit the gear (meth) that work hard, are stable minded with a good life and never miss a bill… God you can weed out the shrills and no life's in this thread.

Oh its okay user. Its human nature. Back in the day it used to be a-okay.

Marajuana is pushed by kikes.