Israel is going insane and will drag the United States down with it

Israel is shifting more and more to the hardline religious zionists.
40$ of secular jews polled say they want to leave the country.
This will leave the 30% who want to build the third temple.

Soon Israel will be theocratic state that practices animal sacrifice. A batshit crazy bunch of people with over a hundred nuclear weapons.

I can elaborate with links that support this idea if you ask.

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Why should we care at this point?

I don’t give a FUCK what happens to Israel. All that is important to me is that those 40% never get asylum in a white country (or any country for that matter). May their traitorous asses burn in hell.

100 or more nuclear fucking weapons in the hands of people who think god finds the smell of burning flesh pleasing. Exodus 29

That's why you should care.

Yopu shouyld care what your owners are up to, lets see the links.

Oh yea, check out this catchy tune.


I didnt know egg man modeled

And who will tell them how to launch ?

I was actually concerned about this, the regular Jews aren't pushing back against the religious whackos. It actually made me think they only pretend to be atheists in the west as a means of subversion, when in fact they truly believe what written in their scrolls.

The front steps of the temple will have a gutter for all the blood to pour down as the animals get slaughtered. Disposal of the feces packed entrails will also be a part of the equation. It'll be rude and crude, a real surprise for the Christians who are used to a more aetherial contemplative religiosity. The modern age colliding with bronze age savagery. They're going to have to pass special laws to prohibit public ridicule and satires of their absurd blood drenched superstitions.

40% of secular jew want to leave.

30% of jews in Israel want 3rd temple

They are atheist but still buy "being a jew is a culture!" or whatever similar jewish sect invented to keep useful idiots even when they lose faith.

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40% of the kikes in containment want to move to your country and you don't know why you should care? Zig Forums should start a movement among American (liberal) jews to move to israel in order to save their country from hardliners

They won't go. Jews in American are rich and happy. Why give that up for rocket attacks and compulsory military service.

They fulfill their obligation to their tribe by lobbying the US government to support Zionism. (Which probably the only reason it continues to exist.)

Of course this might stop, when their Israeli cousins start ritually slaughtering cows and painting altars with blood.

Its a cult. Cukts do stuff like that. They still massacre their newborns and consider it normal.

This may surprise you but about 45% of Israelis want to see King Ben go to jail for pissing all over their democracy. This has proven to be enough of a problem where he was unable to form a government, and thus now new elections are happening which he is expected to loose like Erdogan did with Turkey (where the same shit happened). Basically Netanyahu has Jew'd his own country so much Jews no longer want to deal with his bs anymore.

Of course, he could always "temporarily" suspend Israel's democracy if Trump declares war on Iran, using the emergency to jail and execute dissidents. Nobody could stop him except the IDF, in which case Israel would be split between their intelligence services (aka Mossad, which Bibi runs) and the IDF itself. The latter is far more willing to negotiate with Palestine as well, because the IDF leadership would prefer to blow up niggers far away in Africa where there's money and not their backyards where their own children are targeted.

In short, kikery.

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The Jews have a history of losing their shit and going into religious mania just as much as anyone

You guys hate Israel.

Why don't you do something about it? Make one tiny little gesture.


Post the phrase. "Someone please remove this parasite from my country"


Freudian slip

I think Zig Forums needs to promote Israel's Mermaid Community more.

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Jews have never been stable. They are not purposely evil. They don't wake up every day and think "how can i make this world a worse place for everyone, including myself". They attach themselves to groups that prosper, aka whites, they self hate and hate whites as well because they think they are white. They are basically a parasite that tries to live symbiotically but eventually starts doing only harm. This has been going on for thousands of years dating back to Rome.

Also the fact that Epstein's arrest came right after the scheduling of the elections, and the fact that he is pretty well connected with Ehud Barak (Bibi's opposition) is probably not a coincidence. It's also the top story in all of the Israeli national newspapers right now.

But Loki is a jew tho so they have been a parasite sense Loki was born

That's pretty awesome actually, secular kikes have turned out to be much more insufferable than ultra-religious ones, and the latter are actually insane enough to make the world interesting. I hope their secular government collapses and the most hardcore cohenim get access to nukes and start building the third temple.

I'm glad that someone else found my introduction of this topic a few weeks back 'enlightening'.

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was this the plan all along?

someone redpill me on the jews and atlantis

The orthodox are pretty much the only hope for a semi-peaceful resolution to the US-Israeli problem due to internal demographic replacement. They're pretty much a direct dictatorship from the rabbis on down, but their culture is extremely intolerant of outside corruption. They have internal issues, but their hatred of external degeneracy has been strong enough to hold out against the talmudic kiddie fuckers thus far.

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Lol, nah. The hidden truth of this world thst violent people hate and lie desperately about is that people really do seek peace - or at least that peaceseekers are so much more effective they eventually predominate.

Do you think there’s ever really going to be a soldier-cloning program? I think pacifists are much more likely to be valued by future generations.

Lurk 2 millennia mortalfag.

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Pain is never good and if you're saying it is its because you dun goofed. Now repent or get in the fucking oven, servant of Brazzathot.

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I hope they all turn into faggots and their politicians open their borders.

there are a bunch of religious zealots living in Israel who make the head chopping saudi's look sane, they really do believe in the sky fairies and that their "messiah" will come down to earth and make the jew the worlds ruling leaders, with slaves for all, after all, they themselves call us CATTLE, the day they lay the foundation stone for their "3rd temple" is the day to truly fear, for it is with the building of this "3rd temple" they think this sky fairy is going to descend from heaven and those insane nutcases are trying to bring this about in their lifetime!

It would be the continuation of a pattern going back 2000 years, and further depending on what civilization you consider. Nothing new really. What a pozzed world. Should have just said no to crazy/evil/stupid, and did here and there make valiant efforts. But on the whole, just can't rise above the vile sewers of its own corruption, without which there wouldn't even be such at thing as the Jew.

Imagine knowing you're seen as a literal fucking maggot. Israel would collapse without daddy Trump to feed them from the bottle
Also fuck the keyboard warriors from the ((damage control league)) esports team.

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Read this user's thread if you want to know why Epstein was arrested to serve the interests of the filthy zionists in yidsrael.

Epstein is an absolute patsy.


It's even better than you make it out to be OP. Before we even get into animal sacrifice, there's the fact that, contrary to what said, the orthodoxes have NOT held you against the pedos, they are the pedos, to the point that children now have to be escorted to ritual baths because the rabbis would rape them otherwise.
Also, the religious ones refuse to do their military service, and do not work, preferring to "study the torah/talmud/gemmatriah…", and either live on the dole, or put their wives to work. It is, in fact, shockingly similar to orthodox muslims where I used to live, almost like they're cousins or something. So in short, they are a pure burden on society, who will neither defend it, enrich it or discover anything (beyond loopholes in the mosaic law).
However, that would all be fine if it wasn't for my last point : they shit out kids at a rate that gives the muzzies a run for their money, and have even begun agitating for polygamy a few years back. You should remember that liberal jews, in contrast, have one of the lowest, if not THE lowest fertility rate (I need to check, but they may well be below the Japanese).
That means that, even without liberal jews emigrating, they will be replaced within a few decades by people who refuse to fight, work or educate themselves. In short, if the liberals just let it happen/abandon ship (which is the only choice their ideology gives them), Israel will end up looking very much like Afghanistan.

By all means, do so.

No he is not. You dont understand the norse sagas because you are a christian trying to applying christian jew-think to the norse sagas.

Kek. They already are backwards sandnigger theocratic state. Look up their insane laws nobody else in the world has and rabbinical courts if you don't believe me.

Exactly. This is why they'll holocaust Israel to renew their eternal victim(tm) status and move to Poland to completely fuck over Slavs once again.

Which faction is for pro nigger immigration?

Lol m8 im not A christcuck
Loki is a jew boi
Loki is the king of the jews hes a faggot he steals gold and also he has golden horns
the allfather was warning us about the jews

everyday Congress and rest of US Govt re-doubles "commitment to Israel" and everyday Israelis become more and more insane and incomparable with USA (or any decent nation).

Every been a job where shit has become a train-wreck and its not if but when the whole rotten shit-show comes crashing down, but instead of quitting you keep showing up, just to hear and wonder about the latest excesses and wondering "How far will this go?, its already gone farther than any sane person could've predicted".

How soon till Holohoax Debunking is made illegal by a Constitutional Amendment? IMO, its not a matter of if, but when.

Denying holocaust is already illegal in most European countries

It's getting nuked. What the fuck are they waiting for.

< Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has scolded European leaders for their failure to make good on promises to save the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Meanwhile, Tehran is stepping up its nuclear activity in response.

Just keep calm and


First they came for Palestine, next it's you and your country! Stand for the Palestinians.

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Don't eat the Hummus.

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Yep. Their aim was to entice the masses with western markets to pacify their regime and get them to do the ZOG bidding. Failing that, the plan was always to false flag an invasion into Iran.

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sage for off topic

And the current American Secretary of State is one of those crazies. Pompeo is helping make this shit happen anyway he can.

He thinks he'll fly naked to heaven after it's built.

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Please give me links to elaborate that.

Not calling you are liar, I want to use them on all the idiots who tell me Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.

You can enrage Zionists and red pill normies at the same time.

Simply find a thread on the internet celebrating some kind of Israeli economic success. congratulate then and ask "Does this mean you won't be needing US aid any more?"

Utter rage will follow. The Zionist cannot answer the question. "When will Israel be able to support itself?" but he cannot ignore it either.

Lot's of responses to mess with. No one will answer your question, but they will be mad as hell you asked it.

I like the idea of driving Pissrael further into religious insanity. It's what they did to us, after all.
But I'm not sure that such a strategy would obviate their insanity for true-believing Christcucks. They are already so deeply caught up in Pissrael-worship that Jews can do anything, and Christcucks just send them more money, accelerating unto the Rapture.
No, there doesn't seem to me to be any blow-back no matter how bat-shit crazy the Jews go, since in the Christian mindset that just means the second-coming of Jesus is closer.

But driving Jews into the arms of their religion sounds like fun anyway.

OP what you say makes sense. What sort of links do you have though?

Goyim are their cattle though. The bible is a book of Egyptian magick that the jews copied from egyptian wizards. Animal sacrifice is wrong and stupid, but the imprecations and blessings in the bible are important.

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you never read the bible the bible has nothing to do with jews its the 12 tribes of israel and one tribe was jewish aka the ones that killed jesus

Them launching 100 nukes means perhaps 100 cities are destroyed. 100 hundred cities filled with subhumans, traitors, cucks, cowards and of course…. jews. 100 cities filled with our enemies. Jews launch a bunch of fucking nukes at our nations and it would be the greatest things the yid race has done for us, EVER. Wont make up for their crimes, but fuck all if it isn't an great start.

And for doubly plush good times, it gives casus belli to destroy their hive and cleanse our own leadership of loyalty to the fucking yids.

Them using their nukes is fucking brilliant. Wish I could make them do it immediately. Damned good day that will be.

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I am told that the Samson Option targets Europe. I would morn the loss of hundred European cities, just for the architecture alone.

Even if Paris or Rome is teaming with niggers, it is still Paris or Rome ( or at least it's magnificent ruins)

Choose. architecture or our species. also, if you think those buildings are going to last at all while filled with subhuman hordes or jews whom just love bulldozing and paving over our history, you are bloody insane. We are already losing vast stretches of historical districts and buildings to their actions hand over fist even now. It will only accelerate as our people become even more of an minority in our homelands and their hordes become great enough to use human waves against us.

Our history is dead. Look to the future of your volk or die. This is how survival works, sorry. Priorities must be set.

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The jewish ones