New © bill will fine $5K for posting ANYTHING online (Without trial)
Here's that linked article:
>To make suing people in this way even easier ā€“ and no doubt more appetizing for copyright trolls ā€“ the bill states that a copyright holder would be able to sue even if the work they claim had been infringed was not registered with the Copyright Office.

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Bump because it's of more interest than the rest of the slides.

Good. Liberals are gonna start crying when we fine them for insulting our President and for insulting white people. Yes, it might accidentially make anti-Semitism a crime too, but the trade to get liberals mad is worth it

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You only consume you dumb goyim, internet 3.0 is the new tv where you have nothing to say, just accept what we say.

hahaha and wtf do you jews produce? Stupid asshole.

Stolen dreams?

This looks important. Iā€™m sure somewhere in there is an effort to kill fair use.


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I don't think you understood the OP.

We extract value from the stupid slave goyim. You work the land, we work you. Go back on the field you stupid slave, work makes you free.

In communist lands there was/is no copyright at all.

anons why are their so many reddit niggers?

Are you retarded?

Copyright law in its entirety is an attempt to put up artificial barriers to creativity and enable jewry to sit on mediocre works they didn't even have a hand in creating while raking in shekels. If we had no copyright law anyone could simply take any idea and make a superior clone of it and the single best and least imitable of all of them would be the most profitable. That is a kind of competition no lazy kike wants to participate in.

We fucking lost. This bill will pass and it will be the fucking end of us, forever. It's time to write those suicide notes.

It's easy when there is nothing to copy, no mediums to copy it or view it, and all media is just propaganda shoved in everyone's throats.

Ooooh I'm shaking in my boots right now. Quick, let us all kill ourselves, starting with you, yes you, we promise we'll follow you soon after so lead the way, quick, no time to think!

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We should have memed responsibly

Vid related

Fuck it.
I hope it passes.
The bill doesn't cover IRL posts.

Fuck that. I'll be on Tor and they can eat my dick all day long, or expose that Tor was never actually offering anonymity.

When all the IDs are 000000 we'll be back to true anonymity again.

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why Shrek like cookie?

if beaners dont go to their court date, we arent going to ours. stop complying with these tyrants anons.

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Nice. I have nearly a decade of memes floating around on the internet. I kept all my photoshop files as well as proof. Some of my work has gone viral. I think I can do some reverse image searches and just start dropping those copyright claims.

Its made of onions and foreskins. An old Jewish recipe.

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Literally this, any time someone gets in trouble for copyright infringement you just shrug it off and let the years pass by, IPs tend to float through companies for aeons before one is interested enough for suing you exorbitant amounts of money on baseless claims
More importantly, back up everything and anything that you need, start buying external hard disks in bulk and consider using temporary platforms to share stuff with other anons.

Tor was known to be compromised in 2012, its likely it was always compromised.

Blackpill Nigger is back, I see.

Tor works to separate IP from routing.
It is up to Anons to separate identity from IP.

That's terrible.

There are youtube channels where Jews claim that the works of others are theirs so they either take the videos down and place strikes against the channel, or they take monetization funds from that channel and put it in their pockets.

This will become another tool, instead of just taking the content down they will fine you 5,000 dollars. Which will require to to pay for an expensive lawyer.

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Thanks for posting your valuable thoughts, you fucking moron. BUMP

Kill yourself first blackpill nigger. Redtexting doesn't make up for your low T.

this is a pretty big deal.

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Imagine believing this. Your fed memetics are trash glowfag. Socialism reached space before capitalists. Russia now has the world's most advanced military hardware. You jew worshipping MAGA fags should be castrated before you can reproduce with your cousins and make more kike loving cucks

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Entertainers got salary and everything belonged to public, like it should. Cuck yourself to corporations more.


is it wrong that I think this is fucking retarded?

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I'll be damned, Stalin shilling on Zig Forums.

This board is dead.

Commie shit smears are thieving, lying, sodomites. Go chop your balls off, and fuck each other, ladies.

there was plenty of Stalin shilling when this board was created user, the only time it stopped was when Zig Forums was created and we got even more 4cuck refugees. Any user who came after the third exodus is a brain dead moron for not leaving before in the first or second exodus, and recently these brain dead morons have brought in absurd amounts of shills.
I miss Zig Forums pre-Zig Forums

kill yourself, /r/The_Cuckold

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Get the fuck out, tankie, read SIEGE and Mein Kampf. Nobody on this board is a MAGApede or a capitalist.

Theyre trying to make the siege cancer more subtle, but it's not going to work

so whats stopping me from copyrighting every single meme i can find and then fucking everyone?

This is how the jews kill memes in America.

If you read Siege, you'll read things like this:
>>These psyched-up Reds - and especially the agitated Blacks - can't be expected to lie dormant forever and you can only hit what you can see. One of the cornerstones of our strategy is to make ourselves the most unattractive target for these peripheral rowdies. We'd rather see the System take it on the chin instead. In deciding who your enemy really is you must take into account that an opponent is only dangerous to you if he holds some kind of power over you. Groups like the PLP (Progressive Labor Party), etc., can't affect us in the slightest unless we provide them with an opening. The Big Brother System is another matter. THERE IS THE ENEMY!! It is our worst enemy in the entire world!
>>If a bunch of Black Nationalists rob a Brinks truck, if they kill some System Pigs, WHO CARES? Money is the lifeblood of the System so let the Blacks, or anyone else who cares to, open up a damned artery! Any Pig killed by a Black or Communist Revolutionary is one Pig you may be sure will not come after YOU one night with a nice, neat Federal warrant.
>>It is a dirty, rotten shame that it has to be left up to the likes of Blacks and bowlegged Jewish agitators to hit the Pig System but, damn it, SOMEBODY'S GOT TO DO IT! So wish 'em lots o' luck because this is serious, deadly business and twenty years of bitter experience has shown us that all the piety and all the law and order bullshit of the past has gotten us NOWHERE!
Here is another passage worth quoting, in its entirety, reflecting Mason's own feelings about working with communists:

Ooo, cuck regrets licking someone elses balls? Good for you.

There is a simple solution though. Everyone knows we make all the memes. Just copyright them when you create them and allow people to use them with no penalty. Never use any hollywood/tv/copyrighted kike characters in your memes

We know this board is swarmed by glowniggers from beltway. Just let them kvetch. Everybody knows who pushes multiculty in the world, while deflecting blame.

Zig Forums - 2019

This will backfire on them I can see it

No one wants you back kikey


prepaid burner phone accounts, vpn, and absolute anonymity becoming a necessity

Zig Forums should copyright pepes, and all /our/ memes then sue all the faggot leftists and (((journalists))) for using them.

Isn't it nice having it to where jews and corporations can LEGALLY bribe all our elected reps.
Thanks to the GOP for passing Citizens United. These never ending wars and massive immigration are great and a special thanks to our true president Sheldon Adelson.



damn SIEGE poster

It's that easy!

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Copyright is inherent and exists at the creation of a particular the work. This is nothing new regarding copyright law. Patents are what are registered and those are for theoretical or novel inventions. Copyright is for iterative works, all songs, movies, books, articles, etc.
No one will fuck you harder with IP laws than the Republicans and Clinton-style Democrats. Use derivative works. There is a reason I was an anarchist in the Bush years. The other issue I have with the left is they want to repeal ICE but not the PATRIOT Act or the ensuing muslim migrants it brought. ICE and limitless surveillance are so we feel safe enough to try and live with the muslims. Obama turned that on normal Americans because he is a niggerjew.