This is a continuation of other threads planning the creation of an Ethnostate in Svalbard, it is apparent that Svalbard is the IDEAL location for a White Ethnostate. I now have contact details for those who wish to participate in the project we will be running this project through qTox ( )
the ID for this project will be : E9287C7437663543A99AAB3A5DFA3C8360E1E09E2D60DD579DF8819F8DBEF74029E192C35953

this is nothing more than a tactic used by shills and kikes to prevent whites from creating a realistic attainable base of operations for pro-white GLOBAL efforts. the absolute LAST thing the kikes want is for whites everywhere in the world to start pointing at how safe and successful a white ethnonation is and start wanting to do the same in their countries. Dont fall for their tricks ! preventing whites from forming a unified source of resistance to their globohomo agenda in the form of a shining WHITE light showing the way to white disapora in their own countries has been (((their))) primary tactic for the last 75 years. Also ignore blatant shills or sliders or derailers who will often bait with things such as "dont forget about (insert non white group) aryans" and those who deliberately try to demoralize.

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simply copy and past the id into add friend and i will add you announcements and updates will be made in group chats which i personally have to invite u into, this prevents raids and shills from contaminating this project

Until you come up with a solid plan that addresses the issues brought up in the previous thread this idea is nothing but a bunch of wank.
1. Where will you live on Svalbard and how will you sustain yourself, and prosper?
2. How you gonna entice women?
3. How will you get the Norwegian government and NATO off your back?
Svalbard is far from the IDEAL location for a number of reasons, the largest being no fucking land to farm on.
OP is a JEW trying to make people waste their time with dreams of a far off land of perfection, rather than telling people to get off their ass and do something now at home wherever they are.

1. if u bothered to read the picture it clearly state we will be living in pryamiden initially and making a second colony in reindalen, or vice versa, there is large amount of coal and fresh water, we can run servers or crypto mining, programming, fishing, we can hunt for furs and make luxury fur coats, we can sell glacial water like iceland and norway in glass bottle ( voss icelandic).
2. we show that this place is nig free and show that its safe, at first it may be a sausage fest but so was Jamestown. also we encourage men to bring their sisters or cousins if they can and if not we mail order bride from poor euro countries.
3. Russia will likely support us as it weakens norways position in the arctic without them personally fighting they have used the same formula in the middle east for decades.
no YOU are the jew and u WILL get the rope

This is the best and most detailed LARP to date on Zig Forums

its not larp, creating a self sufficient town of 2700 people is hardly larp

Lmao you're talking about luxury fur coats while living in a town that has been abandoned for 20 years. Running crypto mining and programming lmao.
Here is what you can expect from the town, run down buildings, snow and ice in every nook and cranny, fuck all insulation, if there is any its asbestos, no running water, no central heating.

Have you ever mined coal or worked for a mining company in any capacity? What is your understanding of the coal market, and the quality of coal in pryamiden? (if there was any economically viable coal up there Russia or another nation would have their dick deep in it already)
Have you ever been on a blue water fishing vessel, or fished for your own daily sustainence?
Have you ever ran a crypto mining operation, do you even code bruh?


will be git'ing

You'd need a lot of money, in the millions to set up the capability to grow food via state of the art greenhouses and hydroponics and the equipment, ships and ports for fishing. Then you have to deal with governments trying to arrest your fishers for the war crime of being segregationists who are white.

doesnt have to be state of the art, and yes it will cost millions, tens of millions but with a few ten thousand dollars each it should be doable i have 75 k id be willing to throw away for this

the building have heaps of insulation, and no asbestos was used as propaganda in the west furing the cold war

cant be a segregationist without non whites lmao

no but i have education in hydroponics, organics chemistry and nutrition. i cant be an expert on EVERYTHING. also coal already is being used from the island sveagruva was one f the biggest mines in europe but they closed it for preservation and cold war reasons, coal wouldnt be for exports mostly most on island consumption so it doesnt have to be profitable really

It'd cost millions just for the greenhouses and hydroponics. That's not including septic, rebuilding or constructing from new housing, roads, ports and boats.
Overall cost will run into the billions. Then again. If we are national socialists, so long as we're fed, being paid for labor can come later. However, you'd need to attract honest, hard working and fertile men and women who can put their folk over themselves and have a firm grasp on the ego, to prevent pointless argument, gossip and debate.

You'd need a group resistant to infiltration by jewish subverters, which is probably the most difficult quality as subversives would quickly try to turn the community into a degenerate cult.

lmao billions xD u are funny shill u really are even on faroe islands which is arguably more remote it doesnt cost that much to make a town

If Europe falls (which it wont, entirely), whites will naturally migrate further north. But only when the demand for isolation exists.
There is no demand for this kind of community.

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dna tests for everyone ?

fuck off

cancel your rsvp?

ill take arctic desert over nigger every day, and saying desert is nothing but a underhanded tactic to make people think there is a scarcity of fresh water of which we have limitless amounts as snow and as glaciers

Hunt what, you fucking retard? It's an island with like 100 foxes and 50 deer on it. What happens when they're gone? You think the locals are going to take kindly to you showing up and hunting their wildlife to extinction?

lmao, they have seals and foxes and reindeer and polar bear, none of which are anywhere near endangered, and the locals will be made leave back to mainland norway, there are no multigenerational svalbardians and all svalbardians go back to mainland at some point replaced by a mainlander immigrating at some point, there is only 2700 of them, either join or go away

there are 10,000 reindeer on svalbard 1000 polar bears,and tens of thousands of seal, stfu u lying kikeu WILL get the rope

actually there are 3000 polar bears on svalbard

I like the New Awakening's plan better.

You cannot grow shit there. It is a dead end in every way and can never be anything more than a barely manned outpost.

Stop retreating.

is that some kind of gay ice orgy?

This is only realistic if you faggots got off your ass and actually did something.

we can easily do subsistence hunting and hunt a few dozen polarbears a year each pelt sells for 20k and if we process the clothes ourselves the profit from each pelt is easily quadruple that, every polar bear hunted is able to support two colonists per year lets say that we could hunt 5% of the bear population each year ( the old non breeding and or violent polar bears ) sustain-ably that could support 10% of our population right there , thats not even accounting for things like programming and servers and glacial water and tourism and arctic tuna fishing supporting 3000 people to have a gdp per capita of 40,000-50,000 usd per annum isnt that difficult. wtf u think im trying to do nigger?

lies! u can use aeroponics and hydroponics powered by coal and eat a meat/fish dominant diet see the second paragraph to my post u lying kike shill ur gonna get the rope soon enough schlomo

In order to survive in Svalbard or other difficult places, we should practice breatharianism first. That way if it gets hard to find prey or fish, you can always live on air, and not starve to death.

Also, having enough coal reserves to keep everything warm for 6 months will be key to surviving through the winter.

we have enough coal to last centuries. and we will be using hydroelectric also and we will be pulling uranium salt from sea water using organic metal frame work crystals. shut the fuck up about breatharianism nothing but utter bullshit, go kill urself rayleon faggot shill

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It's too far north for trees to even grow. How the fuck are you going to be self sufficient when you can't even grow a staple food crop?

Even the fucking Northwest Front movement had more brains than this.


stop trying to demoralize kike my second paragraph perfectly why this isnt fleeing and what u have to gain and prevent from happening by keeping every single one f us in our nations and not creating a ethnostate anywhere on the planet

wrong, we will produce everything ourselves, we have enough mineral wealth and keeping ourselves to faroe islands tier comfy is reasonable


its called linguistic drift nigger, its the reason why the english language doesn't have accents anymore


I think that title goes to Maryland cult fag.

Why did you make this LARP thread again when the one you made yesterday is only at 170 replies? Is it because you looked like a moron in that thread?

Why not just start taking over small town in a particular state? There are small towns that have something like a 96% white population already, with infrastructure already built, property move in ready, close to some towns and cities where people would be able to keep their skill sets for a while and build and recruit. There are a lot of small towns with populations in the thousands that would be pretty simple to move in and basically take over the town. And then you at least have plans for expansion that are somewhat reasonable, take over the small towns, make it so that other folks are not welcome, eventually they only have the cities left, and at that point it becomes more reasonable to take over a state. Plan this out over a generation, use the infrastructure that already exists. Let's not abandon our country.

i made it because i made contact details

no thanks, if you don't want to fight for your own land then fuck off. I'd rather the white race to die then for us to flee like cowards to some shitty antartic island from a bunch of ragheads and subhumans still in medieval age.
And besides that it's a stupid larp which won't happen. We have a better chance of taking over some other white majority country, where the police, secret services, army are still conservative. But peacefully of course, we are after all a board of peace my dear fed friends.