Things are bad, really bad. It seems that only few even in pol know how bad things really are

Things are bad, really bad. It seems that only few even in pol know how bad things really are.

They can control everything, this world is already their. They see anyone anytime anywhere in detail around cities and roads. Only good Faraday cage, underwater or underground is out of reach. They can kill anyone anywhere anytime around cities and roads with push of a button. They control your feelings, your fertility and overall health in a deep level. Agenda 21 is on full throttle and within five generation humans cannot have babies anymore. Spiritual liberation is soon impossible. They live underground because surface is what it is. Human kind will in few degeneration be fully slaved and after that we will spread through universe, killing all that is life, living, like a cancer… And hold no hopes for Q or Trump it's all made to control us. Only miracle can save us.

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it will be like goaulds and jaffas.

they don't control shit
jews are weak powerless menstruating cows
they have no real army and lost the respect of their protectors.
they're fucked

u know nothing

Things can get better but they will not do so as long as people continue to abide by old habits. Turning to false saviours, adopting a defeatist or compromising attitude, following and validating e-celebrities; and lying to ones self that your degenerate habits are excusable because your "heart is the right place".

The sad truth is that white people are replacing ourselves. Jews have only one advantage, (((Jesus))).

No, you know nothing. And it's spelled "you" not "u". Try putting up a counterargument you fool.

Things only seem hopeless because whites are all still puzziling their brains on how to fix this when deep down we know there is one solution. Once we break the conditioning and embrace the solution, we will suddenly realize how easy it was all along.Any time we are at a loss for the solution to the jq and niggers we must remember this is just the spirit of the jew blinding us. We all know what has to be done the only question is how much pain will we endure before we get there

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like hell demon-spawn. you sycophants do what you do and returned to your psychopathic roots. this always happens. You're told lie after lie by your parents, your friends, your relatives, your teachers, your rabbis, your neighbors, everyone in your lives is a baltent liar and your paranoia got the better of (((you)))
You literally manifested antisemitism into existence in a colony of people that had no ill will toward ANYONE.
Trump is making the same mistake that Hitler made in being kind and believing that "there's some good jews." but soon he will find out the truth.
All of a sudden jews are starting to speak against jew, trying to save their own skin.
If Iran invaded pissrael today, NOBODY WOULD COME HELP YOU!
You're fucked and you have yourselves to blame. Good riddence!
Whites like hard work, you don't. It was fun while it lasted but we'll be fine without you!



Kill yourself.

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I've been ready all my life.

THere is no "Sad thing" you weak little bitch!
The "GOOD NEWS!" is you will be culled from our herd!

You don't even belong here, trumpcuck.

I got your names faggot!
I know where all of you are at!
Trump is your savior and you are too fucking stupid to know it.

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No savior gives his daughter to the jews.

We don't need a president to take care of our problems, you indigent. White peope take care of our own. Always have always will.
You degenerate filth have created absolutely NOTHING! EVER!

Get it through your heads! I want all of you DEAD and he stands in the way of that! We are the largest standing army on earth! Trump is in our way!

you have a lot of faith in something that is FAR from a sure thing.

Why are you directing that at me? Preaching to the converted, user.

checked and apologies
The newfagshills don't understand shit and it's enfuriating. If Brock is going to waste his shekels on shills, he should at least catch them up on the storyline


The Abrahamic guys are still attacking Communism, which shows you they still collaborate against us.

That would require innovation and we all know the jew is lacking in any creativity whatsoever.

We aren't cattle. Stop talking like a Jew.

Trump is himself a kike-puppet.

weak men won't make it
we don't need despairfags

trump and communism are 2 different paths to the same outcome. Cheapened labor.
same story, different millenium.

No it's not like that. Guy is trying to D&C again.

Fuck off back to 4chins you tranny cunt.

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Then why did Europeans allow all these arabs and africans into the countries and according to UN immigration acts they plan on importing about 150 mil more africans arabs in next decades to Europe starting massively around 2024. If you are not cattle. Then why the fuck is whole Europe turning black and arabic.

Talk about living in an ego fantasy, you are delusional and the prime reason people are not doing anything in Europe. They think they got power as their Countries collapse and systems around them like brainwashed herds of sheep. Dumb ass.


What is good for the nation is good for the people. What is good for the people is good for the nation. Only that which is conducive to a nation advancing its prosperity while keeping its identity intact and protected is good. Anyone who contravenes this is not only unpatriotic, but a traitor and deserves to be exiled at least.

My religion is hate
without it I have nothing


It's a very close reality.

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I wish they'd go back to making nice shows like that

"And though this world, with devils filled, should threaten to undo us;
We will not fear, for God hath willed; His truth to triumph through us."

You are one of ( ( (them) ) )


People don’t even know what this means, how to do it, why they don’t know about it, where to begin, what’s important to it, what’s irrelevant. It is quite literally the only task only you can do in this life. The only hope for most is that it happens by accident. Even with the knowledge of how, I can’t even do shit to progress here since getting a job because I haven’t made it a priority. Nothing is more important, but it doesn’t even take all of your time.

That latter statement is unironically what the rest of the universe is saying. And us wiping ourselves out through our hubris will be that miracle for them.
(((They're))) fucking with things they believe they can control, but actually can not.


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don't you have some foreskins to chew on, judio hijo de tu puta madre?

Dude I don't know anyone who wouldn't knife their first born at the drop of a hat if a pair of side locks told them to. I live in that shithole evangelical wasteland where all of the zogbots come from. Americans fanatically worship jews.

you really make this too easy
read those comments and weep
Israel is the asshole of the world and it's time to take a big gigantic relieving shit!

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