American Democracy Strikes Again

Enjoy your freedom.

Now Facebook bans if you post about Tommy Robinson in Sweden.

You're not allowed to write, read or think about Tommy Robinson on Facebook in Sweden.

By the way, Robinson is a (((right-winger))) Israel's fister that worked for Ezra Levy's channel.

Even the false opposition has been taken out.

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Tell me again about how this has anything to do with American democracy.

Because the Jewish oligarchy, which controls American democracy, also controls the Internet.

kek robinson is a cuck who has cucked on countless issues. he's fucking trash.

Where's Jewbook from again?

Also here's not much different either.

The other day I was suspend for a month for just calling the NYT as "zionist propaganda".

I didn't write anything else, just "zionist propaganda" in the comment box.

Yes, it's cesspool democracy fucking the world, not "Sweden".

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Oh, so you’re dumb enough to still be on facebook.



This is we shouldn't let jews control the world.

I shall.

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Yeah, but you need to understand that there's 2 major factions in the jewverse. There's the Leftist diaspora kikes. And there's the "Right-wing" Zionist kikes. The Zionists are authoritarian Nationalists - a twisted, kiked up Third Position, so they tend to get their paws into other Nationalist movements. That's not to excuse Zionists - but normies getting sucked into the Zionist side is still a vague win. Babies first redpill. Once they realise the loyalty of Zionists is a one-way street they might become more ready to discover the wonders of advocating for their own people instead.

So basically, if you're around normies that like Tommy, let them go. In the Western media, the Zionists are still the (slightly) weaker faction, no point helping the Left more than they need.

Wait, what was my point? Oh yeah - it's a different kike faction that "took him out". They aren't a united force when it comes to internal disputes.

How ironic is it that the only man willing to take on the Jewish Oligarchy is a kike named Bernie Sanders

Who gives a shit? They are united against everybody else.


Lol, he's called Ron Paul.

Yid does not even try nowadays.

Yeah, he's fighting back by trying to give illegal beaners free healthcare and shut-down ICE.

Why hasn't that retard just border hopped to the United States or Italy. The British are completely retarded. The crown sold them out 100s of years ago and they sit in a surveillance state that has completely pacified them and decided that shit skins are better for labor.

Thats a weird way to spell Ron Paul

Why? Just stay there and make a big stink.

If they kill him, it's martyrdom.


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This might not actually be a bad idea, we can always larp as hardcore Zionists and then pull the anti-semitism card when attacked by globohomos. Start calling globalists and SJW's nazis who want to shoah and persecute us.

Glowniggers want you to behave like stereotypical caricature of the "evil nazi" , but that's not how you win this game.

Globohomo takes no prisoners

fuck off kike


Facebook should be nationalized.

And this has to do with the U.S., how? I mean, I know fagbook is an american company. But what does this have to do with american democracy?

Turning their thought process around on them has never worked, and it never will, because they're hypocrites. We could always pull the genocide card, seeing as they support policies which can only lead first to the extinction of Whites and eventually to the mixing out of all distinct races, but I'm sure you know by now how easily they dismiss that argument.

The news of the day:

Facebook to ban political ads in Ireland.

By "political ads" you should understand pro-people ads and anti-globalism ads.

They want to turn Ireland, Sweden, Germany, etc the whole Europe (and the world) into a kind of mulatto land.

What does it has to do with America?

An American website may be shaping the future of everyone for much worse and against everyone's will.

Yet they tell you in your face the "West is a democracy" and the problem is Russia.

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*have to do

is that nigger wearing makeup?