Epstein's Pedo Island Time Machine

For those who are unaware, Google Earth Pro is now freeware and available for download at:

There is an option that lets you go back in time to see earlier aerial 3D imagery. Google Earth Pro lets you see pedo island all the way back to 2002. Some years have very clear imagery that lets you get a good zoom - and thereby, perhaps, lets you stumble upon something. Happy hunting. May the autism be with you!

How to go back in time:

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You must return and never think about coming back.

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This is where the "tennis court" was built. It took 10 years to build it (2005-2015). 10 years to build a tennis court seams a little excessive to me.

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He's not talking about actual time travel, you shockingly retarded nigger.

When you consider that his legal troubles started in 2006, with accusations that were first reported to the police in 2004, maybe that dropped on his list of priories.

It's certainly possible that it was something more nefarious, but just assuming that and running with it is what will ultimately discredit these kinds of things. We've already been vindicated, with a jewish pedophile, linked to the Rothschilds, who supplied children to both presidents from both jew-parties.

I would think that Epstein would have contractors on site building the tennis court regardless of his personal legal issues.

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Everything Jews do has to turn into some kind of money making scheme, so they dragged out the construction for as long as possible, rebuilding, finding "faults" and rebuilding, having workers not meet timelines etc

What do you guys think about maybe taking a little boat ride?
I know this place and, well, the owner is away and he said I could hang out. Don't worry man, it's cool.

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Will trump actually travel back to meet Q?

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That seems like an odd thing to have a bot for

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Yes, this is the "Green Text Mimic" bot.
It does not properly use green text (mostly used by hilarious anons to strawman a moron, and restate their pitiful argument as something ridiculous). Instead the green simply copypastas what you've said, and then it responds with a generic, and mostly off topic, insult or mocking slur.
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that's an awfully lumpy tennis courst

Are they actually saying that it was a "tennis court"? the size of a football field, on uneven terrain? for what, giants?
So this is where we clearly need to dig. I wouldn't be surprised if this was some kind of underground "incinerator power system" to both dispose of the "cemetary waste" and power the island. As we know the pedophiles prefer this method of green disposal since it leaves no trace (pics related, remember Teris in Bellinzonese)

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the tennis court is odd…
but look at the (((temple))) that pops up between 09 and 14, also the path from the lower road turns into a road that goes halfway, then what looks like a tunnel entrance. gives me the chills, how many… i can't even ask

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unironically this thread keeps 404'ing on me without me doing anything.

I wonder if that half road to that tunnel is a back door from the party where they would take special guests to go up to the tennis court looking thing to hunt kids?




What they don't want people talking about is Epstein being able to blackmail a US president and UK prime minister literally means they have the entire west staffed with blackmailed pedophile politicians and everything you're told is a sham.


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Bump for dead Jews




Drone footage taken from YouTube is up in the webm thread.

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Those pics are crazy

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Have some more.

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In retrospect, I should have posted this one with


Anons who want to cause a shit storm help me share this link. Get dumb normies on board using #pizzagate #stormtheisland #area666 etc.

It’s funny but there hasn’t been any traction yet

There probably wont be.
This is a shot in the dark but it took a few months for storm area 51 to pick up

Daily reminder
DoD and state dept share a fucking airplane with Jeff Epstein and DynCorp
You faggot mods shouldn’t have take the other dig thread down. Poor show faggota poor show

How many Epstein threads are there, like 10?

Once again, I will point out that it cuts off at 2am, and remind you niggers once again to be more studious about updating your archives.
Mods get the rope.

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So the mods decide to delete the active one? Fuck off.

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Very interesting observation in regards to the spider's web. What's worth noting is that "Teris" has a Jewish gematria value of 284 (Rockefeller), and a simple value of 71 (Thoth, Azazel, Babylon)

nightly epstein bump


Hydrothermal liquefaction is a medium-temperature, high-pressure thermochemical process, which produces a liquid product, often called bio-oil or bi-crude. During the hydrothermal liquefaction process, the macromolecules of the biomass are first hydrolyzed and/or degraded into smaller molecules.

Sliding. the entire point is to run cover for Jew crimes.

You will notice, nobody is talking about Epstein anymore.

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Sliding. the entire point is to run cover for Jew crimes.

You will notice, nobody is talking about Epstein anymore.