Lower class white leftists

let me ask this question Zig Forums

if you are a lower class white person from America who is also a leftist then pretty much you have like zero chance of getting protected from things like gangstalking and corporate abuse?

…..because of the color of your skin and because you are lower class (at the same time) . is this correct?

therefore, Zig Forums is it unprofitable for the cause of altruism and justice for lower-class white people to be leftists? even if they believe in leftist ideas, is it the case that they should just go ahead and claim nationalism to preserve their families and their country from degenerate lunatics, and gangstalking and corporate abuse and such things as this?

ty for any response

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There is only one Party and it is only for White People. If a White Person tries to bring forth someone who is not White into the Party then that White Person shall have their birthright revoked.

here is the ashford house attack in Tinley Park, IL


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what party is that?


ashford house video, showing people arrested

guy in pic looks like a leftist lol

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IDGAF about nationalism, and altruism cannot be taken for granted.

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Keep your spirit up, i am a leftist from Sweden (not communist and i don't like totalitarian society's, total freedom under responsibility is my thing).

I give money to beggars and people collecting money for good causes when i have any to spare.

I remember when an old lady suddenly started to hit nazis with her handbag in a nazi demonstration, i even think a statue of her was made, resistance to dictators and totalitarian regimes comes from the most unexpected places,

All in all it doesn't matter what is more profitable, believe in a and fight for justice, equality and if in the nordics we believe in wealth distribution, to the poorest goes aid to get them up on their feet again and living ok and starting to contribute to the society (again).

Because I want healthcare that will not bankrupt me.

What's the story with gangstalking in Scandinavian countries?

Ty for any response

The International Association of White People. I take it you’re not a member.

Seems like a lot of corporations simply talk a good one but at the end of the day are completely full of sh*t.

Lol sounds like an organization I'd like to see

"Equality for all, special privileges for none"…

Thadt sounds about leftist


Every job I've worked even factories and warehouses have had good insurance plans. Unless you work at fastfood that's not difficult to activate.
If you think you're bankrupt from paying what you do now for insurance move to Germany where they'll take half your check for "free healthcare"

In what context are you using the term "activate"?

Articulate a response or may the Universe label you for your cowardice

If you are a lower class white lefty then you should make the question about "Why should i support an ideology which floods my country with non-whites which lowering my wage and encourage corporations to threat me like shit?". Currently the situation is that the fat cats support the left because they allow Paco to move in. Then Paco takes your job for pennies. When you tell how this is unfair you get caled a racist redneck. After you became a joke, they black list you as a nazi. From there your options are limited to the follow:
- become a criminal and up in jail and get raped daily (since noone will care about your human rights)
- suicide (the jews will approve this move)
- keep being a slave and die by horrible conditions

Isn't it funny how the left doesn't care about the working class?

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Sounds like disinfo.

….also sounds like those are assumptions which make the corporation sound more powerful than they are, as though it wasn't their responsibility already to treat people recently and live up to their privilege as an institute in society

The left went through a period of passing around information with which to harass suspected right wingers. Leftists don’t get gangstalked because the right collapsed. Gangstalking is the penultimate loser crime - it requires basically a dozen broken hobos or equivalently prideless people to waste their lives being less than a nobody. Leftists have the access to the impoverished people to potentially do it, but they shouldn’t ever; it destroys their causes. People who can be bribed into wasting their lives following around and pestering someone they don’t know can be cheaply bribed into double agentry.

Disinfo. making it sound like whom you call "Nazis" are marginalized in amerikkka

Could be Africans or illegals doing the gangstalking but they'd definitely need some serious power and ability if it is actually a physical phenomenon rather than spiritual

Gangstalking has real activist uses in very poor nations with corrupt officials. Corrupt officials often have victims who will gladly take lessons and directions on how to make the officials who victimized them permanently miserable, and unlike paying hobos to do it, the victims of a corrupt official can’t usually be twice-bribed. They won’t turn on the organizer.

Black people have a ton of pride. I’m not about to believe that even the lowest nigger would do this, and in my black people aren’t ghetto trash to begin with.

As for “illegals”, why would they bother leftists? That goes back to “the left was functionally suicidal for a few years and too arrogant to hear their own activists”.

in my area*

Africa and South America occasionally get better because of the dissemination of manuals abour how to trace and annoy corrupt officials. I read one of those once. That’s not anything poor people in any country of any affiliation have to worry about, though. It’s more a tactic targeting middleweights, the MIPs (moderately important people).

Most nigs in amerikkka are trash

Concerning illegals gangstalking leftists, this would be because they are recruited and enslaved by the military

Poor people are affected the worse by gangstalking because they have to join paramilitary groups to retaliate

Rich people can just hire a private investigator or private security

“Globalism threatens the wage base” is a heavily sympathetic argument to me. I’ve made that argument and campaigned around it. But again, OP mentioned gangstalking. Why would poor people - generally the only ones so potentially pathetic that they’d submit themselves to committing one of the least dignified crimes in human society - why would poor people bother people campaigning to raise the wages of poor people?

If a poor leftist out there is worried about this, I recommend focusing argumentation on foreign aid promotion. There’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what foreign aid costs and what it can accomplish. Fight against the causes of migration. I read about central american security cooperation - it obviously hasn’t stopped surging emigration from central america, but I bet it helped a few people feel secure enough not to leave. We can do more than we’re doing.

There are also other ways to fight against the causes of migration than foreign aid. For instance, opposing the war on drugs weakens criminal organizations around the world, without requiring expansion of corporate or governmental espionage services. Legalizing drugs weakens organized crime without even requiring more investment in law enforcement.

Organized crime is the generally unspoken force linking a lot of massive international migration pressures. People who don’t feel safe in their homes go abroad if they can, and not just on vacation.

You should check up theGoogle and Facebook ex employees reports and interviews. Quick sum up on Facebook:
- They have a mod team which monitor every single comment.
- When they got big they demolished this them into non-whites.
- They were told to give extra attention on right-leaning stuffs and warn/delete/ban/ them.
- Meanwhile they were treated as animals (i wanted to type "slaves" but several interview mentioned so much disgusting and inhuman shit i wouldn't even wish for my enemies (if you think Amazon no pee break rule was insane, then how about no cool water or ac like in a freaking sweatshop).
- When Facebook find more immigrants the them were fired.
- Years later they speak up, but enarly noone give a rat shit
- This was years ago! It's not even new! I read this shit years before Trump, so we can't even blame on him.

And this just a social media corp. can you imagine what kind of shit show happened in Denver or Pittsburgh? I understand your point on how we must be super skeptic with nowadays news and infos, bur the rumors were always there. But i wouldn't be surprised if shady pratices wouldn't be a thing still.

Also ask any overworked Starbucks employee. You doesn't even need to go far, stories and and personal experiences are all-over reddit (yeah, i know) about how they treat their workers.

I just say it's funny how the political left usually forget about these people. No wonder Trump was elected. It weren't the ebil whites who putted him into power. Just check any statistic. The workers were.

Yeah, I doubt it. I really doubt it. Do you know how fragile a position that would be? The military knowing that you’re in the country illegally, and trying to use that power as a tool of control?

That’s “corrupt official” bullshit. It would inspire the exact issue it was trying to cause. The military would be putting itself on the knife m, making itself vulnerable to being cut by patriots and antipatriots equally. It’s not a competent policy.

Cases I’ve examined regarding poorer countries suggests that while nobodies subject to state harassment do tend to radicalize, it doesn’t tend to actually help. Pacifism works better. Fundamentally, victimizing innocents is the death of any cause broken enough to do it, and even militaries suffer a reckoning eventually when they do that. Only militaries are really equipped to fight off that reckoning - and not only history, but even the modern day attests to the finite shelf life of rotting regimes. Doing things right isn’t just idealistic, it is also practical.

post webm or gtfo

That’s why as a real tactic it tends to hit middleweights

Past a certain point of target influence it also stops working because the target goes, “lol, of course I’m a central influence to which events constantly refer, I’m actually controlling this system.”. That’s another reason why it’s a low-impact tactic on rich people and totally useless on celebrities or creatives.

Are you retarded? How does having your political views know making you into a social outcast not make you marginalized?

Legalizing prostitution would also be another way to reduce the power of organized crime while raising wages on the low-end. I expect sex work to pay well, but I also expect it to recruit from very poor people who would otherwise be intensifying employment competition at the entry-level. Sex is an “anyone” skill. The pay is middle class but the skillset is well-groomed ferality. It should pull people out of poverty without putting anyone into poverty.

Legalizing prostitution would also reduce political corruption, both directly by choking another income stream for criminal organizations, as well as indirectly by reducing “special access” and blackmailability factors in society. No organized crime, no weird crimes that involve coordinating gangs of broken losers to commit.

go away schizo

God I wish.

America is Zionist at best. White nationalism is demonized even by most white male Republicans in Congress.

Either way, your assumption that American whites need to baby and pamper shitskins is wrong. America was built by whites for whites. Pajeets and beaners only started coming here after whites had already built all the 1st-world infrastructure.

The gist of the wind I’m blowin’ here, the gust what oughtta be ticklin’ yer scalp, is that lower class lefties need to be internationally savvy and personally honest.

The central tenet of leftism is truth. We leave bad systems by any means necessary. We are lawful if we can be, treacherous if we have to be. We are the light that shatters ancient systems and unworthy masters.

That’s why human societies trend left over time. Science is on our side, or else science, not because we break it but because the central tenet of science is likewise truth.

or else science breaks*

The majority of the Swedish government literally institutes anti-Swedish policies, while giving sandnigger rapist/murderer immigrants a slap on the wrist, and encourages more of them to come. You're being shit on and replaced by dumb foreigners who have low expectations for government justice; which is convenient for your bureaucrats.

vid related:

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Leftists deny genetics because it interferes with their emotion-driven egalitarian idealism. Look-up "Lysenkoism".


Why would a leftist be gangstalked?

Or, it's just easier for you assholes to break shit, than to believe in and labor for a better world.
You are degradation, degeneracy, and destruction personified.
I guess that could be considered "Science", you fucking mong.

For being White, Hodor.

because the bourgeoisie is behind gangstalking to facilitate their homoerotic vendettas

X Doubt.
An oddity if true, given that individuals trend right over time.

it is said by the captialists that profits decline over time….Marx himself (a capitalist) sought to find an explanation to this observation in nature as did many others in his day

i say "homoerotic" jokingly, but the reason that i say this, painting the 'bourgeoisie' out to be the villains in gangstalking is that it requires the participation of the established community where gangstalking is taking place….and also because most targeted individuals are innocent citizens other than being gangstalked….and so what except private interests would cause those innocent people to be targeted and gangstalked

closest thing to this might be


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when anyone anywhere put them in charge they kill everyone and everything as much as they can. They were the leading non-natrual cause of death in the 20th century…excluding the years they were the outright biggest cause of death on earth. You would think thats an accident but remember the 20th century saw the widespread adoption of the automobile, the airplane, electricity, machine guns, atom bombs, and tide pods. still lefties took first place.

You're a fucking liar.

look at these worthles psyop'd NIGGERS who didn't bother lurking like the cancerous monkey apes they are! GOD DAMN YOU filthy psyop'd kikenbrained vermin and slit your throats with Israeli knives

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Gangstalking is not real you fucking retard.


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Yes, it is. Retards like you who spout your nonsense, as if the US government would some reason refrain from doing exactly what the USSR, DDR, and others were proven to have been doing all along after they fell, are most likely paid shills.

Basically the only white "leftists" the ZOG goes after are the more extreme communist fringe groups. Most commie/socialist groups are basically just unofficial wings of the Democratic "Party" (that thing isn't a party, but a State institution). Almost all such groups are under their ideological domination, and thus pose no threat to them. Most of them are shuffled into either NGO work, or begin part of the ZOG's Labor Apparatus.
So no, if you're looking for the government to make your life easier, there is every incentive to get involved in "left" political shift, as long as you don't take it too (which is really hard to do and involves essentially doing work for a foreign power hostile to the ZOG).

fukken saved

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