Feminism is cancer

We now live in an age where wanting a virgin girlfriend who has had no previous romantic partners now makes you seen as "mentally ill" and "insecure". Seriously? Feminism not only lowers white birth rates but also happiness for both men and women. Day of the rope for feminists when?

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OP is mentally ill and insecure, i guess? not feeling the mentally ill thing but yeah wanting that is really insecure

i have 4 exes and im not talking about 4x games, lol
got a good long term relationship now

wanting virgin tightness is ignorant or pedoshit
virgin tight lasts one, maybe two rounds
trained tightness lasts most of a lifetime
go for trained tight, not virgin tight
human “holes” don’t “blow out” like in free cities

beyond tightness virginity doesn’t matter
most people have sex
its normal
get used to it, deal

human pairbonding is more about the good times
not the sex
relationships that have too much sex and not enough good times dont last

Get the fuck out degenerate roastie. You fucking disgust me, and it disgusts me that you even dare associate yourself us.

I want a girlfriend who has had no previous partners for emotional reasons I want to be a girls first love

yeah maybe i am mentally ill and insecure. so what? thats not gonna stop me from getting a virgin girlfriend who hasnt had any previous partners. Id rather die than recieve sloppy seconds

OP is a faggot for creating such a shitty thread, but you're a turbonigger for assuming that the only reason a man would want to have a virgin bride is for "tightness".

Pretty much all women are feminists. And then you have white knights enabling them, which is the vast majority of men. Sorry OP, feminism is here to stay.

Data doesn't control for other variables and isolate the variable of number of sexual partners. Basically all this tells you is that god fearing people don't fuck before marriage and also don't get divorced.

I'd like to see data independent of religion.

All women in the West you mean. There are other places in the world where Pride isn't the official religion.

anyone dumb enough to marry a non-virgin deserves what he gets

I agree, it's sad that religious values are dismissed as mental illness, and I suspect it has something to do with the drug war and those 12 step programs. The mother of my child began fucking a 21 years old guy when she was 12, and let me tell you that she really knows her moves, enough skill to make me insecure, that's for sure. In fact, she ditched me for another (more assertive) guy.
My mother was a feminist at some point, and she's a really nasty alpha bitch, with 2 kids from 2 different men, and she recently married a different guy. She is extremely domineering, so my dad couldn't seal the deal, ostensibly because she didn't want him to tell her what to do. After breaking up with my sisters father, she slaved away as a single mom with a shitty minimum wage job, only to come home and vent all her misery at me.

Coincidentally, I'm a leftie, because there is no reason for me to believe there's order in my community. That is to say, traditional values are being supressed by feminism.
Unfortunately, I'm no faggot, so if I were to start hanging feminists, I'd be screwed. Well.. not really, but.. whatever. My plan is to find a (competent) denomination of protestants, who won't go apeshit if I tell them I'm an atheist, and learn from them how to assert traditional values. Maybe then I'd start believing it's possible.

Most feminists will escape the DOTR. Why? Because women only support the winners. That's why you can never trust women. They'll have your back until you lose, then they'll leave and fuck the winner without a shred of remorse. Feminists will just blend back into the female population, at least the ones who haven't extensively altered their physical appearance to a point it can't be undone quickly.

I think we should redefine feminism. A good woman knows how destructive women are. They would welcome becoming property again for the sake of humanity. Any women opposed to being property and doing their duty should be labeled a feminist.

You are beyond retarded go back and never come back. You literally didn't address one issue why people prefer virgin brides and just assumed it was because of vulva.

Some of the biggest sluts on earth are born again Christians or are in church every Sunday. When I was in HS the most religious girls were the easiest to have sex with, "party girls" didn't want to get a slutty name. Hardcore Christian girls were easy to convince that we will get married one day so its okay, we love each other.

Sorry for being a degenerate piece of shit when I was younger though. I wish I could take it back with every single fiber of my being.

when a woman has had 500 miles of dick rammed through her 6-8 inches at a time, her chemical pair-bonding mechanism has been destroyed.

I'm not going to be loyal to a backstabbing turbo THOT who wants to steal everything i have, sink her fangs into my neck and suck me dry of everything that makes my happy life pleasurable and enjoyable to live.

You want men to get married? Change the divorce laws so men no longer get fucked to death with a legalese coated dick in family court.

Back to >>>/adv/ roastie

Anyone who says "Get used to it, deal." doesn't have a point or the ability to articulate one.

kill yourself and go back to reddit

Give me the fucking source for your statement and picture nigger

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i haven't had to dump shit from my sjw/feminist folder in ages
thought we were done talking about this

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What’s the solution to feminism?
I plan on having kids soon, does raising your kids in a traditional setting make a difference? Or will they simply be corrupted by the clown world?

Whatever Schlomo…

Just remember… When there are no expectations set anymore for girls and women. (AKA DON'T BE A FUCKING WHORE!), what you get is what you have today.

Pairbonding is REAL and absolute has to do with a girls first sex partner. If you fuck a virgin, marry her. She will be loyal to you.

This is the solution…

Don't associate with them. Cast them as what they are… lonely rejects who can only hope for pity from the "Normal" people in society.

It is easy. Nobody really wants to be like them. They are mentally ill. It oozes from their pores like stink from a shitskin. They are your best ally in combating them. Use them as examples to train your children what NOT to be.

"Do you want to be happy and healthy? Or do you want to be repulsive to everyone, get mocked and get picked on?"

It is literally THAT EASY!

It's not fucking rocket science.

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