Beta Uprising: The Fire Rises Edition

Didn’t see a thread for this yet. Some beta-orbiter killed a thot e-celeb for selling nude pictures to losers. Sorry for the shit link. Will this become a new norm?

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BF of a thott killed the thott to disrupt her orbiters she was selling nudes to or something
Beta orbiters had no part in the killing aside from being the source for income which pissed off the bf.

So Chad was to blame for this?

If he was dating an E-celeb, he certainly wasn’t much of a Chad

BF has the stray eye.

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who has the death pics?

He got cucked.

He tried to kill himself and fail. Hardly a chad.


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The death penalty for this bad toad.


His response is actually pretty normal prior to the 1960's probably earlier since the beta male began to truly rise in that decade. There was a reason women were considered property. If they aren't your property then there's no incentive to a man to be with a woman.

Wait, isn't being a Whore illegal?

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Do not worry. If you become fit in body and mind, you will have a chance to purify your soul on the battlefield, fighting the foe until death alongside your brothers.

And nothing of value was lost.

A young white woman of breeding age was killed and a white man will be in jail for the rest of his life for absolutely nothing.
I can't see nothing positive out of it.


or that some faggot who got cucked by said e-thot should have reproduced.


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This is white shariah in action


Why are you posting Endomorphosis' revenge porn mugshot from two years ago? He's a cross-eyed fuckup, but he never killed anybody.
Pic related is the soylet who actually necked the bitch.

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Oh, and on the off chance anyone here thinks that this was in any way a tragedy, she was asking for it for a while, apparently.

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Thot status = patrolled
I heard there is a video, hopefully it surfaces.

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The autism patrol is on the hunt but no luck so far.

Yeah, gonna have to go with "begged for it" with this one.

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Imagine being in the middle of a murder suicide and compulsively stopping everything to take a selfie.

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And having the time to type up a message, if he hadn't done it before slicing his throat. One of the articles I read said he had posted a video with the blood pouring out of his neck but I can't find that one either.

Did ashes and echoes user finally fucking do it?

Murder Photos?


Wow quick response time. Thanks mate. God Bless you and all. Especially her.

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Sorry, spicspam. Beaniggers aren't white, you fucking subhuman filth.
You'll never be Aryan, you worthless street dog. And this is just one more reason why Euro Celts are going to hunt you down, and turn you to fertilizer, fucker.
Thanks for playing.


What are you even replying to you schizophrenic nigger?

Nah, Zon Kuthon would never go through with it.

Thank me later.

IP hopping won't hide you, faggot.

you know, you actually bring up a really thought provoking statement here. it made me think.

wow they took her absolutely cutest picture, full IG prep. None of the pics I saw of her looked even remotely that cute.

Roasties never learn do they. If anything the kid did the world a favor

No, if anything he just played into the jewish accelerationism scheme to put more vice grips on your balls while you whine and continue doing nothing as you should do nothing because you are a betacuck who posts about things only.

Aryan Men will discipline our own straying Folk, you fucking faggot.
You are an enemy to your own if you can't use these instances to completely, and with unrelenting fury, hunt down every shitskin who even dares look in the direction of our women with lust or disdain.
You die first, traitor.


t. juanito alvarezes alboquito darquanelo jamaliquan

Yeah real Aryan Men need to man up and marry sluts!!

Please stop doing this to each other. So pointless.

t. varselez consuperres valconestez pabletera vayatroce parfuaniqua

The way that bitch talked to him makes me wish more men would go this route.
Women do what men allow. Nothing more and NOTHING less.


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ah yes, attack helpless women because you let your society be cucked by outside nations. seems legit.

Yet another potential thread, totally destroyed by faggot shills, and the

You deserve what I have planned for you, faggots.
Keep poking. Laugh now while you can.
It's all coming down, and you know. You also know that you are utterly useless, and can't survive what's coming.
See you soon.

Yeah she was our poor little helpless slut.

The way you talk about her makes me wish more men would do to you what we all know is coming.
…tick tock, niggerkike.

And you are our dickless, spineless, backstabbing incel faggot.
You die first, punk.

correct, women are literally children.. you dont murder a child for being a retarded child, you ask yourself why you let your household become so buttfucked to allow such behaviors to play out.

Tits or gtfo.

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You're so eager.
I'll remember that, nigger.

cringe ass reddit picture, newfags.. you are really getting my fucking shit nice and pissed lately.

The Fire Rises.
…and Rises.
…and Rises.
The Blazing Inferno is cooking their ass, and they actually think it's funny.

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Yes, kill me for daring to slander some Aryan goddess whoring herself online!

Children are children, women aren't. I believe in eugenics, retards die, I'm not going to shed tears for morons who want to see our lands turned into shitskin hellholes.

Keep repeating yourself, faggot. You're sealing your fate. The Universe is listening to you, you little angry virgin bitch ass chump.
Your hippy mother was a nigger slut. Is that your hang up, nigger?

Keep crying, nigglet. No one care about instagram hoes, they'll never love you.

Who the fuck is saying anything like that, you strawmanning pussy?
If you can't see the propaganda value in our women getting raped, murdered, and eaten by the shitskin horde of invading scum, and turning against the kikes that caused this, YOU are more brainwashed, and deserving of death than ANY of our poor women. The fact that you can't even grasp this simple fact, niggerbrain, is why your fucking mindless traitors will die first.
Enjoy your misery until them, nerd.
We'll be around to put you out of it soon enough.

funniest part is the fan who isn’t sure. like they’ve stared at her for years and can’t tell it’s her?

And round and round you go, ignoring every rational argument against your faggotry, and repeating yourself instead. Thanks for playing kikeshill.
Go jerk off to bologna porn, faggot.


Lmao that bitch got turned into a Pez dispenser

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Cool fuckin' story my dudes.

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the absolute state of your derp, child.
Changes nothing.
You die first, race traitor.

Most of these hoes are far too gone, none of them are going to care about the gore you will show them. And even if you fix it that way, they'll do it all over again.

You have made no arguments, you just lost your spaghetti over a woman who was whoring herself out. You are the reason why our side is full of useless bitches. Wimps like you excuse all kinds of behavior as long as you get your validation.

But I don't have any mixed blood like this dead strumpet, so who does laughing at this betray?
Go to your local urban shithole and bring home a junkie hooker to rehabilitate if you got savior issues with shitty goblina women. Nobody here gives a shit.

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round and round with our stawman bullshit.
Not a single argument was made to "shed a tear for a slut"
Not a single argument was made to "fixing these bitches"
No one is "losing spaghetti", you fucking brainlet.
No one is "excusing all kinds of behavior", you fucking strawmanning yid!


PERIOD! Ignoring this very simple concept, in EVERY THREAD regarding murdered thots is how we ALL know who, and what you niggers are, and why you come here en masse to push what you're selling.
And it's working, niggers. WE ARE PISSED!
You know what comes next, but you're far too psychopathic to know when to stop poking.
Thank you.
You are pushing more people to our Organization with this shit, than the stories of these bitches themselves. You're too fucking stupid to even see yourselves anymore inside your tiny jewed bubble.
You lost your Power, kikes.
And now it is all in OUR hands.
We are patient. We are cunning. This scares the shit out of you. You react irrationally. We grow stronger. We wait. We record EVERYTHING!
We're coming, subhuman filth.
It's nearly time to clean OUR house of your vile infection.
Keep poking, faggots.
Just keep poking.

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Your posts glow so bright I need sunglasses to read them.

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It betrays every Aryan Man trying to protect our Nations from this filth, you little nigger.
STILL ignoring the actual issue, you shill faggot.


Who else wants to repeat the kike mantra, proving once again why you are here?
Your game is fucking spent, niggers.
We're coming.

Address the concept, and offer some ideas on how this can be used to further our
Oh, that's not why you're here?
Who the fuck could you niggers possibly be working for?

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Get a load of this shill above me

If you cared about that, you'd be on the normalfag shithole of your choice shoving it down normalfag throats instead of picking e-fights with anonymous shitpoters and acting like some kind of attomwaffen faggot.

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Yes, I'm shilling for the survival of the White Race by any means necessary.
What the actual fuck are you doing here, kikebot?


I’m the OP actually. You’ll never be white

Re-read yourself, 15 posts worth of psycho shit for some hoe. There's no propaganda potential with her, she's white and she got killed by a white guy for being a hoe.

We come together here first to
you derailing nigger.
All talking shit.
Yeah. You're a pol/ack, huh? Very organic.


Keep 'em coming, yid.
You're only embarrassing yourself, and destroying the reason you're here.
Hating Aryan Women for the sole purpose of the joy of it, is HIGHLY kikey, nigger. You idiots are too fucking stupid to understand how badly you glow.
Now, about that potential

Aryan women don't whore themselves out on instagram but go ahead, explain to me how you are going to propagandize her since she got murdered by a White guy?

You're already nothing, nigger. That's why you're here.
Crawling up the White Man's ass until he scratches you is so exciting for you neanderkikes because it's the only Spiritual Energy you'll ever get close enough to "feel".
Keep it coming.
This thread is hardly worth protecting from your sliding, so, we'll just use it as yet another lesson in teaching the newfags about what you fuckers get paid to do here, day in and day out.
This is your life, faggots.
YOU will never be Aryan. No matter what.

Take a deep breath, change your diaper, and ask yourself if this is the hill you think any propagandist worthy of writing a fucking cigarette ad would think this could be in anyway a smart hill to die on. Fucking sped.

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That beanermix ain't white, you mong. Now you've completely exposed yourself, nigger.
Keep 'em coming.
This board needs more awareness of just how many of you faggot are here so desperately trying to keep your own throats from getting drained.

Funny how all of your posts are so butthurt. Fuck off roastie-lover

Hey, dipshit!
Throw it on the pile with the other 6000 women from the past 5 years, and no one will notice. But you're not even willing to do that for your people.
Because, she is not your people, kike.
You love this shit.
Remember, yid…
The pendulum swings both ways.

Nice cope faggot, he's clearly White, now explain how are you going to propagandize that

round and round and round with the already buried strawman.
You niggers SUCK at your job.
And you're only bringing more to our fold.
How long do you honestly think you have left before it all pops, and Right Wing Death Squads coming knocking?
I'm actually quite enjoying your anxiety, and desperate attempts to save your filthy bloodlines.
I'm very much going to enjoy the rest of the show.
Keep poking, niggers.

You worthless kikeniggers aren't even trying!
Where the fuck do you think you are right now, faggot?

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Answer the question faggot, how are you going to propagandize this