New Underwater Ethnostate

Since Zig Forums is now a board with at least 4 different trash threads devoted to LARPing which the nigger mods are leaving up, here’s another one for the mix.

I’ve purchased a piece of real estate at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between America and Europe. We will be building a network of underwater domes for habitation, and basically it’s the white ethnostate of the future. Unlimited fish to eat, and we will generate electricity with a miniature nuclear reactor like on a submarine. If you are pure white or a hot nip babe you can join, just send me a DM.
Hehe try again KIKES LOL you can’t SHILL ur way out of this one. It’s already happening. Anyone who disagrees is a fedglowingnigger because I say so.


Mods will leave this up

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Hey both of my parents are Mexican can I join

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White Mexicans only but yes

Early supporter package is $250 US, hit up my DMs for PayPal info.


That covers food and housing for life huh

I'm assuming we'll get shitposting through hacking into the undersea cables.
What's your stance on dolphin waifus?

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Living underwater would be the ideal evolutionary setting for breeding the whitest race possible since there's no sunlight. Make Rapture Great Again

That’s correct. I can see you understand the vision already brother. The dolphin is permissible but there’s an additional pet security deposit required.

Yes brother. The future of aquatopia is bright, but only in the figurative sense.

Are you saying it's an esoteric metaphor? :)

I don't forsee any housebreaking difficulties, so I'm down as long as there's no additional "heavy pet" fee on top.

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As you are a diamond-level™ early supporter, I’ll waive the additional fees as a reward for you faith in the vision brother.

I look forward to being Atlantean & shiiiiiiet.

that's your solution to everything, to move under the sea
it's not gonna happen

why wont the mods do something?!?! what a faggot

Look out, guys. We got a galaxy brain coming through.

Can I hunt walruses and sell luxury fur coats? And not to hog all the good ideas, but I really think selling bottled water at the bottom of the ocean could be a lucrative business.

I am in so how much to pay?

I was intending to keep those plans under wraps brother, but I think it’s safe to say you’re on the money. Additionally there is vast unclaimed oil deposits on this piece of land which we will exploit for our development. And the best part is, no one can stop us. If they try we will have underwater electricity weapons to dissuade them.

So go away.

I don't want to pay through PayPal so do you have other method?

We are still in the early adopter phase, so you’re getting in for much less than you would pay later. To start with, I need to add you to the qTox chat which is military encrypted. From there I’ll give you my paypal info, also secure and encrypted. Don’t worry about the amount right now brother, we’re all going to be wealthy very soon.

Yes brother but PayPal is verifiably the most secure payment platform on the internet. That’s why I prefer it. Makes it harder for the (((you know whos))) to interfere.

I like I said I don't want to pay through PayPal.

Does there happen to be an abandoned coal mine on the parcel? I don't know shit about mining coal, and I don't think that a company would abandon a functional mine that still had coal in it that could be had at a profit, but I bet a few of us could go down there with some pickaxes and some good ol' fashioned white people can-do attitude, and dig up enough coal to get rich enough to never work again.

Just make another Zig Forums you faggots.
Explain /b2/ then. Goddamn whiny cuckchan faggots still don't understand how Zig Forums works.

Let this man serve as an example to the rest of you, brothers. With this attitude, we will create the true white paradise we’ve dreamt of for so long.

Alternatively I can accept Venmo, brother.

Never stop dreaming, anything is possible no matter how unlikely.

You got spirit, friend, and deserve all the support a budding ethnostatist can provide. That guy running the Svalbard thread just kept calling me dumb for not wanting to live in an arctic desert with next to no resources that weren't already claimed by someone else.

Some people. You know?

Thank, where do you prefer to build under the water?

Our frosty arctic counterparts are doing the best they can brother. They have made tremendous progress in just the past 24 hours and I suspect they will receive the mineral and fishing permits from the relevant authorities.
This degree of regulatory compliance, however, is precisely what we seek to escape. That is why we will be submerged under the dark depths of gods blue ocean.

I’m sure you can understand I do not wish to disclose here the precise location of our aquatic settlement, brother. However once I receive your registration and payment you will have access to the full discussion and relevant information.

Sounds good OP. Can we at least offer work visas to the abyss aliums? They are unparalleled at massages and happy endings.

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I'd second this but only if they do Mastrantonio's face & tits & never switch to Ed Harris's right before orgasm as a trolling.
We know how these aliums be.

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Reports from expeditions in 1806 by Lieutenant Zebulon Pike and in 1819 by Major Stephen Long described the Great Plains as "unfit for human habitation" and as "The Great American Desert". These descriptions were mainly based on the relative lack of timber and surface water. The images of sandy wastelands conjured up by terms like "desert" were tempered by the many reports of vast herds of millions of Plains Bison that somehow managed to live in this "desert".[12] In the 1840s, the Great Plains appeared to be unattractive for settlement and were illegal for homesteading until well after 1846 — initially it was set aside by the U.S. government for Native American settlements. The next available land for general settlement, Oregon, appeared to be free for the taking and had fertile lands, disease free climate (yellow fever and malaria were prevalent in much of the Missouri and Mississippi River drainage then), extensive uncut, unclaimed forests, big rivers, potential seaports, and only a few nominally British settlers.

With spirit such as yours the entire of America would never have been settled. While I wouldn't live in a sub artic island chain like Svalbard, I don't shit on those that deem it an idea, Aryan men can prosper anywhere in this world, we have the spirit to persevere. I would however support the "state" if anons get it up and going (unlikely) by spending tourism dollars. Would be an excellent vacation idea if not so much a permanent domicile. Some quality shitposting itt that made me laugh tho.

Not a problem, they are very professional. Last time I took a sub down to one of their massage parlors they let me simulate hunting down and torturing Anne Frank. Right when she died, I came the biggest load in human history. Good times.

You’re right brother. I believe the Polar Paradise™ will succeed, given enough coal-powered hydroponic farms and heavy weapons. We can do anything we set our minds to. Have you registered for Underwater Eden™ yet? We await your brothership.

So like BioShock but not an Ann Ryand Wet Dream?