White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #011: If you only knew how bad things really are

White Victims of Black Crime - Thread #011: If you only knew how bad things really are

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My Manifesto pastebin.com/acSwtnf4

mega.nz/#F!GaBxkCDQ!UxpqZPv_bMgx4gxHck8D2A An audio version of my manifesto created with a TTS engine. It's 23 minutes long and is available in mp3/opus audio format.

Downloads pastebin.com/Lgs1mAhp

This contains links to all of my graphics (loose & .7z archives), as well as videos & pdfs that I've created. This link will stay the same, but the text in the pastebin will change to reflect newer uploads. Of note, is that I upload my graphics to my Mega.nz account. This allows me to update the files, but the links will stay the same.


I post my latest graphics to these accounts:


These contain the videos relating to each case. Not every video is linked to in the infographics.


For those that are looking to do more, I'd highly suggest creating an account. You'll be able to upvote & comment on my videos, and interaction with other commentators can help drive views, which will make the videos show up earlier in searches.

For those that want to browse the entire collection of graphics, please keep in mind that you can preview the individual graphics by going to the Mega.nz folder:

bitchute.com/video/bNIHdaW37vqS/ White Victims of Black Crime - Lost Children v5. This is a good video to show people.
bitchute.com/video/AX1JkpWvh4k2/ Her name was Ebba Åkerlund - Ebba plays the guitar.

I'm the creator of the White Victims of Black Crime Infographics series. In this thread I will be posting all of my current infographics as I make them. However, in order to build up a buffer of new infographics to keep this thread bumped with fresh OC (and not just much-appreciated bump posts), I will first post my previous infographics.

Here is a single infographic to start out the thread. The rest will be in numerical order, but I like to highlight a particular case in my OP.

If you haven't read the previous threads, then I must warn you that this thread will likely make you rage. This is normal.


December 24, 2010

Location: Houston,TX

Victim(s): Jonathan Paul Foster 12

Attacker(s): Mona Yvette Nelson

Description: Nelson abducted Jonathan on Christmas Eve, 2010, and burned him to death with a blowtorch. Jonathan’s badly burned body was found four days later, wrapped in carpet in a drainage ditch.

No evidence of a motive for Jonathan’s killing was ever turned up, and the boy's body was so badly burned, pathologists could not determine how he was killed.

Houston Police Department Homicide Detective Mike Miller called Nelson a “cold, soulless murderer who showed an absolute lack of remorse in taking the life of Jonathan Foster.” He called the boy’s death “an absolute tragedy that can’t be put into words.”

Archive.is Link(s):
archive.fo/OKsTI Story after arrest.
archive.fo/cJF9F Another story.
archive.fo/0mdOY Homicide detectives describe Nelson as “Soulless” & may have other victims.
archive.fo/DfqiZ Crime blog about the case.
archive.fo/n2H0z Found guilty via trial by judge. Life in prison, since the death penalty wasn’t being pursued.
archive.fo/PRScg Murerpedia entry.

archive.fo/LvpZf Jonathan’s find a grave memorial.

archive.fo/eAygk Foster surname info Ancestry.com.
archive.fo/OEuMC Foster surname wikipedia entry.
archive.fo/G28Dp Foster surname info house of names.
archive.li/zrMuc Foster surname info surname database.

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I'm in the process of revising my graphics, as when I first started making them, I didn't have a pastebin account. As I remake the graphics with new QR codes pointing to the new case pastebin file, I'm also looking for updates on open cases. So far only the first archive (1-125) has been updated. I'll be posting in this thread until I hit 125, then it will be several times a day as I update the graphics. Once I hit 1000 I'll be caught up.

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I made an account on Minds a few months ago and have been spamming images from your first archive. I didnt know you already have an acct there.

Wonderful. I appreciate the extra exposure, as I spend my time making graphics and don't really have the time to upload them to many places. I had an account on wrongthink as well, but I guess that site is down forever. Bittube became just another social media site "bittubers". At least there's still bitchute, which currently reminds me of early youtube

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You will never be white you rage baiting jew fuck. Spam your shit elsewhere.

lol. Kike STILL kvetching! You complaining makes me smile.

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while I appreciate the effort, Jessica Chambers was a coal burner and should NOT be on this list.

It's important to let people know why we say "burn the coal, pay the toll". For what it's worth, I rarely cover race mixers now. When I do, they're now part of the White Victims of Multiculturalism series. Individual cases allow people to spread the cases that THEY care about. Believe me, covering race mixers isn't not that pleasant task, but a necessary one. It's important to counter the jewish race mixing propaganda.

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I've made 3 moonman tracks (uploaded to my bitchute channel) in the last 2 months and will likely make a few more before the end of the year. That's a great way to get your mind off of the victims in this war. These new tracks are darker than my earlier tracks. A side effect of my work I suppose.

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I fully support and spread your work, user. Thanks

Thank you for your praise, and for your efforts to spread these images. Gradually interest in these will rise, and with it, the anger that this has been going on for so long. Time is on our side.

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thank you user, it may seem like a lot of Zig Forumsacks dont care about these threads but i genuinely believe most of the views come from lurkers that use this as hatred ammunition

Thank you. I figure a lot of people aren't commenting because they don't want to use up a reply just to say what so many others have said, but I appreciate comments all the same. I don't mind making new threads, especially since the older threads take an increasingly longer time to load as the amount of images I post grows. Next month will mark two years that I've been making these threads and we're up to thread #11.

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To those of you that take the time to archive and catalog the crimes blacks have done, you deserve a metal.
Thanks for using your energy and time to spread awareness about their situations. I nearly break down reading these, making them must be much worst.

If there is a god out there, he’d respect what was done here.

Thank you.

Thank you. People don't want to see the truth. I will make them see.

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You're doing God's work OP.

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Thank you for your praise.

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still here


Yeah figured that when I saw new archives…it's why I started spamming them on Minds starting with #1
When I saw you have a Minds acct, i reminded a couple of your posts there but I think my channel activity (posting memes on new Flaherty videos) was getting me more views.
I'd like to amplify your message. Your collection was helpful in breaking thru my conditioning so I want others to see it too. The volume of these brutal attacks is a galaxy class racepill.

Very true. I knew it was bad, but I was unprepared for all that I've uncovered. There will be new material for years.

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These threads are Gods work OP.
I cant read them but I cant stress enough how thankful I am for you making them.
Also about 2 or 3 threads ago I posted the link to the thread into Incog's reply forum on his website.
It was the thread where you posted that Incog inspired you and I thought he should be made aware of your efforts.

This is all true, blacks may be sub human meat grinders out to murder or they may just be humans adapted in ways that make them violent. It doesn't matter. They're being used as weapons by (((others))) and it's those people we need to deal with. Blacks are just around like weeds they don't have an agenda they just act on instinct.

Thank you. I communicate with Incogman on gab. He also helps to spread my posts on there.


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Archive links are updated. Here's the anonfile one, since it changes with each upload.

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New case.

#StopWhiteGenocide #TylerWingate
Tyler got into a minor traffic accident w/a car driven by Davis. Davis walked up to Tyler & hit him, causing him to fall to the ground. Tyler was then attacked by Davis as he tried to get up. Tyler died at the scene.



July 22, 2019

Location: Detroit,MI

Victim(s): Tyler Wingate 24

Attacker(s): Lawrence James Davis

Description: Tyler got into a minor traffic accident with a car driven by Davis. Davis walked up to Tyler and hit him, causing him to fall to the ground. Tyler was then attacked by Davis as he tried to get up. Tyler died at the scene.

Archive.is Link(s):
archive.fo/53YPP Story on the crime.
archive.fo/dd763 Davis is named as a suspect.
bitchute.com/video/GQg9PfYlTgjy/ Report on the crime.
bitchute.com/video/7w5EDcADqfv2/ 2nd report on the crime.

gofundme.com/f/losing-tyler Tyler’s gofundme page.

archive.fo/FbYFX Tyler’s archived gofundme.
archive.fo/F9quP Additional story on the crime.
archive.fo/1xjm4 Additional story on the crime.

archive.fo/WurK5 Wingate surname info Ancestry.com.
archive.fo/Oi3op Wingate surname wikipedia entry.
archive.fo/SK0Ai Wingate surname info house of names.
archive.fo/FDCjg Wingate surname info surname database.

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Note to mods: I've switched browsers.

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Attached: wjbk-video shows man beaten-072219_1563830294746.JPG_7539711_ver1.0_320_240_1563840853617.jpg_7540230_ver1.0_640_360.jpg (1920x1080 972.45 KB, 1.57M)

Attached: 1580 - Video shows Berkley man beaten to death after early morning.webm (1920x1080 2.66 MB, 2.3M)

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Just saw this on unz, fucking infuriating. I don't know who to be more mad at, the propaganda for turning this kids brain off to think he could change detroit by living there, his family and friends for failing to teach him how to avoid the groid, or the animal bastard and his neighborhood who did and watched this happen with no "conscious" at all.

It's always a struggle, but I reconcile my feelings by just hating the jews even more each day.

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I just got through watching several videos of these animals attacking white people from the past couple of days, and wanted a place to vent out the line Fuck Niggers.

This seems the most appropriate place. Fuck niggers. The majority of them are no better than vermin, and like vermin they need to die. I’m so fucking sick of watching them terrorize people with no real consequence. We need to get on the streets and cull the herd by shooting at least half the niggers on the streets and reducing their total population by at least half. Nuke Africa. Nuke Haiti. Fuck then all.

Alright, now that I got my vent/ fed post out of my system I feel I can leave the house without shooting the next nigger I see. Have a good one gentlemen.

Soon bruders, our peoples betrayal will not last indefinitely, and arrears will be paid in full.

I know the feeling. Making moonman tracks helps to ease the pain.

Checked. The comeuppance will be epic for sure.

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Keep crying cry baby

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It's a shame Europe can't get access to the 5 o'clock news in major US cities. They would all be planning to protect the world from the US right now instead of Iran.

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Do you mean 5pm or 5am? there must be some livestream you can recommend. Also what would you expect me to see? noggers doing nogger stuff, we have just imported masses of noggers, that beheaded and stoned their cousins for showing their ancles 1 month ago -thanks

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Atrocities like this should just be met with a very swift, simple gunshot to the back of the culprit`s head as soon as they're pronounced guilty. Just hogtied and force arched into a bare concrete yard with cameras rolling, dumped on the ground stomach first and a simple bullet to the head, as many as it takes. That's it. Any relatives or friends can then come pick up the body, because why have pieces of shit like those continuing to draw breath and waste so much resources-why have them remaining alive long enough to end someone else's life? Cause even more misery? No, just bullets, rope and a few competent non-chickenshit personnel and both money and lives get saved.

Well said.

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