i want to keep my virginity and first kiss until marriage. a man i was talking to is mad because i dont want him to have my virginity when we meet or my first kiss.
he talks to other girls and says he cant help it because of a ""past problem", and he doesnt like me for me. im lonely and i dont really have anyone to talk to. i liked him before because he was nice to me. he talked to other women while talking to me, and has taken multiple girls virginities. i simply told him that i want to wait until marriage and want to marry a virgin man, who only loves me and i love him and we'll be together. he got mad and said "i ruined his mood". am i being fair? i tried telling him that i would never let him do anything simply because hes a manwhore. his rule was to not share anything we say to eachother, but hes been sharing my conversations to another woman and shows me it (i dont know why, but im assuming he wants me to know hes talking shit about me.) i dont know what to do. im a traditional girl, but am i being too conservative?

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This is so confusing and a thread died for this.

Literally just break contact. You're not being that strange. Doesn't sound like a situation you want to be in so just leave it. Ask your dad or a male friend to help extricate you if you need.

no, dump him and find a better man

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Good relationships are built on trust, respect, and on far more than physical relations. You are 100% justified.

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Always protect your virginity until marriage. Having sex before marriage is harmful to marital stability and leads to a greater chance of divorce. Shun all degenerates.

I would assume you're younger than 18, that or just submissive in a way that only hurts you.
Leave that man right this instant. If you choose to keep the behavior up, it will only get worse as his degenerate actions become more unbearable for you. Your virginity is not something you hand out to the first soft bloke who shows interest, so act like it.

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thank you. i was worried that i was being harsh, or too judgemental because he has autism and would constantly make me feel bad when i would try to say anything to him. i cried because he would talk to other women and wouldnt even apologize. he would just give me excuses or blame me because i dont want to be sexual with him. i dont want to be with him, but i am very lonely. he used to have 4 girls whod talk to him, and they all left him and he came back messaging me. he didnt apologize or say i was right, because i told him that these women would end up hurting him. he expected all these women to only have sex with him when they were in an open relationship. i told him i didnt want a first kiss from him because he is sexual with so many women. i dont know how to explain it to him, because he just excuses himself and blames everyone else.

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you seem like a lovely girl and i wish you the best

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also, sorry, but if you could, could you send an article about virgin males? i want to send it to him. i think that he feels that im being too obnoxious about it. i told him that i just want a male who will be a first and i will be his first.

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thank you!

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Jesus Christ the absolute state of this fuckin place.

fuck him as long as yu can trust him
he likes yu
yu will be fine

im sorry. i really needed advice. i want to cut contact with him but i didnt know if i was being too judgemental, which is why i asked. i thought i was being cruel.

Just say the truth and hope he doesn't thot patrol yu.
Men only respekt honesty.

So I can't tell if you are trolling or not so on the off chance you aren't:

(1) Find somebody else
(2) After that fuck as many people (or as few) as you want
(3) Nobody will date your worthless ass if you aren't having sex once it's a sure thing you won't be giving sex at a relatively near future point. Nobody stays a in a fucking sexless relationship until they are married a couple years; if you aren't sucking dick by date thfree then don't cry when you are dumped and even better, just go Japanese and quit dating. You want security/attention, we want to fuck all three holes; it's a trade.

you are a degenerate.

a/s/l/r +proof that you aren't part of a tranny cult and we'll go from there, don't bother if you're a landwhale
[email protected]
can't get a gf if you don't put yourself out there anons ;^) I'll give you lots of headpats if it works out.

me too but tor is a waste of fucking time just to be a part of the incel community

Am I on Zig Forums or on /r9k/?

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Too long didn’t read.

My advice is as a man to a woman (if no larp) is to just marry and breed with a racially conscious white who is of high intelligence and knows what’s best in accordance to natural law. He’ll ensure you are taken care of and are able to fulfill your role as a wholesome house mother with lots of children.

Any man who is a cuck and or zog brained and incapable of providing you with this traditional way of life is not worth your time. Being a young virgin is your ticket in ensuring you are able to properly pair bond with a man with true values. Real men never waste their time with used up thots, they are too damaged and irredeemable.

As for your virginity situation. Reject all peer/societal pressures that tell you just to lose your virginity. As you probably know we live in a fucked up clown world society in which “losing it” is a kind of social milestone as to be accepted as normal. Don’t let this pressure get to you, who gives a fuck about conforming to the degenerate npc “normal” people. You have higher ideals. Stay strong and focus on what’s correct. Which is to be a proper woman who values doing what’s best for our people in accordance to nature. To do that you need to find a strong man who values doing what’s best in accordance to nature as well. If both work togeather towards this mutual goal you’ll achieve true spiritual connection. This is what truly matters. Love for one another is a meme, true love is to work together for the love of our people. This is what nature demands of us if we are to survive and evolve towards greatness.

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I thought this was /r9k/ but then I remembered girls or at least those pretending to be them are b& on sight. This thread is probably going to get axed soon.

Type “premarital sex and divorce” into a search engine. You’ll find relevant results.

how can I get a clingy virgin weeb gf like OP?

You cant. This whole world is Sodom.

but they exist though evidenced by the OP and i really need a girlfriend like her

Hey, user here. I'm not like the other posters in this thread only interested in your breasts; I want to get to know you as a soul. If you feel comfortable we can meetup at Starbucks. My favorite drink is the white mocha heil hitler and I'm happy to pay for yours with neetbux. lol Also you have outstanding digits. Anyway. Maybe you can stay the night with me because I promise to be a gentleman. We can watch the Notebook and fall asleep cuddling. In the morning I'll make you breakfast in bed:

Hmu if you want ;) Pic related is me

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You need to stop caring about what he thinks, stop engaging him, he clearly has no sincere interest in you other than sex. When you realize that, and take action, you will note that it will make you stronger. You need to be more assertive about being goal oriented. If your goal is marriage, and a partner that loves you and you love him, ignore people like that guy. Stop getting attached, stop feeling "sorry". No need to be sorry, no need even to explain yourself. No contact. If he persists, "We have nothing in common, leave me alone." "Leave me alone."

Ignore empty guys like this, who just want their "fill" of women and once they get what they want, they belittle women and make themselves feel superior, men like these aren't even men without women, as if sex gives them a sense of identity, and without it, they're less of a man. They don't even understand what it is to be a man. They even lash out like children because they didn't get what they wanted sexually. In short, a man isn't a desperate faggot in a perpetual state of escapism. And no matter what they tell you that opposites attract or any of that unrealistic garbage, don't eat it up. Either a guy is compatible with you, or he isn't, either he shares your goals, or he doesn't, that simple. No big mystery, no special secret. That's it.

Nice Hitler dubs. You're doing the right thing. I was saving my virginity until I got drunk one day and woke up next to a girl in her bed. You ruining his mood is nothing compared to your higher goals. Keep at it. Make /pol proud.
t. zoomer

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thank you, although i do want to be a housewife, i would like to work at home as well. for me, cleaning and cooking doesnt take a long time, so id like to have a side job at home! but thank you for telling me this. im japanese and native american, and have been focusing on school and such. i do have sexual urges sometimes, but i take care of that myself.

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okay nevermind
get pumped and dumped by him nobody fucking cares about you

thank you. i sent him these messages and told him that i simply cant be with a manwhore. its not just because i want to save my virginity and first kiss for love, but its also because im quite scared of it. i believe its fine because im young right now, but ive never been a relationship or ever really had a man interested in me, though a lot i cant tell.

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Honestly, while a lot of us have tried hard to retain the sense of what makes a "traditional man", a lot has been lost on the idea of what makes a "traditional woman". It's more than just "put on makeup and do housework" - there's certain skillsets you should work toward to make yourself more useful than just a birthing machine. Learn some skills, especially anything crafty or productive. If you become good at it, you'll find a guy who's not a piece of shit in no time.

Good luck, user.

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You stupid bitch, wait until marriage. If he actually gives a fuck about you he will build a relationship, propose, marry you, and then put a kid in you.

I know you already got plenty of inputs, but here’s my two-cents

Assuming you’re being truthful with us, you’re priceless. Everything about who you are, should not be given to a man with no self respect. Even if he has autism, that’s not an excuse if he wishes to be treated like a human. Do not give him what he wants, and do not give him you.
Any man who degenerate himself like he has, does not deserve a soul like your own.
His love has a price: sex.
Your love is priceless. Only give your love to another priceless soul.

why are you so mean? please stop..

yeah. i know that, i try to be as patient and as understanding as i can. though i know im not the "typical" housewife, i believe that there are a lot of traits of me that most traditional men would probably not expect.
im very stubborn and i am sleepy a lot. i am more cheerful and a lot of people told me im naive, but i genuinley enjoy caring for others. i want to help others and to give advice to people. i enjoy making others happy, i guess. it makes me have a warm feeling for the fact that i can make someone smile/

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i thought i was too judgemental and that i was unfair, but thank you. i gave him multiple chances. i am blocking him tonight. thank you again, friend.

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No need to disrespect, user. She's just a kid. Think before you type.

Kids shouldn't be posting on /pol, faggot.

You sound like a zoomer. Naive and idealistic, but it's fine. Don't let this shitty clown world ruin any of that for you, and definitely don't let some sex-obsessed retard ruin it for you either.

On that note, which rough region are you in? If you're at least somewhere near the south in the US or outside of a city, there's good chance you can find a decent traditional guy.

I think the most people would accept is hapa. If you aren't even a little hwite that's disappointing but not unexpected, because every single time I meet a larper from this board they are either not white or a fucking fat autist. You should leave now, especially if you're underage lmao.


You put a slash after "pol" as well, newfag.

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Kids shouldn't be on the board. And if shes over 18 shes a stupid bitch for asking such a stupid question. She is better off bumping /sig/ instead of making a thread seeking attention. Fuck off as well