Italy busts Neo Nazis with missiles and all kinds of other shit

What the fuck, check out this cache. To me it looks fake. If you were moving Missiles would you bring a bunch of Hitler and Nazi memorabilia? Hell no

If you were Mossad or some UN operative looking to frame anti immigration whites as dangerous Nazis would you bring a bunch of Nazi stuff with your cache? Yea that would be a good idea. Sloppy Job Mossad

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Go back to cuckchan with this shit tier OP
Also Italians aren't white you Amerimutt incel trash


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baste youtube comments, as usual
looks like its either a mossad op to put pressure on Italy or a corrupt cop trying to lay blame on people nobody will defend

Yep the comments are gold, what a bizarre story.

The JIDF scripts are pretty impressive to always be the first.

ayyy lmao

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Woah those crazy Neonazis! Italy better help bring in those African migrants to help stop the Nazi takeover of Italy, again. Someone needs to tell Salvini this is what happens when Racism is allowed to run rampant!

If the Turner Diaries events were to become a reality and white nationalist rebels were to take over the US; Zig Forums would still be screeching about how it was all a Mossad psyop, and the footage of port cities being nuked was deepfaked.

There's a kike called (((Dennis Tienesen))) kvetching hard as fuck and trying to do damage control on every comment thread.

I've seen Jews do this on other YT comments sections before. They're highly neurotic and paranoid when it comes to controlling the narrative.


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Dude this shit does seem fake af tho tbh how did they even find the people that had this or atleast know they had this shit and why did they have natsoc shit too?user I simply do not belive it!

TBH I was exaggerating because I liked the "8chins" meme in the latest Murdoch Murdoch ep.

Yeah this does seem fake though. Also apparently some of /ourguys/ in Germany got caught supposedly having a hit list of over 20,000 leftist cucks. Seems like all of this bad optics is coordinated to smear nationalists at the same time. Don't be surprised if we get more gay ops from Hungary, Poland, etc. in the coming months.

True like do they even get caught?Pff niggers didn't read the first rule of siege lol

this is amusing. they are frantic.

Staff like this happens in Latin America once a year… some parts of western Europe and most of Eastern Europe is like that too, you just don't hear about it because you're too MSM-tier.

I love you so much. Thanks for being here.

With the nazi paraphernalia too?

That is not a weapon catch, it's small collection. Deactivated guns?

They expect people to believe this shit? Look at the fucking comments.

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Oh… OHHH!!!
Might (big might) be a false flag or that thing feds do to get you linked to a crime

entrapment! (Just remember that word

remember to #MAGAwithDACA my bros


Oh look the same exact thing happened in Greece about 2 weeks ago. Kikes have really lost the narrative and they're just doing c/p fake propaganda at this point.

If you wanna remember the word entrapment just watch a couple ruby ridge docos.

Probably a "hey kid, wanna buy explosives" situation.

Daily reminder.

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yeah totally believable you fucking retarded glow in the dark whores.

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Sounds like real niggas actually doing shit and brainless niggas like you calling it "fake" because reasons.

The stupid neo nazis were hoarding that, rather than distributing it. Acting like greedy idiots already without spreading the sweet gear.

Have you checked the comments with a VPN, because they often filter what you can read? They divide the users by their interests.

Most people can't understand this
muslims see: "Christians did bad thing!"
Christians see: "Muslims did bad thing!"

Meanwhile: *hand rubbing intensifies

Looks like your average amerifat gun collection with a dummy missle we would use as a yard ornament. Litterally nothing.

Yea because we're raping brown hairy Muslim women too

Yeah, $10 says it was all a weapons smuggling op that was supposed to go to Israel or Mossad funded terror groups and got bungled.

>an air-to-air missile
The real question is to whom the missile was supposed to go to.

It reminds me of this

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Set up to fail.

oookay. Pretty sure there's some GRU involvement there too.

Fuck off glowie, go screencap your own posts more you dumb fuck.

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what does this comment even mean?
and those are the same retards that dubbed replacement migration and south african farm murders as "far right conspirarcy theories".

Comments like this are why I don’t give a fuck what happens to liberals and leftists in their cities other than to use those anti-White attacks to inform those who would understand rather than being a fucking tool.

Any real group would fight back instead of letting zog arrest them and steal their munitions.

Looks to me they raided a few weapons collectors, one or two of them with natsoc memorabilia, and to try to make the public assume its far-right terrorism we should be worried about rather than the invading shitskins and their (((handlers))).
I bet they didn’t even subscribe to pewdiepie.

It looks like a toy.

100% fake
>(((EU))) state gov busts neo-nahtzees with XYZ bad thing
Is always fake.


And btw can only be launched from a plane.
Where de plane?

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On de ground?

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They are paid to sit and read every new thread. We just browse it casually.

Everybody is still trying to understand if this whole thing is glowing or not.

They are ukrainians.

polite off-topic sage

magine being the cunt who has to haul all that by hand…

also remembering this

150 live hand grenades, 44 rocket propelled grenades, 1,450 9mm cartridges, 18 tear gas grenades, scores of triggers and detonators of various kinds, 102 explosive charges, and 264 blocks of plastic explosive. (…) was stolen from a military installation in Portugal on June 28 (2017) and is still missing.
Tancos Air Base, 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Lisbon
(…)hand grenades, 9 mm ammunition and "perhaps" other weapons were stolen from the arsenal, which had no electronic surveillance "and" was guarded by military patrols

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Under OPERATION GLADIO (((NATO))) armed and trained stay behind armies in case of communist takeover in Italy and other euro nations during the cold war. They were then used for assassinations and terrorism as part of the STRATEGY OF TENSION at work across Europe during that time. Just as today in Ukraine, (((they))) had no problem arming Nazi's when it suits their agenda, and ultra right wing groups tended to form the bulk of these secret armies.

My guess is that they have opportunistically raided one of their old clients to push the (((white terrorism meme))) & to apply pressure to salvini to get tough on the far right.

Straight from the script book of Hollywood Nazis.

Why would a group with no aircraft go to the trouble of obtaining an air to air missile?

The type of missiles a certain desert shithole has plenty of…

Why are they using ordinary police?

Why no explosive ordinance technicians present?

Why are civilians standing within blast radius?

Why are important looking people on-scene, within blast radius?

Is this a primitive attempt at framing one ideological group, to serve as justification for a later aggression by another?

Hmmmmmm…… who's M.O. is that?

It's not like jews have a monopoly on that behavior. Though the particular one being framed implies kikes.

Spanish civil war part 2: nationalist boogaloo?

aaaaaaaaaaaaand another race war postponed by at least 5 years
ehhh fuck guys hide your shit correctly

Which is why this may be fake. It may have just been a bullshit raid on gun and memorabilia collectors. The real question is, was that missile "legit" with live munitions, or was it just the dummy shell like buying a disarmed, inert grenade or AT-4 launcher that is now nothing but a plastic tube. It may very well just be some disarmed device, that appears to be "regular" police handling it, but if it was live they would only let explosive ordinance disposal experts in protective suits handle it

Oh wow, CNN told me not to trust that evil fake news. There is even a warning on youtube! This is clearly some other group trying to frame poor nazis. The nazis are the real victims of this, we need to think of what we can do to help the nazis.

These groups are all controlled opposition. They're tying off loose ends since it appears Epstein is King Kike and will take down a lot of them with him.

Apparently Bill Cosby ratted on him.

It's not illegal in Italy.
The guns are, well even that is questionable frankly, Italian guns laws aren't too bad.
The missile might be but maybe not if it doesn't have a warhead.

Frankly I expect him to walk. It's just the MSM doing it's MSM thing.

This was pure psyops.
It was literally the factory modifying the army guns in semi-auto for civilians/export and what not.
It's like the ATF raiding Century Arms and announcing they've found a gazillion of full-auto foreign guns…

If you were at the point you had missiles in your stockpile you wouldn't let it fall into enemy hands like this. Who, having got at that point, would just let the government steal it all from them with no resistance? If real white nationalists had those missiles, they'd have already liberated Italy with them.

Oh, hi Shlomo

Pfff, you would shit your pants if you saw what I have, OP.

Big story huh, more like fake bullshit. Ilegal beaners have been caught multiple times with dirty bombs aka nuclear capability one of them was accidentally reported on in the San Diego harbor with a big attempt at retraction and threats for reporting on it. Muslims have been caught with sarin gas and massive quantities of fentanyl and carfentanil in the US along with multiple other European countries.

Every single time the governments called as little attention to it as possible or did media blackouts when muslims, illegal beaners or shitskins were caught with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I'm sure even Normies would like to know they have almost been nuked and gassed by muslims, illegal beaners and other shitskins on multiple occasions. While they are arresting White people for playing poker on the weekends and talking politics.

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Why does every fucking post have to be poo'd up by faggots like this

sure buddy

What, like dividing chassis in equal parts and distributing every component to the terrorist cell next door?

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TIL Al Capone was jewish

the mafia is obviously jewish as they hate Christianity and are anti human exploiters

thank god they busted these guys; only a matter of tine before they got a plane

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Oh, jewwwww!

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either some old Gladio (CIA) cell cleaning house, or literal fake, in both cases happening for some (((reason))).
not even worth commenting.

I'll be damned, is this anti Russia propaganda? Confirmed fake news from the BBC. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS BLAME RUSSIA FOR EVERYTHING?

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It really shows how desperate they are. If they wanted to find some collusion, they should look into the PRC buying and funding a shitload of stuff in Europe, Canada and America. But of course they can't do that or they'll find themselves cornered.

Check out this quote from Putin. (video)

Also speaking of Ukraine blaming Russia, PM from Malaysia had this to say about the investigation of the flight 17 shoot down.

" Malaysian PM says Russia being made a scapegoat for downing of flight MH17"

That is not ordinary police, those are NOCS special agents.
Also I guess that thing is not armed.

There's some shady shit going on with this MH17 deal and the trial; is happening now. I'm calling it now, the Jews or their proxy shot down that jet and are blaming Russia, getting pay back against Maylasia for being based and of course D & C value. Then the trial might lead to sanctions…

The Malaysian PM is an honest man. Anytime the media blames Russia, change Russia to Jews to get the truth.

I think MA 370 and MA17 are both Jewish false flags. Check the vid, it's a gem.

p2 gladio types have access to pretty much anything

ur a russian bot

opinion negated

They're not Nazis, they're Operation Gladio.

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Nice try guy.

This is interesting, could there be more nazi stashes?

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites