8ch Working with the Feds

United States v. 8ch.net 9120 Double Diamond Parkway, Suite 5901, Reno, NV 89521

(3:19-mj-01755)District Court, S.D. California

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Maybe idiots calling for violence will finally stfu and stop doing what the Enemy wants.

Read the letter. Thats for facebook dumb fuck. Enjoy your 88 year ban.

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There's six fucking warrants faggot

Nvm. Its really for Zig Forums. Sorry, ate mercury for dinner.

oh no a public forum that the feds and/or jews can pasta may also be owned by feds and/or jews.

"vs" isn't really "working with". It wuld be like im in cahoots with the irs because I pay their tax requests. I hate teh irs but they will try to kill me if I don't pay.

They realized that no one is falling for the Tarrant psyop. So (((they))) finally sent the feds.

fucking this

Fuck off codemonkey

I fell for the Tarrant psyops til I saw the video of the Muslim families saying Mossad did it

(You) predicted this. Keep on with the putin posts faggot.

One would like to think the admins aren't stupid and that they keep zero logs beyond twenty-four hours. This isn't Germany where you have log retention requirement. I run a couple systems, privately and professional, don't keep shit even on the professional side after all logs are discoverable and legal doesn't want that shit either.

Do you honestly believe that I'm Russian or is this some other variant of subcontext that I'm missing here?
This is about minecraft posting outside the server.
This is because 8ch is now and always was a psyops.
It helped Trumplestein get elected.
It helped keep the Nazi vs Antifa meme alive.
It helped keep the incels indoors while niggers crossbreed with white women.
It helped keep our attention on digital propaganda instead of growing crops, shooting guns, and making white babies.
The problem is that National Socialists understand that were being fucked over and were willing to embrace socialism in general because it's a better system than capitalism.
The problem is that their agenda didn't work. Glowniggers at the behest of their oligarch financiers wanted more Berkley style riots and possibly even a civil war.
The problem is that most people no longer believe that this system is benefitting them and they see through Trump's fucking Zionist bullshit.

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This post goes out to the feds:

I'm more than happy to cooperate just hit me up. Yall already know where I live after all.

Man it's almost like anything you do on clearnet is tracked by feds or something

Except they are.
On a normal image board after a certain amount of threads are made per board old posts are "slid" off the board.
8ch? Jim keeps everything. Fucking everything.
Go Bing "insert word here Zig Forums 8ch.net" and you'll see several year old threads (post-hack) that still are live/readable instead of being deleted permanently. Jim's clearly selling/storing identifiable data, most likely compressed which identified a specific reply/poster and their device/PC AND OS

Example: 8ch.net/pol/res/13398659.html

Another thread earlier an user pointed out that Google has delisted 8ch again which is recent because a few weeks ago it could be Jewgled.

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Thanks Ron, suck my left nut

if you're serious do you have a link?

Oh god help I'm on a web 1.0 site and I think I'm arrested??

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Well shit. Just when I was starting to like this site. It was the only decent alternative to 4chan. Now I gotta find something else.

Cody is that you?

Take your pick, user.

Here ya go.

See you tomorrow.

Wouldn't surprise me that Cody posts in these kind of topics knowing he got gangstalked hard.

What? He was gang stalked? Did he make a video about it?


neinchan.com/pol/ is brettuly gud

WTF? I hate Zig Forums now

See you in real right wing places like Storm Front where we will never do anything friends.

Stormfront is literally a fed honeypot but that doesn't mean this isn't too deflecting kike

Thank you my fellow White Nationalist. Don't forget to stay on welfare! Fuck Tarrant!

But user, 8ch is the feds.

It was meant as a containment zone and a potential sting operation, but it doesn't have to be.

People have been bitching about "second exodusing" from this site for over five years now. Why are you still here?

what if you put quicksand around your house as a moat when (((they))) come for you theyll sink in the quicksand pit like all the sabretooths in the san diego pit.

Too much effort. Superglue pennies in a large circle around your domain and all the jews will just starve to death while trying to kvetch the pennies from the floor.

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They monitor the internet period. They're in the pocket of the jews.

People forget that the exodus only happened because Moot nuked 4/pol/ in the height of an unprecedented censorship campaign and had the gall to insult people for getting mad for wanting answers. Had he not done that, most would probably have stayed especially as the impetus for the power trip – the Chelsea van Valkenburg drama on /v/ – eventually died down.

Exodus takes effort and people are sedimentary by nature – with Chodemonkey being practically apathetic to the state of Zig Forums for better AND for worse, people will gripe, but they'll stay because they aren't being outright prevented from posting. And they'll continue to stay so long as this place doesn't suffer a Zig Forums harbor level event. Even then, chances are they won't exodus from the whole site – they'll just move to a different board on 8ch much like /b2/ because it's too much effort trying to find a whole new one, fed-controlled or not.

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why are you shilling so hard?

I don't see the problem.

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Feds are reading this thread, put on your cool faces

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Not just that, but the fact that 4chan has become Reddit and it's still pretty bad even when it's not summer. It's twice as bad as Zig Forums.

==HEY FEDS== I'm available for hire. Track me down. And ill assist you in the destruction of the white race. Hurry, before I change my mind.

Cool as a cucumber
But cooler than a banana

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um gonna need a quick rundown on this.
Also, does the transparency report have anything to do with this at all?

You glowdarks are shameless.
How to spot FBI in three easy steps.
Victory will be sweet.

wtf I love the FBI now

Beat me to it. Only a 3rd rate jewish wannabe comedian would think this moonman shit is funny much like the nauseating banana guy.

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fuck off and die boomer

Traitors go first.

redpill on the 7 proxies thing

Could any of the fedniggers reading this thread please explain to me why you're obviously doing the bidding of communists who hate freedom of speech? In a nutshell, why don't you do anything about the mongrel hordes on Twitter who want do dissolve your government and do away with any basic or natural rights?

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I think you overestimate how much influence commies have. feds are bought and paid for by kikes and capitalists

Funny how the Muslim's religion have jewish root characters through out their entire book and direct connections to Judaism.

If anything, you're the glownigger or a jewish psyop.

And everyone knows the jews purposefully use propaganda to influence public opinion so that other people can commit to their will.

Like here:


And here:

And you know what? People are waking up. Even black people:


The original video got taken down from youtube since, you know, it's owned and operated by jews. But the black man was denying the holocaust and even went on a rant how jews were responsible for the persecution of blacks and played a central role in the slave trade of old.

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You didn't know? Boy you are in for a ride, he doesn't say it outright due to his education but everything points out that he was at least bothered.
I'm gonna spoonfed you because i was too:

Fuck, he made a uranium metal video in which one of the steps was refining into the famed yellow cake stage. They forced him to remove it and later on was reuploaded by someone else but i just found out that one got removed too (lasted 2 months i guess) so no links here. Didn't back it up for some reason.
Then in the lapse of a couple of months his GF broke with him suddenly, he was denied his final degree due to some paperwork reason even when he approved everything, his internet got cut out for some reason so he uploads via cellphone signal or something, Youtube forces his videos to have 2 to 3 ads (one of them Chernobyl, hah), fell into a small depression, he reworked the chain mail he made as a hobby into a much sturdier one and uses it daily, his family's ranch caught a small fire in the middle of the night near his small mine tunnel, shifted his focus into more inna-woods activities like food produce inside a water tank. Also the feds entered his house, told him a thing or two and stole his radioactive box, he caught them on tape too.
Guess the glow in the dark fuckers didn't forgive him after he was cautioned for the "gunpowder from pee and grass" video, and i heard he also had a glycerine video once. Shame because the guy seems to be a legitimately good person.

Pic 1 is part of the original video.
Pic 2 is context.
I can't seem to find the other video with him walking circles in his house explaining the slow internet speed due to being cut. It's fairly recent. Nevermind here it is, it was in his other account.
Here's explaining things with an excerpt of the feds (notice he's balding now)
Pic 3 is the radioactive squad breaking in even when he didn't do anything illegal so far i know.

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Who wouldn't want to glow in the dark?

Found the lefty. FBI is blue team. Remember why the FBI started? Was it to enforce puritan laws across the conquered territories of the south? How much Jewish influence was there really in the '20s and '30s? What do puritanism, protestantism and progressivism have in common?


A lot. The main religion was jewish and they were beginning to take over the banks while pushing out propaganda for their own efforts during those times.

Nuh uh champ! We can trace a direct line from puritans to protestants to progressives. Nary a Jew to be found. Jews only started to gain influence in the '60s. The FBI goes back to the '20s and the roots of the problem go all the way back to New England in the 18th and 19th centuries at least.

I suppose that's why they controlled the Federal Reserve since it was founded in the 1910s, right?
No one buys your narrative. Kikes had influence going back to Alexander Hamilton.

So you're gonna ignore the fact the bible's first five books is the Torah which is jewish in origin and all the characters within it comes from jewish blood? You're gonna ignore how they have been using that 6 million number both in modern times and before wwII as they used it for wwII?

And considering the federal reserve was created on December 23, 1913, which was an idea the founding fathers were against but an idea that jews desired and now own and operate, speaks more than your post. Also, Woodrow Wilson was the first person to also appoint a jewish justice for the supreme court and even today, on their own websites they consider him the most pro-jewish president of all time


And what told him what was right? His jewish root religion and probably the actual jews themselves considering how much they praise this guy. They were around they just weren't making a scene, but they most definitely were leaving a trail of bread crumbs which points to the fact they were purposefully MANIPULATING public opinion.

Or are you gonna ignore these videos and photos in the post below?

I guess we know who you work for.

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American protestants are a pawn of the jews, but make no mistake the Bible clearly says that many things that were practiced or repeated weren't right.
Read the damn book if you want to be more precise.

Yes, the feds are closely watching 8ch. Why not look at it as an opportunity to redpill the feds? Commies and anti-whites have infiltrated the organization, but most of them are loyal to their country and their heritage. Many of them are exactly the type who would be sympathetic to nationalists who want to preserve our people, culture and country. They are intelligent enough that they respond to reason and logic. The path that our nation is on is balkanization. The anger over our nation's future is what generates hateful comments. The feds do not want to see balkanization. The only problem is the are currently npcs who follow orders on how to think. What they do not respond well to is nonsensical hyperbolic conspiracy talk.

I did read the book. The "god of israel" made a pact with Abraham, whom the jews themselves claim as on of their own while "god" told him that his seed shall have rule over all the nations of the world.

Then the narrative flows from there all the way to christ. And those chapters full of people having children is showing the jewish bloodline and even the NT continues where the OT left off in that tradition. Jews play the middle ground in case you haven't noticed. Take Trump for example, his family line has jewish blood in it and he was the first president to visit the Jerusalem wall and even touched it while donning the jew cap.

I mean the point of the government is to serve the people, and yet, these jewish root religions convinces people to become servants while their governments strip away their rights, takes away their wealth and abundance handing it over to foreigners and Israel while we continually borrow money from a jewish owned banking institution that lends our own currency to us at an interest rate. Literally financially enslaving America through Usury.


We should owe no one money. But no matter who gets elected, the same agenda ends up getting completed. The wall was a front because he expanded legal means simultaneously and that isn't solving the problem that immigration brings.

It's what I have been doing, but some of their agents are clearly jewish because they will outright and slander against one for simply pointing out the truth.

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That is what their job is. They will do that regardless of what they think. We must stop viewing Jews as a group and realize they are individuals who act as individuals. Most Jews are not religous or strongly attached to their culture. They will be our allies if we give them a chance. It is the bolsheviks, the religious zealots and the wealthy Jews who bought into the Jewish idea that the only way Jews would be safe is to create a multicultural society that are the problem..

8ch is a public website that operates within US law.

See how retarded you sound? Now stop schizoposting and start reading your bible. I hear that Abraham once faced exactly the same problem you're having with Jamal, and he dealt with it rather well.

why the fuck do we need them as "allies?" A Jew by default is going to side with his people. Fuck your (((individualism)))

Abraham had 2 gods with 2 personalities. Christ said many things have been interpreted badly or were wrong from the start. Jews play all 3 sides, anyone posting here should know that.
You can't be serious, not defending the action but if you think he was the first one you need some history.
You are quite right in many things but you need more info.

Much of what the wealthy Jews are pushing through the media is detrimental to themselves, but they don't seem to realize it. Israel could easily be gone within 25 years, not because of war, but because they get overrun by migrants. The Jews in the U.S. will essentially die out within 3 generations because they don't stay Jewish in the U.S.

When will they realize globalization and mass immigration is destroying the Jews more effectively than any nationalist government ever has?

But, they don't. There are many more half Jews and Jews who don't know they are ethnically Jewish in the U.S. than there are actual Jews.

Many Jews have just become average white people after they have forgotten their religion and culture.

question how far back do the content of the search warrants go?

Father Abraham has many sons
Many sons has Father Abraham
I am one of them
And so are you
So let's all praise the LORD!


I said the jerusalem wall because it's the only wall known. I don't care if it's proper name is wailing wall because that's all the jews do to leverage other people to do their bidding.


You know what you fucking dumb ass? You're a fucking psyop. Because they both are FULL of heavy jewish bias and teach jewish dogma and christ teaches morals for non-jews so that people become complacent and act out their beliefs with a servant mentality while jews are actively trying to get non-jews to serve them the whole time. The Torah originates from Judaism for fucks sake.

I was more christian than you could ever be because you don't know me or my past. However I know you're full of shit because if you actually read the fucking book and believed this shit you'd be acting out your believes straight to the synagogue to spend time with "God's chosen people" jackass. Instead of promoting the first step for jewish subversion, you should actually hold your tongue and think about the evidence being presented to you.

Including the videos and pictures in this current post and these posts:

So when the time comes and their bullshit affects you on a personal level you can't say you didn't know.

Sorry, I did a dna test and I do not have jewish blood in me. He ain't my father and this shit you're doing ain't cool. Either you're a jew or a brainwashed fool.

You're a tool. There is such a thing as true justice instead of adhereing to laws compromised to favor jews. People can go nigger nigger nigger all day online but the second someone points out a fact about the holocaust that's not taught in the narrative they give, all of a sudden you're a racist bigot whose anti-semantic. What a load of crap and considering all the photos of multiple jews and videos claiming otherwise… Yea, your assessment isn't generally true.

Then you morons complain about people favoring skin color. A jew is not a white man. Their genes have traits that are different from real white men.

Who the fuck cares? People need to wake up to the jewish menace.

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And you know what? A ship owned by JP and Morgan was found recently housing BILLIONS in cocaine. People could lie to themselves are they can start waking up.

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Attached: Origins of multiculturalism.jpg (640x402 78.6 KB, 96.59K)

See how retarded you sound?

See how retarded you sound? Also prohibition was created by the FBI and was a fat fucking failure. Now the black street dealers fuck your wife and there is nothing you can do about it.

Your entire contribution to this world will be barely a pimple on the ass of history.

Nice one brainlet, now the feds have your DNA. Oh wait a second, you ARE the feds!

I don't think you are welcome here my friend.

You people only have yourselves to blame if you don't wake up and fall for the lies of their misinformation operatives.

And it starts with their religious programs. Keep the book, keep the jew in spirit.

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Says the mother fucker to chicken shit to use a legit idea. Fuck off you stand alone complex, psyop meme machine.

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Yes, we would be very foolish if we were to listen to the words of obvious FBI entryists such as yourself.

My meme machine is thousands of years old pal.


Do you know how much longer an eternity is after six years have passed?

And we're clearly not friends.

You're gonna be sorely disappointed in yourself.

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Meanwhile I'm blowing up the jews and connecting the dots while you're trying to label me as something people on this forum hates, but you can't convince them that jews ain't the problem. The majority of Americans are waking up to the bullshit they have been pulling in the spectrum of media.

And remember, the victors of war write the history books but these victors keep wailing for help and handouts at the expense of those that provide the help and they even go far as to rewrite history.

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What is the role of women in our society? What is your opinion on the Woman Question?

The hell does that have to do with this thread being an obvious exposure to the jews literally reacting to this site and what people talk about? I'm done here, you're the mother fucker playing the middle ground and your cover has been blown.

Sacrifice this crusade because you cannot win it. Truth can never be erased.

How's the weather Moishe?

SJWs always project.

Looks EXACTLY like Adam Schiff from the nose up. Must be his grandfather or great-grandf.

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oy vey

Like when the authors of genocidal religions cause those who believe in them to commit genocide? The same group of people that when I point things out they call me someone who stands for genocide for simply pointing things out?

Wow, and here they go again you.

And considering the Jews have been behind funding terrorist organizations like ISIS, al Queda, and a variety of other cells whilst their religions are full of genocide and even the jewish savior speaks of how he's gonna come back and genocide everyone that simply didn't believe and jews even write a whole book on it?

Yea, you guys call me everything under the sun.

I have been called a Nazi, white supremacist, white trash, nigger, black, mudslime, a woman, a devil worshiper, mutt, jew, fag, tranny, muslim, fbi, glow nigger, shill, and everything else under the sun but you guys always get it wrong. Have fun projecting while your presence helps me expose the jews even further because you people are staunch defenders for them even though everybody hates the jews more than they hate America and America is the one doing the wars. Public opinion can only be suppressed for so long until the water boils over and then they will demand action. And when those whom are in the pockets of the jews fire the first shot, I can guarantee that someone will catch it on video for the whole world to see just like they have been doing themselves with their fuck ups and trail of bread crumbs.

And considering how I have been aggressive in trying to show how the jews are, because it's basically just been me, they push out propaganda that it's ISIS, they stage false flags, and gets people to pass legislation in their name for their benefit at our expense. They try so hard to influence public perspective and opinion that it's sickening.

Hopefully glow niggers actually have some pride and backbone and do the right thing, unlike you.

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Way to look at an investigation emotionally, subman.

You left out the most obvious one, schizo boy ;)