Ok Anons, meme this negro caricature from the wondrous '40s

This is a racist comic piss-taking meme thread. Go nuts!

I'm thinking basics e.g 3% do 50% of the violent crime

IQ scores by country

IQ by race etc.

Terrorist attacks since 1970: muslims are 94% worldwide.

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Queue Igor’s slide posts. Bolshevik free first post.

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This shit is garbage.

Thanks user.

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There is nothing left of value to slide. Have some fun nigging niggers, user.We need a
good laugh for a change around here. Maybe get back some of the old spirit that kept the shills at bay from the start.

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Comic name is called The Spirit. I remember coming across one of the comics in a local library.Have fun.


This is rubbish but I'm a potato at memes.

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Samefagging because Al Jolson:

Jew in Blackface, this has massive potential for jews and niggers!

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fukn 1488/1488

Cheers. In retrospect I should have finished with "Neeeiiigggerr!"

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Dumbo, 1941.

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Isn't that a Mexican cartoon?

If the Carnation in 4f4a were a golden star.

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Fucking kill yourself do-nothing coward.

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The fucking jews invented and popularized blackface, it was never a white thing
Al Jolson starred in the first feature length talkie (The Jazz Singer 1927). Itt was not the first 'talkie', but the jew doesn't want you to know that. The movie was all about a jewboy who went into showbiz against the wishes of his rabbi father. It ended with him the forsaking fame, so he that he could sing some jew shit at a jew ceremony
You think they're fucking over movies now? This bullshit has been going on a long, long time