Trump: Dem lawmakers must 'apologize': 'They have made Israel feel abandoned by the U.S.'

Nazis still don't get it

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Based Trump divide and conquer the demoshit?

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Well, leftists are against all forms of nationalism. They merely ignore some in order to be truly dishonest.

"All this for a LARP?"

They are /ourgirls/ and will gas the kikes. Based.

Kek he's using the jews against them

More like he's using political correctness against them

He is reverse concern trolling the dems. Top kek, 12/10. All hail the God Emperor, commander of the Space Force, declared white supremacist, and enemy of the forces of poz!

Reminder that the kikes just had their little antisemitism kvetching summit. So be prepared for desperate attempts to deescalate the global rising for jewish extermination. They will most likely try to play the good jews/bad jews card, to calm their slaves down.

This is to play the dems into sucking Israel's dick so they'll get less votes from leftists. He knows his ratings suck because he turned his back on his base, so he's pulling these tricks. I wish he put as much work into fulfilling his promises than he does tweeting bait at libs.

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I vote that “trump tweeted x” threads be banned for lack of any sort of impact or merit

At least this is remotely political. Thousands of other low effort threads like "why don't lazy millennials own homes at the same ages boomers did?" hit the reply cap most of the time if not locked.

The Dems fear the Jew.

When first addressing the squad Trump spoke the basic truth that these people need to go back home even if not born in the USA. That is because they don't change their agenda if born in the USA or even after several Generations. Him speaking truth to that basic concept also scared the s*** out of Jews such as Michael Savage who are normally against anyone who doesn't worship is real. The fact is what goes for the squad goes for Jews who support Israel were any Jews. They don't change their ways once they show up in the USA or are even born here. Trump's comments about the squad and needing to go back home or where they came from is Trump doing what Trump does best. Even if he gas lies or makes a misstatement he speaks more truth than anyone has dared to say in a hundred years. Also his lies are crafted so that when people explain why they are lies they only dig themselves in deeper. 90% of Americans including several Generations old Mexicans all support exactly what Trump said.

At least those threads make you think for a second instead of useless trump threads

Don't hold your breath for him pointing out jew's hate for Whites.

Jews can hate me as much as they like as long as they do it from Israel.
They hate Christians more. Fine point but precision is important in this game.

Why trump why?

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What are you on about you retarded schizo?

And I care about 1500-year old Roman law because…?


The state of this country, seriously, where a bunch of shitskins accuse a white president of racism and he counter accuses them of anti-semitism.

Trumpberg is truly a pathetic piece of shit hiding behind the skirts of a bunch of kikes.

I'm all in for AOC and the 4 morons of a apocylpse at this point. If they can unseat the kikes, we'd have a far better chance dealing with these shitskins than kikes.

He's hiding behind a bunch of kikes because he is a coward question is what will win out?

Accusations of racism by brown people or anti-semitism by a goy?

Get the popcorn.

when did the nigs take over pol?

jew agenda is White genocide, not christcuck genocide and christcucks are helping them do it.

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meaningless bullshit. we’re circling the drain. blackouts across the nation, tariffs which will guarantee shortages, literal fucking poisonous icecream, gay niggers setting themselves on fire because mueller didn’t deliver that special Q magic. the place is fucked.

may as well take the clown pill, nig. ain’t shit you can do by voting.

not 1 dam thing changed by protesting or by voting, and that’s a fact.

obama did nothing about guns, and obamacare is a synthetic of the NHS, a fraud, a ruse, a scam for the proles.

and where’s my fucking goddamn wall?

ain’t gonna be no wall. votes don’t work.


it’s interesting, because the torpedo is either russian intel or us intel, frankly can’t into tell the difference da!

Your mastery of the English language is astounding. Tell me user: did you attend pre-school? You certainly sound like it!

Holy fuck you're stupid. Were you born that way or did your tranny mother hit you repeatedly with a hammer when you were four?

see, they don’t have much time. always in a goddamn hurry. every fucking one. it’s the inescapable tell. it’s due to overtasking, and it’s a global pandemic. no agency is overstaffed.


fascinating. can you imagine being such a dum fuk you thought your labors for the system would save it?

Context, motherfucker! Do you speak it?

ah, the aggression of an agent who is poor at his job. you don’t even know the topic.

anyway, glowtard aside, the us is just circling the drain. voting will never work. politics will never work. there will only be cascades of failures, butt coverings, lies, denials. but remember, you can’t even trust your fucking ice cream isn’t poisonous.

Job? I do this for salt, you pathetic waste of oxygen! Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahhahahahahhahaah

Fuck off asses and elbows.

I guess this level of "arguing" works where you usually apply your wares. jr high, fox news forums, reddit?

What's your point, you moronic double redditor?


How many of you chaps are there anyway? You're keeping me at work and all I want to do is go home and drink some whiskey.

My god jared is fugly. These jews wouldn't be anything without mammon.

Not persuading anyone, that leaves disruption. To that, here's more info graphics of truth.

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Oh my god, this shit is Zig Forums tier.

First one is a thumbnail.

Trump married a kikess so his daughter is already a kikess and her children will be kikes either way according to Jewish law.

Anyone noticed how Kushner (aka Q) looks like hes wearing a human mask stretched out over his face?

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Even more so than the traditional jewish features, that look of just not being quite right, like an alien trying to look human, is the most reliable way to spot a kike.

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Nice try leftykike.


Kikes are shitskins, retard.

That Cortez bitch? A jew. The fact it leads the "anti-zionist" faction means jews are perfectly fine fucking over zionists.


No, jews just try and lead the dissent. Zionism is the endgame. And you know what I meant: gentile non-Whites are nowhere near as much of a threat as jews.

Divide and conquer.

They don't try, they lead the dissent.
White genocide is the endgame, zionism is just the jew's pet project. Most jews now want to go to back to America.
They are the same because kikes are shitkins, they both want to genocide white and whites LET them do it.

haha, how long before dems turn on their jewish masters in an attempt to attack trump and defend their subhuman pets.

The jewish masters are funding them.
Jews are majorly democrats in the states.

White genocide >>>> Zionism.

Zionism isn't just a "pet project. The endgame is the Talmudic jewish utopia, which zionism is a big part of. White genocide is a means to that end.

That's like saying a rabid dog and squirrel are the same because they're both animals.

Do you think Trump and the Republikikes aren't completely owned by kikes too?

No, white genocide is the end game. Zionism is just their pet project by religious jews, the normal jews don't care about that shit, they just want to genocide white.
No, animals aren't shitskins.

What does that have to do with jew masters funding democrats? And most jews vote democrats?

doesnt take away from the fact that dems are jew owned.
but are republicans completely controlled?
completely? no.
there is some portions of the republican party that are white controlled. problem is the high ranking members are compromised, but they need to put on a facade in order to maintain that status.

they fund them and are disingenuous. bad combo when they turn against you.

democrat vs republican is pleb theater, their both jew controlled, but with most Whites voting republican, jews voting dem is them being anti-White.

Again, they have funded and continued to lead them, the democrat jews don't give no shit as long as whites are extinct.

You really don't understand jews.

Because you seem to be implying that the Democrats are the jew party, when they both are. The fact that average rank and file jews are mostly democrats doesn't change that both parties are completely jew-run, and advance the jewish agenda.

Obviously not. But it does take away from this idea that we just need to vote for the "right" jew-party, and they'll save us.

Like who?

Yes, because white genocide is the end goal.
There are more jews in the USA than Israel for this very purpose.


I understand them more than you.
And what does that have to do with the fact that jews run both parties?
I only vote republican to advance pro-white candidate, there's NONE in the democrats.

No one ever suggested voting would solve the problem but I'm beginning to think the accelerate meme is legit. Whites seem to push back harder when leftist brown anti white democrats are in charge like obongo .The redpills are greater. I'm sick of all these fucking white TrumpNiggers sucking Trumpbergs dick while he's taking it up the arse from kikes. Its fucking nauseating. Trumpkike is a literal talmadic magician that has done more for israel than any president in recent history while simultaneously done nothing for the so called "MAGA" agenda.

The clown pill is legit too, it would by funny if it wasn't so tragic.

Who are these supposed pro-White candidates? Is Trump one?\

And what is your first language, because it certainly isn't English?

I say it almost everyday. I'm so glad I didn't fall for the Trump con and never registered to vote

Rand Paul.

They already have

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Really? Trump has done more for Israel than Obama, who funded ISIS, bombed Syria and ended Gadaffi?

This is Israel. Where is the opinion on jews?

Israel =/= jews.

Trump dropped more bombs on Syria then obongo lol. Also trump tried to fake a chemical weapons attack in addition to the false flag he just tried to pull on the tanker

Imagine actually believing this

That's legitimately false.
Huh, chemical attack and barrel bombs accusations were common during Obongo.
Again, Israel does it, Trump calls it off.

It's a nice lie, but there are more juden living in America than Israel.
Israel does not represent jews, most jews in America vote democrat, which is the anti-Israel party.

Man I'm so glad I didn't get sucked into the personalty cult of a fat orange Zionist billionaire lol

nobody is disputing that, are you ok?

nobody made this claim, but organizing within a political party is possible. you realize that the old parties simply changed leadership/names, they rarely started a brand new party.
a literal self proclaimed national socialist/white nationalist ran and won as a republican.
the party is loosely affiliated, anyone can get involved especially in low population areas.
just google the article about some democrat bitching about how "my neighbors voted for a nazi to avoid voting for a democrat" if the party was "completely" controlled, that wouldnt happen.

a party can get coopted, and it looks like thats starting to happen. the neocon pro-israel boomers are a dying breed in the republican party. ive been working in the political world for a long time, things are changing and even the politicians that just want to be popular (most of them) know this.
some now see AIPAC as a double edged sword. "gee i can get free money for saying muh 6 million, but it will also cost me the votes" this has never happened before.

im excited because this world was SO JEWED before i couldnt even say anything. now its becoming more and more common. it went from "jews ARE white" to "yea, but the people pushing that agenda are all jews" in a matter of 2 years.

i've seen some other shit thats really hopeful as well.

the parties used israel/jews as a fracture point a long time ago. liberals dont like israel because its """whites""" (jews) oppressing browns (palestinians)
republican evangelical neocons see the jews as gods chosen people, but thank god that is a quickly shrinking viewpoint. though the old men that think like that gripping onto the party are dying off.

just because you hate a jew doesnt mean youre helpful to whites. many liberals hate jews BECAUSE theyre white. im not saying jews are white. theyre not. im saying thats how these retards see it

I never understood why evangelical conservatives love kikes and Israel so much when American Jews always vote overwhelmingly Democrat and pro Israel lobbies overwhelmingly donate to democrat canidates

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Man, I'm so glad that I actually know what's going on instead of being a blathering, kike.

Because they are brainwashed by the fake Bible.

Plenty do, they think zionism is a greater evil than fucking white genocide.

So in short, you agree that white genocide is the endgame of jews right?

I'm not the Trump supporter here lol

Zionism IS white genocide you retard

theyre being decieved and lied to. most of them actually think jews vote republican and are shocked to learn otherwise.
many of them say "yea alot of jews are liberals" but you know what? alot of whites are liberals too, doesnt mean we turn on them either. they see it like that because "enough" jews are not liberal.
many of those jews lie about who they vote for.

to learn about evangelicals and how they were coopted by satan, check out the documentary pastor anderson has. he explains the schofield bible that was funded and spread by jews to change some wording about israel to say theyre blessed. newspapers also pushed this across america.

white genocide is just a stepping stone towards zionism. how do you not know this? their ultimate goal as stated by (((THEM))) is an inept world of brown mixed people that worship their clean little traditionalist ethnostate where they are worshipped and dont have to work.

So why are you being a blathering, kike?

Your baste anti-zionist AOC is promoting white genocide.

Turns out white genocide happens regardless of zionism or not, retard.

There is no "anti-Israel party". A small handful of democrats who are critical of Israel doesn't make it that.

Except all of the "Nazi" candidates were denounced by the party, and they only got the nomination because they ran unopposed.

Tom Metzger managed to get a Democrat nomination once, so I guess the Demokikes aren't controlled either?

>white genocide is just a stepping stone towards zionism. how do you not know this? their ultimate goal as stated by (((THEM))) is an inept world of brown mixed people that worship their clean little traditionalist ethnostate where they are worshipped and dont have to work.
Again, zionism is a little pet project by zionist jews.
Regular jews don't give a fucking crap and they live in secluded areas where they don't inter-marry regardless of where they come.
White genocide is the endgame for them since whites are the only powerful enough to remove them.

I did initially because Trump was of Scotish/German decent just like myself I foolishly assumed he might have a shred of decency and honor flowing through his veins, but boy was I wrong. I've never seen a more hardcore Zionist than Trumpstein. There is no redemption for him now. Whites need to wake up to this simple fact. Trump is no friend to white people. He has betrayed his people.

The democrats are known as the anti-israel party because they tout anti-israel policies and their voters, majorly jews and shitskins, hate Israel.

Israel again does not represent all jews.