How many are earning more in 2019 than 2017?

Statistically speaking, Americans will switch jobs every 2.2yrs on average.
Trump started in 2017 and it's been near 3yrs of his "greatest economy ever."
I think people are missing the target with all the rapid fire going on. The target being cheap labor.

If the strock market today is 3x's what it was when Trump first took office and you are not worth 3x's the amount, the money has disproportionately flowed to the top. Who today is worth 3x's what they were in 2016? (speak up)

Ok, so first and foremost, Communism is bullshit but it's especially shitty for a billionaire in Real Estate holdings as real property gets confiscated and redistributed (confiscated absolute, redistributed no absolute) among the people. Our interest aligned with Trump because of this. I was happy to support him because I'm not a nigger and I can see if the interests of a person align with my interest, I stand to benefit from him achieving his goal.

But here we are. I am not in any position better financially, no, I am much worse off financially in 2019 than I was in 2016. I went from having my own little business to having no business and no work.

"Greatest economy ever" (pic related)

What I see with my eyes and what I can deduce from those observations.

Non-whites (ie: non-citizens as they haven't fought for their rights… yet) are willing to live several families to a single unit home and eat shit-tier food. Piling stinky animals into a cage and feeding them slop is not my ideal America!

Trump works for Trump. Cheap labor is the goal. "racist evil nahzees" are bad because they demand a higher standard of living beyond an inflated stock market and deflated peasant class.

The options: Some ant-American shit-tier communist nigger that will sell the land to juden to come in and Holodomor2.0 White America because they want Trumps (and others) stuff. In this, they discount the 100 million armed American army that will not budge and will die fighting.

Trump - Slow boil continuing the soft-erosion of gun rights because they continue to lock up pedophiles that they allowed to operate. You gotta stack em up to knock em down! Bump stocks = Check! Silencers = next! Language in bills = Very easily interpretable to mean all firearms.

We're in a pot and the water is slowly rising in tempurature. We have to seroiusly put our brain power together and THINK, is acceleration our ONLY path?

Let's discuss. Please leave out the Siege BS. I only want to discuss what is legitimate and in-line with OUR interest. The sons of the founders! What path is best for us?


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I still make $0.

How do you live? Welfare?
I have to explore those options so I'm genuinely asking. I don't know how to go the handout route.

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Posted - same time.

I guess that shows who's posting here.

You could do govt monies.
Do unemployment first.
Then get some foodstamps.
Easier if you get some babies.
Then you can get more monies.
Use this time to set up a garden and farm animals.
Easier if you get land.
Then sell what you can't eat.
Make stuff: clothing, furniture, devices.
Sell the stuff you make.
Easier if you barter.
Use monies for things like internet motel.
And beer.

If you make money use it in overhead then have no taxable income.
If you make under the tax line then have no tax payments.
If you barter then have no income at all.

Or get a sugarmama.

Can you get disability if you've never paid into it?

The stock market is not the "economy" retard. The stock market is just an indicator of how much money the big banks are printing.

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Yes, but not much.

I've been looking for a job with prospects since I graduated last year with a science degree. No one wants straight white men in their lab it seems.

tell us, in detail, why we no longer follow a GNP and refer only to a GDP?

So you've been looking for a job for 9+ months in the greatest economy ever without any success?

All those numbers are bullshit created out of thin air. They have no basis on reality as they are completely manufactured.

For shareholders, not entry level seekers.

Don't believe what you hear on Fox News. Women and Pajeets are still taking the jobs of white men with the consent of HR. Especially entry level work.

Because all companies are kiked and they've made it a mission to hire more women and diversity hires thanks to the jew in chief and Obongo drums

This is one of the things that irks me about Trump. He is an avowed anti-communist and his most ardent supporters are as right wing as you can get. So why the fuck is he yelling at the Fed to unleash inflation a.k.a. stealing from responsible people who have saved and given money to irresponsible fucks who take out big loans?

t. pissed off saver

Did you just start paying attention today?

Economy was always just a buzzword, it never described the life quality and income of the average citizen, but always referred to big companies/state

Yeah your dollar is worth dick and not getting any better. That's just hard facts. Where is the best effort put, though? Any job I take right now is a bandaid. Nothing allows me to get ahead unless I go live on the street and put every dollar earned toward changing things. I'm at the point where I have to make a real decision.

No, what's bothered me about Trump from early on is he has never brought light to the fake shootings and even let the Molly Tibbets act go through. All those events are Mossad insurgents bilking money out of American sympathy. I fucking detest the acts as they are the lowest form of propaganda imaginable. John Wayne made propaganda and did it with class and tact for a purpose that aligned with American Values. A lot of people don't know that. Propaganda is not inherently bad as Anifaggots would have you believe, it can shape nations, it does shape nations, so it must be used to present the shape you want.
That being the case, Trump wants a nation sympathetic to the jews. He is not getting close to them in an effort to "bring down the deep state (see: SES)" He is absolutely working for a Greater Israel world dominant power. I think he's bought the lie they hover over all emporers via The Prince. "Not all jews. Not all jews. They cried!"

Yes, all jews.

The Founders led to this path. Siege is right and you can only flippantly dismiss it.

I think we should invest in things that cannot be taken from us. Invest in ourselves and our friends and our families.

Is this the thread everyone complained that I killed? lol oh well it's anti-siege bs.

/b/rother please catch up with what's going on. Your life, the one your ancestors fought and killed for, has been taken and your family can and will be taken very soon if you cower to the fight. It will be taken.

fucking lowIQ nigger. Is that too many words for you in the OP?

I was speaking rhetorically. Let me rephrase. My life is the very last thing that will be taken from me. The lives of my family are the second last thing that will be taken from me. The lives of my friends are the third last thing that will be taken from me.

I mean you are better off spending your time/money improving yourself than on buying things because commies will steal those things. You want to be a fortress guarding a few dusty nuggets of gold, not a tent with a whole chest.

Low-IQ? It took forever for you fags to realize that Trump is not good news but you still want to cry that Siege is too extreme.

Pro tip, start working security. The pay isn't great, but you get paid to be a neet. You can get paid to watch anime and listen to Pierce broadcasts. Most of the normalfag security officers spend their time watching movies all day. At most if something happens you write it down and what time it happened, call the cops, write down when the cops arrived, when they left, and go back to being a neet and getting paid to shitpost on imageboards.

I was in agony in 2017 over how I was going to make enough money in this life for the things I want to do. Then I spent some time with an old handyman to see how he gets by. Guy was a fucking wreck who did terrible work, but people kept hiring him. I lost all my worries that year.

This life is not about making money, anyway. There's so much more to it, and even these awful times spent under the enemy's boot are great in their own way. I used to feel depressed knowing that all on this Earth was already discovered, but I don't think that's true anymore. Modern people are so lost that we get to discover the truth all over again, and the journey is awesome.

this list is evidence of Trumps disgusting loyalty to Israel over the US and it's people. He hates America, but loves what it gave him! He wants it all to include the American dream without any new partakers!

I have my SHTF avenue well planned. I just really don't want it to get to that point. If it should be the case, I stand to benefit greatly when it does. I'm just not a jewnigger only looking out for myself and I don't want to ever become a subhuman degenerate who does so. I won't become them in order to beat them.

I understand why you would but I cannot ever succumb to that. I'm much too restless. I won't badmouth you for taking the path of least resistance, it's just not my path. I fall into depression way too easily without a task.

The only thing I'm sure of is jews are to be avoided. Never in history has it ever worked out to the benefit of humans to work with them. Ever. Ignoring 4,000 years of documented history because of "feels" (ie: "Not all jews, lol") is ignorant at best.
I don't know if Trump is aware of the depth of their deception or just how ingrained it is in their bone marrow to jew. I'm not sure of that and have waited for the pieces to fall into place, but I'm now thoroughly convinced that it has all been well-orchestrated, pre-placed script where juden has laid the bait, people (including their own) took the bait, and now they are playing out the final act which will remove those that posed most threat to their one world government implementation. Once the list of pedos goes down, the seats will be filled with pure zionists.
So unless the spawn of the NSDAP come out of hiding in Argentina, our interest will not be represented in this shift. We are cheap labor, nothing more.

Until its not.

Got $5.00 back from IRS, my Happy Meal and Cookie were Delish, tyvm IRS, no Sarc, really thanks!
Prices seem to be down on many Items, while CPI and Big Mac Index seem Flat to average.
Investments are doing great.
How difficult was it to improve, when during BHO, the Average Household Income was $50K, then WENT DOWN? pic related

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You should stop obsessing about Jews user. That shit'll kill ya!

Forward Forward, into the valley of the shadow of death!
Is that you, Lord Tilleson


LIfe has to take a back seat to purpose
Only animals think otherwise

No the economy is not doing wonderful

If youre a white male you'd better damn well make sure you get an internship and have above a 3.5gpa while still in school. If you dont have these two things and you don't have connections you're fucked. That is unless you're a soycuck or tranny.

Im earning way more but im not Murrican.
I am doing some contract work for Murricans though.

From what you understand of the world
Do you think the Amish will be spared?

Trump just legally imported thousands and soon to be millions of more pajeets to lower wages at top tier jobs, millions of legal and illegal spics to lower wages at low tier jobs, and millions of other legal assorted mutts to come lower wages in the coming years for the middle class. Earning more is antisemitic and the thing that matters is as Trump said the support of Israel you

obviously, shitskins do it all the time

Can confirm. It's looking like I'll be following my older brother's footsteps and getting my first job with prospects in China of all places. White men without connections not being to find entry level work with prospects in a country build by white men is a tragedy.


Im pretty autistic and I have cripping IBS, can someone redpill me on getting disablity?

welcome to neetlife brother

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I'm worth more than I was 2016/2017. I'd be making more, too, if my former employer didn't shitcan 40% of their workforce nationwide and give all the jobs to Mexico and China er, excuse me, Korea and Vietnam. And they sacrificed us all on the altar of shareholder profit.
You want to talk about change? That's what needs to change. Corporate administration can't see past the quarterly report. Many will knowingly, willingly, and enthusiastically make decisions guaranteed to hurt them in the long run just to be able to report 0.7% more shekels of shareholder earnings.
There's no loyalty any more. No sense of dedication or responsibility.

The only solution is violence. Anyone telling you otherwise is a fed. Fedposting accusations are a tactic. The only solution is organized violence.

Feds can't stop it so they try to delay it with muh glownigger memes.

I have 3 different women who buy me everything and give me money. Get on my level.

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I'd rather be dead than kept

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Anyone who believes in this Bernie/AOC tier mathematical economy argument is a total fuckwit.

your grannie, your mom and your girlfriend?

I understand (as is described anyway) how the numbers were reached, but how can a group account for more than 100% of what's being measured?


Enjoying being a temporary embarrassed millionaire?

I would be good at this


aT lEaSt He TrIgGeRs tHeM sAlTy LiBs

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I know SO much salt XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

As would I, and tbh, I think it's a legitimate option to consider.
This is a fucked-up jew world we currently live in, and I think it's about time we all stopped living according to their rules, laws, and pseudo-morals. Once you get into this mindset, you realize that there is a broad range of interesting, exciting, and creative ways to live and thrive.

Alright, I think I'm going to check myself out of the fight.
There's a sophistication at play that no matter how many I reach, it won't be enough to stop.
The biblical character known as Satan presently occupies the biblical land known as Holy. This realm is not conducive to forced goodwill. Its inhabitants want to be entertained and forgotten.
I will let them be.

I'm in agreement ^^^
May we stoke the flames of revolution from the shadows cast by the fire!

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What a blunder

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And the fact that we have all been taught how not to think, people will mostly look at this and say "hmmm, dollar bad I poor!" instead of wondering, "Why isn't the so-called anti-trump media covering this?"

you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.
I mostly agree with your points, but why are you typing like a high school girl?

Is there any way anyone could stop you from just going into the forest with a gun and building a shelter and hunting/farming constantly or busting into someone's winter/summer home and bumming around in it? With how expensive food is getting, I can see society as a whole devolving into four groups. people that are too attached to their technology and creature comforts that would rather eat scraps and watch Netflix all day until they die, the hyper elite, people that make enough money to comfortably get by, and one group that said "fuck the system" and decided to run off and try living freely in the wild.

I'll try and come back on in a few months and let you know.
I've been trying to make a decision as to "stay and fight" or "pack up the necessities and go" a'la uncle teddy minus the bombing people shit. I really have no interest in harming anyone. that's somewhat poised to the fedniggers that read this but it's also very true. My resistance to harm others has been debilitating to my success in this world, the artificial world and should stand as a clear indicator of my sincerity.
I am conceding defeat in a lot of ways, but also victory in the most important way. I will not be part of the problem, I will not contribute to the problem and never have (once I saw the problem, that is) so my conscious is clean.
Like I said, I'm walking away. I'm an intelligent guy, I'll figure it out.

Genocide isn't sadism, it's just extermination.

I make about 30% more in 2019 than I did in 2017. I work more hours, got a raise, and take advantage of a new overtime program.
I also used my saved money as well as a personal private loan to take advantage of a really strong investment opportunity which has yet to pay out due to the nature of the business but will likely be a 4-10x return when it's all said and done.
The base pay I receive for my line of work is about 20% above the area median for the same job and when you factor in the other stuff it goes to about 30-35% above. I actually got in early with the company and worked my way up. My situation definitely isn't the norm so it's hard to explain how to do it in a step by step process. The best way to replicate what I did / am doing is to get in early, make face time with the higher-ups while you can, and honestly a lot of it is just showing up and sticking with it. At least it was for me.
Also, once you get money don't increase your COL by upgrading to an expensive apartment and buying a new car. Keep your costs low and get your income as high as possible. Stack your cash and put it in investment vehicles that pay big, wait if you have to.
I don't have a college degree either. I also don't think Trump has shit to do with it nor do I think any president has enough power to single handedly change an economy for better or worse. There are far too many moving parts and far too many effects out of control of one single person or branch of government and I can't imagine anyone on this board actually still thinks the president is in control of shit anyway.

The reality is that the middle class is shrinking year after year. Your best bet is to stop thinking middle class. Concern yourself with and learn everything you can about different asset classes and personal finance. There's so many intelligent people on this board with zero real goals. Yeah yeah you're going to save the White race and destroy the ZOG, sure, and do it all with your NEET bux or your $11/hour retail job.
There is so much free and low cost information online about how to invest and take control of personal finances yet very few people on this board have any idea about them and this is evidenced by the nonsense that gets thrown around in every thread about the topic of wealth / personal finance / etc.

I'd rather have a race war than harvest jew bucks.

Hold on to your enthusiasm and try not to spend too much time looking into things.
I wish I could go back to when money excited me.

So do it nigger.

I'm not enthused about it, this isn't fun or exciting it's just necessary.

If that's how you think life works then I'm sure you'll be rolling in cash in no time.

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The economy is BOOMing, meaning those already established get more and youths i.e the future get screwed over for some shekels that dont even exist in reality.
I think the only thing pol and (((leftypol))) can shake hands on is that boomers are scum andwe need a genocide.



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Forgot the final image where he made $165,000 from a $250 initial investment.

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I don't want to spoil your dreams so don't take my advice unless you're genuinely curious about the world and need to know how things work.
Understand that the game is zero sum and currency flows one direction.

Fuck you, jobcuck

Leaving out the single most important thing?
Yes. Alongside violence, which complements it, and makes any real and good change possible.
Discussing while the enemy is alive leads to defeat. Kill the enemy first. discuss solutions to improve only after all enemies are dead.
Boomer exposed.

you won't do anything you cianiggers.

I am making more from my work and due to boomers being happier I'm making more on the side flipping firearms. The IRS hasn't given me shit about refusing to pay money for not having healthcare either. King nigger being out of power is great.

Feds will eventually boot you once found. If you make a bunker and actually arm yourself you might get them to write it off and ignore it due to how annoying it would be to evict/kill you.

But your excessive ibs gas is caused by yeast overgrowth. Eat garlic foods and take diy garlic pills to kill the yeast. Drink less alcohol/soda eat less candy/donuts. Move more because your body needs kinetic energy source for good digestion.
If you have gut cramps and/or blood in stool, you have a stripped mucin lining. If the gut flora starves it eats the carbohydrate lining before dying off. Food/stool directly touchng the gut causes inflammation and discomfort. Drink raw milk/kefir/yogurt and eat insoluble fiber foods like beans, corn, grains, and my favorite, psyllium husk.
Soak and sprout your legumes and grains to reduce toxic lectins.

60% of your stool is formed in your colon by fermentatin, so keep that shit healthful.

Becoming the Iceman
Wim Hof
Move Your DNA
Katy Bowman
Tripping over the Truth
Dominic D'Agostino

Lol. Camping is legal in the US. You just have to move your camp a few times a year. You could argue that you have the same rights as the "native" or "first nations" people where you live and get to stay and hunt with no fees. Camping only requires fees if you camp at amenities sites that have a kitchen or cabin however these are often reserved without fees by first-come-first-serve depending on location.
What you could really do is buy mining land and set up seasonal camps, then you are not on wholly public lands but lands you are leasing.
It's like $2-5/acre but you can't patent it rn because of jews.
It wold requie a strong trailer/tiny house to be safe from bears and wolves, nt no tincan trailer.

take econ 101

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Yes, learn from those who stand to benefit from the fraud how the fraud works.
Take logic 101.

It's shit even if you did pay into it.

homeless user here
i took my failed resume and changed just the name to "carlos " and ran them out to the same restaurants that i had applied at the week prior (even did the ol boomer "give em a strong handshake" etc approach by stopping in again to see if manager had an opportunity to see my resume)
the very same day 3/11 of the places called me back to interview "carlos"
WOTC legislation is pure faggotry

Nice job logicman.

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wow its all kikes, shitskins, and woman. amazing right guys? trump2020

No, brainwashed man, you don't.
The byproduct of labor is production. the labor is the value.

Because you suffer from stockholm syndrome, let me tell you this way.
When I ask you the value of 10 yards of grass, do you tell me the value is 10yrs or do you refer to the grass itself?
Units of measurement represent the underlying class, not the other way around.
Your entire world is upside down and you don't see it.

An hour of a street sweeper's labor is not equivalent to an hour of a doctor's.

No it would be 10 yards of undeveloped land since the grass is useless. The value of something is the skill put into creating it. But now we're just arguing meanings and I expect you to mean the same time unless you are a communist who believes in "labor-time".

*essentially the same thing

The flying fuck are you trying to prove?

By giving value to anything other than your labor, you belittle yourself and prop up an object above the value of your life.
Tell me, what on earth is more valuable to you than your life?

I'll be waiting for your reply. You give me the answer to that, and I will concede you are right and I am wrong.

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The +/- on two years should be irrelevant. Only a windfall or targedy should make a difference.

Stay broke faggots


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