Why do Jews Lie to and Brainwash Their Own Kids?

Has anyone watched this documentary?


It's called 'Defamation' and it's by a Jew but in it exposes not only the lies they tell non-Jews but to their own kids like that scene with Polish people just asking what some kids were there for and they cry antisemite. It's crazy. What explanation does Zig Forums have for this behaviour? I mean it makes sense to lie to outsiders but lying to your own kids? Really Evil. Why do Jews do this?

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They go to any lengths to sell the goyim on the lie, even destroying their own children. As long as they make money while doing it, they can’t resist.

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The only thing that movie didn't get into was money, like how much the U.S. gives Israel, the salaries of ADL, or of jews in general.

I dunno llol

This troon is actually adopted Palestinian boy, this kike family is taking a perverse pleasure in mutilating him.

You're never going to make sense of jews, they're the donkey to the White horses.

This. Jews are the physical manifestation of wickedness. They are demons scratching at the backs of each other.

The jew persecution complex is what enables the jew in his own mind to commit atrocious acts.
In his mind, he is defending his people from 'anudda shoah'.
It's a trick the jew elites do to their own people to assuage the guilt they might otherwise have of destroying entire cultures and races of people.
Even their own need to be tightly controlled.

To teach them the tricks of the trade.

The more I look into what Israel is the more I believe in their sincerity.
I think this whole jewish master illusion might just be people fearing a rapidly evolving social climate. We do naturally respond to think we don't understand with fear.

Because they are easier to control, especially through trauma and asserting their dominance in certain ways.

Because they are a cancer on mankind and, just like cancer, they cannot control what they decimate
or, the simple answer, it's jews being jews

Jews are high-functioning psychopaths. Physically and psychologically traumatizing their children is the way they create new Jews who will continue to process of nation-wrecking and destroying Aryan life.


Kikes are evil and do evil because of that, but it's not the only reason. Another is that we Aryans haven't collectively made the right decision to remove them from existence.

The greedy Jew will do anything for the shekel.

this is true

Plenty of non-kikes play along with the Santa Claus thing.

All cults seem to employ the same annoying tactics.

Proselytize like crazy, looking especially for weak lonely psychologically needful people.

Breed then raise children brainwashed from birth

Tell all the "flock" that everyone outside the cult is evil and hostile and that they must not associate with them, even to the extent of retreating into the wilderness to create their own city/country.

Christians, jews, muslims, scientologists etc all use these tactics.

He means the boy in the middle.
The one that got his dick chopped off, put on hormone replacement and dressed in a skirt.

They don't. There are no innocents.

simple, they are jews, and jews lie, cheat, steal and murder. theyve been doing it for thousands of years. they are not like most people but have more psychopaths and sociopaths per capita than any other ethnic group. much higher rates of mental illness and depression too. just like african niggers are tall and thin, icelandic people are giants and strong, so the jew is a lying piece of shit, thats just how they come

Because as you might have guessed, kikes aren't evil for simply being kikes. They're conniving vile khazar tribe hellbent on destroying the world at all cost.

Jews eat their own children. They are not conscious, they don't have conscience, self-awareness, creativity, free will etc. They are an overgrown virus that only looks like humans. They jew because they are biologically and culturally conditioned to do so, just like a dog barks because it's what dogs do. Once they ruin everything else, they self-destruct like any invasive parasitical species that kills it's host. When will newfags learn that they don't see the world the same way that we do. They are less conscious than animals.


I've posted this before but I'll say it again. That tranny kid… what was the name. Jazz? Anyway that kid was the youngest son. The father has two chad jew kids and a stacy jewess daughter. The daughter is going into law and the sons are going into Chadology. The father is a lawyer. The Jazz kid was a planned sacrifice. Score points to elevate status as the cost of a kid. Jazz will kill himself like all trannies but that is part of the plan, especially after having his dick cut off. A (((charity))) will be started with the family law practice handling all the paperwork. This will be used to funnel money as an obvious to aware people scam. I'm very tired right now so I'm not going to elaborate much but you get it. I also suspect but that Jazz was actually a Palestinian adoptee so it's a more powerful sacrifice as it insults the enemy and less of a cost to the Jew family.


I just watched it, and there is no questioning modern jews use the holocaust for leverage.
What explanation does Zig Forums have for this behaviour?
I think the suspicious guy who said they have to make a problem because they need a job, got it right.
The same charge holds for Christians, who are Jews++. For me it boils down to tribalism; there has to be a clear way of discerning outsiders from the ingroup.

If you're willing to use the word wickedness, you're probably willing to use the word righteousness, and then you're no better than righteous holocaust survivors, who leverage guilt for profit.

That's what they want you to think. Did you miss the part about poker bluffing?


Usury, be it with money or drugs, certainly is bad for humans, although as my former employer stated: It's their choice.

Christians are the same, in my experience. The only discernable difference is mercy, which most don't posess anyways.

Learn history, you ignoramus.

Yes, and so will any rational human being. I have yet to meet a Christian who backs off when there's profit to be made.

True story.

Higher rates of mental illness seems plausible to me, who as a scandinavian atheist, has suffered from being a depressed dissenter all my life. I know what it's like to be in the outgroup.

Dehumanizing people marks you as a psychopath. Seek mental health assistance, would be my advice.

Only keeping the religious people who understands mercy, seems like a sustainable practice to me. Too bad its teachings is being drowned in schizo nonsense.

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whats the point of being here if you're not going to hide, Jew? We don't care what you say. You disgust us. We're above you.

Go outside and have fun in your people's homo kingdom while it lasts you fucking kike. This isn't the place for you.

Because they are of their father and he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning.
Psychopathy is a virtue to an entity that lies to itself.

The irony is that this inversion means phrases such as tikkum olam (heal the world) and "never again"., translate to destroy the world and most definitely again, but for real this time. They create their own worst nightmare.

If jews really wanted tikkun olam they would start with themselves and it's easy. If you have been cut, sue your parents and the rabbi and the synagogue. Make this the norm and after a generation or two of not mutilating babies genitals there may be some improvement in the levels of psychopathy among jews.