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Polish Court Rules In Favor Of Russian Dad Who Took His Kids Back From Swedish Muslim Foster Family And Fled to Poland

After the Swedish government seized his three daughters and placed them with a Muslim foster family, Russian father Denis Lisov took his daughters back and fled to Poland where he attempted to claim asylum.

The Swedish government then ordered Lisov to be arrested in absentia and reportedly put out a European arrest warrant and an extradition request demanding that he and his daughters be brought back.

Last week, a Polish court ruled in Lisov's favor.

From Sputnik, "Polish Court Refuses to Expel Russian Dad Who Took His Daughters From Swedish Muslim Family":

The judge described the Muslim family, where the Russian's daughters were placed, as a culturally and mentally alien environment for the Christian girls.

A Warsaw district court has rejected a demand by Sweden to expel Russian national Denis Lisov, who took his three daughters back from a Muslim family and sought asylum in Poland.

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Long live Poland. It's like an island of sanity in a sea of clown world. Keep up the good work.

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Why would they do such a thing?

All jews, just the controlled nationalist opposition is in power, so they do stunts like that. Goldman Sachs runs the economy, they steal openly 100s of millions from our budget, our military fights wars for Israel etc.

Sounds like my country except White men aren't dehumanized and attacked so viciously and the nation is still 99% White.

Because they've collectively gone insane I'm not saying we're much better

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Three young girls escaping a life of sexual slavery bothers the Swedish government so much they are willing to put out a continent wide search to stop it. Just take a minute to really let that sink in.

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They will make great toilet cleaners for the UK muzzies.

We will win brother.

Why the fuck do you think, boomerfag? Lurk two years.

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Reminder the state owns you, for it owns your children; you are slaves.
I wish I had a solution to that or an angle to fight it with, because it is among the most infuriating of things and the normie doesn't realize it or he doesn't care, the same even for [weaselword] many who are redpilled. It ought to bring your piss to a boil in an instant.

*still, I am happy for the father and his offspring in the OP. But it's sort of bittersweet, for in the end it's a "poland give back MY slaves - no they are MY slaves now sweden"

This is the exact story we need to be spreading on all social media. Show them the future that awaits.

Don't confuse chauvinism with sanity.

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Please show us where the chauvinism is

Poles and Russians have no issue throwing Europeans to the wolves if they can benefit from it. They don't act hostile to foreigners because they are based, they only do it because they are tribal, like the Jews. Poles hate Europeans and especially Germans to this very day. This is chauvinism not patriotism, and this case is just an example of that. The Jews call that country "paradise".

That's nice reddit.

Your slandering of Poles and Russians is literally what you are accusing them of doing.
Now that's Czhutspah

If it was slander. But WW2 proves beyond a doubt it is not. And they suck kike ass to this day. Based my ass. At least us Germanics have no delusions about being occupied.

Go back to Asia.


Jewish to the core.

baste and redpilled

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There would be no world wars if it weren't for the Jews.

Good job Poland. You’ve made him proud.

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"Centuries will go by, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred of those ultimately responsible will always grow anew against the people whom we have to thank for all this — international Jewry and its helpers!"
-Adolf Hitler
You can't fight a war with Jewish tricks alone. They rely on good goyim to actually carry out their orders. To this day the Jew has never found a people more useful in this regard than Poles. Go ahead, throw out the D&C claims all you like, nothing could make me happier than to be divided from these soulless creatures larping as Europeans. A handout from a Jew would no doubt be all that is needed to make them stab Europeans in the back once more. Last time they did it for nothing but a bunch of hot air from the Brits. Fuck em. Any man living in that land with Aryan blood will identify with that, not with being fucking Polish.

How easy is it to immigrate to Poland?
Seems like Poland will make a nice future refuge if I need to leave the U.S.

Why didn't the Russian dad ask Jewtin for asylum?

I'm mostly responding because we need to pay more attention to wins.
Russian Dad is B8sD!

Finally some good news.
Thank God Poland still has some sanity.

Tribalism/Nationalism is good, you international kike.

Nationalism is based on blood. Tribalism is civnattery. Every real nation in Europe has expelled large contingents of Jews coming to their lands. Check and see who is not on this list:
Most Poles are Asiatic bastards. Not a real nation.

Nice to see a success story, but we're not out of the woods just yet…

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Another success story since a new thread can't be created for another hour:

In London, long held up as one of the world’s major capital cities – a beacon of multiculturalism, dynamism, enterprise and opportunity – death stalks the streets and alleys of its vast sprawling housing estates. Gang warfare has grown to the point where the lives of its combatants, in the main teenage boys and youths, have been reduced to the deadly scenario of kill or be killed. Meanwhile, the conclusion that the Metropolitan Police has lost control of the streets is now impossible to avoid. According to the Met’s own statistics, we learn that between January and June this year there have been

125,190 thefts

108,084 assaults and violent attacks

9,998 sexual offenses

24,918 public order offenses

21,906 drug offenses

40,409 burglaries

London has fallen. The imperial capital of days gone by is now the capital of nowhere and nothing, struggling to maintain a facade of strength and power as its foundations crumble beneath it. The imposing statues and monuments that colonize the city in homage to an empire that once covered a quarter of the planet, all of a sudden appear like exhibits in a once-grand but now-abandoned theme park.

They blame Brexit.

I think this is the first European city to become as progressive as Chicago, Baltimore, and Detroit. Paris is next. Congratulations, jews. Using niggers as WMDs has turned out to be the most brilliant thing the race has ever done.

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I thought this would be a typical tricks article written by a kike, or a "FUCK YOU DAD" article written by a coalburner, but it's actually written by a thirsty beta nigger begging for a drop of white pussy. That's the saddest shit I've seen in a while.

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That's their game user. They get you to think basic sanity is terrible and move the overton window in their prefered direction, until, before you know it, you are fighting just for the most basic of rights.

Maybe someone can steal her away and claim asylum somewhere.

(lucky check)
Ok, so this story actually puts a ray of hope in me.
When I see this, I can only imagine that some members of the NSDAP made it out of Germany and went into hiding, playing things right and breeding super-intelligent babies who are now stocking the flames for an all-out worldwide race war to leave the earth with one true master race.

Just let me have this fantasy, Anons! LET ME HAVE IT!!!


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They refused to renew the father’s visa saying that his handyman work wasn’t sufficient. But they couldn’t find it in their bleeding hearts to expel the children so they turned them over to a jihadi family who get automatic visas.

they truly have no fucking shame

Thanks OP, about time for some good news tbh.

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based poland… now, if the catholics would get back to pointing out jews white people might actually have a chance

This is straight up cuck philosophy, like thinking you are so smart and in control of your impulses you can cuck your wife away cause the brain is the largest sex organ. The same retardation applies here: this guy thinks hes so smart that he can do rapid moral calculus and cause the most efficient result in non-violence possible in a fight or flight self-defense situation.

The whole point of combat and defense is you aren't supposed to consider the other persons rights: The aggressor implies this and kinda creates a non-verbal contract that both lives are forfeit for that moment. And the defender will not have the time, and is not morally responsible for the consequences of the aggressors decision to attack other people. Obviously there is a grey area for what can be considered a "threat" and the defender can overreact, but we have a legal system so we can reach a conclusion post hoc

shitposter turn hero

Poland used to be a horrible place full of Jews, did Hitler improve that demographic problem to some degree? Seems like Sweden might be more Jewed at this point. Is that meme about Sweden being littered with Aryan beauties basically a myth describing only 1% of the population, or confused with Switzerland?

I'm not sure if that Zaius Young article was ever real though, I can't find it up anywhere. Some are claiming it was deleted, but if so, where is the URL ?

Why not Sealand?

Russians are niggers too.
All the "good" Russians were killed in 1918. The rest of them are mongoloid subhumans ruled over by (((communists))) including (((Putin))).
Russians are not your friends. They would kill everyone on this board if given the opportunity.

Nah, it belongs to the Grossdeutschesreich.

Based D&C torkike

I'd say this is political posturing. Poland's PiS government is living off 3 things: 500+ welfare, opposition to EU and opposition to Russia.
Lisow's case is a fuck you to both Russia (didn't give a shit about its citizen, despite justifying starting Crimean / Donetsk conflict because of caring for Russian speaking residents) and EU (degenerate caliphate). While I am very happy for Lisow, do not think about it as anything but political posturing. He was just lucky to choose Poland as his place of refuge, as it played right into PiS's hands.

And instead of blaming these events on the thoroughly Jewed government of Norway, they engage in wild fantasies where Polish children are stolen out of jealously, to get that stronk blood!

And my point is that I am praising good behavior in White nations.

Hey faggot. Go make a thread on that.
Compile your thoughts and create a thread detailing which White nations you'd like to ethnically cleanse and hand over to (((germany)))

Sadly you are a chicken shit coward who will not do it. But I'd really enjoy it if you did.

Any non white populations in Europe should be removed. This includes Asiatic Poles. Maybe you want to kill Israel a white nation too?


All of the West has no problem throwing all Europeans to the brown wolves if Jews and shitskins can benefit form it. Easiest decision in my life is to support Poles and Russians for being more nationalistic than the multicult West…

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Lol, I would give a lot to see your face when you learn the truth.

You fucking wut, tribalism is an even more specific form of nationalism

What do you want Bryce? I haven't any comments for you.

lmao, They associate with other tribes willingly.
I barely talk to people outside of my family.

bump because they are here
Polan stronk

Thanks for your input FBI niggers, I'll go support the Multiculti Bolshevik West this instant.

Oh boy, you really are ignorant. Murica?

What is the purpose of your post? You haven't provided a single argument yet.

He replied to my argument.
tl:dr Poland fucked Europe over in WW2, behaved in bestial ways and will do so again. Poles absolutely hate Germans even to this day. But based nazi's right?

But, this is a thread about Poland… Poland.

Imagine getting BTFO by the Devil.

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Sweden needs to be glassed.

*government of
Thinking in terms of states, arbitrary borders and nations outside of what is based on blood, is why you cunts keep fucking going nowhere.

It's a germanic tradition you fucking mongloids.

And which tribe could that be I wonder?

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Well, thank god for the West to be far more heroic, like in the Battle for Vienna or the Battle for Warsaw… Oh wait, pretty much nobody was helping.
Poles especially did and still are doing their duty of defending Europe. Even if unintentionally. You are quite clearly a retard. Or a butthurt German.

Let Poland be Poland, defend your own country just like the Poles. Don't be the human garbage trashing other countries.

The father never applied for asylum anywhere. He tried to flee to Russia, but was stopped at the Chopin Airport by the border guard, because he had children with him, which were entered into the system as "missing".
Since then there were several court meetings, each of them guaranteeing the safety of him and his children. I actually wonder when he could go to Russia… If he still wants to do so that is.

Thanks schlomo

All the jews left for Israel after the Soviets took over. That also left some hatred against them for abandoning their saviours in Poland. Many Poles are actually aware of the jewish tricks.
But they do keep voting PiS. Why? Because there is the threat of the full-cuck opposition winning or having any say in the next government, which would mean an end to this country.

You mean apart from the German force that was twice as large as the Polish? Then the Polish commander demanded payment for his services like the typical Jew. Unintentionally is definitely the right word to use. The Pole will help Europe if he can gain from it, but only then.
Trying to turn an aggressive war of conquest into defense of Europe is cute. Of course we all know what happened when Europe was actually threatened and Poland was called on to help. You stabbed Europe in the back and laid the groundwork for 50 years of Bolshevism. What happened to Poland during and after the war was definitely just deserts.

Such a strong culture that you appropriate every German achievement and call it your own. That's another thing you have in common with the Jew. Truth is only what is good for the Pole. And now this "great culture" sends all its bottom feeders to work as slaves in the rich parts of Europe. Proud!

please no : (

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Poland was the one backstabbed by the West.
Thanks to Hitler and Stalin half of Europe got occupied by Communists. Poles continually fought against their occupants.
And you also seem extremely unaware, just how pozzed the West back then already was.

Thanks to Hitler the best part of Europe was not extinguished by murderous Jewish Bolshevism under Stalin's war machine.
That's actually a myth. France invaded under the condition the Poles would hold their front. When it collapsed like a house of cards they withdrew their invasion. And the Brits can hardly be expected to muster up a relief force and ship it all the way to Poland in just a few weeks time. But even if you had been able to hold on and the West had been able to open a second front, you are still betraying Europe because you reject a healthy and reasonable alliance with Germany to fight Communism in favour of a selfish pipe dream to dominate Europe and gobble up German lands.
I am fully aware of how pozzed the West was back then. Even Germany was. Only under Hitler was any form of normalcy restored.

Endless Jewish propaganda has turned a once Scandinavian nation into an extremist Bolshevik cancer, which will either end up causing a full blown civil war or the end of Scandinavians in that region, as is par for the course for jews and their golem.

That's pretty funny considering that the Germans stole their culture from the Romans and French.

Yes and no. Long live this white man, because he's a rare gem of what he sacrificed and did.

Fake and gay. It's Polish.

No Jew, they revived the ancient European spirit which had its greatest cultural achievement in Greece and Rome. Something you are incapable of understanding. Only a degenerate Jew could look at all the great art produced in Europe after Rome and say they stole it. Divide and conquer is your game.

90% of the population is still Swedish. So while there is some truth to it still, it won't last for very long.

Fuck Sweden's government, our journalists, all the shitskins that live here, and the disgusting multiculturalism they've brought with them.

Time for a fucking crusade. PIC RELATED

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Swedes need to seriously start killing their leaders

That isn't true, check the statistics for yourself.
Swedens adult male population that is military qualified is about 30% foreign blood.

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I was talking about the general population.
You're right though,‬ only 79% of the entire population is ethnically Swedish. Checked SCB and it kind of floored me.

If you watch the defenition of a genocide, this is one of the criteria.

Quora question: Do Jews hate poland?
Pic related, jew answer

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Zig Forums

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AKA stole.

Now that's Chutzpah.

You're a liberal parody of 8/pol/

Why do you think he was on Sweden in the first place? No one wants to live in Russia

Somehow I cannot shake the feeling those two things are mutually inclusive.

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top fucking lel
Secular Jews hate Germans for muh Holocaust while the more religious ones openly declare Germans to be Amalekites (an ancient enemy tribe the Jews are commanded to exterminate).

I see you're a man of good taste as well.

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Even though every Pole I've ever met (abroad) has been pure scum, their women look fantastic and their government is a rare bastion of sanity.