Leftists advocating for race war

"Reactionary American whites, as always, won’t give up their power unless it’s taken from them….Liberals need to be as Lincolnesque as possible in this endeavor, but we also need to be Lincolnesque in our commitment to winning America’s latest race war."

These people have a sick obsession with the civil war, because their ultimate fantasy is to purge traditional white Christians off the planet.

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And here you are whining about it instead of embracing it, because you have internalized Lincolnesque social norms. Nigger loving conservative faggot.

Anti immigrant sentiment is declining despite all your efforts. The race war is just a fantasy.

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Jew is not a race, not even ethnicity, you are mutts. Jew is not religion, not even a cult, just secular "culture", and barely even that.

You can't wage race wars. You are dust against the marble.

In so far as polls from the same people who kept telling us how well the GWOT was supported by the American people can be trusted, I would imagine this sentiment can be directly tied to the number of literal non-White immigrant invaders and anchor babies being polled.

Gee, i wonder why when majority is immigrant now.

Complete lie. America is still 60% white.

Hey i got a good idea, why don't you whites form a Neo Nazi militia that way every single govt and every single race will be against you.

Before you go to prison or get killed you will be miserable because you'll be surrounded by non whites and even the smallest victory will be a tough uphill battle.

Now you know why Jews are behind Nazi movements.

Counting middle easterners, jews etc as white. Europeans are a minority already.

The overwhelming majority of America's non-White populations are concentrated in specific regions and specific cities – many of which could be isolated much more easily than you believe.

damn evangelicucks vote in these antiwhite niggers all the time (See: Lindsay Graham), it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Fact is, if you're White, they're coming after you. Atheist, (Starbucks) Buddhist or LARPing Wiccan, it doesn't matter. They're after the color of your skin and the shape of your skull and the composition of your blood, not the Holy Book you clutch.

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fuck your judeo-kristyanism
i love the breed not another fucking judeocentric philosophy

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I am tiring of this 'brown burden' that white people are expected to shoulder.
Most 'browns' have their hand out for gibs and consume government free shit at rates higher than white European stock here in America.
I say cast off the dependent browns and stop letting them into the country.

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It's to late to turn America white. The Turner diaries were written long before smart phones and every thing you do goes on permanent record.

The smartest thing we can do is make multiculturalism work for us and against Jews.
You realize we are all Gentiles in their eyes.
They want to enslave all of us.
They're the ones who ran the slave and they're the ones who are resisting diversity, esp in ownership of mass media.

Fight em from the left, break their stranglehold on mass media. Make this Palestine deal a PR nightmare. That is how we win.

It's not too late to break off 80% of the landmass into a separate state and then look to annex Canada minus the cities. The important thing is controlling the Great Lakes and the oil.

Is Zig Forums trying to raid? Sad if true.

And absolutely nothing disrupts the global jewish agenda more than White revolutionary conflict. Nothing. That's why it is the number one target of shills. White revolutionary conflict = no proxy force for israel. White revolutionary conflict = breakdown of global trade. White revolutionary conflict = end of occupation of Europe.

Nothing breaks the global system more than White revolutionary conflict. Non-Whites shills pretend this isn't true because it breaks the illusion that they are against jews. We already saw the non-Whites lay it down on the table in the Yellow Vests protests. They gave the loudest endorsement to neoliberal judaic norms possible.

no, it's simply whites.
it's all about race, and it allways was.
only dumb retards do not see this, or pretend to not see this, not that it matters which they are.
leftism ONLY point is the cult of the subhuman.

Poppycock, Poland and Hungary appear to be holding it down. We should view them as our version of Israel.

You have to control govt policy or you'll get crushed so bad.

The Taliban is the model. Kill and kill and kill until you control territory all around the major population centers where a nominal "government" retains the illusion of power but has no extended control. Considering the Taliban has achieved this with fewer men, less distributed resources, and against literally the exact same enemy we face, their model is the correct one. What the zionist-compliant/fake nationalist governments of Hungary and Poland are doing is entirely irrelevant. PiS and Fidesz will be executed to a man when the US falls.

Now we're all anti-racist Hitlers. Hagd, Bernie or bust.

Lol whatever Jew hahahaha what the fuck haha.

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concrete clinging cretins

I am ready whenever they are.

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First post, is not a gay nigger kike. WN have been advocating a war to end all cultural wars (i.e. race war) for decades now. Nothing new. In fact it's really the ultimate end no matter what. If you're white you cannot stand up for yourself or your people without the outcome leading to complete and total violence in one way or another. It's just a matter of time and the period of non-violence is simply both sides gathering strength.

Even if you're a white liberal jew cock sucking faggot who betrays his own interest and that of his people and would rather watch his family get raped and murdered by non-white savages, that only buys you time. A white person whose a traitor through and through can't stop the race war and in fact actually speeds it up. They're just locking themselves in a pincer between the non-whites once they gather resources and can shake their support off, and the whites who pick their own side who will never accept their betrayal. Not even niggers, and especially jews, give a shit about a person who they see betraying their own. Jews have historically always used these people and shaken them off when no longer needed. Jews will always flee and as they are a rootless people while the German, English, Italian, or Spanish europeans only choice is to stay and defend his country alone.

palestine 2020

Everyone wants a race war, yet it never happens.

Despite the best efforts of people like Charlie Manson.

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this kosher fag btfo

and why is this bad? it is the CORE of social justice, the STRONG humans must take back what the WEAK took from them, Negroes DESERVE to rule, Social justice is when the weaklings submit to the superior negro race. a world where MIGHT MAKES RIGHT!

Polls are complete horseshit. Remember all the DJT election polls? You only have to go outside and look around to prove that's a lie.

I think that's because the original WN 1.0 had it wrong. They were right to assume it would eventually lead to a clash, but they assumed it would just peak in the same way of the early 20th century where the European peoples world wide just start losing their shit and riots would break out leading to revolutions. It's easy to follow their logic in thinking that, but whats harder is to realize your enemy is also following it and only has to divert things just a little to change the outcome or the timeframe in which that happens.

Whats actually happening is the micro scale race war on a daily basis. A white person who walks across the street when a group of blacks approach is part of the race war. It just hasn't peaked. I believe the term is low intensity conflict in civilian form. In order to reach that peak the split has to be widened and amplified so that both sides realize no peace is possible and inaction is as much death as picking up a rifle and fighting for your rights is.

normalfags dont really care about the state or nation. they just care about their fucking gay ass jobs and retirement plans. try talking to some construction worker and ask him to take up arms against the gov, he'll laugh in your face

reported, niggerlover.

spicspam, you shit smells from a mile away.
Get a life, you useless nigger. You're wasting it here, and you're aren't changing shit.
You will still never be Aryan, and you're still going to die.

Fucking THIS! Anyone calling you "VIOLENT!", and telling you to continue sitting on your hands, and this will all go away if we just vote harder, team up with shitskins, or meme our way to glory after being completely silenced by censorship, is your enemy.
Like this pitiful neanderkike, kvetching for its filthy life.
And this is just sad, and delusional.

There is only one solution, and even the biggest cowards among us know this.
It's time, lads.

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Take up arms against the US govt, lol wtf.



On no. So scared. Thanks user. Going back to bed now.

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uhh.. you guys go first, ill go second

We go together or we go extinct, coward.

You sound like that Jew Frank Colin.

You are a jew, so…

It's sad but true that you are wrong, just plain wrong.
The (((Left))) will be the end of the United States.
And regardless of how it goes down, the deportables will lose.

Right? As if any of them would stand a chance if the grid was to "accidentally" go down.. Gibbs dries up mighty fast once the power and internet service goes down.. how long will they sit in the dark with no AC, BET, no fine easy listenin moosic, and no way to kool the koolaid.. give it a day or two and they'll probably begin rioting and take out a large portion of their own..and use this word VERY lightly.. "forces".

I suggest Anons watch such movies as "Boyz in the hood, Menace II society, Juice, etc. etc." Anything that focuses on the struggle of the Black urban man and his struggles with his family, his friends and neighbors, his culture, and above all the white oppression i.e. himself, when he realizes that he just blames Racism for all his failures as an excuse for his own ineptitude.. you don't need to get involved in the plots or even pay that much attention, just skip to the inevitable scenes depicting gang violence and pay close attention to how the ruthless and emotionally detached black man kills his own people with little to no implication he feels anything at all.

Some more advanced Anons may want to seek out some best gore sites where there's no end of CCTV footage from various sources depicting the unimaginable violence these people can inflict on their own kind.. definitely not for the faint of heart.. maybe if a race war does pop off we can recruit a few house niggers to use some of that violence against them since they're notorious race traitors.. we hear about "muh slavery" allllll the fucking time but never about "muh cousin nekimboo who sold my black ass in the first place" just don't get too attached to any of them or believe you can turn your back on the for a second.. treat them as you'd treat any beast of burden

Pic related

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This doesn't make sense. They DO NOT need an excuse, they will fabricate any excuse and it will do. We would be in the exact same position no matter what ideology we advocate. Our appeals are not to greed but higher principles that our audience may or may not have. So your point is moot.

Race =/= religion.

Nobody cares if you are a nigger christcuck. THEY ONLY CARE IF YOU ARE WHITE, THAT MAKES YOU THE ENEMY


Don't even get me started now.

The only positive thing dishonest abe did was set the precedent for dictatorship in the U.S.

They're going to ship all niggers back to Liberia? Oh happy days!

>"I AM NOT NOR HAVE EVER BEEN, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races … I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.” -Abraham Lincoln — 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate, September 18th, 1858; COLLECTED WORKS Vol. 3, pp. 145-146

>We were often—more than once at least—in the course of Judge Douglas’ speech last night, reminded that this government was made for white men—that he believed it was made for white men. Well, that is putting it into a shape in which no one wants to deny it, but the Judge then goes into his passion for drawing inferences that are not warranted. I protest, now and forever, against that counterfeit logic which presumes that because I do not want a negro woman for a slave, I do necessarily want her for a wife. [Laughter and cheers.] My understanding is that I need not have her for either, but as God made us separate, we can leave one another alone and do one another much good thereby. There are white men enough to marry all the white women, and enough black men to marry all the black women, and in God’s name let them be so married. The Judge regales us with the terrible enormities that take place by the mixture of races; that the inferior race bears the superior down. Why, Judge, if we do not let them get together in the Territories they won’t mix there. -Abraham Lincoln [Immense applause.]

On a slightly related note

>"in South America, men of complicated descent between Negroes, Indians, and Spaniards, seldom had, whatever the cause might be, a good expression."
>"speaking of a half-caste man on the Zambesi, described by the Portuguese as a rare monster of inhumanity, remarks, “It is unaccountable why half-castes, such as he, are so much more cruel than the Portuguese, but such is undoubtedly the case.”'
>"When two races, both low in the scale, are crossed the progeny seems to be eminently bad."
>"the bad and savage disposition of Zambos, or half-castes between Indians and Negroes; and this conclusion has been arrived at by various observers."
>-Charles Darwin

Send the Apefricans back and kill the mongrels
t. Honest Abe

Finally. Knew they'd come around.

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There's still an upside to all this,
jews are all gonna die.
We'll get so many Cortez, Omars, and Rashida Tlaibs kikes will be stoned to death for breathing with the giant air stealers glued to their face.


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Does this actually ever work?

"Hillary 98% to Win."

Dipshit libs. Keep pushing, when you get what you are begging for… you aren't going to like it.

You people are aware that it is not just 'Europeans' who are 'white', right? The Caucasian race has significant holdings in North Africa, the Middle East and all the Whatever-istans. Some are more browned than others, but a lot of them are white or with significant white population. It is these 'whites' that they are trying to replace the 'Europeans' with.

Europe is considered different because of Christianity. They want to destroy Europeans and European descended civilisations. It is not all of 'Old Rome', it is not all 'white countries'; it is all the countries that were historically Christian.

I get that most of you are so ignorant that you do not realise that whites exist outside of Europe and European colonies; but they do. This is uniquely anti-European. The only thing Europe had in contrast to others was that it was, and in many places is still Christian.

Face the facts; in the eyes of everyone outside of the 'West', Christian and European are synonymous.

The European genetic cluster is very clearly defined and that is what we consider to be "White". End of story, pal.
So, how about you head on back to >>>Zig Forums and neck yourself, you subversive little fuck.

Anti immigrant sentiment is only declining when you count the opinions of illegal immigrants and their anchor babies, everyone else is sick of it. They're just using skewed statistics, IE Hillary Clinton has a 98% chance to win the election tier bullshit

Well done, you are half way there. Now why are Europeans so hated? Remember that Europe is made up of multiple tribes that came at different periods from the East, with some indigenous people as well. Why are all these different tribes that settled in Europe uniquely despised? What did they do that was in contrast to the other tribes, many originating from the same people; that settled elsewhere?

It was always a spiritual war.

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Doesn't matter. The majority of Christians are no longer the founding stock that made the religion relevant therefore its fate is ultimately sealed. Christianity is even more irrelevant because they were apathetic for the last 5 centuries and their actions during the Bolshevik revolution and WW2 proved that. Half the church was at war, after they finally decided to pick a side, with the other.
The people (Europeans) didn't leave Christianity. The monstrosity of the church forming a false monolithic version of Christianity left the people. It stopped protecting the people. It stopped being reasonable and rational. It was unable to foresee or address future threats. It was stunted in its dogma without realizing spirituality, which religion is based off, is fluid but consistent. That fluidity forces adaptation to environmental changes but the message can still remain the same in a new format that adapts to mans current state of spiritual and physical growth.
The church became institutionalized and it began dying ever since. Maybe it'll find its way again and rebirth a different form of Christianity meant for Europeans, but most of us doubt it at this point. It seems to be determined to commit suicide and the genocide of those people who spilled oceans of blood making it relevant in the first place. The only time Europeans see Christians in the news is when its a bunch of non-Europeans being massacred or when churches are being burned down run by degenerate pro-fag pastors in Europe.

Part of the bolt carrier specifically firing pin retaining pin and the other thing. Am I qualified?

The poll states "number of newcomers". The survey is misleading, as it does not specify either where they are from or whether or not they've arrived legally.

only if you can assemble it in the dark and the mud and the blood and the beer.

We could argue about the relevancy of Christianity, its influence on defenders of Europe like Hitler and Cordreanu, and the fact it was singled out for destruction by jews and communists openly and how authority-laden positions have become corrupted by being infiltrated by jews and their allies; but we have plenty of threads for that.

I just wanted to make the point that the OP is not wrong to add the Christian suffix to 'traditional whites', as several other posters had tried to make out that Christianity has no bearing on their hatred for us. Whether you want to believe it or not; Christianity is absolutely one of the most hated things by jews and traitors, with the left still commonly ranting and raging about Christian views on abortion, divorce, pornography, homosexuality, the place of men and women, and so on. Their unhinged hatred bleeds through into every day media with shows like the Simpsons and every form of comedian ridiculing the faith in any and every way imaginable. Like it or not, the enemy considers you to be a Christian, and they hate you for that identity. I'm not saying they do not hate you for many other reasons as well, and I think its telling that the only somewhat positive image of Christianity ever shown in the media is that of black gospel singers; but nonetheless we must be truthful to ourselves and realise that European Christianity is something that hate us for.

We do ourselves no favours by lying to ourselves. Accept it.


The other "whites" may be considered Caucasian, but it is the European subrace that is being replaced.

Spiritual Christianity != dogmatic institutionalized church Christianity. This is why you could say the Nazi's or fascists in general had a pagan element and their opponents weren't wrong, and a christian element was would be understood by the institutions.

The one size fits all version of institutionalized christianity is wrong and going nowhere in the future.

How come it works for Jews to literally have their own movement which is racialy pure (dna) comple nepotism not to mention they have their own country, own the media and money control. They are a living example of so called nazism. Yet nazism fsils for whites? So any race on earth or group are ALLOWED to have freedom of association and the right to be masters of their own identity alexcept europeans. Eurpeans have for the most part onoy helped all other races, this is a fact. Every race has violence in their histrory, but th overwhelmingly good done by the european is matched by no other race toward him. If you keep oppressing the european or any group you may not like the result.

Let them try.. They'll fail. After all, not only are those people truly delusional as to how a second American civil war will actually work out they are also the weakest generation of America since it's existance : those people have never known true struggle.

The moment they'll get a taste of it, the moment they'll realise EXACTLY what a Civil War actually entails, they'll give up everything to get back to being cuddled again.

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Christcucks always have to make their semitism the biggest victim. The love the idea of being persecuted. It's a fetish for them.

Something you want to tell us, esse?

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I took that screenshot from another thread from 4chan.

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Yea we all know about those
Of course if you really believed that then you wouldn't be here. You're scared and you should be

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Good, let them start one.

The absolute state of imageboards. I'm still trying to figure it out if it is funny or egregious. The only hope I'm holding these days is that something really off needs to happen, needs to set the gears of the uncontrollable fury and bottomless pit of rage that is the warrior spirit of the white-man when he discovers he has nothing to lose. I'm not sure what are the circumstances needed, but I feel it is close. I say that as a 95IQ non-white, full aware of the chances that I'll be completely erased from the gene pool forever. I do not care, I don't want to live as an slave to filthy. As soon as it happens I would be happy, even if it meant to be cannon fodder to the eradication of semitic DNA from earth.


I'm using Trump as an example of (((polls)))
Nice try though kike

Did they forget how Lincoln ended up?

I pray that I will be the one to see the expression on your face when your forced to dig your own grave. A victim of the war you thought would never come.

This is expolvol2, also known as Jamal. Do not reply to it seriously, every post it makes is disingenuous.

If not paid then low IQ.

Shitlibs, Jews, and niggers all live in a few urban coastal cities.

Just shoot the power transformers with rifles, then retreat back to rural compounds. When the power goes out, the shitlibs can't use their social media and porn sites anymore. Niggers will riot and turn on the shitlibs/Jews because they have the lightest skin in sight. Watch the fireworks as they kill each-other.

Another tactic is to just have tuck drivers (mostly white males) go on strike. Without deliveries to supermarkets, cities will run out of food after like 2 weeks.

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That makes sense. There's an ex-board owner in another thread.

>Ok you're right. All those (((polls))) are totally true and we should just give up. I'm convinced now
Yea not gonna happen here

Show me why the methodology is flawed.

America was only 56% white (not including Mexicans) in the 2010 census, and we've had 9 years of more Whites dying than being born coupled with increased non-White migration to the US. I wouldn't be surprised if the country was less than 50% White by now, just like the births are.

Should tell you everything you need to know if you're not a shill

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I didn't even notice that at first. Good sight user

Jewish is a race. Judaism is a religion. We can’t be defeated. Cheers mate

All leftists are weak, and can (and will) be easily killed in any war. Always kill leftists, alonge with jews. Don't just stop by cutting the head off. Burn the whole body.

You missed the first post, sloppy job JIDF.

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That means Huffpost paid YouGov to conduct a poll. Show me where the methodology was flawed.

Damn user, why do you throw out such a strong blackpill? What can we even do after such a thing? Is there any way to stop it? I don't want to be a demoralizing faggot but damn

not all caucasians are white, retard.
for example, in the case of north african, they got meddled with semitic filth because of arab invasion from the makrech.
in all cases kikes are semitic subhumans, and their apologists desserve the same treatment.
the thing is, i and many believe most of those "apologists" are in fact merely jews in disguise, further justifying brutality and exactions against all yids.

everyone but a handfull of fags are sick and tired of leftie shits.
noone cares about muh tax, just get rid of subhumans.
so keep changing that thermometer, it most defenetely won't piss anyone kek.

jews are trying to destroy white race.
jews are not white.
There are some small amount of whites in North Africa/Middle East/Southern parts of Central Asia. Others might have caucasian skull, yet they still have darker pigmentation, therefore are not white.

Yep. The Rahowa will be started by the Left.

Lmao, seriously?

well that explains why normie websites are suddenly using the word "lincolnesque" lol