Really feeling the blackpill today, give me some hope guys

I feel hopeless, so here is my situation:
- I am alone, there is no one I can talk politics with IRL, so I have no friends.
- I do't know what to do except wait for something to happen, Zig Forums has no plan either, we just wait for things to get bad and then we ???.
- Neither I nor Zig Forums know what we want to achieve, nor what we want to see happen
- We don't anyone or anything, can't trust anyone or anything for that matter, we can't do anything as a group or individuals, we have no plan, and we don't even know what we want, all of us are demoralized AF, our spirits are thoroughly crushed, and our shining glimmer of hope lies in /notourguy/'s that align against us the least.
- We have no real political representation, and for you who think yu can get out of this by saying "there is no political option", well, there is no extras-political option either, there is no political option, and we have no extra-political representation either.

We are fucked, each of us is individually fucked, and we have nothing except general preparations for merely surviving some nebulous "coming storm", and then what? we have nothing and no one to push back with, no terms of pushing back, no plan, not even a goal beyond somehow "preserving the white race", we are nothing, maybe we are safe from getting cracked down on, but we pose exactly zero threat to our enemies in tis state as well.
Some of you idiots talk like going out with guns is an option in the future, we're just gonna go out on our own (because we have no group to work with), armed to the teeth (even if we live in a country that is not friendly to the concept behind the second amendment), and somehow wind up with absolute political power (which would be impossible even with a successful coup). Fuck off and get real.
Others want to "reach out" and "redpill", which, even if we succeed in educating all whites, will only result in more atomized and powerless individuals like us, they will know what;s happening but be powerless to stop it, congrats, all you've done is steal away their bliss of ignorance and ruined their lives. What's more, most whites live around non-whites that are not openly acting like the majority of their race, most whites ave non-white friends and even family, some even have non-white lovers or spouses, so even if you somehow get around the resistance this would cause, you will have ruined their relationships with these people and with all the non-white strangers they constantly encounter who are seemingly acting exactly as whites do. Most likely you will also ruin their relationships with other whites in their lives, though this goes without saying. They will see the world for what to really is and be absolutely distressed at it, with the instinct to do something but the lack of having any idea of what to do.
What about the anons that want to simply find a way to congregate together and build a community of like-minded individuals? How exactly are you going to do that? You can't even arrange a local meeting with other anons and have anyone actually show up. If this succeeds, you have to assume that one of the guys there is a fed or lea, and you will have to try to carry on knowing this possibility is highly likely. Even assuming you aren't going there to discuss anything illegal, how is that assumption going to affect your interactions there? And if we skip to going to some country (or part of a country) en masse and starting something, we don't have any ideological co-ordination here, we have no official plan for running anything, we will be unable to work together and you know that everywhere else will be doing whatever they can to shut us down at all costs. So how will that work?
And if it comes to a SHTF situation where we are prepared for personal survival but nothing else, the result will be South Africa/Zimbabawe, but it's not going to be like that, it's going to be a slow burnout, and there will be no definitive point where fighting back in any capacity (political or extra-political) is going to be both socially acceptable and effective, we will be a group of individuals to be easily dealt with at the enemy's leisure, a small and ineffective political movement, or a groups of criminals to be put down with extreme prejudice.
We all know what it takes to avoid this fate, but that requires sacrificing security and ideological independence, none of us want to make the first step in getting there. So we die with a whimper, not even afforded the dignity of a bang.
The internet does nothing for us, what is there to be done? just wait for things to get worse while preparing for self-preservation and staying uselessly informed.
We have no group, no personalities, no parties, no candidates, we have no plan, no goal, not even a complete ideology. we have this place, and it is not close to enough.

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Hillary Clinton did more to secure Donald Trump's victory than we did, if he was up against a competent liberal he would have lost, even with all the support we could've possibly given him, and what's more, he wasn't even /ourguy/, he's a jew-loving, diversity-shilling, sodomite-tolerating, boomer-pandering conservative, a self-identified globalist-zionist who stands for very little when all is said and done, he openly hates us, and he was the best we could do.

This is not intended to demoralize, I'm looking for anything you guys can possibly say to help me get out of this funk I'm in.
I want to live in a world where girl's that look like the one in the picture can still exist without being an endangered species.
I'm sad, I'm angry, and I feel impotent all at once.
I want to do something, tell me what I can do.


NEVER Slacken!
NEVER Lose Courage!
NEVER Lose Faith!

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cheer up and have a real info graphic

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at the end of the day, the existential threat is the presence of non-whites in Europe. this is what will inevitably result in the extinction of the white race via miscegenation. the only solution is to physically remove all of the non-whites from Europe, and ideally all other white countries as well

the reason why there are non-whites in Europe and the reason why those non-whites are not being physically removed from Europe is because European governments are under control of international jewry and are deliberately engineering the destruction of the white race via non-white immigration. the only way for the white race to survive is to stop the influx of non-whites into Europe and to physically remove all non-white bodies from Europe, and the only way to do this is for ethnonationalists to seize control of the governments of European countries

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This is what happens when you don’t have religion. You dont have anything to look forward too. From 1 Thessalonians “13 But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. 14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.”

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there are real people who know what's up, llllloooooottttsssss of retards out there though but if u take the time, probably 2 years of casual talk about how things are "messed up", will open a '100% normie" brain. most won't take that long, but that's what trump is doing. you'll have more friends soon, but make sure u aren't falking prey to false paradigms, read source material only then read opinion and you can easily spot faggots and niggers

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How many times have different groups of people been in a similar situation even if many of the circumstances were different?

Everyone wants to reinvent the wheel but the concepts and theories behind group survival and organization in a hostile environment are pretty straight-forward and have been around for all of human history. It just takes getting your hands dirty.

There are countless examples of groups that had to carry out their operations in the underground in some capacity. Study them and what they did, find someone in real life you can trust, and take small steps.

Yes, you will have to do menial tasks, some boring shit, some hard work, and you will put yourself at personal risk. If you're not willing to accept any of that there's no good you can do in the first place.

Every Single Time

doing a good job as i can't tell what direction you're coming from

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OP,.the only way to win a war is to kill the enemy and overpower it. Unless your willing to risk your own life to achieve this just don't bother. The enemy is quite prepared to put themselves in harms way and to murder us, why would you think it possible to stop them any other way.

Ok but remember, when you're up against the inventors of Christianity, you will lose.

Go fuck yourself
So, are you alone? Stupíd faggot, this is better for you; you can desing whatever shit you want, without apologize to nobody
That strange thing is a fucking book, a reasoning. Do you want what have you to do?
Think about the things that lack to us, and ponder what have to do for to get it.
Are you retarded? We know what we want to archieve:

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all is lost
heart like frost
nothing hope

and of course
fucking fucker

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Not really referring to anything specific, just simple principles which apply generally. People tend to over-complicate things which leads to the type of paralysis the OP is experiencing, when the best thing to do is put one foot in front of the other.

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No advive,

Fuck your semite christcuck bullshittery
I hope you get raped by a christian nigger

for fuck sake stop replying.



My dad told me to never go against satan,

OP here, I do Boxing.

Hope? Hope is for the weak. You fight your enemy even if it means death. That is all you can hope for. And so what? Beats being a kike slave.