Communists tear down a Marines memorial

Communists have torn down a memorial in Seattle dedicated to a marine who lost his life in the Google crane accident. I am an unofficial caretaker for the sight, a couple days ago I unfurled the flag after they rolled it up, now I go to back and the flags are ripped down. They stole the cross as well that was dedicated to him. It's getting to the point where nothing is safe anymore and these Bolsheviks need to be stopped!! Anyone going to get up and actually help? This is getting out of control!!! Travis Corbet deserves better than this… Sad….

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A man is remembered for his actions, not his words. What will you be remembered for OP?

for putting a bullet through your empty scull, you glow in the dark cocksucker

I don't need to be remembered, this man does though. Travis Corbet, Marine and Iron Worker who fell to his death in the Seattle Crane Incident.

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Did he fall or was he ( ( (pushed) ) )?

Honestly, the whole affair is really sketchy, they said it was "human error" not the wind. I believe he was sacrificed for the completion of these three Google buildings. A sacrifice to their unholy father for financial success.

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What's that? A chance to brutally assfuck go full freikorp on commie scum?

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Perhaps not quite, but all the more reason to "remove" commie statues since that's the game they're playing.

The irony of commies shitting on vets or the military in general and the military being in a position of complete ineptness to saving the country from these people they know are destroying it isn't lost on me. Most people in the military know the true enemy isn't foreign, but domestic, yet because we all have been brainwashed into this military stays out of politics bullshit they are completely useless at stopping what they see and know is happening.

It's really sad that the only institution left that makes capable men has this false patriotic duty about it that can't see the obvious problems or solve them. They can't do anything about the gays or tranny's because they proclaim to be non-political. All they can do is stupid forecasts about future warfare and the shit-tier battlefield and soldiers that'll fight it when it can be stopped if you simply became political.

When commies do this shit they're just humiliating their opponent who is powerless to stop the decline or chooses not to. The military does deserve to be humiliated for its do nothing to save the country mindset when they know all these worthless fucks in D.C. should be put on trial for treason. If only we had Generals who weren't worth a shit and actually took a couple divisions and marched on D.C. They wont because they are almost as spineless as politicians nowadays invested in the military industrial complex financially, working for lobby groups, trying to collect that retirement, etc.

Fuck Google though.

The military is full of scum.

This. Until the military makes it's decision, they are just Zogbots and shouldn't be looked to.

Yeah it sucks, instead its people like me, I live outside, literally in a bush because society has lost it and traitors are everywhere. I don't do drugs, smoke cigs or cannabis. I've quit all of those things, the most recent is cigs. I exercise and hike miles because I'm getting prepared. Push-ups and sit-ups most every day. I've been taking care of this memorial since since it happened, the only one. I get called names, have people threaten me, surround my tent with rocks and threaten to kill me almost every day. I'm completely on my own and yet I strap on my boots everyday get up and take down Antifa stickers and Pride stickers and PLS flyers that are everywhere around here. Every single day. I put my life on the line to protect and stand up for what we are quickly losing. I'M FURIOUS!!! I imagine if most people did what I do we wouldn't be having this issue, however, people are too afraid to say anything or make a stand. Afraid of kids that can't even do a pushup.

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I wish more of you retarded neckbeard neet larping Nazis would just stand up to this shit in your cities. But it's Seattle so I'm barely surprised at this point. It's Portland 2 Electric Boogaloo.

That's not the point, the point is that they ripped down an American Flag and a Marine Corps flag at a memoriam dedicated to a man that died in the crane accident. Apparently no American Flag is safe anymore. Just like what happened in Aurora, CO a couple days ago. It's most likely related.

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You won't do anything you nigger.

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Yeah, I don't understand what they are so afraid of. Getting hurt, being called a racist? Possibly death? So be it, many men died for ME, I can accept that fate as well. I'll never be silenced, I'll never stop fighting for our people because I know the truth.

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Why does a memorial to a marine get torn down while a statue of lenin in the same city is unmolested?

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Hard to disagree with. When I left it was when they started letting felons and people with hand and neck tattoos. The people coming in were so shit-tier and the change I noticed in just 5 years was so mind blowing I said fuck it. I wont fight and die with these rejects for zog. I got my training for whats to come and that's it. Told everyone who'd listen to arm yourself and learn to fight because the military can't be counted on.

Everything is much easier with comrades who you can trust. The one great thing I took away from the military was that brotherhood and how you instantly revert back to that defeatist nihilism as a civilian when its over. Every time I put the uniform on with just me and my fire team or squad I felt like a god. Nothing worried me, death was freedom, honor was life, and with a pack of killers standing beside me ready to fight and die for whatever cause we deemed worth it (i.e. bar fight, disrespect, etc.). It sounds corny if you've never had that but that's how things should be. Without comradery life is meaningless and the loneliness kills you each waking day.

You seem to be of the right mindset and attitude doing good work. Keep that shit up and remember 1 good person is worth 100 mediocre. For me I realized exercising on my own without others to push me is the most challenging. Goes hand in hand with the mind. If its hard to get active its hard to be in a right state of mind.

Set up a game camera in a lock box.
Post pics of perps.


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the faggots that did it and do things like this need to be airdropped into a volcano though

Who cares? Being an American obviously doesn't mean anything. 99% of all "patriots" spend their time whining not enough money going to pissrael or fear of being forced to use toilet paper made from recycled paper or get more than 15 mpg by nefarious environmentalists.

Start up the rotors
Pack the leftist scum
Drop them in the oceans
Leave noone alive

Free your country
From the leftist scum
Forever free
Prosperous and proud

You are bad for morale. It's too bad because we need more fighters. Don't be discouraged because others aren't doing what you may be. Lead by example, from the front and others will follow. JESUS PERKELE!!

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Those niggers are much less ambiguous in their statements since they can't be v& for them. I am but an extremely tired shitposter.

If you actually care you should shot them just like your forefathers would, but you're a pussy and the only thing you ate capeable off is complaining ablut it to your online friends.

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/pol is a board of peace.

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Thanks for the advice! I just did!!

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Who fucking cares.

Glad you feel that way. I'll remember that when the Bolsheviks burn your house down for not castrating your son. Believe me, I won't shed a tear.

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Evidently they don't stop the bolsheviks from imposing their will on you, Amis.

That's why we need to unite under one banner, like the Finnish people. They did it against all odds, so can we!

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Glow here. All my fellow glows that I work closely with are pro-white except one that I find highly suspect recently because he sounds more and more like a whiney cuckservative alarmed that the right is about to uncuck itself.

Glow lives matter. Do not kill glows indiscriminately, you could end up killing a fellow white nationalist.

Btw real FBI tries to entrap you.

Because people even nominally on the right still think being lawful is just, in a country when the law is positioned against you.

If we were in the DDR or USSR these faggots would gladly hand us over to the Stasi or KGB. Why we bother to listen, let alone engage with these vermin is beyond me.

You are just like me. I'm completely alone and operating in Ontario, Canada and it is all without thanks, without praise, without a loving community of fellow white nationalists to bolster me. I stand alone, powered by an invincible sense of duty and obligation to stand up for my race. I only in the last few days recently found just one other person, someone who I knew as a boy and haven't seen in many years, who came back to my city and who apparently got redpilled hard by life and learned all the things I do and now he's helping me out.

I put up pro-white stickers and posters everywhere and I don't take down the enemy, rather, I write on top of it pro-white messages with a marker and they take it down themselves.

It is sad. Always getting those first couple people is hardest. Once there's a sense of "I better conform to the group" though the fence sitters will pile in. While I am but by myself (and now with but one fellow) it is tough. The first ten I imagine will be very hard too. It will eventually snowball though.

Target acquired (for any American anons itt…)

At the very least, that needs some spraypaint applied to it.

This is what happens to fools that think they can play the legal game.

This. So much this.

This. So much this.

Pacifist coward cuck and useless. I would weed out anyone like you from my own resistance group as your kind is a liability and extremely likely to backstab and betray. You have to at least be WILLING and DESIRING to fight, though one must restrain actually doing so, until one has enough men backing them up, and a good enough plan to actually achieve victory over the enemy. In the meanwhile you should still be doing what you can to attack ZOG here and there but get away with it.

This, right-wingers are (sadly) lawcucks to the end most of the time.

Thanks fbi-kun.

Needs a good dose of thermite.

Who cares

Thanks Rabbi, I see since I'm not doing it your way i must be a traitor. I'm willing to bet you would just sit and watch while someone rips your countries flag down. I'm completely on my own and I've been living outside for 20 years, going to guarantee I survive when the lights go out. Resistance group? Sorry, your parents don't count. What did you do to protect your blut und boden today?

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Exactly. These types I am far more worried about than most. Like, there's leftist-leaning and apolitical types who are care-free and who genuinely just don't give a fuck about anything, and they are less of a threat. These zio-cuckservatives though always throw whites or those closest to them under the bus every opportunity they get while excusing their enemies / people they don't know very well all the time. I think when the racial holy war starts to get off, the biggest threat won't be antifa, it'll be some ziocucks that will start shooting us to prove "see, dems deh real raycissts, we can virtue signal even harder" or because "das not rite, we iz peaceful, kill those militants in the name of pacifism, nobody can take the law into their own hands!"

Do you seriously think laws exist for any other reason than to persecute whites? Everytime a white man does anything illegal, the law comes down hard on him. Every time a non-white does anything illegal, the law comes down as soft as possible on them or not at all. Do you know nothing?

Pacifists turn anyone who does anything violent to the government to be arrested. They actively get in the way of real men trying to take real action to save the race.

Nobody has ever done any leftist crap like that near me. Nobody dares. I wish it would happen because I always look for an opportunity to put someone in their place.

Literally I put up several stickers today in a busy place and spend a few hours interviewing people trying to recruit them for violent resistance. Turned one down because he was bitching about everything (the messages are too violent, we have to do every democratically, etc. a complete bitch). Going to meet up with the other man later though. Got to be careful who I let near me, can't have a bunch of pacifists freaking out and turning us into the police for having unregistered weapons and explosives. If they can't even stomach nothing they are useless.

Fuck the Marines, worthless ZOG-thugs.

Huh, easy and legal. Bonus points if you set up an obvious one so your higher/better camo'd up one goes undetected.


Don't fight goy

While waiting for your resistance group to magically materialize don't do anything by yourself, you might get called a bad name

You're a loser for taking it down, do it my way or you're a traitor.

Thinks he will have a chance in hell against the enemy Bolsheviks without any training from a professional

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"America" is already a pecker-chopper country, ZOG loving faggot.

Willing and desiring to fight means that you meet the following two conditions:

1. That you want to fight the ZOG. If you don't want to fight fuck off.
2. That you know you aren't a scared bitch and can actually do it. If want to fight but you're too scared fuck off.

You don't want to be Earnest whose gun jammed and only got one kill and who majorly fucked up. You have to restrain yourself (for awhile) in order to actually succeed. Brenton Tarrant had like 2 years of planning. One should not delay forever but one should not rush into it either.

I'm not sure what you mean here. What I mean by attacks you can get away with are ones you don't get caught. e.g. arson or robbery against weak targets with no cameras or cameras present but they won't show shit that is at all useful provided you cover up your face with balaclava, driving a couple states away and then taking out a random nigger from long range and then fucking off, graffiti and posters, etc.

Eventually you progress wiping out an entire Mosque like Brenton Tarrant. Remember Earnest himself did certain actions on his own before attempting to do it big and release his manifesto and livestream.

As for resistance group. I've got one going. It's not impossible. If you are having difficulty building one though, and you're forced to go lone wolf, so be it. However I personally am building an army and working on a plan to actually take over or at least create a situation like the IRA.

What? Taking it down is not the action of a traitor. Writing over top of it is simply a suggestion and a better idea. As for money; just get a fucking sharpie and a piece of cardboard and write a sign saying you'll work for money and then hang out in a city and eventually someone will pick you up and have you do some yardwork.

The fuck? I am friends with military people. I'm not friends with civic nationalist cucks and pacifists though.

I don't have a chance in hell of fighting anyone if a cuckservative pacifist squeals and my weapon caches are all dug up and taken and a warrant put out for my arrest.

Checked. Have some war stories from a green beret about fighting his scumbag chain of command, and a spoiled bitch of a spicess using what he calls Administrative Violence
He also does hilarious advice videos on gruesome subjects like How to tell you are not her only BF And How to tell she's going to massively gain weight after marriage And my favorite: Deploy Ahoy: or how to avoid your wife financially ruining you and blowing all your paycheques while you are on deployment

Then why in the ever living fuck are you getting on my case then? I do what I can while protecting myself and my dog. The Marine who died was a friend of mine and I'm defending his honor. Nobody else seems to give a shit. I don't fly a sign anymore because it's degenerate and I don't want to be associated with that crowd because they all smoke meth and are fucking Marxists.

So what the fuck are you doing telling everybody about recruiting random people on the street and even saying you have caches of weapons on an image board? People like you are demoralizing to the utmost extent, elitist and prideful. That's exactly why I don't hang out with anyone, someone always thinks their way is the only way. Think I don't know how to fly a sign after living outside for 20 years? Tell me something I don't know.

"these people hate this country" seems powerful enough
make people aware of this pattern in behavior in certain types of people

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Antifas are the real bourgeoisie.

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Based and Rome-pilled.

Surely his name would go down in history and parades would be thrown in his honor.

If any military command is reading this, please remember you were sworn in to uphold the constitution against ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and ==DOMESTIC!==


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Imagine still trying to push this meme, because you're scared that the jews will shut it down.

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*Screech of loudspeakers being turned on, before Star Spangled Banner blares in poor quality*

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tarrant is a larping homosexual and no one died in the christchurch shooting, have a nice day shill


Yeah, I meant the original constitution when only white, male, land owners could vote and anything slightly brown was in chains or BTFO.

Fuck Muttmerica

Nice pic

Hi Jew

hi government agent employed to protect a larp that most people don't believe anyway

great memes pedo, i'm sure there's a few people who believe tarrant isn't a joke larp

Seriously, buncha demoralized Commie fags. They love to see the country destroyed by Bolsheviks, jealous that they can't do anything but type about it. Imagine being that fucking stupid to believe that the evidence isnt overwhelmingly theatre. 5 eyes, Podesta, Mossad and Anzac all at the same time? LOL "Jews in Isreal are no enemy of mine". BLOODY ASHES!

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Not one Jew killed. Score 0.

Start killing leftists. Stop waiting for a solution that will never come. Stop obeying the law that is against you. Kill leftists and kill jews, in order to solve the problems that they create. Without violence, victory is impossible.

That's a great point. Checked. Believe me, as soon as my dog passes on, I will truly be free to do so. In the meantime he needs to be fed.

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Anyways, I'm off to the Chink thread. I've done all I can for today. Time to laugh it up at "Bug Babies"

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This is literally like people on here who turn out to be mutts or nigs despite espousing white nationalism. 'Communists' aren't even communists anymore, they're LARPers.

Though, where's the sauce about 'communists' tearing the memorial down? The link seems to be referring to the accident itself.

Get a fucking job and stop sleeping in the public park like a literal nigger - what the fuck is wrong with you?

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peronally id love to watch marines vs antifa lol

What the fuck exactly are you checking nigger?

Damn is it already 5

Unsettled boomer newfag postponing the revolution until canine dependent expires impales himself on the check protocol but lands on Hitler dubs
Has kek returned to pol for the coming election?


In every instance of this, we should be pushing that Columbus was a jew and antifa is antisemitic and watch them eat each other