United Ethnostates Of America:

United Ethnostates Of America:

All formerly Confederate states belong to whites, all the 13 original states in the U.S.A, Maine and Washington also belong to whites.

All blacks who are descendants of slaves get deported to Liberia.

Michigan belongs to blacks who aren't descendants of slaves (should it be renamed wakanda?).

Hawaii belongs to native Hawaiians.

Puerto Rico becomes a state.

Puerto Rico and New Mexico belong to non-white Hispanics (the ones who are partially Native-American).

Alaska belongs to eskimos.

North and South Dakota become one state and the state is simply called Dakota.

Dakota belongs to native americans.

All Jews get deported to Israel.

California splits into two states, the south belongs to mixed race people, the north belongs to Asians.

All LGBT people get gassed.

Guam becomes a state.

Guam belongs to arabs and Iranians, all natives of Guam get gassed, the rest deported.

The rest of the U.S.A belongs to everyone (all who don't mind living around people of other races can go to one of the states not mentioned, or if they don't want to live around people of other races they can simply move to one of the ethnostates).

All dumb weapon laws get repealed.

All Immigration into the United States of America stops.

What else should be done?

Any objections?

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a person who favors the abolishment of a practice or institution, especially human trafficking for sexual slavery.
“the abolitionist movement is continuing“

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Canada isn't a colony they don't even have a union jack on their flag.

Deportation is not on the menu this time. Occupied palestine will be liberated. The so called jews get full sterilization or death. It has to end in this timeline. Afterwards the abrahamic religions must be abolished at all costs.

Total objection you fool
First , you don’t sufferANY yid or shitskin yo live
Second you must dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed fed

They still have a colonial governor general and all politicians and military have to swear an oath the the queen, they just got rid of the union jack for being racist

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You may be missing the point. All our authentic historical flags either were jacks or included jacks. We got the consumerist communist fag leaf from the post-war kike invasion, cuckservative-prime Lester Pearson (UN spearhead) and our corporate ass bandit charter via cuck-bolshie Trudeau Step-Sr. and whammen.

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>implying that the (((world))) not hating us isn't a good thing
>implying (((democracy))) is good

And yet we're gonna be the ones to save you eurocucks. The truth must hurt.

Just sit down little eurocuck and let your daddy save you.


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I see racism. Globo-Homo consumers can see it too. Rootless Cosmopolitan consumer rights, now! Such a business.

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On point three: (((democracy))); I forfeit. Its true, democracy sucks so dearly only women and faggots think it is leadership.

Is there a way I can talk to you? Riot or something.

Volkstaat Nordamerika, or VSA for short:
Aside from small enclaves dotting the continent, North America belongs solely to Whites. It will have to be taken by force, back from the enemies of the people who currently control the governments of the two White nations on the continent. Once power over the continental United States is secured, it will be time to win over the people, so as to hold onto that power. Social services must be reworked to the benefit of the Whites, while non-Whites cannot be allowed any government aid other than a one way ticket to their homelands. The traitors, among them many jews, must be dealt with first. Any who survive the revolution must be executed. After the traitors are dealt with, next come the jews, numbering over five million. For these unfortunate creatures we have several options ranging from detainment to extermination. In my personal opinion the most effective solution to our Jewish Problem would be to legally restrict their actions, then for a period encourage them to flee the country, and finally kill or at the very least sterilize every ethnic or religious jew remaining. The next order of business would be the blacks. All blacks who migrated rather than descending from slaves should at least be sterilized and deported, while the black descendants of slaves can be targeted with a long term propaganda campaign encouraging their return to Africa. Similar campaigns can be adopted to slowly drain the country of its less aggressive non-White, while a truly just justice system would mean a great deal of those aggressive blacks end up getting themselves executed for heinous crimes. At this point the National Socialist government of America can dedicate itself wholly to the reconstitution of society based on National Socialist principles.

You may have noticed I left out the Mexicans when detailing the best case scenarios for the removal of the other races; this was for good reason. Using these non-citizens the new government could easily stake its claim to a good chunk of Northern Mexico, or if ambitious, all of Mexico. It wouldn't be hard to imagine a White military swooping down on Mexico and ridding the country of its violent gangs and cartels, then declaring the entire country a protectorate or vassal. Similar operations, or more cooperative ones, can be conducted in the majority of destabilized countries in the New World, or alternatively the new government could take an isolationist stance and simply kill anyone who attempts to cross the border illegally. The Volkstaat can simply pull out of all its non-continental holdings, or offer them vassalage. Allowing them citizenship however would doom the fledgling state from the beginning. The Canadian Prime Minister will probably be a pussy easily harangued into giving the VSA permission to annex Canada outright. If not, the Chinese colonists in Canada will provide the justification for a war of liberation, after which the Canadian provinces can be integrated into the new ethnostate. State/provincial borders should be redrawn along natural and social barriers. Language and culture are serious barriers even today; we will eventually have to come to a consensus on whether to blend the European cultures present in America or to separate into distinct ethnic states and become a Federation of ethnostates. In my opinion our people are intelligent enough that with correct leadership we can easily become a bilingual or even trilingual nation, and a blending of mostly Western European cultures is the closest thing to 'American' culture prior to its infiltration by the jews. All that's clear is our European roots must be embraced, while jewish aspects such as faggotry and feminism must be crushed. There is no need for a "mixed region" as the public can be won over (and it won't be hard to win their support when the NatSoc government taxes them so much less than the kike government they used to live under) and the non-Whites removed. Partial Whites can either be sterilized or subjected to Nuremberg style laws, which will have to come into effect anyways. Getting to this point will require either a second revolution or a second civil war, which I assumed was always the end goal of the proliferation of pro-White propaganda in the US. We aren't winning power legally, not after the efforts the jews have gone to deny it to us. They won't allow another bloodless revolution like the one Hitler led.

But despite the sacrifices which must eventually be made, from this point the new state can take a leading role in the reclamation of the White world, funding and even participating in White resistance movements, holding weaker kiked states hostage, and culling the enemies of our race. China would be the biggest threat, and it can be effectively neutered by quitting Chinese markets. The new government would have no debt to keep it there, and no desire to import the low quality goods that prop up the Chinese economy. Sub-Saharan Africa can largely be ignored and the blacks will die of their own accord, while a reclaimed South Africa expands its borders.

The Mediterranean, Middle-East, and Eastern Europe are full of potential allies for the VSA. Cucked European nations can be essentially held hostage in order to bend them to our will, and once they submit, the foundations of our immaculate world order shall be laid.

Sorry for the blogpost but op's was such a steaming pile of pigshit I couldn't help myself. Also wtf OP you wanna gas the faggots and arabs but just deport the jews? Get your priorities in order, faggot

You would give California to us? Good! I like this.

You won't annex Canada. Northern Canada is racially Inuit as is Alaska.

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Your american education is showing.

I don't fucking think so. Do retards just think the entire state is Detroit?

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Yeah I object to Michigan going to the blacks. Deport all of them to Africa. Maybe Detroit could become a nice city again.

Native Americans aren't native to the Americas. They're Asian.

You're a slave to motion, money, food, drink, speech, thought. Essentially, since your individual doesn't have the technology to route your energy to the most desirable action you get controlled by your past to correlate to the present. Remember, not all aliens are good.

Wasn't mexico the world leader in obesity now? Been a while since ive seen updated charts.

They're like a weird asian eskimo hybrid of sorts.

Guess how I know you are a zionist alt kike filthy Jew?

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All states belong to us. The North and the South may seceed from one another and form two seperate nations, if they agree to do so.

All niggers go back to Liberia, no exceptions.

Either genocide the pineapple niggers or give them the islands back. Either way, stop babysitting them and letting them lynch white kids in school and get away with it.

The only way Puerto Rico becomes a state is if we ethnically cleanse it.

Alaska belongs to white Americans, featherniggers don't own shit and are going extinct anyway. It would have been kinder to kill them all off at once in a glorious battle than to let them slowly go extinct in trailer parks while huffing crack and choking to death on alcohol.

Why are you gassing fags and sodomites but letting kikes leave? Because you are one, presumably.

A thread fucking died for this. Go read about the Silver Legion and Father Coughlin, and stop being such a boomer newfag.

I believe those areas actually inhabited would count as this, though with the low population density and their nomadic lifestyle you may be right about annexation being out of the question.

"There are some White racial organizations in this country, such
as the Identity people, who have fractured loyalties and advocate
compromise. They talk about geographic racial separation on the
basis of giving the niggers a good part of the United States, such
as the South, probably the Northeast and the Midwest as well. In
exchange the Whites would then have a clean sweep of Idaho and
some of the Western states, such as Oregon and Washington. Even
California, New Mexico and Arizona could to to the Mexicans, and
South American Hispanics.

We Creators regard such utter nonsense as unmitigated treason
and will tolerate none of it. In the first place, such a compromise
is completely insane and impossible of fulfillment. Nor would it solve
anything. It would merely be a temporary stop-gap and another ma-
jor retreat for the White Race. Just as in Africa the Jews have driven
out the White minorities in country after country and replaced con-
trol of each by manipulated niggers, so the war would go on here
in America, in Europe and in the rest of the world. These fractured
loyalists must realize that the time for compromise passed 50 years
ago, and the enemy is now smelling blood and is hell-bent for vic-
tory. The point of no return has long passed and is now no longer
possible. Nor do we Creators want any part of a compromise, now
or anytime in the future. There is now only one solution — total vic-
tory — a clean sweep on a worldwide basis. "

-Rahowa! This Planet Is All Ours

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It is treason, but treason against the ZOG.
RAHOWA was dreamed up by Christian Identity faggots, faggots who don't believe in the existence of Nations, and think spitting a pseudo-radical line about exterminating all non-whites (whether or not Kikes are white is never discussed, take a guess why) means people will flock to them over revolutionary White Nationalists.
In the war against the ZOG, revolutionary White Nationalists are going to seek out aid from anyone on the planet willing to fight that thing called "America."

Great Lakes belong to the French and Germans.

How about this:
Invade Guyana to send the Asians
Invade South Africa to send the niggers in exchange for what's left of the Boers
Invade Mexico to deport the Spics
then immediately leave all of them and barricade the fortress before they ever think about coming back.

Neck already faggot

Honestly, what's this "send" shit? Why waste time and resources deporting kikes, niggers, and spics when we could just gas them all?

The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces is why.

I like your idea, but honestly everything on the east coast should be given to the blacks, original colonies or not. Give the great lakes to the whites.

Most importantly, OP, whatever areas you live or have lived in (I'm assuming one of the original 13) and have emotional attachment to? That goes directly to whatever race you hate the most. Why? Because you drew this map out of selfish faggotry to turn your hometown into a white ethno-state when Michigan should objectively be the main white hub and have the highest concentration of whites.

The UP of Michigan should not be wasted on the negro

As should all the parts of an ethnostate should bebe
lol okay
No. they are returned to their countries of origin
I'm okay with this
Become their own country
The ones that are partially native-american get an autonomous region within NM. The rest are sent back to their country of origin
They get an autonomous region within the state
An autonomous region within Dakota
No. Asians are additionally sent back, and the mixed race are sent away to their non-white heritages. Stop displacing tons of white people in your white ethnostate
No, autonomy
No, the arabs and Persians go back to their land of ancestry. The natives of guam get guam
What kind of ethnostate is this? Way to demolish the mid-west by the way
wont matter
see me after class
What you've done is make a decently strong Eastern and Southern America, a ridiculously overcrowded PR, NM and Guam, a very sparely populated Michigan/Alaska/Dakota/Northern CA, and a very confused Southern CA. God knows what would become of the plague you unleashed upon the Center of the country, but what you'll have is Hundreds of millions of people being displaced (along with all the economic/social/personal disruption that comes with it), China would likely get Northern CA and Alaska in it's sphere of influence, An Islamic State in Guam, The spics in NM and swirls in SoCal staging a break out operation with all those guns they can get their hands on, and a White population completely divided and at each others throats with the crowding and cultural differences
Way to kill White America

just give the pineapple niggers the smallest island and we keep the rest


The UN can fuck off. They won't pick a fight with us. We have nukes. We, like Russia, can more or less do whatever we want in our own land and no outside force has the power to stop us.