Kellyanne Conway names (((Andrew Feinberg)))

(Note: I'm not a Trumpstein supporter, but I find this interesting)

CONWAY: What's your ethnicity?
FEINBERG: Um. Why is that relevant?
CONWAY: No, no – because I'm asking a question. My ancestors are from Ireland and Italy.
FEINBERG: My own ethnicity is not relevant to the question I'm asking.
CONWAY: No no, it is, because you're asking, he said originally, he said originally from.
FEINBERG: But you know I'm asking –
CONWAY: But you know everything he has said since and to have a full conversation –
FEINBERG: So are you saying that the President was telling the Palestinian [inaudible] to go back to—[crosstalk]
CONWAY: The President's already commented on that and he's said a lot about this since that one tweet. He's put out a lot of tweets and he made himself available to all of you yesterday –
FEINBERG: No, just to the pool.
CONWAY: He's tired. A lot of us are sick and tired in this country of America coming last. To people who swore an oath of office.
What. The. Actual. Hell.
This is not a conversation that happened on some Trump subreddit. These are the words of the White House senior counselor. This conversation happened on the White House grounds. The year is 2019.
This is, in a word, outrageous. What possible relevance does Feinberg's ethnicity have to do with the question he asked? Trump's Sunday tweets suggested that four Democratic congresswomen should go back to the countries where they were from. In the case of three of them – Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York), Ayanna Pressley (Massachusetts) and Rashida Tlaib (Michigan) that country is the United States. (Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota was born in Somalia but is now a naturalized US citizen.) The question by Feinberg was designed – presumably – to force Conway to address the fact that the President of the United States had told four American citizens to go back home.
Where Feinberg's ancestors hailed from matters not at all. To the question or to Conway's answer to the question.

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Trump is a kike.
Trump puts Israel first.
Fuck Trump and fuck Israel.

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You're right, I know Trumpstein would never make this exchange. I don't follow American political theater, but this could red pill a lot of folks.


Fuck you, heres whats wrong.
Everything people know about racism is what the kikes taught them. The very concept of racism is ridiculous. The races are different, we are not 'one people', different races are adapted to different environments - thrive in different areas of life. Blood matters, because out of blood comes culture; how does one deal with life, what is its concept of time, how does one deal with dead, what is the importance of family, spirituality, heritage.
Running away from lions and hippos, or running away from winter - both stories will and have had different outcomes.

This entire discussion is here to reassert again;
The programming only remains active when triggered with good timing. Thats all this is.
There is no difference between Clinton, Trump, Bush and the like. Its a puppetshow; ALL OF IT. Everything the people think they know, they most likely have been whispered to by filthy jews.

The only option is to turn off the programming. Never hate the brainwashed, hate the brainwashers. Never lose sight of them. Inspire other people like yourself. Nothing matters so much as awakening your people.
Reminder that by simply turning off the tv people change for the better.

The kike took something as marvelous as television and the internet, and used it to peddle sex, smut and violence. Dont sway from your path, keep your kameraden on it. Alone you can change your friends, together you can change your world.

You're not on leftypol, kike.

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He was speaking ONLY about Omar. The "Squad" is not mentioned.
"So interesting to see 'progressive' Democrat congresswomen, WHO ORIGINALLY CAME FROM countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe, the worst, most corrupt and inept anywhere in the world (if they even have a functioning government at all), now loudly and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful nation on earth, how our government is to be run.

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Call out the Jews and the spot light will shine on Omar.


I don't care about the orange kike, I just think it's interesting that one of his most well known officials has named a jew right to the jews face. Of course it was a dog whistle, but this may be something to pay a bit of attention to.

This thread is about one of his lackeys slipping up and naming the jew, not him. This could be a red pilling event, especially with kikes kvetching about it on the news and bringing attention to it.

Interesting enough that I'll post the .webm. OP, don't be such a lazy faggot next time.

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I know how to greentext, was just having some keyboard issues. I'll also be sure to add a Webm next time instead of a website link. I consider this to be thread worthy, she is a White House official who is clearly naming the jew even if by dog whistling. Trumpstein may fire her over this.


If Omar calls out the jews and their lies, she's a guarateed win! or at very least, she guarantees Trump to lose!

Too bad she doesn't point to the ones who actually pushed the legislation to allow the mass immigration.
I like Kelly but she's a bit naive if she thinks it's Hollywood D-Listers and not (((Hollywood)))

I agree that "sending them back to where they came from" is wrong. I'd send them here instead

gotta jew faster

She just posted a pp tweet that had a capural Q in it

She must not know about the Jewish infestation, she's not naming the Jew like we mean it, next.


We need to form an alliance with the Latin American PILGRIMS and attack the Juden!!

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Do you know where the fuck you are? And yes, us anons on this site ARE SICK AND TIRED OF IT as well. OP is 1000% Jew-nigger sperm.

It has 100% relevance because Conway was clearly going to use him in an example to help him understand better what Trump meant by the comment. Ethnicity and country of origin are linked.

nice try shlomo

Trump literally set the table for this exchange, fucking noob.

he said "CongresswomEn" not "CongresswomAn" so he had to mean more than just Omar. The other 3 members of squad were born in US so Trump probably fucked up gramatically and was referencing their parents being immigrants I guess.

Everyone has to hide their power level to some degree today, even Conway. She has to be careful how she points things out. I'd say she's doing it pretty well, she's saying stuff to provoke thinking without going full hitler which would just get her fired.

tired of what? are you mad at OP for criticizing Conway?

Most of us have family on DACA

get out

Was she really slipping up? It seemed like she was going for some kind of forced "gotcha" by tying his judaism into Omar's "anti-semitism". She wasn't trying to paint jews as subversive, which makes sense since Conway is a rancid zionist and cheap labor conservative.

Go back to Mehico, spic goblin.

You dumb ass, I copied the exchange and the jewish kvetching from a (((CNN))) article.

Oy vey! (((White ethno-state supporter))) Feinberg harassing stronk wymn Conway

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that's the whole reason this still appears to be theatre though, this whole thing is probably scripted. Omar is only saying what she is told or allowed to and will then balance it out with whatever nuttiness shes told to support along with it

The people are getting their votes managed in this way and Trump is such an obvious flip flopping fraud at this point that he's an obvious actor too. It's just a classic media circle jerk, no one's real and no one's really exposing anything or really talking about anything.

As a Southerner, I am truly loving how we are becoming an openly racist aka "asking the right questions" society again! This liberal faggotry is fading away and they are violently dying a painful death.

this and thanks.
OP is a retard; this shit isn't thread worthy and she's not even naming the kike. She would have asked the same question in response to anyone who asked her the question. Still pretty based rhetoric though; good for waking up normies. I've always liked this broad from what I've seen of her.

You can assume that, but it's unlikely. She essentially asked "Are you jewish"? without saying those exact words. It's all over the news and a lot of kike kvetching is happening, even if this is all scripted it can still be red pilling.

She did though. She publicly embarrassed a kike, in front of an audience. Why are you so willing to ignore that?

I like this phrasing. You can use it to false troll pretty easy.

you think that's naming (((them))) though? as i said, she would have asked anyone the same question regardless of race in my opinion. naming them would be more like, "aren't you jewish? shouldn't we be bulldozing you into a mass grave right now?". come on boys, this is not naming them.

Kellyanne Conway is so fucking BASED.

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Shes a tool like the rest of politicians, just getting woke and sprouting the potato famine as heritage inclines. True based is true.

They say this like it's some kind of winning argument ("so there, she's American now!"), even as we've seen her call Somalia "my country". The real question this should beg is, why the hell are we giving citizenship to creatures like this?

Your mother is a stein

damn pajeets fuckers

No need to foul a perfectly good wood machine. Right tool for the right job. Meat processing machines are fascinating and sophisticated. High production quantities with maximum cleanliness to prevent contagion of treason, cuckoldry, ethnocide and religious heresy. With some minor additions of robotics, our polities could be processed and dehydrated into fertilizer, animal kibble or ocean flakes for the fishes.

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Get out.

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Why didn't mossad agent Feinberg proudly state that he was from Israel, the country that first put garbage on the moon? What is he hiding?

she's sweating thru that thick as fuck make up.

Democraps belong on reddit.

I wish Trump and his admin would just cut the crap and outright say: nationalism is OK, just like Israel has.

lol out you conveniently left out the parts where basically the only reason for criticism was HATING ISRAEL

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Anglin pissed himself

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You don’t have to clarify you hate Trump anytime you’re mentioning him in a remotely positive light. This isn’t the fucking Star Citizen forums

Sure it does. Point stands, why the fuck did your people leave their country of origin? It was a fucking shithole at the time. Potatoniggers know that very well and tweaking the jew's nose was necessary.

So many retarded fucking Trumpfags in this thread. I think this video is pretty interesting, Trump is still a Zionist piece of shit, but this sounds like a dogwhistle to me. Especially this faggot with a mudskin fetish who keeps talking about the big strong independent raghead cunt who was inserted into congress. A congress which was founded by white men, for white men. Enough of this bullshit, this video is a red pill.

it's everything trump

basically costs his admin nothing to half troll every now with a media circle jerk. Hiring two actors to act for 5 minutes is a helleva lot cheaper than actually doing what he was elected to do.

Ballsy. Strongest leader I've seen recently, better than zognald. If I really had to pick a woman to be president, I'd choose Conway.

Yes, because optics & at least trying to remain polite and professional aren't important in politics. Even though even Adolf himself never said anything that uncivilised directly. Nice goal post shifting though.
Why do you kikes even bother? Have a (You) for 0.0001 sheckles deposited so you can have a party on the kibbutz tonight.

You don't have to name them, they name themselves and redpill people for us. Remember what Elon Musk did and all the (((media))) kvetched. He didn't even say anything directly. (((They))) did.

next time don't worry on saying whether you're for or against trump and just make a good op. first, no excuses, format properly. second, hooktube (unless that got fixed) still calls back to google-video, and youtube, so you need to youtube-dl that shit and put it in a webm or mp4. take pride in your op. if its well done and on an interesting topic it will have staying power

> staying power

It's really telling how the kikeberg couldn't help himself but specifically and only called out "the Palestinian" despite her being born here. Mrs. Conway got what she wanted this kike did irreversible harm to Trump by saying that one line and this was a political shoah kikeberg will never recover from.

But did she name the inbred russian jews?

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