Cnn: Trump's 4Dchess move wins back his white supremacist base on 8ch

>Threads on Zig Forums and Gab – platforms used by the far-right for their permissive approach to hate speech – included praise for Trump's comments, with many repeating some of the false narrative about the congresswomen's heritages put forth by the President. "Anti-white politicians come to our country. Rather than kissing the soil and feeling grateful, they desire to remove our borders, speech, monuments, firearms, flags, and every single other part of US culture," one poster wrote. "Why the F*** are they in the US in the first place if they can't do the bare minimum of adopting US values?"

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Good think jewgle delisted this place so it'll be a bit harder for normalfags to find us

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They have, for the most part. They're anti-White and pro-sodomy, the only "US value" they haven't adopted is unwavering support for Israel.

This is middle school drama CNN is trying to start about evil raycis Drumpf. Pretty sure I didn’t see a thread on this subject. The Jew media is DYING to make this a big story because it has no substance and only serves to divide people.

Anons, reach out to ‘leftists’ and find common ground. It will probobly environmental and economic. Be receptive and listen. Understanding is love.

And so the pro-Trump on Zig Forums propaganda starts.

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We're finally getting heard! The media has finally figured out that we're controlling the narrative.
(race war now! article on Russian Insider)

>Resident BernieBro took too long selecting an image to get first post again

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Come back goys, I need my internet people so I can have a YUGE 2020 victory. I swear the wall will be built and there will be mass deportations.

Media will never mention that we call for a swift and violent end to pissrael, user.
We gotta take wins when they are given to us.

She may not be much on looks but for some reason I think she's beautiful!

He Protec He Attac
But most importantly
He has Joo Joo Cum running down his Bac

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you have to go back

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Meanwhile the statistics prove opposite. Fake news. Our numbers are rock bottom if that were the actual case. The pph is barely above the monthly number of illegals being caught. But the DOW is up 27,000 though!

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Why can't Trumpniggers ever even formulate arguments? It's always just "GEOTUS would never do that", "trust the plan", or accusing people of being jews, despite Trump being entirely pro-jew.

So which thread are they referring to where we support the orangemuppet and his miga policy, can anons point me to it.

This is about catering to what you want to hear. Building bonafides. Understand that concept and internalize it when you consume enemy media [and also what you, likely erroneously, perceive as friendly media].



oh nooooo, these goys arent using what we tell them to!

lawl. It's great seeing how the MSM is used in an attempt to create a pro-Trump narrative on Zig Forums.

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Yet I don't see you criticizing anyone else. Just Trump. Funny how that works when, by you kikes own logic, his words mean nothing until actions are put behind it. So which is it? His tweets are law, or his tweets mean nothing until action is put behind them?

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Everyone focuses on Trump because
He's the President
He's the biggest sell-out con-man Israel First kike in U.S.. history.

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all me

Actually, you stupid niggers are always the ones who quote those statements, but yet it's never voiced by actual supporters. Stop lying. Also, if Trump was actually pro-jew, he would be going to war with Iran and Syria. Still no war though, so now what kike?

At this point, posting polls is akin to posting pictures of loch ness monster as a warning to stay out of the water.

How I know you don't know jack shit about American politics. They don't teach you very much do they?


You can spin it however you want. Trump has lost Zig Forums an 2020 will reflect that.

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Whatever Trump is.. a fraud, a cuck, a (((puppet,))) a deepfake, or a clone.. he’s not supported here, kikes.

Do you have any proof of McMaster calling israel as illegitimate.

They're just pushing the 'hate speech isn't free speech' narrative.

Never forget it's still legal to point out how subversive kikes and feral niggers have ruined our once great country.

this is exactly why Trump has lost Zig Forums.

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Remember where you are, kike. Unlike your NPC drones, Zig Forums has an actual diversity of thought and beliefs.

If Trump wasn't pro-jew, he wouldn't have a settlement in Golan Heights named after him, and Sheldon Adelson's wife wouldn't be saying there should be a "Book of Trump" added to the Tanakh.

He can't go to war with Iran or Syria until there's popular support for it, and that's only going to happen once the Mossad does another 9/11.

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Not disagreeing with you at all. I will self-immolate to see the destruction of israel.
I'm just saying posting polls is ridiculous unless your audience is sub100 IQ shitskins who just need to see pretty colors to believe things.

We'll see in 2020, Moshe.

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Prove your assertions. Show screencaps of actual Trump supporters on here saying those things. Prove it kike.

CNN merely fell into what Ron Watkins (and what imkampfy) want them to believe: that magapedes, largely immigrants from r/the_donald and what's most likely paid shills, dictate the content of the board. All they do is spam, post smug pictures of trump, and regurgitate shitty talking points from e-celebs and breitbart. They're civic nationalists, they accept multiculturalism, they're votecucks who say things like "what are you going to do? kill random people instead?" or "it's either vote democrat or vote for trump who triggers them salty libs, no other options whatsoever that I can comprehend", they're capitalist consumer whores who think that just because they shit on retarded ideologies like communism makes them think they're welcome here, they're christcucks who refuse to acknoledge how degenerate (socialist and multicultural) the New Testament is. Those faggots consensus crack the board through IP hopping and then accuse others of doing so when they, organically, call out the shilling. They killed what little potential there was after the BLM riots to help fester a race war. They're a more insidious enemy to Zig Forums than fucking progressive SJWs. Fuck them all and fuck CNN for assuming that we are so petty in our nationalist sentiments.

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Ah, so you're the one assigned to damage control in this thread.

You yourself did it only a few minutes back

Subversion and manipulation is not a win, it's a loss. A huge gaping massive loss.

How did the Midterms go for you (((Stormer))) shills? Not as expected? See you in 2020.

Which thread would that be?

we occupy 1/3 of Syria, fuck off

Yet nothing I said was what you said Trump supporters are saying. Proofs nigger.

There is only one target. When Trump quotes Henry Ford, that is a win. Period!

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Whenever Trump mentions jews in his speech it's a dog whistle for us you low iq mongoloids
Go back watch his press conference the other day. Thank the Lord you idiots are not our leaders.

So you're a TRSodomite then?

Sounds like projection. Magapedes are the enemy of ethno-nationalists.

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Day 1 on the job?

Stawman argument. TRS is as Jewish as Trump.

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He is letting thousands of spics cross the border and gain citizenship every day, he is replacing you. You are deluded.

There is no "winning". There's only temporary advantage. Trump buys more time to prepare. White birthrates are finally rising again, lots of planning for separate communities is happening. He creates a space to move in.

And even TRS stopped supporting Trump months ago. The only people left are boomers, jews, and redditniggers.

Only ones who'll get caught are glowniggers.

Not trying hard, are you?

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You are a dumbshit!
If WE say he quoted Henry Ford, HE QUOTED HENRY FORD!
Think moron! THINK!


i hope they suicide in 2020

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You think Democrats would have made that better or worse? It's all about buying time to prepare. More time of actual preparation = more chance of winning (within a short term window).

TRS doesn't support Trump. But whining about Anglin's honeypot and accusing Zig Forumsacks of being stormfags is TRS fuckery.

I'm not the one who accused Trump fucks of saying shit, but if you'd care to scroll up and reread those accusations you'd see a nice little "and accusing people of being kikes" tacked onto the end of it. Are you not sitting here accusing people of being kikes for hating our jew-loving president? Go look at the catalog, find the one or two threads sucking Trump's dick, and read them. Your proof is that easy to find, and you're old enough to do it yourself. I don't give a shit what you think; you still support Trump.

No seriously, some of us are legit. You are a magapede and side with people who condemn anyone who would vocally stand against being replaced. You don't belong here.

This is most likely a ploy to get Trump to disavow what they perceive as his base but they are slow on the up keep that Zig Forums doesn't give a shit because of the long list of no action/broken promises.

Thanks for sharing your plans when he wins again. None of your kike puppets will ever see that white house again.

I haven't mentioned Anglin and I wasn't the one to bring up TRS. But since you insist my honest opinion is that both DS and TRS are Jewish controlled opposition. I have no respect for either outlets and haven't the interest to even discuss them.

There's the kampfy.

uh huh…

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That doesn't compensate for his assistance of legal spic immigration whatsoever.

Nice job misrepresenting what I said. But you can't address it directly, so you have to lie.

You're cute.

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Still no war nigger.

cope harder

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Aww! They're still trying to push the 'le 56%' meme. That's so sad!

You first libshit.

You don't argue in good faith. So I'd rather use you to make more relevant points. You make the same arguments in multiple threads, you are easy to spot out and never seem to lose faith in a man who is so obviously as much of an enemy to ethnic-nationalism as every other president. You are the enemy and you need to fuck off.

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The only reason Zion Don did this is because they attacked israel. Those dumb shitskins are now realizing how low their rung on the protected class ladder is…(as today's shitshow in Congress is showing).

Protip, niggers: The 'ladder' was made by kikes. You spooks will never get to the top. That is by (((design)) )

On another note
Oh, CNN. You tried.
Fuck Trump and Fuck You

I really do think trump has people whispering in his ear to not worry about his base, his 'internet people' are still behind him 100%, meanwhile, I haven't seen a new trump meme in 2 years and every thread where is he mentioned becomes a shit fest

You fucking leftists are so fucking dumb!
Stick to the topic. Lose your bias. We want the same thing!
We, White Nationalists, HATE JEWS!
We don't hate niggers
We don't hate spics
We don't hate anyone.

The hating everyone not white shit is YOUR narrative, not ours. We only hate jews. Only jews. Without them, you get your world, we get ours. The kike mother fuckers play both of us against each other. We are not enemies, we just want nothing to do with you and you us.

So, you do prefer diarrhea? You Seejfags are just butthurt you have to wait 10 more years for the bugaloo, instead of sperging out right now. Patience, the rahowa is still inevitable at some point in the near future. But if you think Whites are ready you're just kidding yourself.

True. Among the actual Whites that matter (conservative Christians & Pagans that'll form the backbone of the real Nationalist movement).

You assume I don't, and use it as a cop-out to not address anything. More NPC terminology.

This would be stockholm syndrome if you even believed the shit you spew.

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A glownigger is definitely not fully white.

Yet another strawman argument. Siege is kosher and I support it no more than I support DS or TRS. Try to stay on topic, Rabbi Anonstein.

And why would I make such an assumption? It's a rhetorical question.

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Illegals are the main issue nigger. But keep going with 'muh legal immigration'. Let's pretend every other country doesn't have a legal immigration system as well. No, only the US is the focus.

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Trumps won 2020 regardless you brainlets. Your own worthless party ensures that. You should be more focused on 2024.

How is that winning back anyone other than Jews and their shabbos goys?

I don't hate anybody, I just want to exterminate all non-whites. It's not personal.

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TRUMP 2020

CNN most likely started Trump G-d emperor Trump praising thread themselves and posted the few replies and then wrote the article.
I support these congresswoman over (((Trump))) though.

It's almost like Jews control both sides and one side must lose for the other to win.

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I think we should be focused on not letting Trump get reelected

It's called "white genocide" and Trump aids it every day.

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