Westfields Marriott

For nearly 20 years, this particular place has been the location for every Bilderberg meeting taking place in the USA.

For reasons I cannot state on here, I need information regarding everything there is to know about the planning of this building, those who staff it, and those who own it.

Help me out on this, and I promise you all one of the largest happenings you will have witnessed in your lifetime. I cannot post any further information. Thank you.

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Most companies will hire and intelligent, hard working white boy who's willing to accept minimum wage.

LARP harder faggot.
Assuming this isn't a LARP, it's a fucking hotel, just pay for a room and snoop around.

Then why is no one around near it?

Do it yourself, redditor.



Just book a room there, my dude.

This is expolvol2, also known as Jamal. Do not reply to it seriously, every post it makes is disingenuous.

The month of September is showing higher than average prices for rooms but it tops out at 429$ for a room on October 17th and drops for the rest of the year. Isn't there a large Jewish holiday most of September that ends right around the 17th of october?

I believe its something like the years previous debt/deals are wiped clean. Not for the goyim of course.

Threadly reminder your IPs are all in a file at Langley. You too, Tor smartasses.

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Bill Marriott is the previous CEO now chairman of the board. He is 87 years old and a mormon.

Arne Sorenson is the current president and CEO. Born in Japan he is 61 years old and has stage 2 pancreatic cancer. His father was a devout Lutheran but I can't find anything on his mother (((?)))

Is it just me or do their eyes look as dead as rocks?

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General manager appears to be Scott McClinton, but the last hit with his name comes from 2015.

Nothing about staff or companies contracted for linen service, laundry, housekeeping or property management are listed which is odd. I doubt all of this would be in house.

Several reviews mention the lack of a backup generator during power outages lasting at least 1 hour in length.

Poor staff seems to take up the majority of low rated reviews.

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Looking at the career page for the company, landscaping, housekeeping and food service is in house. There is currently an opening for a server at this location and is the only job posting available.

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Good. Let's quit fucking around, and do this shit already!

Building layout

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Is there a large festival for that? That would provide cover for a large group of (((them))) convening in one location.

How did you find that?

Duckduckgo image search for building layout.

These are the years the meeting has taken place at this location. This is the only location used more than twice. What makes this place so special?

What advice do you have for OP and his minecraft raid?
How should he get all of them?

I was thinking he use a flamethrower.

It's too well guarded by NRO to get in like that. He should infiltrate the staff ahead of time and bide his time until the moment comes.

What if he goes as a guest?

We haven't forgot about you, it's just that you stopped being a threat when diversity became a top priority. Does it make you mad that the FBI is better than you at just about everything? Does it make you more mad that it's because of your streetshitter cubicle buddy whose smell doesn't bother you at all?

I think he should let it go as planned and do nothing to hinder it. A livestream of the meeting would be nice though.

How do you propose OP gets on the list of 150 global elites invited to Bilderberg?

What else do you need? How much detail do you need

Nah he should raid the server.
For once it'd actually be a raid that actually made a dent to the (((clan)))

I'm just trying to think of it from his perspective. From the videos I have seen the security is a lot tighter on the days where they have the meeting, they let absolutely no one end. And there are over 100 attendees and THEIR guards which will likely mean almost all the rooms will be booked. OP would probably have to book a room REALLY in advance.

If other anons have more experience with this stuff post it. God speed to OP

Does he need to? Fire at every old fuck wearing a suit

I will have to get a lot of these things myself. Staff members, security, cameras, parking. Many of this stuff will change on the couple days of the meeting.

Only real way is to simply book a room when prices are cheapest, usually winter and discover everything myself.

You're looking at it like this is a one headed snake. He harms those people and they'll be replaced before the bodies are cold. If he manages to record what actually goes on at the premises and makes it out alive he can show the world what they're planning for us and they and their cronies won't have a safe place to sleep outside of tell aviv.

Godspeed user

It sure as shit would send a huge message.
Assuming OP rounds up a good number that would be upwards of hundreds of Royal Family, Politicans, CEOs, and other figures wasted.

We already know the gist of what they discuss in bilderberg. There have been many leaks. I had them in my computer but cant find them right now

Promotional materials, manager cards, company tags on linens, chair and table covers, cardboard boxes near the receiving bay should give you all the companies contracted to support the hotel. In the staff room should be a staff directory with names, phone numbers and work schedules. It's easy to get lost in a large building like this. Bar tenders in the middle of an empty shift can be quite chatty if they have nothing better to do and can be a source of info for things not released to the press.

Pic: This is a heavy crime area and this hotel doesn't call the cops. Be careful

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Not upwards of hundreds, best case scenario dozens. But yes, it would undoubtedly be the most profound contribution to the cause of anyone so far.

get a job there.

I meant to say upwards of a hundred, my bad

Again you're thinking too small. Think about what we could learn from every side conversation, private chat and close door meeting. I'm not saying plant 1 bug but hundreds. A real deep look at the face of the enemy. What do we learn if we minecraft them?

You think they wouldnt check for bugs?
Even if OP uses the tiniest of cameras, he's still a civilian and the technology he has pales in comparison to what glows have.

That's assuming he would even be able to let himself in into the conference room in the first place. And i doubt it's a lot of people being in the same room at once.

Hello Officer. How's your wife after I dropped her off last night?

I want the yoke off of our backs as much as anyone here but it is just not time yet. It would be suicide and used as an excuse to attack white nationalists. Could you imagine what we could do if we knew the Zog's moves for the next year+?

I'm not saying they wouldn't find any but they certainly wouldn't find them all

Why would it be blamed on WNs? In fact, if Bilderberg is arguably the mkst benevolent place to minecraft.

Are the people going to defend a group that literally conspires with their tax money?

Any white man that goes hardcore in his minecraft server is a right wing terrorist according to the msm

He can simply clarify he is not in the manifesto.
Make something like a video one. Easy to digest for everyone

How many filters is it worth to you Alex?

Spam thread remains up.

They can change plans as soon as they figure out what's going on.

Plans on making the entire world move to the beat of the drum don't get changed overnight.

Here is the general overview of the property and its parking area.

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Roof of the main building with what looks like a cleared assembly area in front of the dome structure.

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