Daily Stormer Founder Andrew Anglin Ordered to Pay $14 Million to Jewish woman

The lawsuit is the result of a 2016 "trollstorm" unleashed by Daily Stormer founder and Worthington native Andrew Anglin against a Montana woman.


A judge says Daily Stormer owner Andrew Anglin should pay $14 million for urging followers to terrorize a Jewish woman in Montana. US Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch made the recommendation yesterday, and as The New York Times notes, it’s now awaiting approval from US District Court Judge Dana Christensen. In addition to monetary damages, the ruling recommends requiring the Daily Stormer to take down articles about Anglin’s target Tanya Gersh — who’s still suffering “atrocious conduct” from harassers because of the posts.

Anglin refused to appear in court, and this is a harsh default judgment against him. It recommends Gersh receive around $4 million as compensation for lost earnings and emotional distress, citing the “particularly egregious and reprehensible nature” of Anglin’s actions. The judge also awarded $10 million in punitive damages — the maximum amount allowed under the law — to “punish Anglin and deter him from engaging in such conduct in the future.”

Gersh said that the judgment sent “a clear message” to Anglin and other extremists. “This lawsuit has always been about stopping others from enduring the terror I continue to live through at the hands of a neo-Nazi and his followers, and I wanted to make sure that this never happens to anyone else,” she said in a statement. Anglin’s location is currently unknown, and it’s not clear how much money (if any) Gersh might actually get.

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed suit on Gersh’s behalf in 2017. The complaint followed months of death threats and hate messages from readers of the Daily Stormer — which, according to the SPLC’s complaint, had published 30 posts railing against Gersh. Anglin’s attacks stemmed from a failed real estate deal between Gersh and Sherry Spencer, mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer. Spencer then claimed that Gersh had extorted her, and Anglin posted photos and contact information along with instructions to “make your opinions known” about the issue. “Let’s Hit Em Up. Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm? Because AYO – it’s that time, fam,” he wrote.

Anglin’s lawyers attempted to mount a First Amendment defense of his posts last year, but Judge Christensen refused to dismiss the case. Anglin then failed to appear in court, his lawyers cut ties with him, and he forfeited the suit. It’s the second recent judgment against him — last month, Anglin was ordered to pay $4.1 million to Dean Obeidallah, who Anglin falsely accused of orchestrating the 2017 bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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wtf i love kikes now?

Good. Anglin and Weev are both kikes.

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Theater. Site will remain in operation because obvious shill site is obvious

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Pretty much.

oy vey there goes the first amendment goy, verbal harm is just as real as physical harm now

There is nothing wrong with being Jewish, KNIGHT COMMANDER BREIVIK said we must unite with our Zionist brothers to fight those that attack Israel!

Yes fellow white man! Saint Tarrant wasn't an anti-Semite and Jews are fine if they're in Israel!

But how will they get their shekels?
The kike's not even in the Americas AFAIK

I'm not buying the 'Anglin's a jew pawn' thing. I never did.
The jews ALWAYS try to d&c anyone with even a shred of influence among the goyim.
Their go-to has always been to say that their enemies are secretly pawns of the jews.
I've never seen solid evidence to support these claims, and any time Anglin's brought up, I instead see a lot of suspicious comments trying really hard to link him or other prominent white nationalists with jews. It's always a spergfest of people who act like kikes trying to convince me he's a kike pawn.
They literally do it to every single white nationalist with any draw, and it's both tired and predictable.

lel fuck off anglin it's over

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weev is an admitted jew, so there is verifiable jewish influence on Anglin.

As much as I despise flip-flopping shape-shifting Wanglin, I hope he wins this. I'm not invested in his racket in any way so I don't really care. But whether we like it or not, the world perceives him as one of us. By beating him down, they are symbolically beating us down. So from that perspective, I hope he crushes these kikes. Just something to think about.
(And no, I'm not asking anyone to do anything or get involved in this in any way.)

The judge ruled, it's already too late.

He did an interview with some israeli show back in the day where he tried to pilpul them, so he's a jew pawn? That's the weakest shit, and you fags always go right to it.
Almost like it's right at the top of your checklist or something.

jews always try to control everything, even white nationalism.
How about we just let user decide for themselves? They can go read his articles and see if any shill warnings are going off.
People like you always try to direct everyone what they're allowed to look into and what they have to stay away from.
That behavior is jewed as fuck, and it makes people like me suspicious of you.

moarpheus or sinead cancer thread of an old news

I figured he was going to try and find a way to get out of paying. Appeal maybe? Claim to be broke? Meh, whatever. If he got out of BTC at the right time, he's probably rich as fuck anyway.


That bitch was not a million before, why would she get $4 million for wages?

I think he's just going to continue living in exile abroad.

The ruling is from today.

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“I have no problem with jews in pisrael"- Brenton Tarrant.

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It's all so transparent.

I feel bad for pianoboy, he bought into both.

what is the text saying under it?

So transparent that you get you get your underwear in a twist at the mention of faggot Tarrant.

Anglin ain't going to pay crap.

Dunno, I hope the Tarrant supporting mossad glowies in this board answer what's the text says.

LOL, the yids are expecting whites to understand hebrews now.

Can Zig Forums get anymore yiddish?

Might as well made it $14.88 million.
If anglin doesn't work in the USA or have any assets there then there is nothing they can do. Its just a show trial.

It's moarpheus thread trying to smear Anglin, again.

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Jews can't stand anonymous so they call us moarpheus, it's really sad this fake identity they've made up attack us.

Implying any real pol/ack is on Anglin's side after all the kikery he has pulled over the last decade. He writes entertaining articles every once in a while, that's the only positive thing I have to say about him.

Anonymous is a collective group of people.

Moarpheus is just a shitty fat jew in a basement. Get it right.

Nobody is on his side, but moarpheus will try to smear him regardless due to personal reasons.

Reminder that White Nationalism is the weapon Jews use to exterminate Whites

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It's shit like this that makes the site unusable.

Unironically kill yourself. This faggotry must cease. Nevermind this typical hebe lying - why don't you finish that sentence about the Israel? Oh wait, because it would completely change the meaning. Get out.

what changed?

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Just leave it.

The mods are on their side, Zig Forums is compromised.

Confusing Anglin with Tarrant, wew.

Stop lying, dumb smelly shill.

Suicide now, idiot.

Why isnt it 6 million dollars?

Anglin shills for Tarrant.

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Don't really care about Anglin, sorry user. I don't really know too much about the guy. But I hate seeing kikes shit on top lad Brenton.

Why not make it 6 billion while they're at it? Hell why not a trillion? I mean really what is the point of such ludicrous numbers?

Well, you're in an Anglin thread, not a Tarrant thread. If you don't know the topic at hand maybe lurk a huwhile.

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And that makes Tarrant Anglin?

Are you brain-damaged, moarpheus?

To scare the next guy from trying to do the same thing. Obviously this dude won't pay that amount but what he does pay won't be released publiclly so you're just stuck with this inflated number to cause fear.

Why is it a big deal if Anglin appears on Israel TV?

You mad that you ain't ever getting featured on a TV, moarpheus?

I thought it was 6 million dollars.

LOL, Anglin wouldn't pay shit.

There's no power to force him to pay.

Lots of people (especially crackheads and mystery meat like Fag Anglin here) like to ignore lawsuits that come back to bite them in the ass hard five or maybe even two short years later.

How rich is this guy? Will he have to pay that? What happens if he moves abroad?

I know already you didn't get an A in biology class, right?

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That’s why I opened this thread, to learn more about the subject. Found bunch of lying hebes shilling against Tarrant and that can't stand.

He is already abroad.

They can't force him to pay shit.


Fair enough. So let's stick to Anglin. He's a Jew, a Zionist, and a swindler.

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moarpheus is here.

moarpheus, the fat spic jew, hates Anglin and TDS because they trigger him.

Yes, what's the big deal actually?


And prove he's jewish?

He has more backbones than you, moarpheus.

t. jidf

anti-moarpheus posters are also pro-israel posters. really noggin my joggin over here.

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To all the newfags lurking on this jew infested site…


Would a jew post this?


The other posters on here are correct in saying that the Jews always use the "HE'S A JEW TOO!" against all prominent white leaders.

He praises the jewish alt-right element in Israel, not Israel, so what's the big deal?
How am I pro-Israel, moarpheus?

moarpheus CANNOT prove Anglin and Kike Enoch as a jew and it makes him VERY, VERY mad.

He praised Bibi's son. He praised the Jewish (((Alt-Right))). You are pro-Israel for defending Israel and the kosher (((Alt-Right))) movement.

I didn't mention Kike Enoch. You did, Kike Enoch.

Which is not Israel.
>He praised the Jewish (((Alt-Right))).
Which is not Israel.
>You are pro-Israel for defending Israel and the kosher (((Alt-Right))) movement.
How am I defending Israel at all?
Why not? You hate Kike Enoch because he's more popular than you, moarpheus.

Which is a Jew.
Which is the Jewish (((Alt-Right))) movement in Israel
See above.
I never mentioned Kike Enoch in this thread. You did because you are Kike Enoch. Kys my man. You're so irrelevant no one talks about you but you.

Israel is not a jew.
>Which is the Jewish (((Alt-Right))) movement in Israel
Which is not Israel.
Again, where do I defend Israel?
Why not mention Kike Enoch? You are eternally butthurt about two figures, Anglin and Kike Enoch, might as well mention them so you can wet your panties.

You defend the Israeli (((Alt-Right))) movement, don't you? I mean you do agree with Anglin, right?
Because this thread has nothing to do with Kike Enoch. (((You))) brought him up out of nowhere which leads me to believe you are him. If that's not the case then stay on topic and try to have a little self-awareness.

>You defend the Israeli (((Alt-Right))) movement, don't you?
I don't, I'm saying it's not Israel.
>Because this thread has nothing to do with Kike Enoch. (((You))) brought him up out of nowhere which leads me to believe you are him. If that's not the case then stay on topic and try to have a little self-awareness.
Oh yeah, everyone is Kike Enoch, the famous moarpheus deduction.
I'm Enoch Anglin the moarpheus killer.

Pilpul. It's Israelis and Israelis are Israel. Anglin has defended Israeli Jews who identify as (((Alt-Right))). Do you agree with him? Do you also defend those Jews?

Israel is a country, israeli are people inside the country.
>Anglin has defended Israeli Jews who identify as (((Alt-Right))).
Which is not Israel.
No, and why do I have to? Leave israel to defend israeli.

Pilpul. Without Israelis there would be no Israel.
Great. Now if Anglin goes on Israeli TV and defends Israeli Jews who identify as (((Alt-Right))), while at the same time saying the Western Jews are the real problem, why am I not rational to say Anglin is a Zionist?

This…no matter how you feel about anglin;
HIS WORK, EFFORT and STRUGGLE IS NOT HER WORK AND SHE SHOULD AT LEAST BE HIS WIFE TO GET THAT MUCH…or fucking give him free blow jobs and/or sex for life.

No, israeli can exist regardless of Israel. Some israeli exist right in America.
>Now if Anglin goes on Israeli TV and defends Israeli Jews who identify as (((Alt-Right))), while at the same time saying the Western Jews are the real problem, why am I not rational to say Anglin is a Zionist?
Huh, does Anglin support a jewish state in Palestine/Israel? That makes him a zionist.
None of this jew, alt-right crap.

Correct 6 gorillion would have been a better number

Don't you dare use deflection. This is what I asked, please address this

>Now if Anglin goes on Israeli TV and defends Israeli Jews who identify as (((Alt-Right))), while at the same time saying the Western Jews are the real problem, why am I not rational to say Anglin is a Zionist?

LOL who the fuck is that, he looks like a midget going through transition.

Again, does Anglin support a jewish state in Palestine/Israel?

Moarpheus does not even know what zionism means.

Again, do not deflect. If you can't address my very simple question then I will consider you defeated.

"I will immediately make it punishable by death to be Jewish and all Jews will be required by mandate to report to a federal kill center, where they will be steamed to death, masturbated to death, have their heads bashed in with pedal-powered skull-crushing machines, be forced into cages with bears and eagles, or forced to climb stairs carrying boulders until all of their bones break."


I have engaged your point directly, your point has nothing to do with zionism or not.

This is the only question:
Again, does Anglin support a jewish state in Palestine/Israel?

Now let you stay defeated.

Huh, your question has nothing to do with zionism definition.

You are begging the question, which is a fallacy.

You two, again? SMH.

He's the famous midget Andrew Anglin who used to be a big Putin fan.

Can't help it, man. I love bullying the fat kike moarpheus.

The fact Cortez and Muslim whore are getting deplatformed for being non-white traitors make me pretty happy too.


If I said anything even close to that I'd be labelled a Zionist Jew sympathizer and outcast as controlled opposition. You're done yid. Anglin is done. Weev is done. You have lost control of the narrative.

One simple question defeated you. Remember that.

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It's all so tiresome.

I've been doing a little research on Anglin and Weev, and I'm not any kind of expert on them by any means.
Many people are still essentially ideologically trapped by the 'Right'-wing of the ZOG, and say stupid things. Some times they may even say things they don't actually believe, but want others to think that is what they believe (usually under some misguided 'optics' strategizing).
I'm not convinced Anglin and Weev are consciously acting on behalf of the ZOG. This test here is this:
1. Do they always have the 'Right' wing ZOG line? A cursory glance at the DailyStormer suggests no, no they don't.
2. When they do say stupid things, is there a clear underlying ideological principle that revolutionary White Nationalists should be concerned about?
It doesn't appear to me this is the case. Many people who hate Kikes are under many mistaken notions about them, largely spread by people who are invested in promoting Kike-identity (Kevin McDonald's bullshit). They also may be playing games, simply to expose the rampant hypocrisy involved in pro-Kike thinking (the whole "open-borders" for Israel stuff, which is idiotic, since Israel is a mixed-race state of Ashkenazi (Euro) and Mizrahi (Arab) Kikes, but it serves a rhetorical purpose).
I'd like to add, that Weev and Anglin are still young enough to not truly understand the nature of the 'Right' wing of the ZOG. People like David Duke have no excuse, and essentially deserve death for their errors. I'm not convinced Anglin and Weev are in the same category as him.

Weev and Anglin are both Jewish. This is common knowledge.

I don't think Moarpheus is 'fat'…at least none of the photo I have seen.
Did he get fat in his old age or something?

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If I said anything even close to that I'd be labelled a Zionist Jew sympathizer and outcast as controlled opposition. You're done yid. Anglin is done. Weev is done. You have lost control of the narrative.
You can say whatever you want, but as long as you do not support a jewish state in Palestine/Israel, you are not a zionist.

End off.

Again, "alt-right" israeli =/= Israel.

Meh, I didn't save the fat jew face on this computer.

Either ways, there's a reason why the fat kike is too afraid to show his face in public.

Prove them both?

Youre beneath my boot.

There is no Kike-DNA. The only question any serious revolutionary White Nationalist should ask themselves is: do they have the Kike identity or not?
Was Weev raised as a Kike? Did his mother take him to Synagogue? Did he have a bar mitzva, go to Israel on Birth Right, go to Hebrew school, etc, etc? The answer appears to be a big fat no.