Cried again

why live anymore?

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Reminder that if you're white and you kill yourself, the jews win that day.

I live for the hope that one day jews are obliterated from this Earth.

I don't cry because the battle is over, I cry because we HAVE to fight this battle.
It could have been so much better, but we have to fix this in the worst conditions ever, I'm not demoralized but I'm just so tired.


If you actually think I'm a glownigger I can just kms right now, I've been dishonored by your posts, I'm through hard shit right now, and thinking about the easy and comfy things don't make it easier.


How the fuck is your gf bi when you don't have a gf

You know what? Fuck you.
Fuck you for saying in my face that I'm some kind of glownigger.
I'm through rough shit because in France it's fucking hell right now, I just want my fucking future.

Do what must be done, then take care of yourself afterwards.

I don't want to dump her, she is redpilled and it's all I have left in this earth (expect my dad).

Where did I say dump her?

You want me to kill her?

Fuck me, I'll see if we can make a family

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Dont listen to the Schizos user
We have alot of work to do tho so chin up and get to it my brother

It's the only song of them that I listen because of the feels linked to it.
My best years were related to this song.

homeless user here, reading mein kampf and GLR white homeless brought me into a new mindset. now i plan on spending the rest of my days assembling a great setup for playing minecraft

while homeless*

do it man.
give a livestream link or a manifesto or anything when you do it, and in the live or manifesto say :

"well shit, at least I still have my white privilege" before beheading those niggers (in minecraft)

Go for some walks in the woods, this helps with the mood.

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it's my everything, she is a 9/10 qt.

Your not old enough to post here, and even if you are somehow, you still shouldn't because you are trash. Imagine having """"feels"""" listening to a corporate product made by a bunch of soft manchildren, pathetic.

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Your girlfriend is a homosexual degenerate. That is not being "redpilled".

Im going to tell you the truth shut the fuckup and workout and not care I tryed killing my self before and almost did from loss oxygen (I hanged my self).Just realize it does not matter and fucking not care have no emotion for a while and not care go workout or somthing that mostly takes my mind of shit.

How the fuck is she bi unless you're in an open relationship. My GF had her degenerate moments before we dated (she has a daughter from before me but gave me two sons, so whatever), but what are you even implying

Have you tried not bein ghomosex?

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kys you pathetic waste of skin

well she is saying she is bi, don't worry I stalked her with some
tools (mostly depriving myself of sleep for several days because of my anxiety of not being good enough, thanks bitch mom) and she isn't cheating.

have you tried not being a massive gay boy so your spouse doesn't feel like they need to fuck girls?

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My best years, before going almost fucking insane because of my mom.
But yeah, it's mostly because the lyrics make me think about Zig Forums.

Imagine being a man and having a “bisexual” (degenerate) girlfriend and whining about how depressed you are online.


I'm not gay wtf I have a 8"1 dick, that's enough.

Is it?

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Lol why do you have some of the weirdist shit saved lol the bear killing the deer is not weird seen a fucking mountan lion kill one before and gut it

She says she is Bi, I don't believe it because she moans when I fuck her.

8"1 is enough, r-right?

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do u rike MY CAR

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By this I assume we all realise he has an 8 year old's 1 month penis right??

Just fuck off you underage nigger, no one cares about your childish whining. My only advice is that you truthfully consider suicide.

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i'm 8 inches m8

Guys, a 8"1' dick is enough, r-right?
Answer me, it's enough?

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bro while he suicides let us talk about cocktails my fruity fren;did you know the rum, and cola was originally called the "Cuba de Libre";translated in english it means Cuba is free! Neat little bar tip;because you've heard my bar trivia you will be nicknamed baron blumpkin for servicing every find individual who pisses their cocktail

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My mom was an abusive piece of shit, left my dad for a "rich man with a Porsche", ended up with a cocaïne dealer, she's working at a random place where they sell crayons and other stuff now.

I would smack my sac against your face every morning if i could

mmm grayons>>13507238

GO user!!! GO!!

Remember there is more than one way to skin a shitskin.

That's what she said to my dad when he left the house for the last time :

ended up in a shitty house with a cocaïne dealer in the suburbs of my shitty town.

Vomit comet…

My life is getting better, much better, started getting /fit/, been 3 weeks since I started, can already see the difference.

Cry moar you fucking pussy, I'm being 100% serious when I suggest that you simply kill yourself; you are unfit to grow up and be a man.

first vid shold be named my secret kink second joging thro a mine feld
number three shold be when your a faggot that got doxed
and the last vid should be name fthafucka where my feet go?

Fight until you lose all strength and die in your bloody gore. You will do it, for the Snake Pit is a terrible place.

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When I say abusive I say hiting me with electric cables or getting me in a bath full of ice, once she even trew a fucking hammer at me, and she tried to plug my fingers in a outlet.

Shut the fuck up you stupid nigger I did not live with my mom most of my life only when I was like 0-3 so shut up and fucking not give a shit that is fucking life don't kill your self you fucking retarded ass nigger don't you fucking dare.You can be usefull when the revolt happens

Tell her that her "bi-ness" is the result of the jew living Rent Free(TM) in her head.

She must chose her future. Is it with alone with cats getting fucked by a lesbo with a dildo, or is it a happy existence with a strong man, children and a purpose to life?

Frame it to her so only a fucking moron would chose the former. Tell her that she needs to grow up.

ProTip: She won't fucking leave you if you fuck her and act like you have some balls.

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Your not fit for this gender, just kill yourself and pray your reborn a women.

I'm not a bitch, it's just a setback for now, I'll be better tommorow.

Why don't you kill yourself kike for telling a future warrior to kill himself.

All Kikes Must Die

nice larp rabbi

Not going to lie im laughed so danm hard