Do nothing goyim! Don't you know that everything is a honeypot? If you do anything at all that would be bad. Good goyim must always keep their wrongthink to themselves and never dare take real world actions.

You support Brenton Tarrant? You want to kill people? You don't have the authority to do anything. Join the Canadian Armed Forces then! Then it is okay. Where does their authority come from? All authority comes from God you say? Sure, whatever. The government doesn't have the authority of god anymore because the nation is godless? b-but killing people is wrong. Yeah that's right, love your enemies, like it says in the Bible. What's that? Ecclesiastes 3 says that? Well that's Old Testament. Ignore that. Hyperbole? No hyperbole in the Bible… just take everything literally like me and forget the nuances of interpretation. Listen man, this is wrong, we're a nation of immigrants. What, John A. MacDonald intended this nation for Europeans only? No you're wrong it was for the English only and you're not English. You can't take matters into your own hands. The American Revolution… but that was back then, the world is different now.

Well at least I know to write him off as a hopeless case but fuck am I sad right now. I got interrupted from finishing the whole conversation with him and just had to get a word in to tie things up just so he doesn't freak out. These people are useless. They live in a thought bubble in their own community that is accidentally white only because of their cultishness where any slight difference of doctrine causes you to be shunned. They never expose themselves to anything that offends themselves and so never learn shit.

I hate do nothings. I hate people that have a merchant morality, whose morality is entirely dictated by whatever it takes to remain comfortable, while they ignore that if they don't take action now they will end up truly helpless and living at the mercy of an enemy that gives no mercy. The enemy is not abroad. The enemy is in our own borders. They have zero moral issues with the government doing whatever it wants and getting away with it but apply a ridiculous moral standard to non-state actors who'd try to fight the real enemy.

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Found the Jew

Found the do nothing ever.

Good luck saving the white race by doing fucking nothing.

Oh, shit. I didn't realize I was speaking general fucking spine snapper, the aryan godslayer.
What the fuck have you done?

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Enough that I can ask a lot of you. ( I believe one must never demand of another what they have not done themselves )

Enough that I probably shouldn't detail it all unless I had actual reason to believe you're more than a do nothing and that there is a purpose in me telling you it.

I do a LOT. I am not a do nothing. It was terrifying at first but eventually you stop thinking a team of heavily armed men are going to come bursting in any moment and you manage to sleep. Eventually you also stop bursting awake in fight or flight mode and learn to relax and just say "if my time comes today, so be it, I must rest".

You got to work your way up with the little things, to get acclimatized, to get over the shakes. Eventually you realize how much you can get away with and how willing people are to just mind their own business anyways and not get caught up in yours.

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Honestly it's okay. Reading all that shit I posted isn't actually worth your time. In a nutshell: I fucking hate do nothings.

And then one day, for no reason at all, the German people elected Hitler into power

Found the Jew

I've fought wars for my people. I had brothers die on me. You know nothing.

Very actionable. Very willing to fight. Very esoteric. Don't want to mix with them though their women throw themselves at me all the time. They still have a lot of fight in them, a lot of will to conquer.

You mean for ZOG? Don't pretend your military service was for your people.

One man who burns a mosque in the homeland has shown more bravery than every ZOGbot who has killed nationalists who want to stay in their own country with their own people and culture while doing nothing about the invasion in their own homeland. A bunch of goatfuckers who plan on living and dying in the Middle East are not my enemy.

Nothing brave about doing a job that is less dangerous than crab fishing, policing a random shithole, with tons of air support and backing from the world's most powerful military, where your biggest fear is just driving over an IED.

The more people do it, the less things stay a 'honeypot'



Any anons with good OpSec know how feasible it is to post recorded footage of action in Minecraft without it somehow leading to being permabanned from the server? I feel the board needs a moral boost and the only way to provide that is to make sure to show how the world is getting whiter, one less creeper at a time. Maybe pictures of the griefing with a hand-written and timestamped 8/pol/ sign on it?

I had a similar argument with my brother recently about the suppression of conspiracy theories in general. He's a fairly intellectual guy, buy what it boils down to is that even though he agrees that the masses can be indoctrinated, he doesn't think that applies to any of his views. Even though he agrees that mass media pushes lies sometimes, he doesn't think that applies to any of his sources. He's talking about the recent finding that progressive journals publish based on bullshit standards one minute, and the next minute he finds it hard to believe that hundreds of thousands of people could participate in the spreading of false information. He refers to the mountains of information supporting his views, but it's clear that he's never done the slightest bit of research into things like the JFK assassination or the Nuremburg trials. He believes that propaganda exists and in the power of social incentive to make people believe, but none of that applies to him of course. He thinks that children make an educated choice of what to believe when adults put "the truth" in front of them. White men commit suicide at a higher rate because they just can't cope with the "justice" being levelled against them in the form of affirmation action. He thinks that conspiracy theorists get pleasure from thinking they are smarter than everyone else. Yeah I'm sure the guy yelling that there's a hole in the ship is so happy that he has information that everyone else simply doesn't want to hear.

He just has so much faith in the goodness of humanity (namely those in power) to ensure that the majority of information floating out there is true. He has no sense of how much information is suppressed or destroyed. It's classic Dunning-Kruger effect, but I don't know how it can be surpassed when someone feels no incentive to learn beyond what they were taught in HS social studies. It just takes time I guess. You learn you were wrong once, then again. Not just wrong but lied to. And eventually you start to ask yourself what is democracy really. You start to think about the future that could have been, and you finally start to get angry. But he's still young and nihilistic. He really doesn't care about anything. All the sacrifices made, all the people whose lives are ruined, all the needless murder and rape that occurs because we prefer to close our eyes… He isn't thinking on the scale of the species yet. He is still in his comfortable bubble full of trust and kindness. How do you redpill someone like that? Time and life experience are the only way as far as I can tell.

Just look at what they do to Invaders to their countries. Look at the girls whose heads were removed recently. This is what they do to Invaders… Then they come to European countries and kill THEM in their own countries, and what do they do about it???

Clown world. I wish I could show those gore videos to whites, while holding their eyelids open. "This is what they do to people who look like you". Even cattle can feel fear.

hey guys let's make a funny meme so cnn says mcdonalds is nazi haha
you want to do something
fuckoff fed

They would rationalize it away. They have been conditioned just like Yuri said. They are useful idiots.

There is no future for these worthless individuals. They have no place. The jews and shitskins will kill them and they are useless to the future Aryan race. Let them die off or be killed from their own ignorance. Nothing will save them. Maybe their children can be saved if they haven't been too programmed yet.

It is a sad truth. Or it is emotional Darwinism. Only the strongest and most intelligent survive. May the coming onslaught against Aryan man purify our blood and strengthen our genes. A true superman will rise from the ashes of the western world ready to dominate the globe and the stars. This is the future you must look to. Forget the past… Forget those stuck in the past… The past is nothing but failed policies and failed ideas. We must work for the future.

The "Feds" can't control everything. The government can't even police itself. Corruption is rampant. You have open sedition in the halls of congress. Laws are applied sporadically if at all. Most of the time punishment is only meted out to those most convenient for the state.

When no one else abides by the law why should you? When there is no justice why care about upholding the justice system?

The government is in its last throws of life. It is being attacked on all sides and has been hollowed out by the Jew who will leave its limp husk once it has sucked out all the money. This time is quickly approaching. Then the husk will collapse and the government will be no more. What will be left is what we make of it. Currently, it appears that the communists will take control unless something is done. Something must be done or we will drown in our own blood.

Great thread OP. The peanut gallery are just miserable and they love company. The miserable kind.

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Did someone say honeypot?

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what's to say 'everyone' isn't already okay? do we need an invitation? "we the people want the people to 'drain the swamp'" petition? some kid crying into a camera for someone to do something?

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We're all indoctrinated. When I think back to the earliest days of my youth and how I ended up with a Zig Forums worldview, it all came out of reading ancient Greek mythology. Jason and the Golden Fleece and other books like that made me value my people, value heroism, etc. Also a lot of biology and environment books made me give a shit about conservation and think about quality and breeding and such and of course I apply that to humans.

It's because of (practically accidental) early influences like this that I give a shit about race, tradition, family, god, the natural order, and virtue. Had I not been exposed to these ideas at all, who knows how I'd turn out.

It's not surprising also that I became a fascist since fascism is simply the revival of all things Rome. Those eagles, those salutes we do, etc. it's all a throw-back to Rome.

All sources are biased and fallible. That's why you can't rely on just sources that confirm your own worldview and have to actively seek out opposing information and worldviews in an attempt to undermine what you think you already know about the world.

What an idiot. I don't even take any pride at all in my own intelligence or lack thereof.

Fuck no. Conspiracy theorists are usually fucking miserable and burdened by what they know.

Idiot. Yeah there's a lot of people like that.

The first time I learned I was wrong was when I was a boy and there was the history channel going and it was talking about Hitler suicide in the bunker. My grandmother said it's not true and he fled to Argentina. I denied what she was saying because I simply believed what I had been told up to that point in life. I was so adamant that Hitler died in the bunker, I totally believed it, and argued with my grandmother. A few days later when my trip was over and I was back home and had internet again, I looked up how Hitler died, and found out my grandma didn't just make shit up because I found a lot of stories about it. I started reading them. I then doubted everything and my whole world was turned down. Ever since then I stopped believing in history as anything other than HIS-STORY and have been a critical thinker about everything. Btw Mein Kampf has an interesting take on how we are to evaluate history in it, what its real value is.

Pretty much but I also have always had tons of curiosity about everything where I actually investigate things. Lots of people are set in their ways and believe whatever they learned, so much so, that many new ideas and inventions can only take off when the older generation dies off to make way for the new.

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I did this to my mother. She screamed and she cried the whole day. However, what thousands of hours of statistics and reasoned conversations over many years all dismissed with "don't say negative things" and "can we change the subject of the conversation" could not do, that simple moment of unfiltered raw reality managed to accomplish in a single moment; she now hates Muslims with a passion. I showed her this young white woman that looked like my sister getting her throat cut by a mudslime while she cried and gurgled on her own blood and told my mother that would be my sister one day if she doesn't stop constantly traveling the world all the time wasting away her youth visiting all the countries. I would have never showed my mother that but I was so worried about my sister and had to make the point so I did what I'd never do and showed my mother that video. I was thinking if I did something like that I'd be kicked out of the house or physically assaulted or something but my mother just cried and wailed and then saw the truth.

The government is pretty much all controlled by various mafias (chinks, jews, spic, etc.) that make sure there's always loopholes in the laws that never get closed and that they get everything their way. Most of the time that the government ever gives the appearance of shutting down some criminal organization, it's merely because they were competition.

Whatever happens we need to be the ones who take the initiative. History has shown that people who start the wars and have everything happen on THEIR TERMS wins. Think about Dylan Roof's message to that one conservative how he was talking about him always having to constantly police himself by the leftists standards instead of forcing the left to conform to them. Think also about Siege by James Mason talking about how the government isn't an omnipresent, omnipotent, invincible force.

Only works with people very close like fam, or those already traumatized seeking understanding unfortunately. The eagle will be a phoenix next rip.

Nice try Feeb or O9Afag. Private groups offline & ride the tiger - that's what you should focus on. Create the decentralised Aryan Hezbollah, enough Seejfag shit. If you absolutely must do something on your local Minecraft server, keep your mouth shut. Organising for the inevitable SHTF bugaloo is number 1. Commies are accelerating just fine on their own now. Let them sperg out at the Zogbots.

If you're so keen on violence, nothing is stopping you. Go take out a substation in Commiefornia then Fedboi, show us how it's done.


What in the fuck is even the point of that? Like seriously. I've thought about it, I've studied all the vulnerabilities in the grid, but at this stage merely disrupting the grid accomplishes absolutely nothing. We need to take actions that accelerate things, not actions that cause people to have the power out for a little while, and then life is back to normal, and they have no clue why the power went out and just assume it was a tree falling or something.

Tell me the difference between Siege and what you're advocating which seems to be right out of Siege.

You are correct.

The best defense is a good offense. The war has already started and we are losing. Defensive measures will not suffice. It will be retreat after retreat until our utter demise unless action is taken to correct it.

I am not advocating a shooting spree or violence, but we must make the enemy recognize our existence. This will require us to go into the streets and make our presence known. Some of us will fall into honeypots and traps. Most though will not. The government is too incompetent to get the mass majority of us. They are operating at reduced efficiency and are internally fractured and weakened. Their own policies did this to themselves.

We must do this while the numbers are still on our side. We should have done this yesterday, but today is better than tomorrow. Every passing day it gets worse and worse and worse. The enemy continues to infringe on our rights and lives. Our fathers did nothing and look at what we have today… the consequences of their inaction.

The conservative whites that remain in the government are still on our side. They are a quickly vanishing part.


Nothing says action like a good organized street march. If some get thrown into prison, so be it. They can't get us all. "Rage against the dying light."

Lotta energy there, buddy. You seem pretty wound up.

Just report FEDposting

You have never lived through an extended power outage, things go to shit very quickly. The population becomes very restless and anarchy can only be avoided through massive police presence and restriction of liberties like curfews and gas rationing. If there is not enough fuel available to run generators, people will begin to be shot in gas lines (within a week, I've seen it happen).

Northwest Imperative.
Northwest Front
New Awakening
Join or die motherfuckers.

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I cant agree with you enough. Its the same as the standard pol 'everything is a false flag'. Its easy ro not feel guilty never doing anything once you realize everyone that is doing something is a mossad agent in a jewish psyop.

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Attached: InTime.mp4 (1920x1080 1.43 MB, 2.01M)

The infrastructure suggestion was because ANYONE posting threats here is either larping or a Fed. If you aren't either, stop posting here trying to get someone else to do it, NYPA faggot.

Much better idea. I kinda liked that Svalbard idea as well. Need multiple mini-states really.

Quads of truth. Combine that with water supplies & say a highway/bridge or 2 (and sniping repair teams obviously) & killing a major US city is disturbingly simple. It's not really set up to defend against internal threats by intelligent attackers, just false flag larps and sandniggers. But what then? How does that help you hold territory or create new nations?

The whole reason Fedposters are here is they WANT petty, small time shit. The idea that we don't go violent, and instead just build a state-within-a-state without breaking any laws is far more terrifying. Look at how families of Chinese and Indians just move into an area and take over everything. No reason Whites can't do the same. That pisses them off more. We're supposed to pay our taxes into their system & keep their infrastructure working, not represent our own interests!

Meanwhile, their own commie golems are gonna "smash the state" - triggering their other pets to chimp out. Whites just need to twiddle their thumbs & prep until the current State collapses. Merely outlast it.

stop with anti chinese propaganda pigdog

OP that's exactly the reason for acceleration and for making these do nothings feel less comfortable and enjoy the cultural enichment. Only then you'll see the shift needed to change things.
Saint Tarrant is right.

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you first m8

upload it somewhere else first

Fucking useless. Did you miss the bit where James Fields got a show trial and life in prison? Lefties are cowards. Like all cowards they will try to split individuals off from the herd and frighten them to make them panic. They only move when the state is on their side. If you are going up against the state you need complete faith in yourself and your movement. Anything less and you are dead.

The only good thing about your post is that you are using TOR, which at least gives a small amount of protection against FBI warrants like those that have been shown in recent threads.

You must be joking. We scare the shit out of these cucks. They will call the police on you the first chance they get. Whites are the supreme race. No one else gets close. All whites know this, and are scared of other whites. There will never be a white identitarian movement without something else holding it together.

I just keep telling myself that he's 4 years younger than me and thus literally 4 years behind me. It's crazy to think what my beliefs consisted of back then, but I was never such an sjw as him. I have a degree in physics and him a degree in social work. I wonder if social work itself will have a redpilling effect on him.

He's been lurking on Zig Forums lately, so I have hope, but his wife is, well, a typical woman with a humanities degree, so she may keep him anchored in the anti-colonialist views for longer than I would like. My wife is Asian and has never even heard of feminism or the holocaust, so redpilled out-of-the-box as they say.

It seems that the West is doomed, and whites on the whole will not realize their situation until it's too late, but they will realize eventually, if for no other reason than being exposed to so many foreign cultures where brow-beating your own people and culture is seen as the sickness that it is. That's my prediction anyway.

nice blogpost nigger

Dream bigger.
That's perfect. They don't need to know why, they only need to die.

No they are not. Conservatives are not our allies. They are ziocuck traitors.

You should be. It's the only real solution.

I'd rather that the same number of people required for a massive street march go around putting out pamphlets calling on everyone to arm themselves and prepare for an armed resistance.

OP is right.

Oh you mean take out the power first and then start killing?

They will have cell phones, batteries, etc. and will be less distracted and more alert.

Only if I have a squad of like 10 guys is it worth it to do some grid sabotage in order to distract and divide the ZOG's forces fighting fires and other issues while we fuck shit up.

Get the fuck out of my thread you're one of the type I have to kill. Unless you're an Asian male.

Permabanned from the server means codeword for "the video leads the police to me who then gun me down in real life".

Not banned from Zig Forums.

Do videos have the equivalent of exif data in them?

A bunch of infrastructure failures doesn't fucking help.

Although the one user talking about blowing some bridges and sniping repair teams to fuck up a city had a good idea. All cities must fall.

yes many do. I would suggest you buy an old laptop from an pawnshop or yard sale and re-encoding it at the least, or using image capture software to catch the vid images instead of using the vid itself. Also, go back frame by frame, and manually delete pixels which could contain some information.

Then, irl, go back over your route and op after things have gone quiet. Look normalfag as fuck and watch for anything that might have held cameras in your op area. Currently the op if already done is likely not on anyones radar, most npc's in minecraft are done by other npc's and the cops don't really care. But if something comes to light that minecraft got fun, the feds are likely to send in a full team to where ever the server is located and go over it with an fine tooth comb. Anything and everything will be placed at their feet to ensure our favorite steve is taken by an angry creeper. They will cross reference information far afield grasping at straws.

If anything feels odd or seems like there might have been a risk you might be compromised; don't post anything. Just take it as an learning experience and more xp under your belt for future server adventures. You do not even want the slightest risk that you would be looked at for anything more than an speeding ticked. We are target number one, its not worth some moral booster shit if you may lose your ticket to future games. Newfags can go fuck themselves with needing handholds.

Play safe, play smart and don't worry about anything else. Minecraft is the art of the long game.

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Hey feds, everyone knows it was a hoax. Give it a rest


if you are going to do something, don't record it anywhere.
just do it.
start a business, buy a fence, drive a stake into the heart of a vampire

I guess if you're into computer graphics you could call Tarrant a hero

Is Anders Behring Breivik also a "fake" to you?

Fuck off jew.

Ten million raiding ayyyyy base
You on the other hand will do nothing you schizo nigger kike

I've already done shit.

10 million people who liked something on facebook won't translate into people actually showing up and doing shit

Wanna bet fucker? Let’s say one percent of the 2.5 million confirmed going show up. That’s 25,000 people roughly. Live streaming the whole thing and asking for the damn manager
They couldn’t stop 2500 let alon 25000 or even ten percent (more likely ) 250000

Breddy mache. Do nothing until you do something. Whats nothing to something or something to nothing is habbenin. If merkaba'in whatev you do aint cuttin it, switch gears fren.

If this is a honeypot it is , then strive to finesse the honey without get stuck or move on.

The holocaust never happened, but it should have.


pick one and drink mustard gas.

Gonna pick all three
Just need to synthesize some more mustard and chug away
You’re right

I do not. He's a Mossad asset.

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I would not have an embed if not for the fact that it's the only way for a Tor poster to start a thread.

Board Owner needs to disable a file being required to make a thread.

I smell… Glownigger

The board owner needs to put a clean bullet between your eyes. Stop pretending that Tarrant was anything other than a Mossad asset.

Which federal building do you suggest bombing, friend?

I knew Tarrant personally. I also knew Andrew Anglin and quite a few other big names.

Go fuck yourself. Tired of (((your kind))).

Tarrant killed 50 semites. His manifesto was also absolutely perfectly crafted in every way.

Since you ask.


They need to be bombed.

I will provide the materials to you, just give me your address, phone number, email, and social security number. I need these because reasons.

Real honeypots try to compromise you. You're going to have to act alone or only with those you trust never to betray you… lone wolf.

Just a reminder that nothing scares the Pyramid more than organization and unification to a common cause.

At least burn a random multiculti center down it's not hard to get away with and it'll help you man up to the bigger things.

I am trying to find the source of quote attributed to Aristotle. It was said by Aristotle right? I can't find the writing of his though that it comes from.

I need that Aristotle quote in its original context so I can read the full passage and make sure it's alright so I can share the quote.

I tried but could not find it

There is some (((debunking))) done, where they say 19th centuries preachers forged the false quote.