All chinky women are CAT FISHING CUNTS. Every single one of them. They're all evil whores trying to ensnare white men and fuel the fire of hell with their horrible lies.

Please show this to every single one of your anime-fan friends or those who think chinky women are anime characters. Show them that they're nothing more than ching chong ping pong dirty noodle chopstick whores whose race eats insects.

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It's true they all look like anime characters after makeup hahaha

Butt fucking ugly

All women do this because they are demons at heart.

lol yeah the first two look like my butt

(((Chinks))) are the Jews of Asia. They will lie, cheat, and steal for a penny. They are truly an insect like race with a hive mind and no conscious. They like to pretend they are "intelligent", but the reality is quite different. Most are borderline retarded. The Jew likes to prop up his asian jew puppets as "highly intelligent" and "smarter than whites". This is a lie. Don't fall for it.

They ought to be wiped off the face of the earth with nuclear weapons like MacArthur wanted to do before he was stopped by the fucking (((president))).

Alternatively, we could just drop giant cans of RAID(TM) on them and gas them all like the insects they are.

Remember OJ the nigger was acquitted by a slanteye judge and a chinkychonk forensic investigator

Ya and a lot of white women in the US are cat fishing cunts as well. Overweight and crude behavior. My experience on the west coast dating hundreds of women has made me a ricer burner. They are more often higher quality. More education (8th grade level at least), feminine, cuter, not crude, and almost never fat. If someone can point me to a blonde white woman that isn't 20-50lbs overweight, crude (burps, farts, drinks too much, curses, JUST ONE OF THE GUYS LOL), and reasonably smart for a woman (think basic average level man intelligence) I'd be all over that. But unfortunately at least on the west coast USA, such a thing does not exist.

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No doubt. Women are probably the root of all the evil in the world. Even evil books promoting usury were most probably written by men under the influence of women.

If you think of all the things demons do mentally and socially - Women are the only demons walking the earth

I'll add too, that any woman that needs to wear a lot of make up is unattractive. You should train yourself to spot obvious layers of make up. Attractive women do not wear a lot of make up and this is true for asian women as well. I've noticed at least in the US, they wear less than other races. Mostly because their diet doesn't promote a fuck ton of acne.

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Chinks are the Jews of Asia? But Jews ARE from Asia lol. But I agree with you. I don't know if its their genetics or the fact that they've grown up in desperate and abusive situations. The Japanese and even South Koreans aren't bad tbh (men). Some of them seem like cool guys. Even low class whites seem more evil than well off ones. But it could be race too
Yeah. We need to spread awareness about them to warn people of their dangers

There are no attractive asian women. The first 2 women in your post are wearing makeup. The last one is ugly as piss

know the difference between problems and bad solutions
low quality males go for low quality females
if you want to stop ricemixing, improve the quality of males

call young men out for wasting their time and energy chasing and pleasing low quality women (and waifus) instead of driving and building themselves towards being a respectable man among respectable men who would even give you his sister to you out of respect

Please think… If you have insect babies with this ricer, they will turn on you and then turn on us. They will revert back to the hive. Why would you put an innocent child in the hands of the insect people?

At least a white woman, even if she is a total raging whore bitch, will produce "white" babies. (Dear god lets hope) Those children can look to you for guidance and be saved from their mother's debauchery.

So she is fat, farts, burps and drinks. Better than being an insect. Please don't help the bugs breed.

Although, SC Johnson will thank you for the increased sales of RAID(TM).

You're a fucking chink. Not a single one of your women is even remotely mediocre, let alone attractive. You're all disgusting insect eating dog fucking pieces of shit

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Women are a goddamn disease!

This is true. The Semites are of oriental descent.

It's their genetics. IT IS ALWAYS THE GENETICS! The only reason the Japs are slightly better is because their content of Aryan genetics is higher. Hence, their obsession with whiteness and alliance with Hitler. But, the Japs are still sea monkeys (aka niggers).

These people are not simply genetic disasters, though they are that, but you have to consider how their genetics deteriorated. Judging by the first one's teeth, she was not properry suppried rith nutrients as a child. Probably none of these women were, and likely their parents weren't either. Anytime you see people long, thin faces, and jagged teeth that don't fit in their mouths, they've been malnourished. And of course the problems are exacerbated by them having learned to breath through their mouths.

Not that the condition of asian females is your concern. You're not a race traitor, are you?

it's same for japs with only difference is that japs women are slightly less worse than chink.

The Japs are actually more Australoid than other chinks thanks to Ainu racemixing. Don't know where you're getting the Aryan info from but it seems like fake info to me.

I'm willing to bet that the Japs were terrible people when they were in abject poverty and would be again if their wealth and comforts were taken away

But maybe it's the genes after all

Women are.prone to histeria. Women also like magic, witchcraft etx. All women, just like the primitive races, jews and niggers with their voodoo. Women were never ever means to have more power than men, nature gave us more creativity and strength for a reason. Our women are now our single biggest problem. Even your average normie man knows the world is fucked up. Women all think the world is getting better, they actually bieve this. It's terrifying.

Some Japs looks pretty Caucasian, and there has to be an explanation for why they are slightly more civilized than all the rest of Asia. You don't have to go longer than Korea before total bug nation is a reality again.

No even well fed Japs and South Koreans look like absolute shit without makeup. That doesn't mean they look good with makeup on by any standards.
Kill yourself chink. You look like butt

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Somebody with yellow fever got burnt did they?

During WWII they'd happily cannibalize prisoners and even their own dead to supplement their wretched starvation rations.

Clearly you haven't met enough of them. White women have a horrible mean. They are either super attractive or ugly as shit, very few in the middle. Asians tend more towards being above average so 7/10. So there are more decent looking asian women. Just my experience.

This is funny. A reddit spacing faggot telling me to just marry a fat shrieking bitch because I'll have white babies that somehow won't be retarded because their genetic half is a shrieking whore. Sound advice user, I think I'll do that. I'll dump my asian girlfriend that has everything I like because she's somehow hive minded. You realize doing what someone on a finger painting forum tells you do to do is hive minded right?

Tell me what you think is attractive user? A staged photo of a 10/10 blonde woman in traditional european dress? I'd agree with that. Now tell me where I can find one of those on the west coast of the United States and Canada. Oh wait.. they don't exist because those are also staged and fake photos.

This dude gets it. Again all I was saying is from my experience, asian women tend to be a safer bet when you are seeking a balance between quality and attractiveness.

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I'd rather live in a monk's cell as a hermit and study great literature and mathematics than get legally tied to one of these monsters.

I think they're only more civilized these days, but have historically always been barbaric especially compared to the chinese (who have the most ancient civilization)

100% accurate information. Women are hellish beings…

lmfao why did I find this so hilarious?

Reminder that race mixing is not ok. Don't destroy your race.

If it takes a pressure washer to get to their natural face you should not be surprised when they look uglier than shrek. Fucking duh.

Stop posting pictures of makeup-wearing CATFISHING butt-faced chinky noodle whores and get the fuck off this website you disgusting chink.

Your entire race looks like butt. Those fat women are 1000x better looking than those chinks without makeup. Go back to eating noodles you insectivorous piece of shit

Bahahaha I LITERALLY LOL'D thank you I needed that

Because the temptations of this world are fundamentally ridiculous, particularly the temptation to make like the two backed beast.

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Why are you going for non-white women in the first place? Unless you're non-white yourself you should get a white woman.
Move out of the city then.

Fine, have bug babies. SC Johnson, A Family Company(TM) will get you.

The Japs claim to be descended from pure Aryan stock who came to their island. Who knows if it is true. Regardless, the pure Aryans bred with the bugs, like the bug lover above, and now they are just sea monkeys.

Every single chink is extremely ugly. We don't want disgusting people in here. Get out

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Me sucky fucky for citizenship then me take house no more sucky fucky..

Shame on the man who wants to sucky fucky with these insects. He should be paraded on a donkey!

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Well I don't know. There's probably some truth in what you're saying but I don't know the extent to which it's true.

Holy shit! Bahahaha "Bug Babies" OMG hilarious.

I'm agreeing with you nigger, I'm laughing WITH you not at you.

It's amazing you managed to determine anything you just said was relevant to my post. Mental health is a diet issue as well.

Where are you getting this information from??? Seems fake

These aliens are absolutely hideous, imagine the heart attack you will have upon that "revealing".

All women do this, user.

Get away from me, chink. Your diet and mental health will never make you even close to the "ugly" white women, who are literal goddesses compared to you

White women don't look much different with makeup on. But these insects look like a completely different species with makeup

Get away from me chink!!

Oh stop it! They just make their eyes bigger so that they can see properly!!

Lol with those small eyes, their field of vision is probably 1/3 that of ours. But PC scientists will try their darndest to stop us from having this conversation.

Women are evil though


Posting obligatory. The prevalence of plastic surgery in Asian women is extremely high too.

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weebs just don't understand that asians aren't that attractive in general. All asians understand that and are insecure about it.

They know it.

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Unfortunately, I cannot remember the exact source for this information. It is recorded in their folklore and if you research it, you should find it. This is why the Japs agreed to an alliance with the German Aryan State. They viewed it as returning to their origins.
This of course occurred in pre-recorded times, long ago. The Japs are not savable. They are just "better" than chinks. That wouldn't take much though. They are still bug people. I wish more nukes would have been dropped on them. Two bombs wasn't enough.

It's an old figure of speech, a Euphemism not heard much now.

Making the beast with two backs is a euphemistic metaphor for two persons engaged in sexual intercourse. It refers to the situation in which a couple—in the missionary position, woman on top, on their sides, kneeling, or standing—cling to each other as if a single creature, with their backs to the outside.

In English, the expression dates back to at least William Shakespeare's Othello (Act 1, Scene 1, ll. 126-127):

“ I am one, sir, that comes to tell you your daughter and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs.[1] ”
The earliest known occurrence of the phrase is in Rabelais's Gargantua and Pantagruel (c. 1532) as the phrase la bête à deux dos. Thomas Urquhart translated Gargantua and Pantagruel into English, which was published posthumously around 1693.[2] Othello was written c. 1601–1603.[3]

“ In the vigour of his age he married Gargamelle, daughter to the King of the Parpaillons, a jolly pug, and well-mouthed wench. These two did oftentimes do the two-backed beast together, joyfully rubbing and frotting their bacon 'gainst one another.[4]

Hilarious how they all try to mimic Aryan female phenotypes.
The second video really elucidates why the whole "Plate Face" slur originated.

That face taping shit is the creation of the Devil.

Ain't it grand? This is what makes Zig Forums pol so addictive.


you have to get them young enough to train them right, faggot. you are obviously more concerned with getting a fuck than settling down and having a family. just as bad as the coal burner in that first pic. based memes though, bruv.

Miscegenation is the highest sin to blood, the highest form of treason.

Almost every thai bride the degenerates bring back home is uglier than any white woman you have ever seen. Yet that white blood is strong enough to produce much more attractive offspring.

roastie detected. just kill yourself, no white man of value will ever breed you.

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based sage nigger.

there's decent whites on this board, faggot. spoiler that shit.

It's called degeneration; dysgenics. Maybe not for the abominable gookthai, but to your blood it is lowering yourself, dooming your offspring and its line to forever be less than you.
Miscegenation is a disgrace and there can be no excuse and that goes for men aswell as women.

To us, not to them. I perfectly understand why they latch on to any white man who wants them because even if they are bottom dreck it's still a major step up for the gook.

T-thats not real is it?
How the fuck do they make their barely opened eyes look so big? What kind of sorcery are these witches using?

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so these before/after pics… do the colored contact lenses make their eyes buggy or did the camera man say "ok now with make-up off make your chinkiest face, chink."?

make-up doesn't make your eyes bigger…

Most women shave their eyebrows and paint some on. Why?

The Ainu are Japanese aborigines. They were tall white dudes that lived in the mountains.


Great thread as always OP.
More importantly, was Ho Chi Minh, objectively, the best possible candidate for semi decent Communism?

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Ah yes, the bug spammer from cuckchan is now here as well.

The bug spammer is also IP hopping:

Poor desperate bug. It is our duty to squish him and put him out of his misery!

Ching chong bing bong

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walla walla bing bang bong shing shang.

Nope. The Ainu people are considered Mongoloids, and also relatives of the Sentinelese/Onge and Australoids. This is because of their DNA which is totally non-white. All Japanese people also have no white DNA. Look up their DNA lineages and you'll find out.

No. Their DNA proves they have nothing to do with whites. Stop spreading this myth just to make Hitler look good. Hitler was right about Jews but wrong about a whole range of other things. He was a feminist, said that Islam would suit Europeans and had all kinds of irreligious ideas about domination. DNA studies are more credible than Hitler anyway.

Lol they ARE chinks. Every single one of them has chinky eyes. Every single one.

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Huh. So that's why my granddad called them "shovelheads".

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oops; wrong thread. my bad

I'm sure it's real. They also use fake noses and "skin" to change the shape of their faces. (Video of several aliens).

They fucking change their race lol

I prefer Asians, all white women look the same

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i've never understood the chink meme. their features look underdeveloped. even the 10/10 kawaii ones are boring. i'm more attracted to black women and jewesses than these things

Are you happily married, user?
Also, how young are you talking about here?

Correct. The animals and trees, fishes and waters of China should be conserved. One birrion too many yerro Chankoro dogs. If one gigadeath were executed, the biomass and nutrients could be transmuted into better conditions for Nature. If there were 300 mirrion desirable Chinaman left over, that would be a respectable population baseline. tl;dr – advocating colossal biomass exchange of Chankoro dogs into natural fauna, fish and nature.

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