Rep. Green files articles of impeachment against Trump

Rep. Green files articles of impeachment against Trump

This angry Mexican has filed articles of impeachment against the President over "racist" comments made both online and in Washington.


What does Zig Forums think? Will this blow over? Is it already dead in the water? I thought that maybe they would file it over their Russia hysteria, but apparently that was bullshit. It seems that all you need, for these Dems, to impeach a president are mean statements that hurt the feels.

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Whatcha sliding moishe?
Kike free first post

(internal monologue)
Should I call him ZOGnald or God Emperor in this thread?

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Someone will rightfully point out that it's not illegal to be racist, to which (((someone))) will suggest that maybe it should be.

im sorry

Its not gonna go anywheres.

The president's speech is protected.

It's more meaningless distractions. He's won in 2020, and they know it.

Zog Emperor

when the president does it that means it is not illegal.

Spic looks like a nigger. And you know how much spics hate NIGGERS!!!

Can some one post screen caps of these apparently racist tweets. I can only imagine how fucking tame they are.

Ill paraphrase:

If you don't like living in America, than you can leave

Did this Green stink nigger even pen one line of those articles of impeachment? Or was it his staff of jew attorneys? I'm torn with indecision here. Help me out.

Moving to impeach Trump over the hurt feelings of browns is just laughable. Even if Trump came out and said "you're all a pack of whining shitskins," they couldn't impeach him over it, because isn't a crime to have a low opinion of shitskins.
What's more interesting is that we're seeing the power of calling Whitey "racist" completely disintegrate before our eyes. Tucker is openly mocking it on his show now, and he can be considered a bellwether of normalfag Republican voter sentiment. Even Republicans themselves have remained mostly silent over Trump's remarks, which is new, since they're usually chomping at the bit to cuck at the first opportunity. The reason they're not giving an inch is because the polarization of the country is almost fully complete. There's no longer any room for compromise, because everyone knows, even the most pathetic cucks, that the Democrats have gone all-in on a non-white future, and it's White vs. non-white in the battle for the soul of America.
You all know what comes next: it's the race war we've needed for generations now. Strap yourselves in faggots. It's about to git gud.

It would be kind of funny if we all just agreed to spin in a circle when someone called us "Reysisss" IRL
Why spin in a circle?
I'm not sure, but it would be funny and that's what matters!

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this would open a big fucking can of Zyklon worms against racism practiced by ((( them )))
they can't afford it
this spic self-activated outside of any controled narrative
it will fizzle soon

I feel like poking the bear a bit.
How best to get this creature riled up?

pure kek. and actually, shit like this does have a wavering effect on "curses".
This shit is real. A "superstitious" reaction to being hexed with the "Reysisss" spell should totally be adopted.
If nothing else, to be smug and funny. Our most powerful weapons around here.

Me thinks Ethics Violations.
He still slept with a Staff member, Lucinda Davis aka Lucinda Daniels. Does it matter they dropped and settled?

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See and here I thought I was just shitposting, you come along and completely redeem me!
leftyfag: "REYSISS"
user: "AHhh! Get it off me" (*spins in circle)
Onlookers: "Kek, I like the racists. they're funny!"

Alright I gotta go find some phone numbers and make some twatter accounts. An anons work is never done!

Paid off with the "secret" Sexual Harassment Fund, specifically set aside, FROM OUR TAXES, to pay for rapist politicians, and keeping their escapades, and other crimes from hitting the media.
This is a major fracture point. I think Cernobitch started a hashtag a few years ago to expose this shit.