Here is the final red pill

You need to make yourself thet best possible version of yourself and meet a nice woman. You and this woman need to move out into the country where you grow your own food and raise your own animals. Once you are self-sufficient you need to start having as many children as possible and teach them right from wrong. Teach them the importance of culture, tradition, race, and religion. You need to stop blaming external sources for all your problems and start focusing on the solutions you can implement today.

How can you make sure the next generation is better off than we were?

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You sound like a cuck. Go back to your radtrad Twitter.

Interesting idea, Moshe.

how if my wife gets raped by a nigger?

Good advice.

Not by ignoring the problem and fucking off to nowhere, teaching them how great the world used to be while it rots more and more as you're doing nothing about it.

based and vargpilled

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OP sounds like an SJW; he is defo taking black cocks up his ass. Fuck off cunt.

What if the food supplies get cut off and the best version of myself happens to be as close to a 400lb jabba monster as I can get?
I don't want to starve, user.

Quite honestly, if everyone was taught to not trust jews and reject anything coming from a jew and check the board of directors for any companies we purchased items from for jews, if we were just taught to avoid everything jew, we would be living in a beautiful world.

Or if I cannot do that, kill as many shitskin women and children to bring natural balance back. Same goes for juden.

Afrikaners tried that. Didn't work out too good.

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How do people not see the jew will stop at nothing to kill all whites.
They feel like it's their purpose to be on earth is to kill all white people by any means possible.
I get the feeling they think it's a divine calling and unless they accomplish the death of all whites, they will not ever be able to leave this shithole planet.

In case someone can't make the correlation, look into who controls South Africa and who put the nignogs in power and who pushes the propaganda against whites in SA. White genocide is a wholly jewish function. niggers are just proxy warriors who will ooga booga back into the bush if jews aren't there to herd them.

Self-sufficient is not realistic, since the state will flex its assumed ownership over you and your offspring.
But becoming as unreliant on the state as possible is definitely a goal everyone should set their eyes on.
Surviving, procreating (keeping blood pure and unspoiled by lesser races or muttdom) is arguably the most important thing. Because even if we shrink in number, with blood pure we can always increase in number in the future, with our blood spoiled and diluted we will be lost and beyond repair.
We can only ensure out own will be, but expect great adversity in this endeavour, for the state/government assumes it owns you and your offspring; you are not free of will, mind and choice in its eyes.
A hard life make hard people, do not worry too much on being poor, but do not throw yourself into something that is beyond you or would break you. Know yourself, know how much you can support, sustain and endure.
Keeping your blood pure is imperative and it, coupled with procreating is essentially top priority for our people.

Redditspace here for a whitepill-tangent-ramble: There are more white people in the world today than there ever were in the past, despite us only being a miniscule percentage on the global scene, this is important to remember, stay alive, procreate and keep your blood pure; the moon pull and pushes and as it wax and wane waves come and goes, so long as our metaphorical blood-ocean is not poisoned we can grow. Remember that our time is not all of time, our time is a brief moment; a small drop in the past and the vastness of the future. We must work with the confidence that we can't solve the problems our people face in our time, but that we can do what is in our power, that our children stand a better chance, and their an even better chance. Sorry about being all over the place and semi-incoherent.

*The fourteen words are not for us afterall, they are for our posterity; our blood and its eternal continuation.

Isolationism is cowardice user. The problems you are running away from will find you and make your life hell again.

Better to eliminate those problems.

They deserve it, if I was in their position, I would have done what the best of Germany did on 1945: Go to South America.

Op is right, you cant form any kind of foundation in a city. In the future the cities will alter regulatory controls against you. The country can at least give you the ability to control your food and water and be out of foot-proximity of threats

And the city will bust your balls like an anvil to an almond. In the country you are disorganized, far and lack infrastructure compared to the city. If the city is a port city, then they can slap you around to their whim.
But that aside I agree with you. The country is a healthier setting, and that lack of infrastructure also means the state/government doesn't have as firm a grip on your balls. In the past paganism only survived in the country side, for they did what many of you propose, but you should remember the lesson that the city can easily subjugate the surrounding countryside.

And no one will know when one night the zogbots come for you.
It's a nice idea that would work in an ideal world.

There is an incredible amount of shilling on this thread. I think it's because people who live in the countryside are less under Jewish control, and that is upsetting to them.

OP has the right idea. Become self-sufficient. Move out of the cities. Grow your own vegetables. Have a goat, sheep or cow to give you milk, yoghurt and cheese. Hunt and fish for meat.

The less dependent you are on the civilization they have hijacked, the less they have their roots in you, the more freedom you have.

Eventually, the civilization will collapse, there will be civilwars, etc. But if you are living out in the country, providing your own food, all of these things will affect you a lot less, and your ability to survive will be greater.

I bet a Jew or a lefty posted this trying to demoralize. South Africans are much worse off because they are outnumbered more than 10:1, and they are not especially well armed. In the United States, especially, people are better armed, and in a much better position to defend themselves. Niggers, and mexicans prefer the city and will move there whenever they have an opportunity, so the american countryside will be safer.

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Surviving in a kike infested world where all your people are slaves or dead sounds great! Wtf is wrong with you treehuggers?

And how do you propose you are going to pay taxes?
It's a nice idea but you won't be able to keep it unless you find a way of becoming exempt from taxation. Which will mean forming a religious group that is recognized as such by the jew, or living in a manner akin to an early settler. Your house will have be a non permanent structure made entirely from natural materials, and you won't be allowed any amenities.

Let them come. The holes are already dug.

wagecuck, synthetic jew you are

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Exactly what I've done user.

Amazing insight, great advise.

I'm starting to read your post, the first part was good and then you lost me… It's like reading a hippie who dreams all the time. Make no mistake, OFC if some of us are able to live their lives in total autonomy, self-sufficient then GJ. But it's not like an ez thing to do, but I agree with you when you write to pick up a nice girl, start a family and try to be happy and live in harmony. That sounds good to me, but for the rest, it seems a little utopian.
But ey nothing is impossible !
Anyway, I wish you the best dear comrades.
keep it white.

Again with the stupid victim blaming kike schtich. OP is a D&C neoliberal. Capitalists are victim blamers.

Kike post.
Nothing is more important than killing all of our enemies. Nothing is more important than killing all jews and all who side with them.

too many functional jews and shills

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you forgot the part where we form tight knit communities. It is pointless to isolate completely.
1. Research the reality of clownworld and break free of the mental controls. (See clearly)
2. Improve ones capabilities
3. Find a good woman.
4. Raise families and establish a community. (Remember it takes a village to raise a family.)
5. Tell only truths and never allow degeneracy to spread the way it has now (stop drinking the koolaid and teach your kids not too)
6. ???? (Removing juden and kebab)
7. profit.
That's the 7 step weight loss program. Its a colon cleanse that will remove bloatedness and any parasites lurking on the body

And what exactly do you think that will happen to Europe in just around one generation? Especially with this approach OP is depicting? Do you fucking people even think long-term sometimes?
Factually wrong.
Not American, but what the fuck do you think will happen when the cities start overflowing with useless but aggressive nigger cattle masses, who will be hungry? Of fucking course they gonna look your way.

White people were gifted long-term planning abilities. Use them.

Vargtards please go away.

Just because you call someone moshe doesn’t mean you’re not an obvious kike

Not an argument. Kill all jews.

Coward. Victory or death are the only options. You can't hide anymore.

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I love how you call my a kike for saying you're just some cuck with a radtrad twitter, and to prove me wrong you post a fucking wrathofgnon image.

Too categorically (((romantic))). Living innawoods is no less stressful, alienating or dangerous. It is also fugg hard to make shekels. Townships tax your plans down. Wandering red injun criminals, dreadful fighty drunkards, simping old biddies casting social aspersions at every chance and nosey, unhelpful or often difficult neighbors. Muh grandfather spent his life with reasonable complaints about mosquitoes and blackflies the way you lot do of satanic kikes and niggery-sheit – though these demographic concerns are truly deadly.

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Sounds like the Amish


Kill the jews.

Can the best possible version of you take on a SWAT team at 2am?

ok so could questions faggot
where? and dont fucking say church, she will scream that you're a racist if you even suggest "muh culture tradition race"
with what money? i was busy making myself the best possible version of myself, now you want me to leave whatever field i was educated in to go live on a farm?
underpants gnome.jpg
again with what money? are you suggesting every user gains knowledge in home births? and teaching them right from wrong does nothing when you are forced to send them to a public (private is even more anti white) school?

Can a swat team take on a thousand pissed off people at once? They can be outnumbered, too.
And last I checked, they're not bullet-proof or stab-proof.

OP is a virgin or a shill. There are no nice women in 2019 america. Unless you got lucky and met someone before tinder era, you are fucked. Also moving out to country requires decades of paying taxes to finance this system and working for it. Whites will literally be nearly extinct while you work as a good goy saving up for your retreat. You are helping more by literally doing fucking nothing

Ruralfag here
Fuck this is comfy, I'm glad I don't have to see niggers, hobos and cars everyday but instead I can just walk out my front door and be surrounded by beautiful nature as the sound of bird song and the rustling of leaves fill my soul with hope. Every spring I walk to the meadows to watch and smell the beautiful flowers, every summer I walk down to the pier and catch my own fish, every autumn I go up the mountain to pick berries and mushrooms and every winter I go skiing whereever the fuck I want, I even ski to get the mail.
And there is nobody around to stop me

God, I hate urbanites, they are the root cause of all wrong in this world and I hope a plague will come soon to wipe you all out reducing the population to 10% and making rural living the norm again, then we can all be comfy
enjoy my nature pics, this is the scenery I surround myself with everyday

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Do you have a thousand people on your self-sufficient farm in the middle of nowhere?

If only you knew…

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That's your dumbass fault for assuming we'd all isolate ourselves and not build communities.
We're Europeans, it's what we do.

You go ahead and lie down and die user.
You come off like a defeatist pussy, anyway.

dont worry nigger, you cant run from the black plague forever

it would be very painful
that's why you get rid of the SWAT teams in your place by sending them on the swatting raid of a foreclosed home that you boobytrapped beforehand
just phone them that a little girl of color has been abducted by evil nazis with weapons who plan to drug her non-prescription substances, and they will send their best in no time
if you stream the event via webcams, use good opsec, but it will be a hit

Nice pics user

This except band together with other whites to create colonies. The as you outgrow space, divide the colony into two groups and start another one. Colonize the corpse of america from inside out.

I've found the best version of myself. Honk Honk Nigger.

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Deer diary,

Today, OP was not a faggot. Also, I swear to god I'm going to fucking genocide these coyote if they don't stop killing our fawns! #HerNameWasBambi

Fuck off newfag. You're right but once you realize that the world is run by baby-raping zionist sociopaths, you kinda get the urge to bitch every once in a while. Learning the word "redpilled" doesn't make you one of us. Lurk more or go back to reddit.

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Funny thing is that all the people like OP posting this don’t know jack shit about farming, animal husbandry, or being secluded. Go get a job on a ranch or farm getting up at 3am every morning busting your ass and going to sleep at 11 you fucking suburbanite faggot.

Your grandparents moved to the city because they were weak now fucking stay there.

So I'm doing all this but my wife is asian and I am white. Is this a problem? I'm happy and she's very sweet. Not a FOB.

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unless we destroy the jewish menace once and for all they will follow us to the ends of the earth.

I was too lazy to put Zig Forums on the screen but I was trying to relay that "we wuz swat n sheet"

that's a problem

I mean yeah it is. At the end of the day, it's still his property.




Meh, let them stack. Makes a smaller cluster for the claymores under the lawn to hit. I'm down in the bunker anyway, the house is just a distraction.

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The only way to secure the future of the white race is to fuck inferior races .This way we will spread our genes and further increase the amount of our genes

Secure the existence of our people by only having mongrel children

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hahahaha fuck off you feminist piece of shit and kys

shut the fuck up boomer. you allowed society to go to shit and now you come tell us what to do like its the same as it was in your time.

What does this even mean you incoherent niggerkike?

People who live in rural areas are more conservative and have more children. In Sweden, they have tried to pack shitskins into remote areas but the shitskins leave without anyone chasing them out. Jews, niggers, sandniggers all feel better in an urban jungle.

More children. More independence and separation from the system. It's the best possibility.

Americans are the best armed people in the world. Especially white Americans. If masses of niggers start invading and looting rural white areas, they will soon be masses of corpses.

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It means newfag zoomers like yourself ruined the board.
Just kys already, don’t delay. Your genetic information is clearly useless.

Congrats your post is even more incoherent than the one I originally responded to

And btw OP this is almost the only thread in the catalog which offers real solutions, so its no surprise its been so thoroughly kiked.

It's possible to kill more of your enemies than it is to populate the world of your own kind.

You could also raise 5 good kids who can do 5x what you yourself could

I lived in small town Appalachia in the bible belt. I lived in small town New England. I have also lived in cities in both regions. I went to both christian private schools and public schools growing up. I have sisters and met many of their female friends, as well as female friends of my own. Dated Christian girls, atheist girls, etc.
I have NEVER met a "nice woman," a woman I would be comfortable marrying and be content sharing our lives. I don't know if it's cope, delusion, or if I'm just the least lucky man of all time.
I've never even seen someone in a relationship in real life that comes close to the ideal. I've lost hope for myself. Congrats to all the
posters, I sincerely hope you aren't just moving towards disaster

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I've been with a dozen women (not 'cause I wanted that many) and the best one I was with had a mustache, was a little too fat, and had already done anal to avoid vaginal sex out of wedlock (christian reasoning). She was loyal, clean, could cook, knew how to handle firearms, and always wanted sex. I just wasn't attracted to her, and I didn't think our kids would reflect my own genetic quality.

This is a miserable existence most of the time.

Yes goyim, retreat to the woods and don't fight as your people is being attacked, we promise you won't be Waco'd or end up like the farmers in South Africa.

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I was raised West Coast at the hight of degeneracy. I was Chad, looking for a wife and children. They were looking for 'experience', 'adventure', and fun, while they "pursued" their non existent "careers".
I've been through literally a couple hundred dumb bitches, and not a single one was the wife material I was ever looking for. This mental feminazi infection is real as fuck. Our women are completely lost in this world.
Fun Fact- MANY try to "re-connect" now that their blown out, three mongrel kids with three subhuman fathers, flabby, loud mouthed, arrogant cunts, stanking of catpiss.
This is so much fun for a Traditional White Male.
I'm now likely too old to attract the young mother I deserve to help me on this "White Trash" homestead I can't work on my own.
Nothing but overflowing potential, yet chased into obscurity, and drying on the vine on the dying Soil soaked with the Blood of my own.

Literally just find a nice country town and ask around for a family who has a young woman they want to marry off to a good man. How are you not smart enough to understand you could do this?

There are no European people in cities, cities are degenerate.

Exactly this. Not only could they do 5x what you could, you can give them the advantage of being BORN redpilled.

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Truly inspiring!

Murder said nigger, and pike his charred remains outside whatever cesspool he ceawled out of.

So. Many. Jaded. Women.

I found my best Version too,
We will rise brothers

Exactly. And those people who do run to rural areas, at their core, they only care for SELF COMFORT, they could give a fuck about anything else, about a cause higher than themselves. You think Hitler ran off to some farm when things got degenerate and uncomfortable in the Weimar cities?? The battle will be won and lost in the cities, everyone has always known this, jusr apathetic rural baffoons trying to justify their selfishness!

That being said, any rural MOVEMENT which seeks to actually organize and create ethnostate or whatever, all power to them! It's just the apathetic 'comfy' fags who run off to small town hickville to indulge in decadence, and still call themselves white nationalist, they are truly immoral, eternal shame to them!

intense kike shilling

Lots of jobs in country side and villages i know from personal experience. the kikes cant get to the countryside because they can't corrupt people with money. Governments all around Europe fund production initiatives eg. (15k€ to start your own beehives) you can become a producer or work for one with no capital. Bio products fetch good money. You can work all year around by yourself, look up ways you can sell product. You dont need degrees just your hands. People in the country side will help you nothing like townies, forget the hillbilly stereotype it is false.
Can go on forever. its all around a good idea to fuck it and go live away from city. Shills will tell you its dangerous and that there is no money etc.
I almost forgot, DONT PAY TAXES TO ZOG!!!!!

homeless user here
im preparing multiple areas of retreat in the city for when i finally begin my minecraft marathon

You're right, OP. I don't have anything else to contribute except to tell our legit anons to not give up, don't be a faggot, and remain committed, STAHL-HART, and be successful in life, despite your enemies.


God, I hate them so much. I'm not going to make it, lads.

jewdar confirms a boomer jew is in our presence. Who else would think to make such a shit tier thread?

Fucking gas yourself asshole. You've adopted the imagination of mentally ill cunts. That's what a worthless cunt you've become.