This does not portend well for our future

Study this graph carefully. Does anyone here think this could in any way possibly be a good thing? All the traditional methods of finding a made have fallen off a cliff in favor of online and bar hook-ups.
I find it horrifying.

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Traditionalism is dead. We lost. It's all kiked degeneracy from here until forever.

No it isn't, schlomo

It's definitely a thing.
When looking for someone compatible, I think where you look is less important than how often you look.
The graph suggests that people are still looking for mr(s) right, but in different places.
'finding a mate' is more than just the initial meeting though, it takes time and effort to get to know someone enough to be able to say 'this is the one/take your shit and get out'.

I can understand internet, but why the sudden raise in restaurants and bars?

What's the problem here? As long as theyre valid marriages between whites, its still a net gain for us.

Hell, I met my furry bf of 6 months through a Minecraft discord server. It sounds really autistic, but we're planning to save uo so we can meet at a con next summer.

Whoa are you telling me only a small percentage of the population met online during the 80s? Crazy.

The worst part is that everything is directed by the software and the people in charge of the site.
Forcing shitskins into the results has already been openly admitted. What else are they doing?
Forced faggotry/tranny results? And if you don't go with 30% faggots you'll be imprisoned.
They make forced bubbles, they choose who you see.
Furthermore, they have a record of every person you've chosen/met, your personality profile based on all the chats, your sexual habits. It is a massive data mine.

Apart from that, online almost always leads to short term relationships, an easy way to kill off the family unit to ensure total governmental control.
Join some clubs, activities, social hobbies and meet people the normal way. Online hookups are just an extension of porn.

The lines represent percentages of the total, not absolute figures. The number of people meeting in bars may be unchanged, but the drop in the other categories make it appear that drinking hook-ups are rising. They are, but only relative to college hook-ups etc.

Where is this graph from?

the internet is based on lies, anyone who has seen a chan must know that.
people mislead, lie, put up a false persona, give false impressions and continue it throughout the online 'courtship' in order to meet the other. then they meet and persist with it, in order to keep hold of it.
sooner or later the facade breaks down and incompatibilities become evident, which are not concealed thereafter.
on the internet you also have a delayed response, so you have time to craft ideal answers for what you think the other person wants to hear.
it turns everyone into a conman.

a few decades ago, it was entirely uncommon to see a drunk woman. look up the rise of alcoholism in women.

Hookup culture is practically joined at the hip with bars and clubs. Many who met a man/woman at these places probably had a drunken one night stand that lead to something more. Some even have accidental children and take responsibility in a quick relationship that is reversed.

I met my husband on 4chan. It's pretty great, imo.

gay nigger

Methodology is necessary. If a "couple" is defined as "any two people who fuck," then yes, this is probably true. Otherwise, I strongly doubt it.

Set aside some extra money for the rope you'll need to hang yourselves with

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Nothing that can't be solved by killing jews and enslaving women again.

The jews lost. You lost.
You never win. You are born to lose.
We always win. We are born to win.
The jews lost. You lost.

I've personally had all my success on the dance floor. Dating apps are shit

why were bars grouped with restaurants?
most of those were probably bars

This graph is totally dumb and shitty. It's ONLY a reflection of where people are doing the most interaction. And anywhere people interact couples will form. If you suddenly add another venue, say for instance mandatory military service for all men and women, then that would have a sudden spike up and everything else, including internet, would have a sudden spike down since it's accounting for a PERCENTAGE and not the total amount of couples formed.

In fact the only thing noteworthy that this info is that people are going to bars and actually forming couples instead of just having one night stands. But that's probably due to tender stream-lining the process for dumb sluts and leaving the bar scene as a viable option for both men and women to find something meaningful. Though I do wonder if "bar" also includes night clubs or if the rate for that is just too insignificant to include.

nah. but it will likely take 2-3 generations to get fixed

I met my wife online.
I also got redpilled online.
True enough, the two things weren't directly related, but still they are both superior to any of the women or political ideologies I previously was affiliated with which came through other means.

NO WE DID NOT LOSE. Fuck this kike.

Zig Forums evolves into a dating site

Stop responding to obvious bots.
Report and filter

Traditionalism is not dead. Meeting people online is progress. It is the new Tradition. You can weed out those whom you would rather not meet through online filters. Its so progressive and futuristic.

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Weird. The way I met my gf is declining.

Ho boy. If this is winning, I really don't want to experience losing.

Fuck off Ari.

Another fucking soycel fueled post that dreams of easy roast beef pussy and can't get any. Getting pussy isn't important right now cucklord unless you want handmedown whores. Worthy White Women will only come to you if you have a house and money to show how much of a hard working and STABLE man you are(don't be in debt by college like the soyboys). Start with yourself first or keep dreaming in moms house.You could always continue like you're doing now is Anime it up comrade, it'll teach you how to be a proper woman. Soyboys who think about women 24/7 are sissy faggots like OP

Nigger OP doesn't even give a citation. Neck yourself, faggot.

there are online dating sites that aren't tinder retard. you can weed out coalburners and degens easy.

find one who is apolitical and traditional as possible one who wants a family. well adjusted women will adopt their man's politics of he isn't a weak faggot.

Meh. I never go outside anyway. I'm even breaking my masturbation habit and interest in sex so I can spend more time being selfish and improving my life for my personal benefit.

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You are wise. Try going out very-very late at night. When the activity of your area is at its lowest. Good setting for self-reflection; or possibly, active meditation on the total annihilation of judea.

OP has no sauce.

Like a sauce matters anymore…it is probably from OP's personal blog.

This guy gets it

Jew spam left up 2 days. Nothing happened.


You must learn to see western world as a jungle and band friends and family into colonies to form ethnic enclaves. Use your pooled resources to invest and expand enclaves. Many minority groups have done this successfully (mormons or mennonites). Whites can carve out entire states using this model. You no longer have a state or country. You are homeless. Start colonizing before the collapse. Internal law can be enforced by banishment.

It's easier to get a gf than ever, and yet you can't seem to wrangle one. I wonder why that is?

Only virgins are worth marrying.

And women with tattoos for that matter. Now it is rare to find a woman without graffiti over her body. I really, really hate it. Especially when they put them on their legs, where they entirely rob the woman of her natural grace and elegance.

Yes, and that's why it's good. More men with nothing lose and everything to gain.

Here's the paper:
Relevant Twitter thread:

And here's the graph again with some additional context (from the above paper I linked).

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You wish.

unmarried romantic unions who have never cohabited.

That means "any two people who have fucked, or dated for any period of time." Consider the following example:

There are 1000 people in a town. 950 of them act in the following manner: they date an average of 3 partners for a reasonable amount of time, and then settle down with one of them, only having sex after they marry. This means that there were a total of about 2850 normal, healthy romantic relationships.

Of the remaining 50, all of them have horrifying degenerate blood sex with each other. That means that among them, there are 1225 romantic relationships according to these definitions.

About 30% of the relationships thus defined are horrifying degenerate blood sex, despite only belonging to about 5% of the population.

The point I am making is that this functional definition skews the distribution towards degenerates, as degenerates have a larger number of this type of relationship. Because of this, the numbers presented are unsurprising, as online dating is a way to find casual sex - you can probably find individuals who claim to have had hundreds of relationships online, based on this functional definition.

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I stopped using Tinder because it was mostly trannies and ugly cougar roasties. Every successful relationship I've had started with meeting her through mutual friends.

Been trying to explain this concept to my parents who are starting to lose their marbles (but won't cut off their landline) wondering why telemarketers never leave voicemail messages (because sales is all about impulse). In a relationship I'm still a phone person, IRC and chatting has the delay and most women are terrible liars, especially when they type in the wrong box…oopsie!

And when degenerates are your 20% of your customers who bring you 80% of your profits… guess what? These (((polls))) appear.

Aside: I know this is Zig Forums but before I found out, I dated a staggering number of jewish women who were absolutely crazy/mean/horrible.

Since that graph is % based, it's entirely possible that the number of people meeting through normal means has remained steady and that new generations of the growing population prefer more degenerate means of hooking up.

In addition to the above, fuck this kike.

The majority of those meeting online are engaged in casual hookups. It has facilitated random sex, skewing the distribution.

And also those who (((they))) would never want you to meet.

In this particular case, I think the author was making a simple mistake which has the effect of skewing the distribution towards degenerates. They didn't spend nearly enough time crafting their functional definition, which caused this to happen.

(((They))) are going to promote this study, of course, but I don't think the author is acting maliciously here.

Also, please sage this thread. As far as I'm concerned, the fundamental point the thread makes has been shown to be faulty, and thus not worth discussing.

Please see for a more complete explanation.

The rate of people who are hooking up by normal means, and even the rate of people who are hooking up by more degenerate means, may not have increased. Rather, the number of relationships that degenerates have is increasing.

When the ballroom dancing thing was big, I saw a few couples who met that way. I love a woman who is flexible.

I live in one of the last non-pozzed areas of Canada, it's got to be worth something. Better gey used to Amazon and Wayfair because there is fuck-all for retail here. Sportswomen more than welcome, a chick with a scoped rifle (and a moose tag) puts a tingle in my toes.

Not going to tell you where I live, but I will say we don't have a panhandling problem. People are proactive.

The rate of people meeting online for relationships being higher is because it's not taking into account that a large amount of people who date online are generally young people looking for casual flings and not a long term relationship. So they immediately go looking for another relationship afterwards. Compared to a person who meets in a church they will probably never start another relationship for decades.

This is good, makes it much simpler and less expensive. Fuck traditional methods.

until 50 years go by and there are no purebred humans left…

study THIS graph carefully. don't let filename fool you, its not an xbox


Come on, faggot, you couldn't have done better?

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