Be extremely careful about women, who had been hurt by men

I just wrote a post on /cow/ about an e-girl that basically used to be associated with the right internet sphere. Which means she went on shows, podcasts, etc. She even got popular on Zig Forums, because she went on a 24/7 live streamed Zig Forums meetup and interacted with a bunch of otehr anons. She even found her boyfriend there.

Sadly her boyfriend turned out to have transsexual feelings, which he succesfully repressed, so that wasn't the issue itself.. But they found another way to manifest, which was extreme psychotic breakdowns over his lack of gainz. The breakup was so painful for everyone involved, that the latter disappeared from the internet forever and that she became the following:

Honestly Brittany Venti is an interesting case study on why women just become damaged, after having had multiple relationships.
I wonder if statistically a woman that only ever had sexual partners, but no romantic partners, have better marital success, but these women are probably very damaged in some other way. (because then they at least never would have experienced a painful breakup)


I really want to believe that women do not get broken, after just a few relationships. But even statistically it's proven that after even 5 sexual partners, marital success rate is WORSE than a coin flip. And even in addition to that, I see age being a problem too. Some women in their low 20s already seem to kinda get a bit crazy for … I guess not being pregnant and with kids at that very moment.

I am not saying to never date women with red flags. I don't think dating a radical feminist is a problem, if it means she is still a virgin and so on. And it's just her ideology that's retarded. Because women can be molded. A lot of women basically erect these barriers of entry around them, which makes them harder to approach. That's natural I think. I think they do it subconsciously. But you should be very careful about dating a woman, who experienced a bad breakup like I described or is a slut. I think these things can't be redeemed, because a woman like that is stuck in her ways and will not adjust much anymore to make you happy. If you are a woman and reading this and wondering whether you are one of these women, then just ask yourself whether you raged at my last sentence about making men happy.

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Kike free first post.

As I said, it's an interest case study and she used to be pretty popular within the Right, before her unlikeable personality makes her sperg out and be mean to literally everyone.

Which Republicuck senators liked her?

No, they don't.

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She as on on the Killstream, on Andy Warski's, on Stixx's and I think even on JF's show.
She often associated with people there.

Before the breakup at least. After that she went on a few shows to explain herself and that was the last time she even went on them, because she couldn't handle the rude callers.

But that doesn't break it up for sexual and romantic partners. That is what I mean.

But honestly, if a woman sold herself so low that she only ever fucks dudes she doesn't want anything to do with romantically, then she's trash probably.

Are u that stupid to believe she really deleted sys32? It was bait, u mong.

I doubt that handholding only would affect your psyche in any significant way, compared to actual intercourse.


I was making that distinction for a type of woman that never had a romantic relationship, but had sex.

Not fo

Why not use a picture of the mongrel skank?

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I think hes' trying to pilpul your graphs by asking for versions with sex but no handholding.

Women are very shallow and breaking up womens only circles is only beneficial at this point because thats where the most toxic, crazy or sluttiest whores influence the good or neutral women to destroy their competition.

However women are also entirely modeled by the social structure around them in the society they live in. Among Greeks and Romans for example a tiny penis was considered a desirable thing to look for a man and large penis was considered subhuman now with men being influenced by porn the whole idea of a big penis being ideal is pushed other then the"muh bigniggerdick myth" going a entire extra step when blacks are shown to have smaller penises then Whites on average and extreme basis. Now every study shows average to somewhat above average feels the best for the vast majority but, a few women born with large mutant sized vaginal holes are in the minority who would be fine with it.

The reason why I'm bringing up dicks is because womens idea of reproductive roles are shown to be entirely shaped by society but, they will still feel the effects regardless of being a whore or a spinster. While the worst it will effect men is on a psychological level where at least can be disproved by studies, the most sold sex toy sizes and condom sizes , by the fact women also get in lesbian dick less relationships.

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They were small, because they weren't erect. White people commonly have blood penises. Meaning their size comes from the blood vessels being filled with blood during an erection. While black people more commonly have a flesh penis.

It's not that small penises were glorified. It's that you just draw penises in their unerect state, because otherwise you would just make the theme of the statue sexual.

What the fuck even is this Garbage? My God user, is that seriously what you want to spend your time on? I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are quite young yourself at least under 25 still.. don't waste your time with shit like this.. I know it is said that time one enjoys wasting isn't time wasted but there's a limit to how much pure stupidity and directionless pointlessness you can sit on ass and absorb into your consciousness before it starts to have negative effects on you.

You are better than this.

This is trash.

Waste time if you have time to waste.. but be conscientious of the type of media you subject yourself to.. let's play bullshit and ethot content is doing nothing for you but facilitating the narrative ththat you should live in the moment, not in the way some thrill seekers might..but in the way that conditions you overtime to only be concerned with what is happening right now in this moment.. don't stress yourself worrying about tomorrow it might not ever show up..just zone out watching someone else play videogames while you fantasize about some homely lookin self centered and entirely self serving bit of human filth.. I know nothing about her other than what I saw in the short clip that was embedded.. but since she was behaving exactly like every other basic bitch, entitled, ethot I'm going to just be Blunt and tell you that in alllll likelyhood she's

Just in it for the monies..

Don't give in.

Spend free time focusing on self improvement

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Women are not people. If any woman doesn't obey your will, no matter what "muh damaged relationships" she had, beat her, use her and discard her for the next woman. Women have no saying in anything. They are born to obey, make children, and be discarded.

There really isn't anything such as grower or shower penises thats a pseudo science myth there is no such thing as a blood or flesh penis thats some drivel you made up and it was still consumed from the "muhniggerdick myth". There is only a penis that gets erect or flaccid and blacks are smaller on both then Whites.

No specifically small penises were glorified for more then just being flaccid.

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Then why can my dick shrink down to the lenght of an inch like when I take a cold shower or get up to 6 inches, when I am fully erect?

And dont listen to chubby little angry incels like this fuck larping as anything but the beta cuck he is. He's either very fat, very short, very ugly, or very socially awkward… chances are it's a combination of all four.

Women are to be treated as your partners and companions and it is up to you to ensure they're on the right path in life.. this is achieved through a strong confidant conviction and adherence to your principles whatever they may be.. if you have to resort to being physically attacking her becauseyou are just incapable of getting her to quit screwing your brother while you're at work you might as well come out as trans cuz that relationship only involves Bitches

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But on topic getting to the root of it gotta figure out what chicks like this want. Which general speaking is stability, a loving relationship, and eventually a family. But these women are like a rescue dog that’s been beaten i the past,eventually they are gonna bite you. You can either put the dog down or try to work with and give it a loving home.
Crude metaphor but largely sums it up. There are different degrees of “broken” so that’s a factor, some things are beyond repair. Also worth consider that most of us (male) have our own issues as well. With women like this they can absolutely be worth it but you need to put in a lot of time reinforcing to them that you love them, that you aren’t going to just abandon them (a huge fear they harbor), and that they can trust you. Actions are stronger than words.
Spent the time writing all this because in the end they generally end up VERY devoted

The problem is that you risk running into a sociopathic whore, who lost all empathy and just uses men as ressources.

The Male 4channer with a mental problem:

The Female 4channer with a mental problem:

Of course not all women are like that, but there is the risk. It's the old the abused becomes the abuser problem.

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You prefer a woman completely caked with make-up, supporing an industry that uses foreskins as smoothing cream?

>Brittany Venti
OP you just fucking played yourself. Go back to /cow/ to be honest. Anyone who can't recover from SIMPLE breakups were unstable to begin with. Remember they were both on /cow/ at any rate, and the intonation being, she couldn't really handle the abuse they were dishing out. In anycase, this thread is dead weight and you should refrain from posting from here if you care about board integrity.

Of course, that’s a fair concern. Just needs to be somewhat sensed out, what I was getting at when I said there are “degrees of brokenness”. And risk applies to any relationship really, even the uber tradwife Christian chick you think is cool and pure could end up being a total psycho despite not being “broken”.
Major point I was trying to make is simply you gotta handle “broken” chicks with different gloves

What did I just read? I'm going to assume op is under 16 - and recommend that zir/zum/zam maintain a third position and discard "the right". Also meeting women on the internet is a stupid idea. I remember when that was considered an embarrassment and shameful (it still is).

It's not just women that get attached. Men do too. And because the attachment is a process of developing our core identity, it really affects us. Some men and women do not get attached, but stay aloof, and they are missing out on Life's greatest pleasure, while others get attached too easily, too quickly, (we are instinctively programmed for this attachment).

In either case, the result has nothing to do with ideology. Any ideology is just window dressing for something deeper, more foundational. In love, we redefine our identity. Scoff if you like, Zig Forums, but this is a real psychic process.

What can be done about it? For the person with the broken heart, only lots of patience as they rebuild their own torn identity again. Zig Forums is probably not the best playground for anyone who is delicate. Zig Forums is as rough and tumble as words and memes can be, which is not conducive to rebuilding an identity in a healthy way.

For a woman who never grew up with a father, it only takes one heartbreak to completely destroy her. Seen it many times.


It's unfortunate that women with "issues" end up being bigger sluts than normal women. I'd be willing to put a lot of effort into helping a girl like that if she were a virgin or something.

The reason they have these fears is because they're all competing for the same men lol

All those people you listed are cancer.

For men who've grown up without a father, it is the same deal. They fall in love, head over heels, too quickly, and if they are lucky, get married. If not, they have to rebuild their identity.
Kids who've been sexually abused, and/or neglected, ostracized, etc., also follow the same algorithm. What's to be done about it?

For some folks, the first marriage can be arranged. With strong social reinforcement, that can help them to 'grow-up' again within the confines of a (hopefully) loving relationship, breaking the cycle of building up what amounts to delicate psyches in young adults.

Zig Forumslands across the globe when?

This is a cancerous thread made by a cancerous glownig. This is basically an article out of a tabloid. Just switch out the e-girl for scarlett johansson or some other celebrity and its pretty much identical. C'mon pol, there's gotta be more important shit to talk about.

Why are you wasting your time analysing a non-white woman? I don't even know who this chick is.

There's your second red flag.

wut. If her boyfriend was pol, then he shouldn't have been flirting with her anyway. Mixed women = blood poisoning. Was this guy just looking for an easy hookup because he's a civnat degenerate?

No, that is the issue. How the hell did she miss something like that? Having feelings that you're actually the opposite sex is. Not. Normal. It is not "just a normal part of growing up" that "everybody experiences" as a phase. It's extremely uncommon and is a psychologically similar phenomenon to somatoparaphrenia. In fact, sometimes they appear together.

She's a mutt. See

That's the maternal instincts kicking in and then being sublimated, in the clinical sense. In a healthy society, marriage and children are good and even social expectation. In our Jewish dystopia, sexual liberation and abortion are good. I think most people would agree that they are, in fact, expected. Note that many people here express a belief that virgin women past the age of 17 no longer exist. (Which is retarded, btw.) If you're a woman of 20 years old and you express a desire to marry at that age, in many contexts the people around you will either question it or actively discourage it. Even doctors, professors, celebrities, bosses, and sometimes even parents will discourage "settling down so early."
and the list goes on of infinite excuses for why continuing your nation is somehow bad. It's gotten to the point that authority figures are inventing reasons to justify the premise that you shouldn't have children in your 20s and certainly shouldn't be "chained" to a man. Because Jews have managed to convince people in authority that it is no longer socially acceptable to "just" be a wife, as if that were some sort of relegated status and not the God given honor that it is.

What does that have to do with us? Warski and JF are both mystery meat, and Metokur is race mixing with an Asian. Not sure who Stixx even is.

It's ok to be a black widow.

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No, I just made fun of myself, user.

that ID tho
"It just b like dat now" = death
she deserved to die brutally for typing that
any girl that talks like this needs to die violently

To teach you to stop thinking about your dick size all the time you faggot.

you are thinking about my dick right now, homo

Looks like she spellcasted her own demise, exactly to her own visions.
Meme responsibly, anons. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR REALITY.
Magick is REAL!

He means cuckchan Zig Forums I can only guess that he's banned from there which is why he brings this retardation here.

Nice try, Chaim, but you're not going to sell your pills to me.

I have supplied several more appropriate alternatives where this post would fit better. Fell free to fuck off an choose one.

Stay ignorant then. We've lost our entire world to kike Wizards over the past 6000 years, nigger.
Words. We lost to… …words.
You better learn to fight back in the realm where this battle is raging.
What is it that you think these boards even do?
What do we do here, but make "memes" exclusively? Have this simple memes changed th course of History?
Magick is real, no matter how much brainlets like you choose to ignore it. Sigils and Symbols rule the world.
Sigils and Symbols.
Take them all back and wield them with unabashed focus, or perish in the fog of Dark kike Wizardry.

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I admire your moxxy but you're wasting your time.

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hwndu threads are allowed here

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shh, it's okay, user

Dating is responsibility free marriage. It's a kike joke.

Why the fuck are we supposed to care about this shit?

Funny that I just made this chart.

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It's a /cow/ crossposter, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

It takes one. Nice ID, fag.

Fixed your pic. Don't forget to pay for your "wards" LMAO.

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Not wrong from a strictly moral perspective. However, the chart is directed at men. For real world application. And out there it doesn't work in 0s and 1s. And also if everyone applied your version (which again, is not wrong) in this day and age, Whites would go extinct tomorrow. You dumb nigger.


haha 7 very high and is already the point of no return because it's too far down the rabbit hole

It's not 7, it's 3 and 4. But otherwise I agree.

never mind I read the chart wrong, you should have made dividers for each row because it could be miss read.

Good point.

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Life is precious, why waste it on that bullshit

Reminder that his videos are still on the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation's website.

Maybe one day he'll make his own Island where other ecelebs come to fuck retards with him?

"Woman is a misbegotten man and has a faulty and defective nature in comparison with his. Therefore she is unsure in herself. What she herself cannot get, she seeks to obtain through lying and diabolical deceptions. And so, to put it briefly, one must be on one's guard with every woman, as if she were a poisonous snake and the horned devil…. In evil and perverse doings woman is cleverer, that is, slyer, than man. Her feelings drive woman toward every evil, just as reason impels man toward all good."

- St. Albert the Great

Mixed race offspring is mentally unstable, yeah, we know that. Anything else?

Spoiler that shit nigger I almost puked

Which is why we all know about it, right?
This shit is stupid and gay. I couldn't care less about what impacts vapid e-thots.
None of their opinions matter about anything, because their stupid ass thot lives don't apply to the majority of women.
Of course some stupid attention-whore who makes a career out of baiting thirsty losers is going to be beyond damaged goods. She's practically screaming it with a job choice like that.

I don't care about JF. That stupid kike Epstein was donating his rape money to loads of small people. It was a way to cover for his illicit activities.
This is common knowledge.
Also, you left out how he was dropped the moment he moved toward the jewish question.
You're trying to convince people that some fag Frenchman who talks openly about the JQ, is somehow in their pocket…
I'm not buying it.

I don't care about sheboons. I bet you fantasize about her which makes you redneck white trash. Would you do the world a favor and jump off a cliff?

Go try to seduce another potato, JF.


JF is a sexual predator. That's why he's connected with Epstein. If you don't see that you're retarded and JF is going to try to fuck you.

Modkikes are clearly active since they killed a meta thread.

He's Canadian, and his girlfriend is clearly a jew. Do a youtube or google image search for "jf gariepy girlfriend" for more.

sage for fucking Brittany Venti nigger thread

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fucking sage, nice ID quads tho

What if she's not 100% white though, would you marry a castizo-latina?

What? I thought he was gay (faggot)

If I was a nigger maybe.
Ah who am I kidding, I would rape her and leave.
P.S. Kill yourself.


Feminism is degenerate and your future wife shall not be affiliated with it.

Females have a difficult time pair bonding with each cock they go through. That isn't even me being facetious either and is absolutely factual.

She's a niggernose. Never post here again. Nice touch posting that lily white red head eh? Drew us in and had to read to paragraphs to discover it was about a nigger wench. Please, jewboy, FOAD.

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