Israelis know Epstein is Mossad

According to google trends, Israel is aware of the fact that Epstein is Mossad:
Sort by "Israel" and it should show a big bump after July 6th. Also seems to be a bump when you search globally, but not as big.

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The biggest mistake the world ever made was underestimating the cohesion of the jewish tribe.
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They are probably wondering what it means that a Mossad agent got arrested for just being Jewish.

It isn't that hard to figure out. Yitzhak Shamir said his madame, Ghislaine Maxwell's father did "more for Israel than can today be said", and 6 heads of Israeli intelligence services attended is funeral.

Jews can communicate with telepathy. All humans can, but Jews know how.

Who do you think arranged JFK and Marilyn Monroe, and for what purpose? Nukes.

Maxwell sisters (Christine & Isabel Maxwell) built CIA/MOS software in 90’s (see ). Software used to track down 9/11 conspirators (convenient) and money laundering/human trafficking…

Wrong thread - my bad - see this one ( ) for Maxwell sisters are their CIA / MoS software procured by Comey to ID human trafficking / 911 conspirators and money laundering. Can’t make this shit up.

It was good talking, user. I enjoyed our conversation.

JFK was going to audit the Federal Reserve. He was very pro-Hitler and anti-Israel, too.
That's why Israel killed him.

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Marilyn Monroe was not a jewess. The whore only converted.

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Masons too, but they got the monkey model.

And now you know why Trump delayed a few JFK files from being released.

This sounds like a knockoff of Inslaw Promis which was stolen and backdoored then resold into the Canadians among others.

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have a bump


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Well, it could mean that, but a surge in searches for "Mossad" alone doesn't prove it. You could get closer to demonstrating your hypothesis if searches for "Epstein" and "Epstein Mossad" also peaked at the same time. I'd do it myself and post the results, but jewgle and tor don't play well together.

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jesus christ can you even spell "science"

It sounds like it was a copy of Promis because it WAS a copy of Promis

Hes no different than his predecessor Hugh Hefner.

Jew by blood, jew by faith, they're all jews either way. If they want to hide behind one mask or another, the only proper course of action is to tear off those masks – make them all equal in the eyes of their victims.

Which is now Palantir presumably.

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Jews Protect Pedo Trump

There could be some of it in Palantir. It would be interesting to track that down and prove a connection, because Lonsdale claims the core of it (social network analysis) was developed by him while tracking down Russian scammers at PayPal.