Shitposting. It's gotten a little out of hand, guys

This board used to be a great place to have discussions between like-minded individuals. Now it seems everywhere you look, there's some faggot putting up threads sucking Zognald's dick, or posting pictures of half-naked negresses.

What could possibly be causing this? Is it the hoards of MAGA retards from r/thedonald? Is it glow-in-the-dark niggs from xyz agency? How about the oh so great and mighty JIDF? Who knows!

But do you want to hear the real question among this clusterfuck of tumors and shilling? Why aren't the mods deleting this bullshit that clearly breaks the rules of the board, and who help me find the biggest pineapple we can and stick it right up their poop-chute?

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You should spend less time on cuckchan.

I don't spend time there?

Now reread your entire post and tell me how it makes the quality oft this board in any way better, because from my perspective this reads a lot like pointless bitching about stuff everyone already knows about?

I suppose you're kind of right. But if people just ignore it and hope it goes away, it won't. We really need to take back this board. How are we gonna take our country back if we can't take an online board back?

I bet Mike Huckabee has an idea of what's causing this.
He did just go to israel, afterall!

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Zig Forums was never more than an impulse to get you off your ass and out into the real world. Stop putting so much value in this fantasy world and spread truth in the real word. If you need ammunition for that, that's when you come to Zig Forums

T. Jewlet

I'm tired of digging through this garbage to find that ammunition. Allowing these faggots to post here, even after they post sage threads, shitpost, and post porn, over and over again, is killing this board.

Here's how it works faggot:
If you want to see good posts on Zig Forums, you have to make good posts on Zig Forums.
This isn't some kike television station. We are not here for your passive entertainment. Contribute or quit whining.

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Afaik, the board completely died right when Trump began stabbing each and every single prominent supporter he had in the face. The trump admin has been such a hilarious Jewish clownshow that im sure many anons stopped coming because the farce was so total that it made so many just check out. That coalition of whites is over, barring another candidate like that coming in, and I don’t think it’s coming back.

I’ve had a lot of great times here but it’s clear that whenever I visit it isn’t for the access to high IQ whites like it was in the past. When I come here now it’s to see the smoldering ruins of what once was, and how it’s just a den of glowposters post tarrant. Zig Forums now feels like masterchan sans the pizza and with many more bots.

Where did the anons go? I’m not so sure. I know I took a break from the hurt box after how traitorous Trump turned out to be. Not even I could have predicted him torturing Assange the Gray. The message is loud and clear, support trump and you’re going to receive a lot of flak and the guy you’re supporting is going to leave you high and dry when it’s time to return a bit of the concern.

Trump will continue spending every waking moment sucking the dick of the browns and Jews until Kushner takes the phone from him. My only consolation is that when he’s sitting there, reviled from every single walk of earth besides the formula raised boomer migapedes that he might finally realize how terribly he doomed this world to a dysgenic oblivion.

That's a two way street. Fags like you want to point the finger at people who are trying to call attention to the problem. But they never look at themselves as part of the problem. Whoever smelt it dealt it, eh?

I'm not the one clogging up the catalog with shitty meta threads. Blaming me for calling you out isn't going to change anything.

Alright, then just let pol die. Fuck me for trying to rally people and get them to care a bit more about the forum they frequent.

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Slick move, rabbi.

Zig Forums is inside every anons head, that's where it's always been. It's an ideology based on sharing truth, and imageboards are nothing more than the present medium to do it. The jews are at war with the truth for millennia, and whoever stands for truth will oppose them till the last breath, because a life of lies is not worth living.

Too bad. It’s against the rules. Go somewhere else if you want quality content.

Great argument.

Yes, I completely forgot. Never refer to pol in the 3rd person or else you're clearly a heeb.

Yeah, that wasn't my argument, you gaslighting kike.

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The gaslighter complains about gaslighting. hmmmmmm

Literary havent seen any of those, definitely not in the current catalog.

Shit thread, slide thread, Jew thread.

Histrionic pol/acks constantly carping about the state of /pol in shameless bids for personal authenticity are also demoralizing and a lot boring.

Why are you in support of spam being continued to post here, then?

You don’t belong here and never have. That’s blindingly apparent.

Funny how so many people come out of the woodwork to bash my post, but they're nowhere to be fucking found when someone makes a thread about relationship drama between a specific couple!

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That's still not my argument, and if anything this tone policing faggot thread is spam. Drown yourself in semen

Well fuck, I'll try to salvage the Shitshow.

I'm sure there was an influx from Reddit, they probably passed through cuckchan way before arriving here.

You are asking that because you know it to be true. Efforts have really been stepped up since the NZ shooting.

Those kikes? Always been here and never left.

Alright fucker, I got nothing for that one. Thanks for the laugh lads.

How is any of this spam? I made this post in earnest because I want pol to be a better board than it is now. The cancers plaguing this board need to be exterminated.


This. When the board was at it's best… it was literally 3 genius anons effort-posting. Really miss those guise…

Why can’t you answer the question? Why won’t you openly state you are against the spam posts? It’s because you support them. You actually support “freedom of speech” here. You don’t give a fuck about the truth, nor about anything Zig Forums used to stand for.
Try so much harder, shitstain.


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Fuck off, dipshit.

If you have a concern you want to voice, we have a meta cyclical. Stuff like this is discussed daily. Please do not let me dissuade you from joining the conversation.
If you want the catalog to stop looking like AIDS Start making better threads.If you don't like all the shitposting, USE YOUR FUCKING FILTER. Stop validating shitposters by replying to them. Stop letting the few good posters we have fall to the wayside by ignoring their effortposts.
This isn't rocket science, holy fuck.

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LOL at your theory about Trump controlling Zig Forums… not the other way around. TDS is real, but true pol/sters create mental wounds that never heal… they don't get BTFO by politicians.

There's a big difference between my post and theirs. They ask whats wrong. I addressed the problems with pol. We have shitposts in every other thread, and mods who don't do jack shit about it. So I am asking people: how do we fix this? Shooting me down isn't helping pol.

You realize that Kushner paid for years worth of ads here and thousands of spam posts in favor of a hoax about Trump, right? You realize that we have zero political power whatsoever and Trump does nothing we say to do, right?

Find where the website owner lives, kill him, remove the current moderators, replace them with mods who will ban anything that isn’t Zig Forums content.

This guy gets it.

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First we would have to find them. I don't know how to dox. So it will have to be someone with a much wider array of skills than mine.

Uh huh.

These are new.
I'm pretty sure I've seen this kind of image only today. Maybe last night too.

Is it a bot? Is it some autistic weirdo?

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autistic weirdo confirmed

I would have also accepted autistic faggotry user.

People have been making low effort mspaint OC since before imageboards even existed. How are you mystified by something like this.

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It's the format. It stands out

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Mods are kikes. It used to be better.

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And this is the proofs.

Kill yourself. (((Mods))) ban and delete good content. Where do you think the USS Liberty threads went? There is no excuse to allow actual spam and garbage that was never allowed on this board to fill this place up.

The meta cyclical is a couple anons with real concerns that are never addressed, schizos like Jamal spamming and associating legit complaints with his brand of cancer, and one faggot pretending to be a mod and handwaving away all criticism.

Petition the admin to find new mods, or enforce the rules as they are written?

Because they answer to Ron Watkins, who answers to his father, Jim Watkins, who both want Qtards to overflow the place, hence the pro-Trump banners.

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I have real power. I am active on a grassroots, local level and my candidates typically win. The best thing this board USED TO DO was promote National Socialism. As an intellectual springboard.

I'm not interested in any of the red team/blue team bullshit. The future is this: decent, hard-working people taking control of infrastructure. Electing principled leaders. Eliminating meddlers and crony Capitalists. Violence may/may not be necessary to achieve this goal. I advocate for peace and enlightenment, but the goal must be met. 3rd world is the alternative.
Millions died to create modern civilization… now the elite are poised to control the entire fucking world and anyone making over 50 cents/day is an obstacle for them. Globohomo.

Until most of the smart people left, I thought Zig Forums was doing some heavy mental lifting. I mostly lurked, but fully expected us to do a masterful rewrite and form a new political ideology along the lines of National Capitalism.

Now all the threads just parrot the MSM. Gee what did NBC say about Trump, Kushner, AOC today? I give zero fucks about incumbent politicians. Once ZOG gets their greedy hands on them, they're compromised. We have to work on our own philosophical goals and rise up against an extremely wealthy, manipulative group of people. We need to prep and train, study, form small high-trust groups of red-pilled anons irl, etc.

From what I read, 5 Billion was wasted (both parties combined) during the 2016 Presidential Election cycle. You telling me Kushner shilled here means nothing to me. Nor did I feel any effect of said shilling.

2016 Zig Forums was mostly about meming Trump over Hillary, mainly to be fucking dicks about it.
Denied a career crony an assumed promotion in lieu of a reality TV show host. Denied. Humiliation. Not the moral high ground. Precursor to the Clown World meme.

1-3% of the world population controls 90% of the wealth. Ruining 1st world countries to make themselves richer via cheap, imported labor. They're already filthy rich. You're actually smarter than them, but oh look, AOC bared her buck teeth and cried about something Trump is a Jew! No shit, faggot. these constant distractions keep organization to a minimum.

Nobody here had anything to do with that.

God damn it I love that gif user.

I have much to learn in the ways of shitposting. Perhaps… perhaps this thread was meant to be.

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If this place is full newfags then let's at least drop some redpills for them

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Alright user, how the fuck you know I was a newfag?

Already watched The Greatest Story NEVER Told, it was recommended when I first came here.

I'm thinking I'll look at EUF: 6,000,000 LIES next. Thx for the material Fren, will be more productive than ms paint.

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I recommend europa the last battle, it's what really redpilled me over the hump most people seem to get stuck on. Months after watching it it still influences me, it's very good.

Because the board was taken over by kikes, leftypol, and cuckchan shills.

Just read Mein Kampf

Screw my newfag optics, I'm going in!

I've lurked both chans user, but it was the NZ shooting that pushed me over the edge.

It shouldn't take a shooting like that for me to learn who Ebba was. Sadly, it did. /wrists

Shitty ms paint, shitty videos with OpenShot Editor, shitty posts like this one, it's becoming a journey.

If I post something you guys don't like, I get called a faggot and I learn not to do that. I don't understand why that's a big deal, it's been very helpful.

Anyways, anons like you are always pointing me in the right direction, even if I get called a few names along the way.

Thanks Fren, now I got some shit to watch.

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OP, if your antisemitism isn’t shitposting, you are a subby little slave to lies, and this whole site is at your expense.

This too

Nice hallmark card, but in reality you’ll soon get dragged into small claims court for damages for posting memes Jews don’t like in the USA and then systematically deplatformed from every every platform even more than during the election. Their censorship has gotten ten times worse and Trump has sat limp dicked on this topic. He deserves to lose and will.

I thought Smileberg was your boogeyman of choice?

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user, you should visit /facist/ more often.
It's a relaxing board where much discussion can happen.

we have a meta thread for this