New Epstein Tapes Leaked

MSNBC has released new tapes contradicting the claims from President Trump that he barely knew Jeffrey Epstein. Here they are partying together, where they seem extremely friendly. Trump is seen dancing with Epstein, and despite the Jewish eyebrows, he has no rhythm either.

The plot thickens.

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Looks like Trump is going to have to do another racism to knock this one out of the headlines.

Whats up with those eyebrows? The claims of Trump being an ethnic Jew seem believable after seeing those tbh.

Are the Leftists trying to paint anyone who knows Epstein as being bad?
That's a losing strategy for (((their side))).

So what ? Trump likes fresh meat. What's wrong with that ? Epstein is based as well. MAGA.

They seem to be committed to the same strategy as Trumpniggers like you: only focus on the people they don't like, and ignore all the evidence against the people they do.

A true patriot, just look at the American flag on his sweatshirt.

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Thanks for your input Anglin, you race mixing pedophile.

Why do you support the ZOG-emperor?

Better video

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Like any of this shit matters, you'll have republicans bitching about Clinton and democrats bitching about Trump likely being pedophiles all while neither of them suffer at all for their actions. Epstein probably won't get more than a couple years in a comfortable jew jail with nicer accommodations than most of our homes.

Anglin supports Trumplestein nigger.
I'd never support this kike worshipping child rapist.

Le bump

Here's the full segment. Pic related is something interesting that I hadn't heard before. These fucking kikes…

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Jews and goyim shekeling it up
Fuck them all the deserve glass

Watching you liberals have meltdowns is my morning coffee

I sincerely hope you cocksucking anti-American faggots start putting on your Pussy Hats and jumping off buildings as a protest

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is it just me or does the guy in the denim shirt look totally out of place
greeting guests as well as fifth wheel on the cart out of hospitality ( doesnt look like the people you greet like you know them close and for good rather than a welcoming out of politeness )
seems like trump connects with the moustache guy and tries to melt the ice around that awkward dresscode ignoring dude lurking at the corners of the dancefloor…
seems like trump being someone who knows 101 of being a host at a party…
of course media doesnt like that and spins the narrative in plain sight

again noone has ever been on any party since the dawn of man… yeah sure… jealous fucks…
can't cope with anyone being a better caretaker at parties than them… pathetic…


Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

That's apparently a young Ghislaine Maxwell in the background, talking to the girl and the tall guy that Epstein came with. Interesting how she's just hovering behind them.

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>Shining more light on (((Epstein))).
There's no downside here.

Jeez louise, it's almost like


And the media walks into bryer patch again…
Just imagine the potential millions spent on a Trump & Epstein investigation.
Only to find out they have all the black mail and are investigating nothing.

Epstein ties to 911 are also uncovered post raid. His black book included Ghislaine Maxwell family members - they created software in the 90’s that enabled cia, fbi, mos and dea to join intel datasets. They were also the firm that “root caused” who was behind 9/11. The software is used to ID money laundering and… (convenient) HUMAN TRAFFICKING. It’s called Chilliad.

Source: a bad ass patriot on IG

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It figures. She's telling people what to think again - it's her job. Vid related.

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can any anons make that clip shorter pls?


He's a criminal guilty of numerous crimes, treason among them
Fuck off ya psycho partisan
Let the guilty hang

Fuck off back to r/The_Donald/

← backup for Zig Forumsants

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Zbigniew Brzezinski was less kiked than the ZOG Emperor. He said the US should shoot down Israeli jets if they fly over Iraq to attack Iran, and said it would be a USS Liberty "in reverse".

I got that from Haaretz, and being the rat-faced little kikes that they, they had to add this directly after:

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Aha! I heard they also made blue baby-skin shoes, but these are the first ones I've seen


I'm pretty sure they exposed Epstein to get to Trump. It's gonna be muh russians version 2.0.

They think Trump supporters care about something 30 years ago when Trump barred him from Mar A Lago later. It's a WWGOWGA gambit, idle threats of mutual assured destruction.

So Mossad issued them Austrian passports.

Oh, the procurer! The plot thickens.

Sorry Schlomo this isn't >>>/pedowood322/ anymore.

A nickname for underage latina girls are hot chillies.

If that is the plan then it will blow back on them 100x worse then it hurts trump. The people who made that choice a retarded new comers. All the old school players like the clintion/schumer/polosi's know Epstien is completely connected in to the democrats and holleywood.

A few clips from some parties don't add up to much.

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Ok then.

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And it will, again this is the same russian shit but with a different skin. It's just to distract people, wherever it blows back to not. The jew does one thing stupid to do something in its benefit.

This time around, the potential blowback is significantly more dangerous than "get publicly embarrassed because you mistook Zig Forums's homemade watersports copypasta for a political dossier".

I am definitely voting Trump. Brace for assblasted wall- and kushnerposting.

I understand, but the jews and their media are desperate.

unless he exposes the fake shootings before re-election I'm gong to be pushing hard for Omar Ilmar or whatever the sandniggers name is.
Acceleration is the only way

A it's a lot more than them being at parties together, and if it was evidence against any politician you didn't like, you niggers would never shut up about it. You're being blinded by your messianic view of Trump and QLARP-tier fantasies about him.

Where are you Trumpniggers getting this idea that Epstein was a choirboy everywhere else, and the Little St. James was the only place he fucked kids? Abuse happened at his Palm Beach and New York homes, and probably at many other locations. All of the current churches relate to acts committed outside of it.

The fact that Trump was never at the island (as far as we know) means absolutely nothing.


That's funny, I don't remember saying anything positive about Trump. You're trying a little too hard to spin that narrative of yours, little nigger.

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If you were here in 2015/2016 you'd already know about Trump and the Clinton's associations with Epstein as well as Ivanka's trips.

Even if you aren't a Trumpnigger, that's a Trumpnigger talking point. Anything to create a narrative where Trump's decades-long association with a child sex trafficker (and even his madame's Mossad father) means nothing.

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Yeah, no.

Remember to report kampfy spam.

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Somebody is catching on.

Not "satanists" but jews and shabbos goyim, and you can even see Netanyahu using Epstein against Ehud Barak in Kikestan.

Well then I guess even stopped kekstani magapede retard clocks are right twice a day. I've been to parties like that. People who hate each other pretend to be chummy in public all the fucking time. It's an upper class thing. People pat you on the back to find the best place to stick the knife, as they say.

Start a thread when you find something between the two of them in private. Or, better yet, find something where you can hear a single fucking word they're saying. They may as well be talking about the fucking hors d'oeuvres for all the good this "smoking gun" does anyone.

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You know as well as I do that this video isn't the only piece of evidence linking the two, it's just something more being added to the heap.

You've never been to a party.
Go back to 4chan you ptg trumpnigger faggot.

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Not like the truth has ever stopped these larval niggers from screeching the way they do.

Not an argument.

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He knew NBC was filming this. Trump was putting on a show. If Trump was always going to burn Epstein, this video was plannnnnned.
Look at Epstein's body language. He wants nothing to do with those women that are 23-29

You've never been to a party.
Go back to 4chan you ptg trumpnigger faggot.

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But you've never been to a party.
Go back to 4chan you ptg trumpnigger faghaggot.

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Say it again.

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I will. Nice pic of another of Trump's friends, also married his daughter into the tribe and rolled with Epstein.

You have never been to a party.
Now, go back to 4chan you pathetic ptg trumpnigger cumsock.

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Say it again.

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Your first post was a 4chan filename bud. Go back.

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There is an urgency to the tone that wasn't here just a month ago. And it's during summer, where the cock cozys, I mean interns are putting together the news.

Trump must be BFF with the NYC (at the time) mayor bloomberg. They have been seen at public events together a lot. Some one call NBC

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"That's a beautiful baby, like from an advertisement" - POTUS

Trump rally was great. Then this happened. Q has to be real! This shit happens way too much to be another coincident

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Yep, it's David Brock himself taking a shift.

Congratulations, you've exposed yourself.

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We all know about Mossad blackmail. Here's an example from four years ago.


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How many numbers for Trump does Bloomberg have in his black book? How many people who got him sweet deals did Trump appoint? How many 13-year-olds did they rape together?

I really, really hope this is sarcasm.

Cry me a river magapede faggot

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You kikes are losing your touch.

t. upper class twit surface friendliness is real

Get the bot to say Curse Zion.

Fox News having a glitch bat that very moment was real.

Q is the quarry. They're teaching everyone how masons shill and hoodwink.

Hey kike, emotional pilpul is for your mother to fuck your head up with.


Color me schlomo

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Are we just going to ignore Trumpsteins big dyed black eyebrows though? wtf man was this to look more semitic to Epstein?

That poor baby


Keep it to one thread, you stupid fucking jew.

It's called ethos you kike. Trumps appeal to a defensive crossarm chested epstein is to btfo jew insecurity that can only cross examine through feigned submission. Next time work for your shekels you genius, your life an way of depends on it.

Epstein was "known around town" but that doesn't imply that he was friends with everyone. He most certainly wasn't the bigshot that you want him to be. The biggest Trump/Epstein story was when Trump had him barred from his properties years ago for being inappropriate toward staff members (but you won't see that reported on CNN now that they hate him).

Bumping for fuck Jews and Trump

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You will never be white.

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If only, if only a real patriotic American could have become president. Imagine where we would be today.

It makes me want to cry.

Perot was too good for this country. The jews in congress and the jewdiciary would have fucked him unmercilessly.

Actually I'm white, just illiterate. I thought he said:
I didn't realize that he was saying the opposite. Consider this an official retraction of that post.

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I'm just over here like Who really killed mollie tibbitts

Fuggin bumped

Mollie Tibbets? Who cares? We have mucho delicioso tacos!

I saw maybe 3 minutes of CNN's coverage of Epstein, and they brought that story up. But, what neither CNN, or your fellow pedes on /r/The_Donald will talk about is the fact that they knew he would use the spa at Mar-a-Lago to "procure girls", and clearly for sometime, since Virginia Roberts had been recruited there 7 years prior, and there's certainly no reason to think she was the first, but it was only after a girl's rich father "went absolute ape-shit" that they banned him. And to put that into further perspective, the ban took place in around October of 2007, over a year after Epstein's arrest in July, 2006.

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Face it. You sensationalize this to satisfy your boredom. Truly, you know not of his alleged sins. You know of nothing. You are ignorant and a bystander of his own personal achievements which feed into your insecurities. You prove you are weak.
Welcome to America. You are innocent until proven guilty. You are your own worst enemy.