Holy shit! Bibi is threatening to nuke Europe


Everyone here knows this is a thinly veiled threat. He said the same thing to the US about the twin towers. Nobody thinks Iran is a nuclear threat to Europe, at least not yet.
Nobody believes Iran was violating the agreement. Ttrump destroyed the US's credibility by pulling out of that deal and who knows where this will end.

There's no way Trump isn't compromised

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indymedia.ie/article/86061?search_text=geiger counter

The jewish population experiences very high rates of mental illness compared to other populations. To think that these people have access to nuclear weapons is extremely disturbing.

They aren't


Basically the Jews fear not being able to bomb other countries at their own leisure.

This Wikileaks docs is by far the most important one they have.

Shut the fuck up bitch, though the giving billions of dollar to israel is bad it is just as bad to aid iranian shitskins uranium at discounted rates.

Next thing we know he will be threatening us with the easter bunny

Ok ….. because US foreign policy was so great when trump arrived. What the fuck is wrong with you

the thrat israel!

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Usual jew projection

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Please be london or berlin, make it a 20 MT too

That's confirmation of upcoming air strikes and if the EU does restart the deal Israel probably will pull a nuke false flag.
What a mess

jews are hungry for white blood though

Sorry Eurofags, but I think you'd agree, some things are worth the price.

Sorry Eurofags, but I think you'd agree, some things are worth the price.>>13508856

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why would they nuke us?
Israel has already trained to with the Sampson option.

if we get nuked we should immediately nuke Israel.

Use a neutron bomb to preserve the landmarks before the jews’ cousins tear them all down

Nuke israel

I wonder what would happen if Israel and all its citizens were suddenly removed from the entire planet forever. I wonder what actual effect that would have on international relations.

what blows my mind is how everyone falls for "muh evil enemy" scams EVERY FUCKING TIME.

1. Iran/persia is an anglo-american establishment base FFS. They've owned that country for its oil for 100 years, and religious ISIS-mode is just the latest fucking trick. They helped Bush-Reagan get elected in 1980 with the "hostage crisis", releasing them day of Reagan inaug, FFS even mainstream dems knew that in the 80s, where Carter was probably the least cocksucking president for 50 years and it made zero sense for Iran to do this of course. If you really think they'd let this strategic location fall into the hands of religious nutjobs you're a special kind of stupid.

2. every fucking time these dictators wear military garb to appear "threatening" - even when they have an economy the size of Pitucky Alabama FFS. What kind of mental midget wouldn't see this scam? From Kruschhev to Gaddaffi to Saddam these are all manufactured enemies what kind of fucking moron wouldn't see that?


"Muh Iran"

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Bibli - "Lord Lucifer I hate niggers!"
Lucifer - "Nuke Apefica, Bibli!"
Bibli - "Won't that look bad for Israel?"
Lucifer - "Won't look bad if you nuke Europe!"
Bibli - "I'm picking up what your putting down Luce!"


New York City to ban private geiger counters.

indymedia.ie/article/86061?search_text=geiger counter

Red State Randy checking in.

It's interesting that so many conservative boomers don't care if whites becoming a minority in Europe or America and yet they clutch their pearls over Iran.

I get the feeling that racially aware, non hate-filled whites are maybe 1 in 27. Maybe.
I'm talking about whites that understand living among people of a similar culture matters and there may be some hard truths to having a successful, next-phase society, such as we simply cannot let women vote and we cannot let people who do not have a vested interest in the land we live on vote.
There's much more, obviously, but those simple tenets seem so logical, but the jew brainwashing has nearly washed all sense away from most.
We're truly the oppressed minority, as much as that sounds may mayish

Hey, I've got a question. A very unnerving one, in fact.
Do you think Israel will get the idea to nuke Europe prematurely and then blame Iran for it?

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They don't need to 'get' the idea. They already have it. But they will also nuke Europe out of spite if Iran were to bomb them first. Not that it would be any great loss. Most of the European capitals they would hit are full of mostly niggers and liberals. I wish the kikes would, then whites would be incensed to kill the rest of the Jews around the world.

Nah, they will just blame those nuke attacks on Iran.

Trump did fucking destroy US credibility.
Trump showed the world that America serves Israel.

This user is a kike.
1) Radioactive isotopes will poison the source of fresh water for not ten, twenty, or fifty years but several thousand years.

so europe is going to get their own 9/11. netenyahu actually is right in that it will indeed wake up the european people - just not in the way he thinks

Free Palestine, Bibi, and everything will be fine.

Each family unit will have one vote.
This means women after leaving home until they start their own family.
It's really just the "electoral college".
Otherwise, if only every man can vote, or every adult, larger famlies will get more of a say.

You have to realize nukes in Israel were built by Jews. None of these weapons have ever been tested so no one knows if they work. The Jews will never test these weapons since the world would then have proof that Israel has nukes. As such the people who build these nukes reasoned since the nukes will never be tested they might as well jew Israel by substituting counterfeit parts and pocketing the savings. Of course there is also the chance they might fail and explode on their own. By explode I mean the conventional explosives will fire but not all at the same time. This will make a big mess and contaminate the region but the device will not go nuclear. We will be able to detect this from space just like we know the most radioactive place in the United States is the Israeli embassy.

Netanyahoo: "Either start World War 3 for us, or we'll nuke you and say it was Iran that did it. And you'll believe us because we control your media."

Is it any wonder Bibi is tooo corrupt for even Pissrael?

don't forget that the enemy of my enemy is not a friend, merily a temporary coalition member
Iran unrestrained would be the hegemon of the middle east as other nations are too goatfucking inbred to do something, and that is not a good outcome for anyone else

also as has been said before here many times, israels nuclear capacity is vastly overstated by their own government as a determent to the arab retards who don't understand how shit works
just compare israels supposed timeline and industrial facilities to that of other nuclear powers in their supposed range like china, france or the UK and you will see the jew is full of shit as always.

what is a far more pressing concern is the jew infestation in the jewnated states and their control over its armies and arsenals

They certainly were not. All available evidence points to the fact that the Israeli nuclear arsenal was acquired by espionage. Moreover should Israel ever develop their own nuclear weapons, they would be in violation of the same exact treaties they claim Iran is in violation of.

The only part of that entire post which may prove accurate is the irradiation of the Israeli embassy.

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What's the problem? We will just migrate to Africa. Illegally.

Dye it purple, add a ton of sugar, and bottle it for the niggers elsewhere. Distribute it and watch as they sterilise themselves.

Seems more like hyperbolic warning.

As in he's trying to warn Europe of something that won't happen. I had a word for it but it blinked out my fucking head.

Yeah no shit OP, ya think?

You are a true businessman, user.

All kike nukes are illegal nukes.

Thank you user. I always thought the 'under the doctor's table' x-ray steriliser was a work of genius, since it avoids a global chimp out while resulting in the same goal, only a generation delayed.

Honestly, it would probably be good for Israel to nuke European capitals.

Reminds me of Feinsteins school shooter threats

That is absolutely the kikes dictating their intentions.
He is in no small way, expressing how far his rat jew ass is willing to go to get his power-grab war.

and then one day, for no reason at all, the people voted Hitler into power


Just let him do it, if he advocates genocide on multiple groups of humans then humanity will not forgive his government and possibly his populous for that choice.

Here's America's response.
A compromised closet homo, it's obvious.

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ck dub dubs

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90% of the population of any country at any given time in history are NPCs/retards/lemmings/sheeple or whatever else you wanna call them. Doens't mean they should be abused or looked down upon, but facts are facts - the vast majority of mankind – even White mankind – is incapable of rational thought or introspective foresight. It is what it is.

The problem lies in the West's leadership. All of it is hopelessly corrupt. In centuries prior the elites would tend their farm (ie, nation) and take care of their subjects because a healthy cow gives better produce. Nowadays, the plan is to mongrelize everyone into nuBrazil, with the (((usual subjects))) captaining a sinking global ship and looting the remains. Democracy is a sham that splinters responsibility into a trillion transient pieces, while obfuscating responsibility and power behind a veneer of corporate ownership - owned by (((them))), obviously. This is all self-evident, but problems arise when the wholesale media, finance, and intelligence organs of entire nations switch allegiance to foreign masters and turn to gaslighting their populations en masse.

I'm preaching to the choir here, but the point to take from all this is that the West is terminal. What do you call a state when the body wages war upon itself? Cancer. The West is a tumor-filled, parasite-infested bag of pus, and its bleeding from all sides - financially, demographically, militarily, intellectually… It needs purification and rebirth through the cauterizing rays of the sonnerad.

WW3 soon, frens!

And remember: traitors get the first bullet!

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Yep that's our jews alright.

If the Holocaust deniers are right and Hitler didn't order the extermination of the jews, then doesn't that make him like Trump and his promise of a "Big Beautiful Wall"?

Good riddance, Europe. I can't stand to see Germany and the other countries fall into this degeneracy of the migrant takeover. It's sickening.


Well fick ýou too.


You know, I wouldn't really mind if he does.

Not really, Hitler didn't get elected on the promise of exterminating jews.

It's always the TORnigger dropping blackpills.
Fuck you faggot.

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Dimona is a French reactor.

Blackpills don’t exist. Nothing he said is bad.

Right. You're no the one that condemns every kike target to death in every thread?
==Japan is doomed. It's over. Commit suicide.
You're a fucking joker. Where do you think you are?

I once started a thread here asking what exactly is it that keeps the US giving Israel everything they want? It can't possibly be just Christian Evangelical brainwashing, that's just not enough (plus there are no serious Christians in US government, there are only jesuit serving romcats, capitalists, and jews. And a serious Christian would understand those that call themselves jews now are the synagogue of satan and not aid them.) Eventually, someone would put their foot down. No. They have to pose some type of threat. I assumed it was maybe the threat to collapse the economy like they did in 1932, through the Federal Reserve which they control (despite a jesuit currently sitting as chair) and their control of the press and wall street. I thought maybe it was the threat of more false flags like Las Vegas. But still I wondered about the rumored "samson option."

Are there any more sources proving this claim? I definitely think they would want nukes, and threaten to use them. I also believe they have some, but was just hoping for some more data on this, and proof they are planning on nuking Europe. the quote you saw maybe?

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jews don't change their game
they get people drunk/high
they get them to fuck or kill kids
they film it
they blackmail them

it's that simple

Every fucking jew is aware of this. Not a single one is innocent.
that's the problem everyone has been missing. A horse doesn't understand a dolphin as a human doesn't understand the jew. Don't try to understand, just look at the evidence.
once you know their game and realize they don't play by our rules, you see it everywhere. the ones who are coming out of the woodwark now, like that dr steve piczenik fucker, he wouldn't have been doing that if they wouldn't have been caught. Remember that. Not a one of them spoke up untill it all came unwound.

← vid 1

← vid 2
Friendly PSA; Lern ffmpeg and youtube-dl:

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In the second pic, it says that a jew by the name of Martin van Creveld claims Israel could nuke Europe. I just looked him up and he's a little more based than I thought. Not saying that he's a good jew, but still.

South Africa specifically was one source. They were backing both the ANC and the Whites at the same time during Apartheid.

It is messed up that the muslims tore down King Solomon's Temple & built a friggin mosque. I gotta side with Israel on that.

I definitely believe that. That shit has been going on since Kissinger at least.

im asking for evidence and data dude. i understand thoroughly what they are

Do it faggot

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tell me specifically what you want to see and I will get you the evidence you're looking for. I have 100's of books on the jew covering every year of their insidious history.

Sorry user
i'm a little slow at times
a bit ADD

Think they weren't sold the monkey model for their Sanford Option is kike thinking. Bibi needs to start taking heart attacks like Redd Foxx.

Islam is a fake religion invented by the fucking Shriners too.

I love (and have been, for some time, continually advocating for) the one vote per family unit idea. It simply makes sense, there is simultaneously the masculine influence and control over the vote as well as necessarily ensuring each vote comes with due consideration for their clear vested interest in the land/country at least, if not the nation/volk itself - at the same time, r-selected genotypes will not overwhelm k-selected ones due to it being one vote per nuclear family.

It is the most logical way to do it if you absolutely must have or will end up with democratic aspects/a voting system post-DOTR/post-ZOG.

As a kid in 1983 I remember reading about Iran making a nuclear weapon in a "Mack Bolan" type book and a band of mercenaries stoping the Iranians by exploding the bomb in the weapon making facility. Obviously, the Iranians really have made excellent progress since 1983.

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Do you actually believe the shit you just make up?


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at first i was like oh fuck off, bullshit. he's just saying…

then i was like, yeah, right? i mean, what was Iran's last ballistic, Shahab 3? iirc, that can barely hit Tel Aviv. It would likely be decades before Iran had ballistics that could "fall on" the European cities

you might be on to something, op

Look at this, kikes are playing both sides like they always do.

The only temple that should ever be there is Jupiter's.

If people had any idea how much terror Israel is being, almost all. it's how they manipulate other countries.

Check the pic

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Jews are mentally unstable so he would be bullshitting.