The Jew is afraid

They can feel it’s coming. They know their history, and they know what comes next. It’s a palpable feeling in the air for them, just like it is for us.

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Twitter OPs are low-effort.


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Its like the jews drink their koolaid so much they really think that antisemitism is a metaphysical phenomena that has no relation to jewish behavior. But yeah the bitch is right, once we win they can go back to israel or go to the oven

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that feminism one is good.

Good. Doesn't need a thread, cuckchan.


So if they are to be kicked out it will be to save them from the fate they believe is awaiting non-jews.

Here is a list of inquisitors:
Killed Christians. Possible jew.
Gay for his teacher Thomas Agni, the patriarch of Jerusalem. Likely jew.
Killed Christians. Possible jew.
No valuable records.
Burned the Talmud. Likely not a jew.
Defender of free speech. Likely not a jew.
Killed by jews. Likely not a jew.
No valuable records.
Actual jew. Kicked jews out of Spain. Tortured non-jews. Known as "The Torturer".
Wrote about "witchcraft" and killing "witches". Likely jew.
Told Isabella to kick jews out of Spain, forced Celtic friars into celibacy. Likely jew.
An actual jew. Tortured more people than "The Torturer" who he succeeded.
Becomes Pope, protected jew culture, gave jews their own land. Likely jew.
No valuable records.
Persecuted "witches", burned women at the stake. Likely jew.
Killed by jews. Likely not jew.
Becomes Pope, gets jesuits (jews) back into Venice where they were kicked out. Possible jew.

The two confirmed violent torturous inquisitors are the only confirmed jews (conversos). The rest were also cryptos or simply spiritual jews. This is still going on tbh.


OP is a broken slave. That’s the only reason I know why someone would be antisemitic. I did it for a while in obedience to shitty powers.

Did you know the left in America tried to ally with violently conservative “black” people? Precivilized sorts preserving an obedient tribal warrior cultures without defiance enough to live honestly. That’s why leftism drifted into self-destructive authoritarianism for a while.

I meant 17th. However, just like wwii, the inquisition is still going on:

I think it would be hilarious to send them to israel and just inform the world that friendship ended with Mudisrael

You are lying to yourself. Kikes are the rudest, cruelest, maddest, most degenerate, intrusive, malicious, arrogant, genocidal, nation and civilization wrecking element on Earth in at least the last 5000 years. Fighting the dinosaurs would be smoother going than with these Neanderthals. Kikes are never ashamed of their deeds. Their fears don't result in change or enlightenment, they result in relocation and doing the same heinous hiribu crimes all over again.

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kicking them out is a temporary solution, as history has shown over and over again.

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With good reason.
The Jews know what's coming because they've caused this kinda civil war to happen in other societies.
ahem Russia ahem Germany ahem South Africa

sterilise them all, every single last one.
then put them all in israel, and remove all their weaponry.
cut all funding to israel

Not when you kick them out of the planet into the sun.

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Pretty interesting, that article paints them as 'searching for religious freedom', in other articles they are described as 'the jewish taliban', that kidnaps children and physically and sexually abuses them.
Sounds like they are staying true to their roots.

fun fact, they came with nothing…

it's probably cheaper to ship them all to israel and let their fellow arabs finish them off.


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shun tech but are carting away an expensive office/computer chair in a truck.
at least they agree that israel shouldn't exist

The important thing is not just kicking them out of America, but also Canada, Europe, Russia, the Antipodes, and the Southern Cone.

One-hundred and ten, never again. If When the U.S. wakes up to see the true nature of the jews and the damage they've caused in its entirety, there is nothing that will stop the wrath of us hardly civilized, little cultured, mostly unrefined Americans. It wont be an expulsion or a pogrom. It'll be a global expulsion from the planet. The world is sick and tired of dealing with these people that bring chaos and destruction everywhere they go. Their history is littered with these acts and in fact worshiped. A group that worships what the world sees as negative and you refuse self-reflection then you have no use toward life itself.

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You sound like that faggot, Hateslave-user, but you come across as someone/something slightly different.

In any case, fuck right off back to whatever pit of abominations you crawled out of.

m8, if we win Israel will be a glass field and uninhabitable for the next millennium and that's because jews will give whites no other option.

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bla bla bla

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"Jewish intellectuals."



no, not really, and it's about time we get rid of them.
they should not be allowed to walk away with what they did.

he is actually telling the truth.
white lefties fantasize using niggers as their proxy against beefsteak whiteys.
understand that the lefties are fully aware they are physically not capable of pulling it off on their own, and that while some of them know niggers would turn on them in a snap, they just can't help but hate their functionnal counterpart more.
they are, for all intent and purpose, mental jews.

Yeah, and they never happened over 300 times in the past, too.
Never underestimate the rage that can build up within groups of people who have been consistently abused by jews, user.
The jews are in way more immediate danger than many of them even realize.
I'm telling you, this is all flipping on the jews, in real time. You can see them become increasingly panicked about it.
Hell, they're even openly trying to destroy free expression in the U.S. over it.
Imagine throwing fuel on a fire and thinking you're sure to put it out.

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I see that you're a jew user.
If they weren't so afraid, then they wouldn't be making hard-power moves so blatantly.
Trying to openly remove freedom of expression? That's what I call panicked, kike boy.

560th time's the charm