89 elected government officials have Dual Israeli-American citizenship

89 elected government officials have Dual Israeli-American citizenship.

Israel manipulates every vote we have in this nation. Every.Single.VOTE. can be manipulated or influenced via 89 dual Israeli-American government members who's FIRST ALLEGIENCE IS TO ISRAEL. A full list of the individuals can be found through a Google search. It is VERY easy to look up who has this dual citizenship and then see a record of how they voted on key decisions. Senate bill (S.720) is one example. THERE ARE MANY Here is a selection, please google the full list your self. The Jew is over-represented in all places except Arlington Cemetary.

Now ask yourself how many Dual Citizens serve in Israel's Government….
The answer is "ZERO"
Israelis consider dual citizens to be a security risk



2019 US Congress jews (dual Citizens) (1.4% of the US population)



The Jew is over-represented in all places except Arlington Cemetary

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OP is anti-dual citizen faggot.

Been waiting for someone to update my last list. I did the one that was floating around in 2014.
It was the single most red-pilling meme I ever made. I must have broke 100 boomers with it and that was just me. this anonymous image board anime-loving underwater basket weaving faggot is proud!

So you think dual citizens should get no right in politics? OP is a faggot.

Was it a video you made or an image?

You should update it and post it bro

begone IDF and agents

I think they should be shot in the street!
Drawn and quartered!

I've got over 40 completely full Megas I have to get in order. I used to have a program that linked them all in one desktop folder but mega changed their syntax and I haven't really gotten into it. I believe I posted it on VOAT maybe a year back, it would still be up over there on the Q board I was trolling the boomers on.

That's merely a list of jews.

While I agree, Jews are all disloyal and will put Israel first, and it is true each and every jew can become an Israeli citizen at the drop of a hat with their right of return laws.. This list won't work as evidence.

But you can't get that evidence. Congress doesn't keep track of dual citizens, and if you ask about they'll tell you that you don't have the right to that information.


The "right of return" literally makes all jews dual-citizens. We are not lying in saying they are dual-citizens.
Don't be such a pussy! Work with truth, don't lie, but don't be afraid to push an issue the direction we want it to go. The jew doesn't even care about truth and I won't advocate working on that level, but we can learn a lot from their tactics. Never dismiss knowledge due to the source.

It takes bravery to withstand the autism of Q, good job

Even if they were Jewish and strictly American citizens, it would be an over-representation of the Jewish population. 1.4% of the US population versus 9% of the Senate and 7% of the House. This is on top of their disproportionate amount of media ownership and influence in the financial sector, which in turn influences politics.

As he should be, yid.

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Dual citizens hold dual loyalty. You will never be welcome among white men.

thanks user. It was rough, but I'd die for the cause. I'm just one anonymous breadbasket weaving anime faggot underwater, but I do my part!

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The Lobby – USA: Parts 1-4

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That's the most jewish first post I've seen all week.

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Here's an abridged, ~1hr version made by If Americans Knew.
The Judenrat were scared shitless of this documentary, to the point of mounting so much political pressure, even Al Jazeera became too pussy to air it!
Only reason I linked them here is because kiketube makes it virtually impossible to locate via the search function.
Show it to boomers. Yes, they'll run for the hills at the sight of anything mudslime BUT if you can successfully make a comparison between the style of this doc to their beloved Project Veritas, you might be able to rescue a few miga-boom-booms. This (theoretically) works because it instantly shocks the boomer into remembering all those times were he was explaining the differences between doctored/manipulated video clips and those that are edited into fun-sized bits for brevity's sake & peak, normie consumption to "salty libturds." This disorients the boomer; He faces and existential crisis. This is where you swoop in and reorient the disoriented boomer, date-raping him back to sanity via a subtle diet of redpills mixed in with his Men's One-a-Day multi-vitamin.

It should be noted this has never once happened in the history of boomerism…

for fuck sake stop replying


You're a faggot, you fucking kike. Dual citizens are how a foreign team can play your system. Without them, societal subversion would be near impossible.

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You're either pathetically ignorant, or a scheming kike.

sorry guys, i love kikes now

But they say the problem is Russia

Correct. You're going in an oven, yid. Don't worry, we'll let you take your passports with you.

I love how OP only lists the Jewish Democrats and ignores the Republicans.

You are a moron.

Dual citizenship is a problem but dont pretend that kikes werent subverting every western nation since before Israel existed.

Yes, dual citizens are ok to work in politics, they can be useful for trade or diplomacy, but they should never have executive powers.

And I say this as a dual citizen who is in politics. Most dual citizens should learn to be impartial, their advice should be independent. For example, when I give advice to one of my countries, I think of what's best for that country, don't care about the interest of my other country.

There were very few exceptions when I thought that both of my countries should collude, for example, against migration in the EU. But both of them are European countries, and they don't really care about the politics of the other country. It's not like they ever asked me to do a favour for them in the other country. They don't need me to connect them, they can contact each other.

With dual Israel citizens, it's different since it's a non-EU country.

If I was a government, I would DNA test every politician using skin and hair left in parliament. I would analyse the DNA of top civil servants in strategically important departments, media leaders, business leaders, fake ngo activist and especially secret service personnel . It's good to know who is who.

In the light of what is unfolding in America regarding Epstein and Israel ibfiltrating the defence and other important departments or branches of the state, I would keep israeli dna people away from these positions. Chances are, they want to do the same in other countries as well.

It's not irrelevant that a high proportion of those who are part of the soros network are jewish genetically.

The problem is that they are a white ethnic minority, we wouldn't consider them foreign.

And this is the real security risk gap that they can use to infiltrate and subvert.

Someone like me who isn't anti semite and who had a positive experience with jews can be too naïve about these potential threats.

Mathematically, it's always dangerous to assume positive things about a foreign or religious group.

Strategically, it's better to err on the racist side.

From a national security point of view there is no such thing as our friends or our allies.

Literally any and every foreign country/religion is a threat.

Even if x or y country is an economic or political ally, they are still a foreign country, a threat.

Just because you are friends with another politician, it doesn't mean that their spies can work in your country. A foreign spy is a foreign spy. Period.

Learn from the mistakes of Bush and Blair, they were friends, they were allies. Fast forward a few years, and you have major mutual infiltration and problems. America intervenes in UK internal matters with spies and everything, and the UK intervenes in US matters, they spied on the US campaign. This is all because they thought they are friends.

Here is a question, think of your best friend: Would you allow him to read your emails? Would you allow him to listen to your phonecalls? Would you allow him to spy on you in other ways? No.

So then why would you allow foreign countries to do the same to your country?

The biggest security threats are always the countries you are friends we since they know they can take advantage of your welcome and a situation.

Countries that you have a bad relationship with are less of a threat in reality.

My answer here is probably yes.
Even if ur the whites of white.
Usa is for americans.

Awful lot of Democrats

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Kill yourself you jew fuck. Do NOT come back.

Damn this place is as bad as cuckchan

Dual citizenship should be illegal. Full stop. You can't be equally loyal to two countries, and two countries' interests are never exactly the same, otherwise THEY. WOULD. BE. THE. SAME. FUCKING. COUNTRY.

Also gif related

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its a coincidence goy. quit playing idpol comrade

Daily: Israeli zionists and jews by definition must uphold allegiance to their kin and nation in opposition to the rest of the world. They seek dominion through subversion.

Dual-citizens should never ever be allowed to hold office in any country. If you want to be part of the government of a nation you MUST renounce citizenship to any other nations.

All those Ds

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Here, have a shitty cap for posterity

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Man's as perfect as he aught.

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44% of the supreme court.

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Source on vid?

SLOPPY JOB hahahahah

It's a combination of librivox recording of an Essay on Man and an AmbientWorlds video, cut around where the upload limit is.

Why do you hate America, OP?

Here's the rest of the Epistle I of the Essay on Man.

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If i was an american, i would make a flier out of this info and post it in collage territories. There is so much lulz to be had in a multicultural country and you pissing all this potential away.

Pic unrelated.

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fuck you jew nigger, you're either all in or not. if you cant handle that fact then you can go back to palestine.

Dual citizenship is mildly treasonous in the general population, and gravely treasonous in government and military.

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Drooping for Dual Citizens with One Loyalty.

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Lol their probly more jewish republicucks then demsrococks

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Lol faggot why the fuck do you like America?I live where and all i see in retarded niggers runing around yell out dumb shit

it was a jewish plantation long before you were born son.

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Cool it with the antisemitism, goy. You don't wanna lose your job and get mocked on international TV do you?

How are you this retarded?

This. Abridged version is approachable and engaging throughout.

They were the Pharisees.



op everyone in the usa is a dual citizen, citizen of ur state and citizen of the gay U.S. those Israelis have like 4 citizenships each probably

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Why else would they maintain citizenship in the other country?

Thanks for sharing. This really black-pilled the fuck out of me though. It's amazing how sophisticated and organized they are.

china doesn't allow it.