Pol must exterminate the jews NOW!

We need attacks against the Jewish community and we need them soon!!!

Hitler knew what he was doing. Finding and exterminating the Rothschild family!

We must wipe the jews from this planet before they get the USA into a Jew war with Iran!!

Pompeo and Bolton are cucked Freemason faggot cia slaves to the Rothschild s.. we need to attack the Jewish community now!! Before its too late!

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No free Mason's are jewish slaves that started in frat houses

They are usually the fat bald ugly frat members that the frat couldn't kick out.. also they are the ones that have been around the frats into their 30s bc they have no friends

Free Mason's are where they send you when you become too old and pedophile like to be hanging around college campuses

It's a cult for old fags that have no friends and want to act and feel important in today's society

They jerk each other off and get hard parading little school children around making them feel special. Most are jewish princesses or whatever the fuck you fags call them.

Literally they will drug you and rape you so always watch your ass and never drink alcohol when you shit on the fagmasons


How the fuck is this low-quality

OP has the right idea. Don't go shoot up a synagogue, you want to start with the Rothschilds, Soros, and then work your way DOWN.

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Poison works best .. don't get caught. Any household product can be used as poison.. think draino in jews coffee or glass in their meat. Ammonia would work too probably. Poison the jews!! IDC if it's a Jewish princess. Especially poison them. Time to make the jews tremble and move to Israel where the muzzies can finish them off

We're winning.

whoa whoa whoa buddy!
This is not the place to call for violence.
Make a meme and shitpost.
Shitposting has destroyed a 4,000 year old established world superpower.
Stick with it.

If the FBI is telling us to go after the Rothschilds, then I support FBI glowniggers.

At first I thought you were some left-wing shitposter but now I genuinely think you are some variety of Cletus. Read a couple of books and then lurk for 2 years, OP.

No poison In their coffee or Jew bread matzah or whatever the fuck those faggots call their fermented grain

Poison works . Can't be traced and anything can be poisonous in larger amounts


Your post is glowing you nigger

global report joshua goldberg here.
see if he enjoys a visit from the fbi.
then we'll see his dox.

Fuck yourself in your fat ugly ass, you fed motherfucker you.

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Hitler exterminated jews?

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Can you glowniggers be any more obvious?

OP is a glownigger faggot

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checked and double checked
cant wait for maggie to write an article on this
then the article exposing her as OP

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Zig Forums does not take orders especially when advocating for violence in the decades old fashion the feds and adl are renown for. Africa could use your radioactive glowing to light up the continent.

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happened too many times in the last few months


Maybe they can try something new.

We are going to need people with nothing to lose, to just kill jews.
We have to think of this as an erosion. We are a wave on their rocks. There's considerably more of us than them, and if we just keep killing them, even if we have to sacrifice people here and there to prison. Our population is much higher than theirs. If we just do that, then they'll be all gone before you know it, and we can set our lads free.

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user, you know damn well there is no peaceful solution to the JQ. You either round these faggot kikes up and kill them, as deserved, or the problem gets worse and worse.

Poison the jews idiots .. just don't get caught . It's easy to add draino and amonia to coca cola
Just make sure the Jew drinks it

The JQ inevitably solves itself… because of what the Jew brings with them.

IMO, that's what they are most afraid of.

did you even read mein kampf?
Hitler was being bank rolled by the Rothschilds back before the war started
kikes needed population in the middle east to win elections against goat fuckers so their best bet was that austrian guy who wanted to BTFO Jews outta yurop
in fact, never even trying to gas them all was his only and biggest mistake
you alphabets really do glow in the dark

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That's not how you poison the Rothschilds, Mossad. They would spit it out, and they don't drink Coke. They sell sugar water to the goy, they don't drink it themselves. You need poison that doesn't change the taste. Better if it's hard to detect.

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