Horseniggers kill bushman and his daughter

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Recently the kike lead horsefuckers had killed a local bushman and his daughter

Sorry if the size is fucked, I'm phone posting atm. Anyone have more information on this?


It gets better.

The (((UN))) doesnt even need to invade Canada, the RCMP are just as bad. Fucking horseniggers.

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Sounds like canada

Is anyone surprised this ended like it did?

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what criminal offence did he do kike?

What the fuck is a horsenig-

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what in the fuck, why isnt this on the news

Do you even read your own shit you retarded leaf fag?

there is nothing illegal about having long guns on crown lands retard



Laws which do not represent and protect the social norms of the founding nation are unlawful.


all they had to do was give a notice or simply wait at their fucking cabin like normal cops instead of "ambushing" them with flashbangs and causing this fucking mess

What will you do when nobody respects your laws anymore you dumb fucking kike?

being white

^ this truth bomb
They always have CP on their phones and computers. They claim it was planted by the JOOS.

Act like a nigger, get downed like a nigger.

Squatting is illegal dumbass

Didn't say it's right, just not surprising.

The thing to remember is that you, as an adult, can't be a victim. You do dumb shit to provoke the cops you have to expect to get shot. You go camping in Morocco you might end up being butchered alive. It's not right that it happened, but it's the risk you took. All the dumbfucks that went to Charlottesville knew what they were getting into. They took the risk of getting a 400 year sentence for self-defense. It's not right, but it's reality.

You want to act tough on the internet like you're going to do something about this. Try being smart. Don't put yourself into a situation where the cops consider you a problem to be solved. Put yourself in a situation where you are the one that's solving the problem of the cops being trigger happy zogbots. Instead of going off into the woods and becoming irrelevant, get involved in your local politics where you can make a difference.

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Royal Mounted Police (ake Mounties, aka horseniggers)

It's Mapleniggerstan. As long as the mape syrup keeps flowing, nobody bats an eye.

That's irrelevant. They're already dead. This is propaganda material now. White people are no longer allowed to travel in the wild and the Jewed government is responsible.

Whenever someone says "JOOS" you know it is an assmad jew who can't accept the truth.

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No reason for anyone to back zog bots when it is zog bots vs white people. Almost all posts on this thread are from shills.

"Its okay to kill dirty white shiska whore for looking like a bad goyim, you silly goyim"


"Goyim shouldn't have guns if they don't want our mercenaries to shoot them"

Are the two arguments the shills make

go back to plebbit you glowing faggot

Not really tbh

Are they still using horses?
Why? For what purpose?

Surprised how many show boat. Any rifle will blow through a cops body armor unless they're fully suited up which usually only happens when they do raids. People need to learn how to shoot and move.

Luring feds into a forest is actually a great trap requiring few men so long as they are trained and capable knowing the land. No body, no crime.

I prefer luring anons to fedpost on forums đŸ˜‹

I reject your premise of illegal shit. Didn't catch that initially. Good job nigger. You're learning.

quid pro quo.

shut yid thats the most jew friendly place there is where do you think you are


Don't forget to take out the (You)s this time.

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Fun fact: The horsefuckers tried to do a gun grab during a flood. When the CF who were helping as relief found out, they nearly had a firefight with the RCMPniggers

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The guy was a squatter. He brought it on himself. If you're going to against the system at least be able to defend yourself.

Canada has a high concentration of subhumans who are "leftists" and celebrate 1945.
They deserve it.

Still completely asleep to reality, I see?
Fuckers like you won't even see it coming. Go the fuck away.

Wake the fuck up already. You still don't get the game? Fight back, nigger. You're being genocided.

fuck off domesticated cuck. you're literally the definition of a weakling who worships an authority thats genociding you

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If following a law would be harmful to you and your people, then you aren't under any obligation to follow it. Also this doesn't apply to literal dindunuffins who think they need to steal and do drugs to survive.

Just stfu already
pic & link related dumb faggot

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Imagine dying like that. Crying and begging like a fucking faggot while a baby-faced soyboy shoots you because he can.

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who is your pic (PH?)

Your death dealer, agent Dick.

Was the guy an asshole? Yeah. Did he deserve to be arrested? Yeah. Does that excuse the federal police from literally executing this guy and trying to kill his daughter too? She's still alive, by the way.

Still, how the fuck was there any other way this situation could have gone? Imagine driving through the woods on a quad and getting flashbanged and shot at (not knowing they're shooting bean bags) out of nowhere. Are you gonna try and shoot back? Yeah, especially if you know you're squatting illegally and have your daughter there. They set out to kill this man from the get go. This isn't the first time the RCMP have done this either. They refuse to wear bodycams, they "lost footage" all the time, and they've been known to just fucking kill people. Some quebec nigger got off scot free for shooting two of them that were trying to arrest him illegally. You burgers need to take notes. As bad as your feds are, the RCMP makes them look like boyscouts. THIS is what a police state looks like.

The death dealer looks like a semite

Paul Harrell. The most competent gun-related youtuber.

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Ironic, right?

As long as it fits ZOG's narrative, it's front page news. "Celebrity X wears racist T-shirt". Everybody freaks out over an amplified lie.

Non-kiked news, on the other hand, gets blacklisted, memory-holed, banned, de-platformed. 6 companies own over 90% of the media and I can bear 1st-hand witness that they control the narrative with an iron yarmulke.
Media Jews are ruthless motherfuckers. They don't even have a solid business plan > 1Q. Unless that is the master plan. Rape and pillage each quarter, run it into the ground, then hop on a private plane to Tel Aviv when everything is ruined. Sell it to one of the other 5 companies and get a golden parachute.

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How fucking kiked can you get?

probably nanny state+doubledigit/shitskin genetics

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I'm the one who took the picture of the fucking newspaper while I was on break at work today. He was squatting illegally in someone's cabin. He was asked to leave and he refused. He literally threw all of their shit down a bank nearby. He was indisputably an asshole. However, this doesn't excuse federal paramilitaries from assassinating him the way they did. It sure as hell doesn't excuse them shooting his non-combative daughter in the chest 3 times either.

Police are cowards, the government is corrupt, and the jewdicial system protects criminals from true justice.

Who gets the quads?

What do Cancucks have against squatting?
Slavs BTFO?

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Hmm, the Rose Cross Masonic Pedophiles are usually too busy protecting Fundamentalist Mormon pedophile or selling heroin to shoot squatters.

He was likely cutting in on their gun sales and/or drugs. The Cheka are going to have a big surprise in a few weeks. Remember Mayerthorpe? The guy who killed those dirty cops was one of their own.

It's often planted by JTF-X, not the heebs.

Think mountain not horses.

Oh, you heard about that… :)

Cheka are a CF regiment and are under military police jurisdiction. Not many people know that. They aren't investigating themselves this time. It's way past Airborne level corruption.




I never heard of that bit about the firefight during the High River incident! Got any primary sources on it? I did hear about the pile of death threats the RCMP got after they stole a bunch of jewelry and electronics during the flood, some of which were credible.

Yeah, basically. If you told me my taxpayer money was going to be diverted from funding shitskins to come replace us and go to this guy and his daughter, and other people like them that just want to fuck off and be left alone, in order for them to settle the Canadian wilderness (90% of Canadians live within a couple hours of the US border) I'd be like "Cool, here's my tax money."

Instead, the government uses my money to bring rapists and murderers here, and then sends out hit squads to deal with bad goys who want to hunt varmint and grow turnips to eat.

better luck next time nigger

No surprise here. Cops are disgusting pigs who would sell their own mothers out if it meant they get to boss around civis.

If there's any Canadians here that want to talk with like minded individuals join leaf/pol/

We've been around for a long time

D i s c o r d Gg7n5Yk

We have riot/wire/telegram etc but just use this throw away server to vet people.

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pictures of victims????

Look up Ruby Ridge.

Found the kike.
Must be new on the job, dumb gay jew.


This board is fucking halfchan now, just a bunch of post-ironic faggots shitposting to trole le nazis. Fuck the police